Kosovo: War Criminals and Supporters???

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
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  • BROtHerGam1ñ9 YT
    BROtHerGam1ñ9 YT 3 months ago

    I would really like some western people that support Kosovo's independence to see this ...

    RED DRAGON 6 months ago

    GOD BLESS YOU. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Jørgen
    Jørgen 6 months ago

    After opening our doors for refuges from Kosovo they paid us back whit a deadly heroine epidemic in Norway, great people.

  • rokman69able
    rokman69able 7 months ago

    Hey graham what a load of bullshit. Who is responsible for the millions displaced in croatia bosnia and kosova. How many bodies of women and children died at the hands of isis serbs. How many more still missing after 20 years. Mumma russia is hiding them all responsible

    ERDUAN8 8 months ago

    Hahahahahahha Damn, THx for protecting those innocent serbs. Such a lovley people, never did anything wrong. Just killing 8000 men and boys in one night, Srebrenica. But i guess you dont believe in fantasy stories 😂 nobody except serbs are buying your bullshit so youre just wasting time

  • Quantum Music Creations

    The Serbian army kills innocent civilians by orders of Milosevic and you show a scumbag corrupt piece of shit talk about Organs trade which was never proven. It wast just Kosovo but Croatia and Bosnia so show that too in your video. Show the Serbian army tying and executing kids in Kosovo. Supporting Evil that never apologised but instead come out as victims is demonic and the lowest of the low.

  • Enver Lami
    Enver Lami 8 months ago

    Graham kake 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱Big Albanien 1912,thaqi fantastik, ramushi fenamenal love uck love 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱Big Albanien

  • Enver Lami
    Enver Lami 8 months ago

    Graham muti keta jane shefa uck🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱✌Big Albanien 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱uck, terorist serbia gjenocid krim serbia bosnja Kosovo, ramush haredinaj komandat uck 🇦🇱🇦🇱hashim thaqi shef uck 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱✌,graham argent rusia verpistich

  • mariceto100
    mariceto100 8 months ago

    War criminals support war criminals

  • Shqipja Ktu
    Shqipja Ktu 8 months ago

    You fucking English cunt you will pay with your blood all this fake propaganda Against Albanians trust me

  • Le Fic
    Le Fic 8 months ago

    Okay okay so serbia lost 500 soldier in the war and Kosovo Kroatien Bosnien lost over 100.000 civilist so who ist the criminal ? Yes of course all the other but no serbia oof course of course fuck you and fuck you Propaganda you fuckin bitch I wish I will see you face to
    Face and you will see what criminal I am

  • Le Fic
    Le Fic 8 months ago

    Criminals they saved here country wtf the criminals are the politican in Serbia they killed so many people and now they are in the Politik so what the fuck are you talking #fuckserbia#fuckpropaganda

  • brobribrubra wwv
    brobribrubra wwv 8 months ago +1

    Graham Philipovitch

  • Bojan Jovanovic
    Bojan Jovanovic 8 months ago +4

    Thank you for making this video.More people need to know the truth!

  • Eichel Rainiger
    Eichel Rainiger 8 months ago


  • ウチジᗩᒪᗷI
    ウチジᗩᒪᗷI 8 months ago

    You will get kicked out of Kosovo

  • Ledi Zekaj
    Ledi Zekaj 8 months ago

    Soon Kosovo will war with Serbia and NATO gone help to Kosovo and Serbia will lose.Serbian people are the best criminals they hate kosovo

  • Drilon Toqilla
    Drilon Toqilla 8 months ago

    go fuck your self Pussy boy 🚀🚀

  • Whatdidido
    Whatdidido 8 months ago +2

    Uuuui se po ta qi pidhin e nones.

  • Erblin Rracaj
    Erblin Rracaj 8 months ago

    These are flat out political lies, in order to do organ transplants you need highly skilled surgeons and very modern equipment, How was that done in an old house by KLA ( Kosovo Liberation Army) that’s nonsense, KLA did a holy war to protect its people and lands from barbaric ethnic cleansing. If Thaçi and Ramush Haradinaj are responsible for anything is wars for power wealth after the war, and corruption also. Why don’t you go and investigate Serbian ruling regime for what they did in Kosovo and whole Yougoslavia, if Ramush supposedly is responsible for killing few serb hostages in war these evil serbian elite are responsible for ethnical cleansings and inhumane massacres! How much do you get paid to distort the reality by blaming the innocent and sanctifying the beast. I hope you get what you deserve for doing this, one day soon!

    • sranjesuper
      sranjesuper 8 months ago

      @Erblin Rracaj Aight at least we agree on 9/11. So you are def not stupid. I'm not sure how much you know about real Western politics, but it's very clear that they are all the aggressors, and pushing for all the middle east wars, and even Kosovo, and Yugoslavia wars. 9/11 was what made me look into everything more. I first started with Lybia, Syria, and then went back to the Yugoslav and Kosovo wars. Kosovo has a lot of resources like gold and silver and it now has the biggest NATO military base in Europe called Camp Bondsteel due to that war. Kosovo is also now linked to the biggest illegal drug and arms trade in Europe. That obviously can't happen in a perfect world, since NATO presence and monitoring is so heavy in Kosovo right?

