How School Makes Kids Less Intelligent | Eddy Zhong | TEDxYouth@BeaconStreet

  • Published on Feb 6, 2015
  • Eddy Zhong, successful technology entrepreneur, dives into the truth behind our K-12 education system. Eddy strongly believes that the education system diminishes creativity and confines children to a certain path towards success. He contends that kids are taught to believe college is a necessary step in life and that it is mandatory to achieve one's goals. His talk challenges the commonly held beliefs of our entire education structure. Eddy is the founder of Leangap, a summer program that helps high school students start their own companies
    Eddy is an aspiring technology entrepreneur and the founder of Blanc, a smart-watch company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His ideas have been featured in numerous publications and he is passionate about empowering youth to think differently. Eddy is the founder of Leangap, a summer program that helps high school students start their own companies
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Lyimo Ej
    Lyimo Ej 15 hours ago

    African colonial education which most nations inherited is like a graveyard

  • Patti Murphy
    Patti Murphy Day ago

    I never went to college..because my brain is more artistic. I started my own retail stor/stores and grew them when I was just 52. I never understood college for the creative minds.

  • Unbox Gamer
    Unbox Gamer 2 days ago +1

    The only thing school thought me is how to wake up early and get to school at time and waste 7 hours of my life everyday

  • Nintendo Dude880
    Nintendo Dude880 4 days ago

    I don’t know how finding the area of a rectangle is going to help me in life. I went to the bathroom without permission once just to see what would Happen and got I’m serious trouble, in art, you have to do what the teacher wants you to do. school is useless and we are wasting most of our lives on it.

  • Ryoma Haruno
    Ryoma Haruno 5 days ago

    I really want to take a subject where the response to when I ask how well use this doesn't start with "just in case"

  • no rkn
    no rkn 7 days ago

    OMG that's probably one of the best podcasts I've ever listened to! this guy inspired me so much

  • zinaal kriid
    zinaal kriid 8 days ago

    2:02 He looks like he wants to throw something on the groooooound

  • jin soo
    jin soo 8 days ago

    when i saw the title of the video i was like* yaaaassss preach beach*

  • 123fendas2
    123fendas2 8 days ago

    Clickbait! Less intelligent than they could be, you mean.

  • Brook Tamu
    Brook Tamu 8 days ago

    College is one of the biggest money making scams that keep the Jewish owners rich

  • Sara The Hufflepuff
    Sara The Hufflepuff 8 days ago

    School teaches you how to be robots, not how to build them.

  • • hxn •
    • hxn • 9 days ago

    I love his voice

  • h e l p m e
    h e l p m e 9 days ago

    *_damn this is inspiring XD_*

  • lordreaper45
    lordreaper45 12 days ago

    The main thing that is wrong with this, from the beginning is that intelligence is opinionated; therefore, how are schools making kids less intelligent in your opinion? My school is not limiting our creativity, but some schools do, that is the thing that is needing to be changed in the education system. However, your idea of intelligence could be academics or the wealth that people acquire from their jobs or even be based on happiness. I think that we should all strive to become the type of intelligence that we believe it is. Therefore, what is your opinion on how intelligent is based?

  • Ayz Corpin
    Ayz Corpin 12 days ago

    He is cute hahah

  • CherryCherishPlayz :3
    CherryCherishPlayz :3 13 days ago

    I never knew stress until I went to school

  • Z Abd
    Z Abd 14 days ago

    Try and homeschool your children. Homeschooled children are more smarter than brainwashed yourselves

  • Hyun Jin Bae
    Hyun Jin Bae 15 days ago +1

    It's a tragic that the students who really need to watch this video would be busy doing their useless homework.

