Lori Harvey flirts with Beyonce's husband Jay-Z...and gets dragged!

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
  • Lori Harvey has been praised for dating and ditching celebrity men like Future, Trey Songz, Lewis Hamilton, and Justin Combs. However Beyonce fans weren't exactly pleased when they saw Lori "seemingly" flirting with Jay-Z at his Roc Nation Brunch. The exchange between Jay and Lori seemed harmless, but the Beyhive was not hesitant to put her on notice.

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Comments • 8 554

  • Marquetta White
    Marquetta White Hour ago

    As hard as people go for Beyonce, I hope she's cutting checks for them. Folks go crazy over her.

  • Cassidy-Anime
    Cassidy-Anime 8 hours ago

    She's so pretty she could have any man she wants. SMDH. If I looked like her, I'd approach the men I want like Zac Efron

  • Ikyeda Lloyd
    Ikyeda Lloyd 14 hours ago

    I’m the woman in the background

  • S J
    S J Day ago +1

    Men stray but never get the blame. Its always the female at fault.

  • Flower_of_ Ra
    Flower_of_ Ra 2 days ago +1

    Bitch Like I Said That Ulgy Ass Thing Kiss My Ass Fuck Yourself You Nothing Ass Trash Have a Fucked Up Day You Ulgy Ass Bitch I Didn't Send For You🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋 Bitch!!!!!

  • Sharon Brown
    Sharon Brown 2 days ago +2

    Beyonce probably has a headache trying to defend the relationship

    DEZEREE PARKER 2 days ago +1

    If it was me... 🤪 Id find her and we'd get down to it, Id let her know what it was, and then Id tell her, I would cash her cheque for her if she even looked his way.

  • Love Light
    Love Light 5 days ago +2

    She was talking to him a little too much u can tell he felt a bit uncomfortable w not only how she was talking to him but the way she was looking at him. He turns away to cut the convo and she is still staring at him and looks enamored. Not saying she was trying to sit on his peen that second but she was at the very least star struck and it shows. She’s young so she gets a pass but she’s gonna need to learn to how to properly conduct herself around ppls husbands otherwise could be a problem in the future. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Annie Rogirges
    Annie Rogirges 5 days ago +1

    Beyonc'e was like 👋💍 with that ring lol

  • tameka rolle
    tameka rolle 6 days ago

    Aint like these stars ain't now how they man go

  • tameka rolle
    tameka rolle 6 days ago

    All stars f stars ppl man

  • tameka rolle
    tameka rolle 6 days ago

    Beyonce was stupid

  • Melissa Rosario
    Melissa Rosario 6 days ago


  • Lorraine Daniels
    Lorraine Daniels 8 days ago

    Lori Harvey keep doing your thing

  • Paige White
    Paige White 8 days ago

    I'm not Laurie fan but Beyonce is SO FUCKING INSECURE!!!😌
    ... like girl..BYE!!! Jay got TITS bih. 🆗😖...dont NOBODY want him. & if they do HE WILL SCREW them. LIke sit TF down somewhere. The ring show was SO FUCKIN WEAK, PATHETIC, & PRESSED.
    "Ms. Baby TEEF" you let LAURIE get you bothered cause you KNOW J got that lowkey LOOSE DICK

  • Jazmine Bryant
    Jazmine Bryant 8 days ago

    Trust and believe that if Lori Harvey wanted to F*** Jay....she'd be screwing him on the low..
    🙄...industry ho's can get anybody and she is right up Jay's alley...that's why he's so engaging with her in this video...and who's to say something hasn't already happened?🤔

  • The Quintessential
    The Quintessential 10 days ago

    Bullies Excessively Harassing Innocent Victims Everytime

  • Zandile Shongwe
    Zandile Shongwe 10 days ago

    thats definitely not a good way of communucating with another womans husband

  • Halimah Kubik
    Halimah Kubik 10 days ago

    Shes just trying find where she fits in but dont be a hoe tho smh...