      Everything has a reason my friend. They don't care about Kosovo or Albania, just as much as they don't care about Serbia. That's why they dropped Uranium Bombs in Kosovo and Serbia, which now the Cancer rates are spiking due to that in Balkan Europe. Look that up, there are stats on cancer rates spiking in that region and affecting as north as Croatia. Those uranium bombs leave a radiation of 4.4 billion years half life.

      The Western powers using Many tactics to split countries, take resources and take control and install new leaders, drug states, money making countries and army bases.

      So i don't hate Albanians, i hate NATO powers and America and Britain. Those are the biggest trash on the planet. All the lands that they invaded and trashed in the name of peace. The uranium they left will poison the area forever basically. They have collectively, bombed MILLIONS of people to death, and given cancer to billions through bomb radiation and experiments.

      They also support Islam and help spread Islam everywhere where it is not needed. Saudi money is linked with Western money. Yeah i talked about albanians in western countries being trouble, but they are not worse than middle eastern and african migrants trashing those European countries. The only reason some albanians are doing it, is most likely that they are muslim albanians. Because only muslims trash European countries and don't assimilate.

    • Erblin Rracaj
      Erblin Rracaj 8 months ago

      sranjesuper I never said that serbs are child killers and barbaric. When I said that Serbs are responsible for many massacres to Albanians I meant those particular Serbian soldiers and leaders, not Serbs as a whole. My family talks about Serb people that used to live near us in Kosovo and were very kind people who loved and respected us and so did we, but a considerable amount of Serbs despite being good or bad have a very negative, disrespectful approach to Albanian issues which are reasonable issues. There’s a lot of stupid Albanians who use nationalism in unnecessary places but so do Serbs. It’s impossible to find a video about Kosovo where serbs don’t tease KOSOVO JE SERBIA
      I don’t believe the official story of 9/11, it was 100% inside job.

    • sranjesuper
      sranjesuper 8 months ago

      i don't want to argue anymore with you. I don't have any firm beliefs, because i take history with a grain of salt. The same mainstream history that tells us about Rome, is the same history that tells us 9/11 was carried out by Islamic terrorists with no ties to the west. Which my brain simply refuses to believe. I

      It sucks that these wars have bred more people with hate , when we think about being friends. Most of the people on youtube get more racist, when they see racist comments towards them.

      I never started commenting on these albanian vs serbian videos until i saw too many negative comments that pissed me off from albanians.

      To be honest, i go on serbian videos to watch my own langauge, and i see a lot of albanian haters just shitting on serbs in the comments.

      And when i go to albanian videos to see if serbs are doing the same, i hardly see it.

      Only on videos that are anti-serbian, will you see serbs shitting on albos..

      but you will see allbos shitting on serbs, even on regular serbian music videos that have no mention of kosovo or albania.

      Its really disgusting.

      And like i earlier mentioned, the feelings and reception you albos get from germany, sweden, switzerland, finnland, france, is very bad from the locals. I'm pretty sure they prefer living with serbs than albos.

      You paint a picture of serbs being barbaric child killers, but i have yet to meet one.
      Go make some serb friends and see that serbs are very hospitable people. They will take care of you if you are in need. We are not blood thirsty like you think we are. We are tired of the lies. You keep saying serb propaganda. But there has been so much lies in history, so much betrayals between countries, that you cannot find what is real and what is not anymore. Serbs probably have their propaganda, but so does every other country. I keep referring to 9/11. That is the biggest inside job in the last 20 years, and yet many people will swear by it. And that is being taught in history books today. If the 20 years can be re-written, just think about the last 2000 years. It's really disgusting man.

      Do you believe the offical story of 9/11 first of all ? LOL

    • sranjesuper
      sranjesuper 8 months ago

      @Erblin Rracaj Lol " they didnt know they used to be albanian churches " come on man.. You guys got your own churches that you didn't burn down. You burnt down the serbian ones. Stop being so god damn nationalistic. I was born in Bosnia as a serb , and i dont' care much about nationalism. I hate nationalistic albanians as much as i hate nationalistic greeks and serbs. I hate seeing " my people were here 2000 years ago, we are the original " ..

      WHoever says shit like that, deserves a slap. Because 3000 years ago, somebody else was there, so your point is nothing. You get that? Most Albos and Greeks have that complex where they think it matters that they were here 2000 years ago. Right now NATO and USA is the new control center of the world.

