GTA Online How To Make $1,000,000 Per Hour Solo CEO Money Guide 01/22-01/28

  • Published on Jan 23, 2019
  • My guide on how to make $1,000,000 per hour this guide is completey solo but only good for January 22 to January 28 so make sure you take advantage of it
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  • TheProfessional
    TheProfessional  9 months ago +229

    I wanted to clear up some things for people confused. The sale at the end is not factored into the hour only the activities are. The sale is after the hour . The money is there we just need to look for a good lobby for the bonus. This guide can take you a little bit over an hour depending on your luck. If you get vans on the crate missions it will go very fast however if you get alot of 3 drop missions it can take you longer and you will go a little bit over an hour. It depends on your import export mission but those are usually very fast. If you get very unlucky you will go a few minutes over an hour. Here is a long video on me making $1,137,000 in 76 min with a profit of $970,000 . This guide will make you a million easy. You can skip the headhunter and client jobs if you just want to focus on crates but I personally recommend it as its an easy activity do in between. I hope this guide has helped people out. I apologize for my voice I am still sick.

    • Simon Potter
      Simon Potter 9 months ago

      @Dawn Wright did it work?

    • Zircon Heyer
      Zircon Heyer 9 months ago

      This video has helped me a lot. Thank you The Professional. Keep up the great work.

    • TheProfessional
      TheProfessional  9 months ago

      @Zbarci No its doable in an hour heres a video of me making $1,137,000 in 76 min. I don't know where you are getting this 3 hour mark from.

    • TheProfessional
      TheProfessional  9 months ago

      @Roth Beard I actually uploaded a video of me making $1,137,000 in 76 min. Its a lot less then when you said I could not even do it in an hour and a half. The guide is doable in an hour. At most you will go over a few min over an hour if you get bad missions as I did in the video. You have to know when to spawn the terrorbyte and what vehicles to use. I have been very nice and actually defended your comment despite you insulting me several times. Here is the video

  • NickDaRager
    NickDaRager 3 days ago

    If you want to rank up fast just get all of the peyote plants then if you die or end the hallucination you get 5000 rp and even if you already got them all after eating it there is a 24 hour game time cooldown until it spawns again and if you still got it before you can still make 5000 rp if you already got it and there is a total of 76 peyote plants just look up the locations then follow them

  • Aydarrn _
    Aydarrn _ 20 days ago

    Why does your mic sound so good in this video?

  • A.L.E.X Vlogs
    A.L.E.X Vlogs Month ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • FrenzYxSilence
    FrenzYxSilence 2 months ago

    I don't have the terrorbyte or import export thanks alot all i could make is 20k.

  • Ádám Csányi
    Ádám Csányi 3 months ago +1

    Omg thanks it's so good. You are awesome.

  • iiBrutal
    iiBrutal 3 months ago

    Should i buy a terrobyte just to do this?

  • Pedro Sequeira
    Pedro Sequeira 3 months ago


  • RobosergTV
    RobosergTV 3 months ago

    sourcing 3 crates as solo I got 3 different packages IN THE WATER. Its impossible to deliver all 3 w/o a heli.

  • Infinite Twista
    Infinite Twista 3 months ago

    Is it fine if I have a small CEO crate warehouse off the computer? and what is a import/export warehouse?

  • dabmaster420 puff puff pass

    This guide is solo, it's 100% solo, I did it by myself solo. STOP REPEATING YOURSELF!!

  • Max gamer 20
    Max gamer 20 3 months ago

    How I make 24 milion dollars a day

  • Wild Antelope
    Wild Antelope 3 months ago

    Wow, it’s already 2028!

  • brookley
    brookley 3 months ago

    Step 1: Be rich

  • jaron davidson
    jaron davidson 3 months ago

    I fuckin hate people in this game why destroy oeoples shit and don't fucken say oh it's part of the game

  • Dr Dominator
    Dr Dominator 4 months ago

    Boom done

  • Adam Huynh
    Adam Huynh 4 months ago

    This comment is posted on July 4th and everything right now is double rewards on every business so take your advantage to make maybe 2-3 mil every hour

  • Boberta Te Llama
    Boberta Te Llama 4 months ago

    Best GTA 5 RU-clipr, no discussion, you’ve helped me get so much money playing GTA online, i really appreciate it

  • dragonator
    dragonator 4 months ago

    I think for casual players like me it would take like 1- 2 hours but its still a rlly good guide!!

  • xThe_Cat_Lordx
    xThe_Cat_Lordx 4 months ago +1

    You gotta be rich to get rich. Sweet.

  • Synnosi
    Synnosi 4 months ago

    I like how he says this is a money making method to get money then uses choppers and terabytes

  • Jimmy Jim
    Jimmy Jim 5 months ago +1

    can you please make one without using the teroboyte. and make one where the veichle warehouse is replaced with ceo crates?

    ASAP BAPE 5 months ago

    I swear im so dumb for not watching these tutorials theyre so helpful

  • Don Vito
    Don Vito 5 months ago

    you are the only realistic gta5 grinder that makes good videos that has no bullshit

  • Wahab
    Wahab 5 months ago +1

    What did the librarian say to the student????

    Read more

  • Retr0
    Retr0 6 months ago

    How much money do you get normally without any bonuses?

  • Coca Cola
    Coca Cola 6 months ago +2

    Do crates then head hunter. Repeat.

  • 420-247 Productions
    420-247 Productions 6 months ago

    Give up kids. It's not worth an hour of your life. Gaming should not be a job, it should be fun.