  • Weishang Zhong
    Weishang Zhong 15 days ago +1

    A guy who went to harvard and stanford told me, people want to hear things like this---school is not important, you can success without working hard etc

  • Nina Roussel
    Nina Roussel 15 days ago

    Straight facts

  • Neo Mi88
    Neo Mi88 15 days ago

    I’m Asian and I bad at math

  • RobloxStuff
    RobloxStuff 16 days ago +1

    My mom showed me this, and now we're home school. I'm happy

  • Weird Balkanian
    Weird Balkanian 16 days ago


  • IanFrallonTravelFilms
    IanFrallonTravelFilms 17 days ago

    if we focus more on how to survive in this world, cure diseases, and just live life without money (if money didnt exist) and also just get all the stuff for free so no ine will be stress and do all the bad studf for money!! and we don't have to pay for a fuxking medicine juat to get another chance to live

  • Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed 17 days ago

    OMG an Asian telling me school isn’t helping??? I am shocked

  • RMTM
    RMTM 18 days ago

    Physics was one of the worst subject so far and I only took 2 AP classes in which I pass with with A's while my Pre-AP physic class is a C+. Physics class has diminished my confidence in my math and became some of the source of my stress. I get most of the learning from physics by studying answer sheets and walking it through with my worksheet. One of the few positive things I can say is that it will help me in future math classes.

  • Ricardo Anaya
    Ricardo Anaya 18 days ago

    school train you, it does not develop you, don't try to "find different intelligences" to suit everyone in the world

  • Sergdelplayz 2
    Sergdelplayz 2 19 days ago +1

    Greg Heffleys Dad

  • abood_3100
    abood_3100 19 days ago

    if you wake up early
    you go to school

  • Vibri
    Vibri 20 days ago

    School: here's 6 hours of textbooks along with homework
    Students: can we get more recess time to read books we'd actually like at the library?
    School: *no*
    Out-of-touch 50 year olds on the TV: wow why don't kids read books nowadays? must be fortnite and phones

  • john stanford Dumapi

    sounds like Robert Kiyosaki..

  • Ro - Studios
    Ro - Studios 22 days ago

    *let's all do skillshare* instead of sitting at a desk and learning info we will forget in a few days
    Or Kahn academy

  • Ro - Studios
    Ro - Studios 22 days ago

    I've flourished my imagination all the time and even kept my mind flourishing during school

  • Ro - Studios
    Ro - Studios 22 days ago

    Heck, I even made a small scratch company

    Scratch is a coding website and I wanna make it bigger and take my own path

  • Ro - Studios
    Ro - Studios 22 days ago

    I'm starting a company when I'm older now and I'll take my own door, my own path to my own success

  • Night Ink
    Night Ink 23 days ago +1

    Age doesn't matter people!!!
    It's all about experience and realization.
    And I just wish there's a lot more creative teenagers who would inspire the youth.. to let them be creative.. to stay creative even as they grow old..
    Our current education just measures how we understood the "technically" teacher which-in-reality-is-just-a-speaker. They don't teach us any.. that we are almost like robots being programmed by different people, but never have been given a bug fix once.. once we fail, it's all over.. they'll just dump us and get another robot to program.. while only a few passes.

  • Mike Bonales
    Mike Bonales 23 days ago

    My teacher always shows Ted talks during class but she never showed this one....
    “No one has ever changed the world by doing what the world has told them to do.”
    “No one has ever changed the world by doing what the world has told them to do.”

  • kaepbtsjjang
    kaepbtsjjang 23 days ago

    school teaches us that grades are more important than morals and actual knowledge

  • Nadia N'jiba
    Nadia N'jiba 23 days ago

    School isn't a teaching it's a discipline curriculum if you went to study your country is in trouble
    School wake up our understanding and give meaning to our definition it's called proffessional words

  • Beanmachine91
    Beanmachine91 24 days ago

    fight the machine!

  • Caileigh Brynn
    Caileigh Brynn 25 days ago

    My parents need to hear this

  • Danny Roberts
    Danny Roberts 26 days ago

    Wrong, people change like that over the period of time he claims is changed by school, but if this is the case then we would not have any big company’s, smart idea tho.

  • Alexander Jurrens
    Alexander Jurrens 28 days ago +1

    I really hate these fake comments saying that RU-clip taught them more than school, LOL NO, you don’t even look up learning stuff on RU-clip. Just say something logical and move on.

  • ツbreezey
    ツbreezey 29 days ago

    In school it's more about who has the picture for last night's homework, and notebook checks that are worth too many points.

