Mouthy Muslim Imam Whines About Being Asked Tough Questions

  • Published on Nov 3, 2017
  • Waaaah.

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  • Peaceful Hooligan
    Peaceful Hooligan 11 months ago +1

    Religious people are brainwashed fools. You don't need a god to be a good person.

  • Big J 88
    Big J 88 11 months ago

    Fuck islam. Burn fuckers

  • Yuri Orloff
    Yuri Orloff Year ago

    Muslims melt down when they're called out for their hypocrisy. This clown in the hat just started screaming incoherently every time the producer unmuted his mic.

  • Buster
    Buster Year ago

    This proves it, they are from a parallel world.

  • kahlesstiberius
    kahlesstiberius Year ago

    Islamic house of wisdom, man I laughed so much, say what? Muslims think that their false prophet flew to Mecca on a donkey and that semen comes from a man's stomach, wisdom my ass.

  • 314 o98
    314 o98 Year ago


  • ArianMas
    ArianMas Year ago +1

    What a biased and force guided interview, no surprise from the ignorant idiots at fox

  • Rascal 123
    Rascal 123 Year ago +6

    If it’s that good fuck off back there then

  • Mike steven
    Mike steven Year ago +1

    This Gorka guy doesn't have a PHD, it was proven that he's fraud.

  • Mike steven
    Mike steven Year ago +1

    Hannity lies.... the biggest funder of proxy wars have always been superpowers. There is only one superpower.

  • Mike steven
    Mike steven Year ago +1

    Why does Hannity start with the question of Iran? The topic is terrorism in NYC.... it's his method of discrediting individuals opinions from the get go. Question, is the US run by good people?

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb Year ago +6

    Is that your Grand Daughter? No it is my Wife, she just Celebrated her 6th Birthday.

    • Tom Thumb
      Tom Thumb Year ago +1

      What is for next weekend Muhammad, Next weekend I am having a Bacha bāzī Party so round up the little boys in your neighborhood.

  • gogetemboys
    gogetemboys Year ago

    Ahhh, Sebastian Gorka - a known Hungarian Nazi sympathizer. And this is who the right-wing cons adore and support?

  • gogetemboys
    gogetemboys Year ago

    Fox "News" isn't news -- it is Nazi propaganda.

  • Jack Hawley
    Jack Hawley Year ago

    These Islamists are treating all of us like idiots........and they are right😪

    • artist formerly known as d mc
      artist formerly known as d mc Year ago

      Jack Hawley we are so scared to be classed as racist, so we keep our mouths shut, whilst our own citizens are collapsing under the pressure of mass migration

  • El Grande
    El Grande Year ago +6

    Fucking diaperheads can never own up to the misery their illogical religion is causing the world.

  • NPC #5684813
    NPC #5684813 Year ago +11

    Muslims have no respect for anyone and we should treat them the same.

    • hamster in the machine
      hamster in the machine Year ago

      no views , always treat people the same way they treat you. Zero tolerance. No "oh I'm sure next time he'll have a better mood".... no "oh it's not all of them, just a few black sheep"... We have to listen to our instincts. Islam doesnt belong here, it doesnt even belong in this TIME but it's like something from the dark ages....

  • Son of Tiamat
    Son of Tiamat Year ago +3

    From the Islamic House of "Wisdom," Mohammed Ali Babba Hasim Yusef Kasim Mohammed Jafer Al Mohammed Sheik Mohammed