How to Tie Towels to Impress Your Clients

  • Published on Jan 27, 2012
  • As a surprise little 'extra' for clients, I will ask them to leave out two fresh sets of towels (bath towel, hand towel and washcloth) and then I will tie the towels in one of these three ways. I carry a box of small silk flowers, small wrapped bath soaps, colorful packets of bath salts and small (hotel size) bottles of shampoo or lotion to 'accessorize' the arrangement. The clients are always delighted!
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  • Roslyn Shaw
    Roslyn Shaw 4 days ago

    Thank you

  • Stevie Ray
    Stevie Ray 5 days ago

    I Always cut the tabs from the manufacture off the towels so that you dont have to look at the tabs . Its more for uniformity

  • Dara Abasute
    Dara Abasute 9 days ago

    2:26 for my future reference. Thanks!

  • Brenda Can
    Brenda Can 12 days ago


  • münevver yalçın
    münevver yalçın 20 days ago

    Tamam güzel havluları şekillendirdin de o havlular neresinden askıya asılacak onu neden Söylemedin?

  • Gerald Butt
    Gerald Butt 21 day ago

    Ice 🐂@

    JENISE LETT-STOVALL 22 days ago

    I did this in my own Bathroom and it came out sooooooo cute. Thanx for these creatively amazing tips.

  • What a maroon
    What a maroon 25 days ago +2

    who else is here besides Kate Glazier on November 16th, 2019

  • Starr Stewart
    Starr Stewart 27 days ago

    Im sure you can build it too guys. Just look for woodprix page

  • Fortescue
    Fortescue 29 days ago

    A work friend's husband is doing this for her so when she gets up in the morning she sees all these efforts he has made to make her pre-work hours fun. He just adores folding and she loves the results.

  • GerryTube
    GerryTube Month ago

    wow amazing very impressive.

  • Roberta Hubert
    Roberta Hubert Month ago

    My kids will never stand for such nonsense..they think towels are for drying themselves not for decorations..

  • Marsha Wallace
    Marsha Wallace Month ago

    So creative

  • Francis Turner
    Francis Turner Month ago



    #2 Ishe only one I know bow to do.
    I iron my face rag thenfan it out.
    Oh... And rabbits I can make rabbits

  • Love More
    Love More Month ago

    thanks for sharing....very impressive and simple

  • Sheri Asselin
    Sheri Asselin Month ago

    many years ago when i worked for a highend hotel we used to fold all our towels for the hotel like these and now i do all mine at home the same way

  • Robin Summers
    Robin Summers Month ago +2

    I found this completely by accident, but I am sure glad I did! WHen having overnight guests, whether it be family or friends...I love to make the guest bathroom inviting. Thank you for making this "how to" I will be using all of your ideas, and I know my overnight guests will be impressed!!!!

  • Mary Adams
    Mary Adams Month ago +4

    Just saw this this morning as soon as daylight come in I will be at the store for towels to redecorate my bathroom.
    Thanks for tip.

  • Deleimy Castillo
    Deleimy Castillo Month ago

    Very nice, I want to try it thank you

    OFFSITE88 Month ago

    Nice presentations! Thank you,

  • John Davis
    John Davis Month ago +1

    This would be much better if she used a bar.

  • erica ortega
    erica ortega 2 months ago

    tnk you very much love it

  • Fleur De Lis
    Fleur De Lis 2 months ago

    I find that very strange and do like to use a clean towel and this nonsense is not very practical. I would not appreciate this!

  • Katie Lynn
    Katie Lynn 2 months ago

    I just feel like I need to tell you that some younger people (I'm 27) are going to find these folds to look very outdated. They scream 90's flashback.

    • Katie Lynn
      Katie Lynn Month ago

      Mary Hamilton If you don’t like my honesty, why don’t you move on? My point is valid and it might be helpful to this home stager, but if not, oh well!

    • Mary Hamilton
      Mary Hamilton Month ago

      then don't fold your towels and move on

  • Kate Glazier
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    Who else is here in September 2019

    • What a maroon
      What a maroon 25 days ago

      why do you ask such a stupid question?
      We are all here or else we wouldn't be able to read your dumb question

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      Francien Daniels-Webb 29 days ago

      Mooroolbark Victoria Australia 13/11/2019 8:13 am

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      Suzanne Berry Me too 👋

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      Suzanne Berry Month ago +2

      October 2019

  • jacqueline Serrano
    jacqueline Serrano 2 months ago

    I love all the styles. Thank you

    MINDCRAFT BUDDYS 2 months ago +1


  • Beth Kelly
    Beth Kelly 3 months ago

    I like the 2nd & 3rd ways of folding the best. Thank for sharing.