  • Dia Kitty
    Dia Kitty 12 days ago

    It doesn’t look like she’s flirting at all actually

  • Flower_of_ Ra
    Flower_of_ Ra 12 days ago

    I know she ain’t flirting with that Ugly Thing

    • Kabiru Abubakar
      Kabiru Abubakar 2 days ago

      the 'thing' is a greater person than anyone your family or past generations will ever produce

  • SMH
    SMH 13 days ago +1

    Jay Z ain't thinking about that child

  • Ginger Sparkle
    Ginger Sparkle 14 days ago

    Too much

  • mshighmaint3nc31
    mshighmaint3nc31 14 days ago +1

    This video was really Reaching Seriously 💯

  • Ebony Desirae
    Ebony Desirae 14 days ago

    But nobody wants Jay Z besides Beyonce🙄

    • Ebony Desirae
      Ebony Desirae 2 days ago

      @Kabiru Abubakar lol calling me stupid for saying MY opinion? Wow you're the one that looks stupid here not me

    • Kabiru Abubakar
      Kabiru Abubakar 2 days ago

      you really can't be that stupid

  • Eunice Hart
    Eunice Hart 15 days ago

    Something I learned long time ago when dealing with a married man. LOL If I know you’re married, we can’t talk unless your wife is nearby. Even then, my eye contact is with her. I won’t even give the APPEARANCE of impropriety. If she’s not nearby, polite smile and BS excuse to walk away.

  • jfjdj hdjdj
    jfjdj hdjdj 15 days ago

    Lori is beautiful!!! I wouldn't trust Jay. Why is Beyonce always late, come out with your man.

  • Mwari Hamisi
    Mwari Hamisi 16 days ago

    Isn't her dad the one who has answers to everyone's problems?

  • Matt So
    Matt So 16 days ago

    She's so pretty!

  • don brassco
    don brassco 16 days ago +1

    Older Look Of Lil Wayne Daughter😄

  • Iris Laryea
    Iris Laryea 16 days ago +1

    simple: she says "thank you, I appreciate it" I'm a pro at this 😉

    Uncle ARKHAM-KNIGHT 16 days ago


  • elle Jay
    elle Jay 16 days ago

    Beyoncé looked rough. Lori is stunning 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • harmony momentofbeing
    harmony momentofbeing 16 days ago

    Omg I think it is so rediculous how she acts .so immature and shows her true self..self conscious

  • Nikki Sterling
    Nikki Sterling 17 days ago

    She get it from her mama & daddy

  • Sylvia Christodoulou
    Sylvia Christodoulou 17 days ago

    Very ugly guy

  • Zoë H
    Zoë H 17 days ago

    Why do all her retouched pics look white af and her naturally in videos she looks chocolate??? Am I the only one that noticed that

  • LadyIsTheChamp
    LadyIsTheChamp 17 days ago

    Dude had a whole baby on the way🤦

  • RocklynRock1
    RocklynRock1 17 days ago +10

    2:44 the close up of the lady in the background.
    Turned around like she transformed into agent smith. 😂

  • Stacy Williams
    Stacy Williams 17 days ago

    Beyonce needs to grow if those bitches can b u rockin let them have ur chair! No one can control other human u can only control yourself. We know men don't turn nothing down but their collar , if u continue with that jealousy attitude ur going to b husbandless if that's a word.

  • Jada Jay
    Jada Jay 17 days ago

    Please explain to me why these bee hive peeps put Beyonce on such a high pedestal. Yes she is talented and all BUT SHE STAYED WITH A HUSBAND WHO HAD SEX WITH OTHER WOMEN. How do you claim to be a STRONG WOMAN but let your man dog you like that.

  • Jada Jay
    Jada Jay 17 days ago

    I am still trying to understand why anyone would want him lol

  • deshi choedon
    deshi choedon 17 days ago

    How can you say flirty by moving someone's head ? You meant she has to talk straight way someone's man without moving Head. That's pretty Strange .