  • ツbreezey
    ツbreezey 29 days ago

    There's a difference between being book-smart and street-smart.

  • unity 4arabic
    unity 4arabic 29 days ago

    So you tell that secret after 16 years of education

  • R
    R 29 days ago

    No matter how many of these presentations happen the school system will never change😭😢
    So far all that school has taught me is how to procrastinate and how to function on almost no sleep
    So far all that school has taught me is how to procrastinate and how to function on almost no sleep

  • GhostlyCoding
    GhostlyCoding Month ago

    In life I would like to be a software engineer. I’m in 5th grade and I have only learned about history of all the subjects. (the internet is where I learn NOT school.)

  • THE Hritik sHoWs
    THE Hritik sHoWs Month ago

    I can bet he is next Elon musk

  • meme
    meme Month ago

    i was reading stuff like the odessy as a third grader and completely understood it, but now i'm failing my English class in which i haven't learned a single thing all year. thanks school system!

  • Koya The Koala
    Koya The Koala Month ago

    We been knew but y’all ain’t gonna help us

  • Its Emmlyn Bitch
    Its Emmlyn Bitch Month ago

    The most saddest thing for me is art.
    We are given a sample piece we have to copy as good as we can.
    We are given introductions to how to express ourselves.
    And when we do something we like, it's judged and marked as failed because it didn't fill the level of skill you need to have or it wasn't like they wanted it to be.
    Art is art, music is music, it's supposed to be bad and diverse, kids are not factories

  • WARLORD op
    WARLORD op Month ago +1

    We need to make a change!! We are the next generation!! Let’s not forget this video as our parents have!!! It’s time to make a change and we are the only ones who can!!! Please don’t forget this video over time!!

  • SM23
    SM23 Month ago

    Eddy: *makes a joke*
    This guy: d e a t h s t a r e

  • Yusur Kassem
    Yusur Kassem Month ago

    Who else watching this the day before their exam???😂

    OFFICER DJR Month ago +1

    School is useless I didn’t know my timestables until I started watching RU-clip on it and now I nearly know them all

  • Walker #18936
    Walker #18936 Month ago +1

    School just shoves all this random bs down our throats!! Like, I don’t care what happened in the 1800’s! I would like to learn how to pay taxes, how to communicate with formal people, how to take care of car and home insurance. I want to learn about all the different careers and how to achieve our goals. I don’t want to learn how to understand poems or how chromosomes work. I don’t want to learn about about algebra when I want to be a veterinarian or a flight attendant. I want to learn social skills! Teachers! Adults! Please!! Teach us useful things!!!

  • Strawbewy
    Strawbewy Month ago +5

    I learn more from RU-clip videos than I learn at school

  • oiraM oiraM
    oiraM oiraM Month ago

    2:02 that guy is probably a teacher

  • Fjólubláa Brauðristin

    His meaning is perfect, but his perspective is business in a way. His whole picture is not clear enough.
    Great Talk nonetheless.

  • Anthony Xiong
    Anthony Xiong Month ago

    Well maybe if we were all business geniuses like you Eddy maybe...

  • UltraInstinct Peanut Boy

    People. School helps, without school I wouldn't have friends to help during depression. Also don't make me breach containment and snap all you necks.

    • UltraInstinct Peanut Boy
      UltraInstinct Peanut Boy Month ago

      Also you do realize that the school's are getting us ready for adulthood. As much as I wish I can stay kid, I want to have an family and be ready to carry them through life.

  • Charlotte Pototsky
    Charlotte Pototsky Month ago +1

    This kid should watch Prince EA if he hasn’t already

  • kelly
    kelly Month ago

    I’m an artist and I also notice this problem is high school art class aka where you’d expect creativity the most. There’s rubrics and specific things you have to follow to get an A. And I get you need to learn the rules before you can break them but they’ve only taught the class how to draw one thing this specific way and discouraged individual stylized art. In fact you’ll never or hardly be drawing anyone other than your basic white person for references. Anyways I really want to create a story on the stripping away of young ppl of their creativity and it’d be a dream to make it into an animated show? Lol this is very inspiring uwu

  • Mega Oof
    Mega Oof Month ago

    I want to be an artist, but school is making me tired and stressed. I don't even have time to have fun, instead I just sit there looking at a peace of paper hoping that I'll become what they want me to be, a smart student. I don't draw a lot anymore, no matter how many times I try to think of something to draw, i just can't. I just want to draw but how can I draw when all my creativity is being put aside, and only my grades are prioratized.