  • G H
    G H 3 months ago

    Tasteless. I guess most of your clients live in a trailer park.

  • nef Sharkey
    nef Sharkey 3 months ago

    It beautiful, I will do that for my Christmas towels

  • Rustic poptart2174
    Rustic poptart2174 3 months ago

    Why am I watching this?

  • Dorothy
    Dorothy 3 months ago

    wow!! thanks so much for sharing this with us, love your ideas here ;) shared @tisonlyme143

  • Obaah Dwaah's Kitchen
    Obaah Dwaah's Kitchen 3 months ago

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  • Biblical Seekers
    Biblical Seekers 3 months ago


  • Rita Alicquino
    Rita Alicquino 3 months ago

    If im on a hotel i dont want fun, i want convenience to use my towels and i dont want housekeepers to literally touch those towels so much just want it clean dont want bacteria of the cleaning ladies in their hands to transfer to me.

  • Jacquie Tinch
    Jacquie Tinch 3 months ago +1

    Yuk. I would find it sooo irritating if I had to fiddle around before I could use the towels and face flannel ~ to me the important thing is that they are thick and soft, and that the bath towel is big. Along the same annoying lines as having to move a load of fancy cushions and runners off a hotel bed or untuck the duvet and pull it down a bit before you can get into the bed at night.

  • Angela Hunt
    Angela Hunt 3 months ago

    Perfect for my airbnb! Thank you!

  • Valerie Leslie
    Valerie Leslie 3 months ago

    Thanks for showing new ideas for folding towels!

  • maria vlogs
    maria vlogs 3 months ago

    i work 10 years as a cabin crew,,,i made a lot of towels to impress our guest,,mz fav elephant ,monkey ..swan and alot more

  • Heather MacDonald
    Heather MacDonald 3 months ago +1

    My daughters love it when I give them things like towels as gift. These ideas will make presentation so much fun. Thanks!

  • Michel Cocinando en Casa

    So nice and practical thanks for the idea🤗

  • Wendy Mathews
    Wendy Mathews 3 months ago

    This is fabulous!

  • M
    M 3 months ago

    Thanks 🙏 beautiful 👏👏👏

  • Rebecca Drummond
    Rebecca Drummond 4 months ago

    Love it


    Looks a piece of cheap french cheese cloth. If I couldn't do better than that i'd just give up.

  • Cyndee Ratledge
    Cyndee Ratledge 4 months ago

    Thank u very very much.....great lessons for us to use in many ways. Love it!!

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    Queenn Chronicales 4 months ago +1

    Thank you for your time spent on this well done video

  • Natascha Troehler ANP-C

    Fun! Will be doing this at mi casa. Thanks, YT, for the recommendation!

  • Shirlee Alicia
    Shirlee Alicia 4 months ago

    I 'm going to try some of these styles in our guest bath. They are so pretty.

  • Rajwant Bains
    Rajwant Bains 5 months ago

    Nice 👍🏻

  • RA Allen
    RA Allen 5 months ago

    When I get new towels/wash cloths/etc. first thing I do before I use the towels is to cut off those annoying factory tags!

  • peachy75019
    peachy75019 5 months ago

    I remember checking into a hotel many years ago where they had taken one bath towel, one hand towel and one face cloth and formed a swan out of them that was sitting in the middle of the bed. Most impressive.

  • Chris Pecherzewski
    Chris Pecherzewski 5 months ago

    I love the last fold best ty for sharing

  • CA Magnuson
    CA Magnuson 5 months ago

    Good Grief!

  • Dwayne Jones
    Dwayne Jones 5 months ago

    Very nice pop

  • Citizen 1
    Citizen 1 5 months ago

    "Typical bath towel" not colored
    You said "clients" as in business not "guests" as in home.
    cute little waste of time.

    • billy Crawford
      billy Crawford 5 months ago

      And? By the end of the day they are clients and it is business. So your point is?? This is an enjoyable creative video of livening up some mundane areas of any place so stop trying to sound intellectual by putting someone down because you sound cheap and uninteresting and contributed nothing beneficial in relation to this video, you wanna be intellectual DEBBIE DOWNER

  • Citizen 1
    Citizen 1 5 months ago

    I see that as money wasted. Go clean ,fix or offer me something I can use.

  • Donna Ridenhour-McHenry

    Thank you for getting to the point/s in this vid versus the incessant babbling some folks do. I'll subscribe.....and I'd tuck an individually wrapped candy/mint in there, too. Eh? LOL!!

    • Citizen 1
      Citizen 1 5 months ago

      Tuck a vitamin
      Sugar is a hazard.. Better yet..just clean thoroughly