⚽ England reach World Cup Semi-Finals for first time since 1990!!!! ⚽

  • Published on Jul 7, 2018
  • Engeerllllaaaaanddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • John
    John 6 months ago

    What an elite moment

  • bob hope
    bob hope Year ago +2

    russia had to let us behave like this , it was the best world cup ever

  • Harley Whalley
    Harley Whalley Year ago +2

    Sweden I need tell u something…



    То что людина деградирует "молодежь в частности", это хорошо, вон в половина комментариев писать толком грамотно не могут. Деградируют, вот и пусть деградируют, меньше конкурентов, больше воздуха, пусть вон в лес уходят и корнеплоды жуют, да и потише будет.

  • eric rosier
    eric rosier Year ago +1

    england for ever

  • Сергей Давыдов

    УВАЖУХА !!! ГРЕМ ты СИЛА !!!!

  • Сергей Давыдов

    ура Англия!!!!

  • Alex Fit
    Alex Fit Year ago


  • sapyor
    sapyor Year ago

    Отомстить хорватско-украинским фашистам.

  • Red Bull
    Red Bull Year ago

    Game Over!

  • FRANCO tatengue
    FRANCO tatengue Year ago

    Son 5 amargos

  • СтАрАеМсЯ
    СтАрАеМсЯ Year ago +2

    After a stupid video of a Croatian football player, Russia is rooting for England!

  • Андрей Знахарь


  • ash unknown
    ash unknown Year ago

    England is former world champion but croatia only achivement in world cup going semis in 1998. England is shame for a former world champion so many year last final was 1966.

  • Yokikoshimoto DDA


  • Dmitriy P
    Dmitriy P Year ago

    Nice chant. We will get u all the vodka))) Jessie is on theme)

  • Перец
    Перец Year ago +4

    Болеем за Англию-хорваты нацисты гребанные.

  • Van
    Van Year ago +6


  • fuggerfees2
    fuggerfees2 Year ago

    Have to be extremely delusional to think this boring bland team can beat Croatia.

  • Alisa Mon
    Alisa Mon Year ago

    This is Putin! Made an excellent game of the English team)))

  • Смелый Русский

    Поздравляю Англию

  • Saddam The Positive Boy

    Congratulation England 👏👏👌👌
    Crazy fans and crazy reaction
    I really like that 💓💓👌👌
    Go ahead England.
    Hopefully its coming home 💪💪👌👌

  • Olly
    Olly Year ago +1

    Будем болеть за Англию,common England,надерите хорватам задницы, порвите их на квадратики как на их флаге! Гришаня, береги горло!))))
    P.S. Как сказать по-английски "надрать задницу"? Помогите,плиииз)))

  • John
    John Year ago

    Great video

  • Armuotas
    Armuotas Year ago +1

    If England wins the final then there's a Russian phrase for those fans that were discouraged to come - Полны облом (polniy ablom) - Total bummer (on steroids).

  • alex federov
    alex federov Year ago +1

    молодиц грем класс это приятно видеть так много счаитливых лиц без проблем
    Lets hope we do the Croatians they dedicated their win against Russia to the Ukranian army in Donbass. W--nkers

  • Господин Товарищ

    Грэм, а как тебе это известие из Лондона?

  • Scratch
    Scratch Year ago

    "God save the Queen" was awesome!

  • Николай Беляков

    Seems to me that what England's team needed to succeed was lack of supporters.

  • Андрей Косов

    Буду болеть за Англию! Жаль, что нам чуть-чуть не повезло... обидно... но это футбол.

  • Laura Adeline
    Laura Adeline Year ago +3

    Loving how Southgate approached every players personally & hug them one by one. Such a humble & down to earth manager. I believe we can reach the finals! COME ON ENGLAND!

  • Gwen Leslie
    Gwen Leslie Year ago +4

    Hello Graham from Toronto Canada, thank you for your great posts. Your positive perspective on Russia and its people has been very refreshing and interesting.

  • Зарема Гитинова

    Поздравляю Англию!буду болеть за вас ,а не за Хорватию!!!!!!!

  • Sunrise Wataha
    Sunrise Wataha Year ago

    Over the years many a England player been hailed like gods, but with little to show for it, due to bad management and no real respect within the team and shameful bad media hype. But that's the past, we learn and move forward.
    There were those who didn't believe in Southgate, but he knows exactly how they all feel, every emotion they will go through, including the distasteful media in this country. This team here truly deserve to go all the way but even if they don't..... I still will jump for joy and belt out Footballs coming home as this truly has put Spirit back into English footie...
    who knew!!
    Ps. Thanks for great uploads and sharing......
    I can nurse my hangover with a smile :-)

  • Paul
    Paul Year ago +2

    Awesome to see vid like this. More celebrations to come here's hoping. It's coming home!

  • аскар медетов

    Не справедливо , Россия вылетела , а Англия осталась ! Англосаксы столько говна вывалили на Россию ! Но блять , будем болеть за Англию теперь !