  • Velocifero Fero
    Velocifero Fero 17 days ago

    So she leaned over to speak to somebody? How dare she!

  • Cat Woman
    Cat Woman 17 days ago

    She was taking a drink order. lol

  • Kagnie B
    Kagnie B 18 days ago

    I love how you just made up random shit that u thought he was saying. Smh

  • Lisa Michalski
    Lisa Michalski 19 days ago


    MICHELLE WEATHERS 19 days ago

    And she has nothing on Bey!

    MICHELLE WEATHERS 19 days ago +8

    Jay ain’t going nowhere; the devil is always busy...smdh

  • Roshni Rampadarath
    Roshni Rampadarath 20 days ago

    She is beautiful. She likes flirting. The men are dogging around her.

  • Amberly G
    Amberly G 20 days ago +1

    Looks like she's saying:
    "Thank You Big Daddy" lol

  • Joey Robles
    Joey Robles 21 day ago

    Apparently "dragged" is a multi word now

  • monte london
    monte london 21 day ago

    Btw i told someone they're come were on your video

  • kdreanna rolle
    kdreanna rolle 22 days ago

    Lol bey came in there like biiiiih you see the queen

  • kdreanna rolle
    kdreanna rolle 22 days ago

    In the bahamas we call that hoeing

    TROLL 22 days ago

    she says "I appreciate it" ya'll bad at lip reading

  • Just Jo
    Just Jo 24 days ago

    She’s a hooooooooooo. Lol

  • Jacosta Lester
    Jacosta Lester 24 days ago

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  • BQUEEN STaCKKS/nazyazron

    We love yonce the rest are clones🍾😂😂😂sorry

  • BQUEEN STaCKKS/nazyazron

    Good cause she going for everyone and she wear lace wigs

  • Venus Mitchell
    Venus Mitchell 25 days ago

    That thot chick need to chill out

  • Guy Mitchell
    Guy Mitchell 25 days ago

    Cthu check how Beyonce was waving her ring like look bitches😂😂😂

  • chiffon80
    chiffon80 25 days ago +79

    How about yal let Beyoncé deal with Beyoncé’s Husband??? 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Felicia Kee
    Felicia Kee 25 days ago

    I love the way Beyonce showed Lori, her ring. He put the ring on Beyonce not Lori.

  • ashley wood
    ashley wood 26 days ago

    🐝😂 bey coming in like o h- nah b Lori being part of the ‘beyhive’ b please, she probably was trying to steal j b4 b came on the scene, bey ain’t no fool

  • ashley wood
    ashley wood 26 days ago

    Smart move on Jay’s part- being polite and respectful but saying with his body language ‘I’m taken by the great B’ lol

  • ashley wood
    ashley wood 26 days ago

    O Lawd! She flirting with Jay Z and she Steve Harvey’s daughter!?! I believe he taught her better than that... I wish Steve Harvey would tell her ‘Girl what is you doing!?! No!’ 🤦‍♀️

    FLOWER 26 days ago +1

    Steve Harvey is not her biological father. Donnell Woods is her father.

  • Maria Gee
    Maria Gee 27 days ago +26


  • Candy Art
    Candy Art 27 days ago

    People just like a lot of bullshit. I looked at their lips when they talked and it totally did not match anything they "supposedly" said.

  • Lynn Tuft
    Lynn Tuft 28 days ago

    She was high when she thought of doing that, all of these gorgeous men in Hollywood come on now!!! The things we do to be on Social Media!!!!! SMH

  • Nasjah Alsina
    Nasjah Alsina 28 days ago

    *She’s gorgeous, but a married man ain’t cute😑 her dad didn’t raise her like that ☹️*

  • Simone Nembhard
    Simone Nembhard 28 days ago

    Jay z is ugly

    FAMOUSBLACKBERRY 29 days ago

    She need to go find her own husband lillllll whore

  • tiger tarleton
    tiger tarleton Month ago

    stop appropriating our race Beyo trying to look like a white girl

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee Month ago

    Queen of what...freak outta here...Lori is a pass around and so was B😈

  • Elliot Ness
    Elliot Ness Month ago

    The hating hoes will make her really famous. Go find a treadmill hoes.