  • Freezy
    Freezy 7 months ago

    Can we still use it

  • Blankace
    Blankace 8 months ago +2

    So you need 11 mil to get this all set up? good guide for people who are a bit low on money

  • Rlt_turtle
    Rlt_turtle 8 months ago

    I can just do an act 2 in 15 min and get a mil in the time of doing this i can get 4 mil i know u dont do glitching but people that dont have what u have they can get a high lvl friend and get alot in 2 hrs

    • Don Vito
      Don Vito 5 months ago

      glitches are for people that are shit at making money😂

    • Dougie
      Dougie 7 months ago

      Rlt_turtle yo wonna glitch

  • Respect *
    Respect * 8 months ago

    Just watched an ad.

  • SmiteMAster101
    SmiteMAster101 9 months ago +1

    Why is everyone struggling to make money in this game. I just made like 12 mil doing the act 2 glitch

    • Don Vito
      Don Vito 5 months ago

      real grinders don't need glitches

    • Benson
      Benson 8 months ago

      well that’s a glitch, not everyone knows how to do them.

  • Siyochii
    Siyochii 9 months ago

    This made me hard for some reason

  • Martin Tetković
    Martin Tetković 9 months ago

    When will be double money for crates again and where do you check that?

  • Stangle
    Stangle 9 months ago

    This video is 9 minutes long. Too complicated.

  • Lui Angelo
    Lui Angelo 9 months ago

    Every when is rockstar conducting events like double money? I missed the majority of the event and I'm not able to grind that much..

  • Kano Giovanni
    Kano Giovanni 9 months ago +1


  • Cheek on paska räppäri

    Lol i can make million in 13 minutes only need facility and ceo and do bogdan problem and in the end turn of the game and go back

  • DustyRaider
    DustyRaider 9 months ago

    “This is only for this week” youtube recommendations show me it on the Monday of the following week

  • Dacu'
    Dacu' 9 months ago

    If they have bunker even better,175.000 sale gives only 1 vehicle . The bunker should be the total bonuses for selling in public lobby . Its nice to see so infinite ways to make money compared to the nerfed red dead online .

  • Dacu'
    Dacu' 9 months ago

    Amazing video Pro. Andd when i saw what fun i missed playing that NO CONTENT ONLINE "beta game rdr2". I definitely comeback to gta, i miss ridin' ma bikes to paleto bay listrenin REBEL RADIO

  • GrowOZ
    GrowOZ 9 months ago

    Takes too much time and effort

  • FORD CRAZY 2003
    FORD CRAZY 2003 9 months ago

    I can make 1 mil in 15 minutes lmao

  • Alex Lavey
    Alex Lavey 9 months ago

    Good guide

  • Gabriel_The_Grate 02
    Gabriel_The_Grate 02 9 months ago

    Just do the bogdan glitch lol

  • EddieBreadie YT
    EddieBreadie YT 9 months ago +11

    How to get 8 mill in like 2 mins.

    Step one: steal mom credit card.
    Step two: you know what to do

    • max
      max 24 days ago

      Sebas410 You forgot Step 2. Never touch the game again since it got boring

    • Sebas410
      Sebas410 3 months ago +1

      EddieBreadie YT How to get 2billion in like 5 mins, hit up yo modder friend

  • benjamin bidgood gittings

    Will this still be helpful after the week?

  • SmallJeff
    SmallJeff 9 months ago +2

    Better option for 1m p hour
    1-ceo supply x3 (A)
    2-ceo suppy x3. (B)
    3- repeat 3 time for get x9 -x9 supply
    4-sell all supply.
    5-repeat A
    500k per 30 min
    Edit: if you still car the mision can be long cause (still car in the middle of the ocean) or take some damage

  • Jesse Groomes
    Jesse Groomes 9 months ago

    No. I’m worried that my internet would ass rape me and “connection to gta online has been lost. Please return to GTA V

  • ronaldo Duran
    ronaldo Duran 9 months ago

    False, it doesn’t matter how many mid or standard range cars you have. I had nothing but mid and standard range cars (39/40) and when I sourced, i still got a standard range car. Even when all I had was standard and mid range cars in my warehouse.

    • ronaldo Duran
      ronaldo Duran 9 months ago

      ChikyuGaming o. ThNks

    • ChikyuGaming
      ChikyuGaming 9 months ago +1

      ronaldo Duran That’s there is your problem tho, You should have 10 Standards and 10 Mid range, Doing so will give you only Top range when sourcing but be careful, You should sell that Top range before sourcing another vehicle as getting a lot Top vehicles will start giving you Standards and Mid range again

  • Royde e
    Royde e 9 months ago

    Little nerdy wanker

  • Jesse Groomes
    Jesse Groomes 9 months ago

    That date doesn’t make any sense

  • Masikinias
    Masikinias 9 months ago

    I did the math and if you have only 1 Special Cargo Warehouse and you sell the Special Cargo in a Solo Public Session, you will make:
    $ 730 000,00

  • SmiteMAster101
    SmiteMAster101 9 months ago

    You can make 1,000,000 dollars in 15 min or less with the act 2 doomsday glitch lol anyone wanna do it with me on ps4

  • dupey
    dupey 9 months ago

    Kinda hard to make money when the servers fuck up every 5 minutes. fuck this game is trash!

  • Alex Dyke
    Alex Dyke 9 months ago

    What is the best crate warehouse to use solo

  • Zer0 Gaming
    Zer0 Gaming 9 months ago

    Yeah this is more like a 2 hour guide, maybe an hour and a half if you get lucky with the missions.

  • dank weaboo
    dank weaboo 9 months ago

    how does the money from headhunter not go into the bank?

  • nitro 8642
    nitro 8642 9 months ago

    Professional I'm guessing it would be much quicker and efficient if you have friends with you right ?