    • kelly
      kelly Month ago +1

      Mega Oof it you cant think of anything to draw practice sketching as many simple faces in different perspectives as possible and try to improve the previous drawing each time. Anything is better than nothing and no practice at all. I personally prioritize art a little bit more than school so I would encourage doodling in class but don’t do it all the time ya know. Anyways good luck :)

  • Ishan Pokharel
    Ishan Pokharel Month ago +1

    School makes us intellectual not intelligent. Intellectuality takes you nowhere without intelligence.

  • Jay Allen
    Jay Allen Month ago

    from the title alone you'd assume it was presented by Rick Sanchez

  • chunchun
    chunchun Month ago +1

    "No one has ever changed the world by doing what the world told them to do"

  • Isaac Stottlemyer
    Isaac Stottlemyer Month ago +1

    I liked this before I even started watching it

  • Pathetic Gamer
    Pathetic Gamer Month ago +1

    In my time in school I used not listen to the methods taught but make my own and they were correct but all of my teachers didn't even care to consider my method as if only theirs was right in these cases if schools pushes a little of creativity in subjects there would be more albert Einstein's

  • Yung Merker
    Yung Merker Month ago +1

    2:01 he was not amused

  • Lonnie and Zenny Productions

    “ I feel like i’m that only Asian in the world that doesn’t understand math “
    Me to bro I don’t understand it one bit

  • Beef is Meat
    Beef is Meat Month ago

    The ad for this video was for home tuition lol

  • Xuipo
    Xuipo Month ago

    I mean tbh we all know we forgot most of the things we learned

  • AshGreninja1819
    AshGreninja1819 Month ago +1

    Being graded for papers like factory meat and the fact school hasn’t changed at all since the industrial revolution

  • Andre Ford
    Andre Ford Month ago +1

    He learned how to think and not what to think. Impressive.

  • Unemployedscholar
    Unemployedscholar Month ago

    Adults should learn that kids are smart. Also, experience is worth more than grades.

  • Kaiser Isaiah Foo
    Kaiser Isaiah Foo Month ago

    I learnt a few things in school, and that's friends! And a few stuff

  • Kate Boyd élève
    Kate Boyd élève Month ago

    This reminds me a bit of a book series called The Mysterious Benedict Society. The four main characters are all extremely intelligent but all of them a different type.
    One of them, Reynie, is booksmart. He’s all about learning languages, history, etc... all on his own. Like, he’s getting it all from books
    Another one, Sticky, has an extraordinary memory. He’ll glance at a page, process it for a minute, then can recite it word for word hours later.
    The other, Kate, is about experience. She’s all go and learns from doing. She’d be considered a troublemaker but she’s extremely intelligent, sorta like Indiana Jones. Constance, the last but absolutely not least, is a very creative type of intelligent but also kinda hyper-aware. Her brain senses patterns more than the common person and it’s sorta like she can predict what type of question someone’s going to ask by a look in their eye.
    Basically what I’m trying to say is there are many more types of intelligence than school smarts.

  • NPC #545682874
    NPC #545682874 Month ago

    life truth : For every 24 hours...A day passes

  • Please love me Ok?
    Please love me Ok? Month ago

    I learned more spanish from Dora than my school.

  • Amy W
    Amy W Month ago +3

    School just wants us to be robots, memorize shits, dump them on a paper and get evaluated.

  • Spicy Toast
    Spicy Toast Month ago

    I learn more from the crazy stories my social studies teacher tells than what he is actually teaching us 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Zelthic
    Zelthic Month ago

    Unfortunately not everyone could have special talent. School give a safe and protect way for you to survive society in the future for unskilled people.