  • Elliot Ness
    Elliot Ness Month ago

    They hating because your best male celebrity want's her.

  • ladybug12627
    ladybug12627 Month ago

    Like mother like daughter 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Gerald Gorton
    Gerald Gorton Month ago +2

    Much to do about nothing... you want real gossip,, when will R smelly stop wizzing on little girls...? (. NEVER. ) now run tell that!! Hell,, at least he. Swallows...

  • carolyn carter
    carolyn carter Month ago

    She's not Steve's daughter, only stepdaughter using Steve last name to advance her career or whatever.

  • Karvela Mone'y Cordelia Rosson

    Just like her mother 😉

  • Eric Turner
    Eric Turner Month ago

    She has nothing on Queen bee the bee showed up and flashed ownership Quickly.

  • Starr Company
    Starr Company Month ago +2

    Jay-Z look like a big lip lost scarecrow from The Wiz

    • pepi everage
      pepi everage 28 days ago +1

      Starr Company 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Shannon Blake
    Shannon Blake Month ago +1

    She is gorgeous!!!!

  • Chris Harris
    Chris Harris Month ago


  • MaryJane K
    MaryJane K Month ago +1

    Love Beys lil hand gesture at the end 😝🤣💯 like "Ha Bitch!! Know dat!! 👸🏾💍💅" 😉🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

  • Vee Gee
    Vee Gee Month ago

    Young lady, you'll find out!

  • tip michelle
    tip michelle Month ago

    Meanwhile Beyonce fake ass kissing omari Hardwick

  • tip michelle
    tip michelle Month ago

    Fuck that bitch Beyonce Aaliyah fans ain't forgot how thirsty that hoe is yeah bitch Beyonce yo day coming baby eater witchy bitch u took Jay from Aaliyah trying to be aaliyah now u wanna flash a ring girl boo

  • ashowers86
    ashowers86 Month ago

    These stupid dumbfucks need to literally stop praising this woman... like it’s getting disgusting and not that serious. These folks don’t even know Beyoncé dam fuck a behive! That shit gets annoying! Worry about your REAL LIFE AND FAMILY INSTEAD OF PRAISING A BITCH WHO GIVES A TWO FUCKS ABOUT YOU. All that hype for nothing, shit do you see her getting hyped up over any fans?? No. I’m just saying 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • FoxyBrownSugar1
    FoxyBrownSugar1 Month ago

    I mean but she does looks better than Beyonce....

  • Miyshoi Collins
    Miyshoi Collins Month ago

    She playing hopscotch.

  • Tisa Harper
    Tisa Harper Month ago +1

    All I want to know is where was salonge while Ho'ri was feeling comfortable chatting it up with bee's honey.... ☕

  • Maria Rosenberg
    Maria Rosenberg Month ago

    Doesn't look like anything

  • TTTaylor Taylor
    TTTaylor Taylor Month ago

    You sound stupid as hell, how in the hell you determine that thats what this man said, you can barely hear them Mumble let alone a full sentence you know damn well you didn't hear that man say he's married and she say I know come on noe stop with the bullshit

  • KDH
    KDH Month ago

    One. I truly don’t think anybody cares about bee emojis in their thousands of comments like I don’t think she minds.
    Two. They can’t have a conversation? Lol like is she supposed to talk to people like this 😐😑😑 everybody smiles when they talk. Aaaand there was another person in the convo sooo. Smh just let them live sheesh

  • hasanshareef1
    hasanshareef1 Month ago

    More like the hoe of the year!

  • DR Groce
    DR Groce Month ago

    Jay-Z's hair looks a mess!!

  • Rosalind Taylor
    Rosalind Taylor Month ago

    Not a fan so who cares