  • jaguar420g
    jaguar420g Year ago

    was he going in for the frenchie at 3.09 ??? LOL

  • Rom 1
    Rom 1 Year ago

    A decent manager makes a world of difference... remember the great generations of English players squandered by piss-poor managers.

    • loulou forever
      loulou forever Year ago

      True the last England manager who inspired his players like Southgate has done is Terry Venables and I don't think it is a coincidence either as Gareth was in Terrys Euro 96 Team so has learned from him I believe.

  • Bill Taylor
    Bill Taylor Year ago

    Nice video Graham....bring on the Croats
    It will be a very different game but one we can win
    Harry kane
    Will score again

  • Steve Gray
    Steve Gray Year ago +5

    Excellent. Thanks for posting. England’s going all the way!

  • R Raghav
    R Raghav Year ago +2

    Congratulations to England. England are the favourites to win against Croatia and go to finals.Who would England want to face in finals, FRANCE or BELGIUM

    • Captain Richard Sensi-ble
      Captain Richard Sensi-ble Year ago

      Terry Trump France I'd say...duh.

    • Scratch
      Scratch Year ago

      Terry Trump Portugal and Greece on Euro-2004.

    • Terry Trump
      Terry Trump Year ago

      Belgium because we come from the same group.
      Not sure if that has been done before

  • Dimon Aussie
    Dimon Aussie Year ago

    Congrats, bro!
    Will support your team in semi-final!
    Россия,- лучшие! Хоть и проиграли. Сражались до конца.

  • Perplexing Enigma
    Perplexing Enigma Year ago +1

    1. Glenn Hoddle. 2. Glenn Hoddle. 3. Glenn Hoddle. LOL ru-clip.com/video/L-FFIA9wh_A/video.html

  • Peter pan
    Peter pan Year ago +1

    Congrats to England . Happy to see your guy winning . It's coming home

  • agung mas
    agung mas Year ago +1

    52 years waiting.

    • LFC - YNWA
      LFC - YNWA Year ago

      Your comment was aimed at this guy's comment not the title of video

    • LFC - YNWA
      LFC - YNWA Year ago

      Deus Vult. He was clearly talking about the last time we won a world cup not reached a semi final..

    • LFC - YNWA
      LFC - YNWA Year ago

      Deus Vult, we didn't win it in 1990. Wow your comment is so stupid it's unreal. Last time we got to semi's of a tournament brain box.

  • Artur Asatrean
    Artur Asatrean Year ago +3

    Гриша поздравляю Тебя и твою Родину!Браво!

  • Саша Боб
    Саша Боб Year ago +7

    Тренер красавааааа

  • Саша Боб
    Саша Боб Year ago +10

    Its coming home baby

    • Uskok
      Uskok Year ago

      If Cro lose, smash France! Should be great!

    • Captain Richard Sensi-ble
      Captain Richard Sensi-ble Year ago

      Close defeat to Croatia tonight, some of us have been here before.

    • Uskok
      Uskok Year ago

      You must be supporting Croatia? hehe

  • only1utdanditsleeds
    only1utdanditsleeds Year ago +12

    What a change in the feel of the team in just 2 years. A real team mentality. A connection between the squad and the fans. And the whole country. See what we can do when we fight as a team rather than against each other? Journo scum vultures take note.

  • 77 ru77
    77 ru77 Year ago +20

    Дядя Гриша поздравляю с победой!!! наши проиграли теперь Англия должна отомстить хорватам и порвать их . Я буду болеть за Англию

  • Alexxxxx04061979
    Alexxxxx04061979 Year ago +6

    Спасибо! Respect from Russia!

  • Mariam Shindauletova


  • latinamerican1000
    latinamerican1000 Year ago +22

    Due to Graham's influence, England is on the course for World Cup Glory!!

  • Artem Basenko
    Artem Basenko Year ago +1

    Ну... Будемте посмотреть, Англия-Хорватия.
    Гриша, а как соотечественники (Англичане) относятся к паспорту болельщика. Я просто не в теме, был ли он до этого чемпионата.

    • Andrey Cherep
      Andrey Cherep Year ago +2

      Artem Basenko не было его до это чемпионата. Англичане канешно положительно к нему относятся, имея его, не надо визу в Россию получать(а это 1-2недели времени + гос.пошлина). У кого нет открытой визы, даже при большом желании не попадут на полуфинал Англия-Хорватия, не хватит времени оформить визу

  • carl whitney
    carl whitney Year ago +3

    Great video but lovely to see all the England team and staff come over and thank all those Loyal England fans.....

  • Галина Джиоева

    Гриша привет!

  • news addict person
    news addict person Year ago +8

    cmon England we can beat Croatia if Russia don't

  • Musiqum
    Musiqum Year ago +35

    Грэм, поздравляю с выходом Англии в полу-финал.

  • Наталья Семенова

    С победой.. Гриша!!!

  • Palmer Puzzles
    Palmer Puzzles Year ago +2

    it's coming home, it's coming home! 😀 ⚽
    ↖World Cup Flags Quiz