  • thecolorthursday
    thecolorthursday Month ago +5

    I have this friend named Giulia. They are incredibly smart, kind, creative, and funny. Giulia is incredibly artistically talented and has an amazing understanding of science and logical thinking. But the sad thing is that schoolwork is very hard for them. Giulia has so many missed assignments that they get paranoia from having to finish them all, and this is a problem they’ve had to face for years.
    Why is it that school, something that is supposed to help us and make us better people, works so much against Giulia? Why are their classmates, who they are leagues and bounds ahead of in terms of intelligence, doing hundreds of times better than them? Giulia should probably be on a path to be a great leader or scientist, but instead this system, optimized to prepare average people for factory work, is only crippling them.

  • Rami Zureikat
    Rami Zureikat Month ago +2

    Nice video! Now let's get back to my miserable life of most days of my life accompanying a big test or assignment...

  • Roberto La Barbera
    Roberto La Barbera Month ago +3

    In school all you need is a good memory and a bit of logic and you can be considered a genius without even knowing that much or be able to elaborate particulary complicated concepts. And those are exactly the two things I don't have.

    • Wyatt Holmes
      Wyatt Holmes Month ago +1

      That basically sums up my entire high school career and Ive skipped 3 years in math and the only reason why is because I never asked why or questioned something I took the information memorized it and applied basic logic and was considered “genius” when I’ve literally learned nothing

  • Chile_Fry_ 1029
    Chile_Fry_ 1029 Month ago

    All my school does is make me feel pressured, and stress out. Our school is pretty good, compared to some other schools. We still have the arts, and we still have many clubs. Teachers support what we want to do and such. It is just the pressure and stress that gets to us all.

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia Month ago

    Good video! I'm liked and share 755 times :D

  • slick pockets
    slick pockets Month ago

    agree with everythign he said except the bit where he used his own example as positive proof. thats survior bias

  • Chesterson Jack
    Chesterson Jack Month ago +1

    My learning started going downhill in around 5th grade, and I pretty much stopped learning things in school around 9th. After that I learned here and there, but not much. I had a couple invitations to things after 9th grade, like being a student representative for the national journalism and media conference, but my parents would say we couldn’t afford.

  • ImELFY
    ImELFY Month ago +1

    my school: "you must stay queit in lessons for 30 minutes because its professional, put up your hand when you want to do anything at all because its professional, wear a suit and have a 5 foot playground because its professional.

    and you are expected to do this from 9am to 4:30pm.

  • OhnoItsFranc
    OhnoItsFranc Month ago

    Put it simply, a lot of these comments are just kids who are pouting about school.

  • Radio Pushka K9RUSS
    Radio Pushka K9RUSS Month ago +1

    Modern day education: grade “A” student fresh from the Schoolfactory rolling off the assembly line.
    Kid: “How do I pay my taxes?”
    Teacher: “shut up”
    Kid: “can you help me learn this, i am interested”
    Teacher: “no”
    Kid: “I want to study computer science”
    Teacher: “no, this is English class, you have to study this no matter what”
    Kid: *Launches business*
    Kid: *business becomes more popular*
    Kid: *gets rich*
    Kid: “Trump 2020!”
    Teacher: “orange man bad”
    Teacher: “you have been kicked out of the Schoolfactory”
    this is very accurate

  • Stephanie Galicia
    Stephanie Galicia Month ago


  • I want to die
    I want to die Month ago +1

    School taught me how to make authority figures like me, as well as gave me anxiety so bad I can't really breathe when I think about my chem class lol

  • Ominous
    Ominous Month ago +5

    I’m a top student and yes the school system is scuffed lol. Could be way better

    • Sorry
      Sorry 13 days ago

      Ominous shoutout to the ghost writers.

  • Zapdog
    Zapdog Month ago +3

    Schools grade you based on your obedience, not your true intellect.

  • M T
    M T Month ago +4

    "We go to school just to get good grades, and then forget everything "

  • Ruvkz
    Ruvkz Month ago

    How ironic, humans made a set of rules for themselves, and now they are complaining about it.
    Nothing wrong with complaining, but the people that don't even listen and think, idiotic behaviour