      You talk about albania being taken advantage of, but serbia has been occupied by all the forces around them the same way as albania. The serbian country gets smaller and smaller, yet thousands of serbs lived in bosnia and croatia and kosovo which are also getting smaller in population.

      in 100 years, there will be no serbs in the balkan, and somebody will claim, that there were never serbs there.

      The vatican is evil and controls all history. If the vatican could unveil the truth, everybody would be killing each other.

    • Erblin Rracaj
      Erblin Rracaj 8 months ago

      sranjesuper It’s true that some revolted Albanians after the war damaged Orthodox Churches as a revenge for what they have experienced during the war. The truth is they didn’t know they used to be Albanian churches once cuz the Serbian regime has done it’s job for hundreds of years to deny anything that connects us with our past and to reclaim it as it was yours. Anyways Kosovan government has granted millions of Euros for their restoration and Albanians as a whole are against their destruction and we don’t agree at all with what they have done, but it was a small group of uneducated people that did that in the after war chaos.
      When it comes to the destruction of religious objects Serbia holds the first place in Europe easily. Where are 100 and more Mosques that used to be in Nish city today?!! What happened to 200 mosques of Belgrade and so many other mosques and cultural objects of Ottoman era all over the country?!!
      Your third claim was that I supposedly said Albanians were always weak towards invasions and enemies and how descendants of an old civilization can be weaker than barbaric invaders. Well I never said we were weak, if we were weak and unorganized our culture and language would have disappeared like Thracians, and Illyrians in the north that became Montenegrins and Croats, Bosnians. Albanians were the only that had a special status in Byzantine Empire, while all the others were called Byzantines we were called Albanians. Albanian leaders were very powerful during that time and leaders like Merkur Bua Shpata fought as a mercenary for kings of all over Europe. The leaders of Albanian noble families even had marriage connections with European royal families such as France and Italy etc. There were also writers and scholars but unfortunately not many documents and scripts have survived. Our history and the history of the whole world including Serbs is hidden in endless archives of Vatican and no one except special people have access on them. During Ottoman Empire 39 prime ministers were of Albanian origin and a countless number of leaders, vezirs, scholars that gave an unbelievable contribution to the formation of Ottoman Empire. The king of Egypt was Muhamed Ali an Albanian pasha who rose in duty and became the king of Egypt and was regarded as the founder of modern Egypt due to dramatic reforms in military, economic and cultural spheres. If Albanians were weak they wouldn’t have fought and freed Greece from Ottomans to make Greece indipendente in 1821.
      Albanians weren’t weak but were denied every movement for developing in their own culture and forming their own country, kingdom etc like Serbs and Bulgars and others did. Albanians have been persecuted, invaded and massacred countless and countless of times during history in their own territories. Every Albanian scholar that tried to form Albanian schools, alphabet or make an independent Albanian Orthodox Church indipendente of Greek or Serbian church it was persecuted or killed. Albania was always considered and still today is considered as a piece of meat that every neighboring country tries to take a bite out of it. That’s our reality and it will continue to be for God knows how long!

  • Dimtiri
    Dimtiri 8 months ago

    Only serbs are war criminals !

  • DarkAngel
    DarkAngel 9 months ago +1

    Thank you for showing real truth great job GRAHAM :) also don’t forget Kosovo has 5 ISIS training camps where they send kids as young as 7 they breeding terorists there just like their Albanian leaders are.

  • Balaj Hafiz
    Balaj Hafiz 9 months ago

    Serbia didn’t hunt just Kosovo (Albanians) , also hunt Bosnia , Croatia , Montenegro , Slovenia (these 2 at the end in other way)

  • Balaj Hafiz
    Balaj Hafiz 9 months ago +1

    And what about 11.000+ Albanians (civilians) killed by serbs in 97-99 (including men , women , children)? What about all Serbian criminals that did that to Kosovo ? What about over 90 years being occupied? What about the children that lost their parents? What about mothers that lost their children? What about ‘Jashari’ family that was killed by Serbian army (58 members including men , women , children and old mens) ? What about +1 milion refugees that have been forced to leave their homes to not get killed ? What about over 100.000 houses being burned by Serbian army ? What about Russian support for Serbia ? What about my 3 uncles that have been killed in the same day (26.09.1998)fighting Serbian army (inside Kosovo territory) ?
    People you must wake up and see who is the real hunter and who has been hunted !
    So please stop making propaganda for Albanians because they really don’t want war , they just want to be in the same state as in 1912 !
    Thank you America you are our real friend , and we will thank you as long as Albanians can live !♥️ 🇽🇰 🇦🇱

  • Y R
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  • Y R
    Y R 9 months ago


  • Name
    Name 9 months ago +2

    Graham is a real dog of Serbia Rusia, Sold with money only to propagate in Kosovo but the world is who are the Serbian criminals.😎🇦🇱🇽🇰💪💙

  • Сергей Стрельников

    Very professionally report.
    True is power.

  • Ddjfhsg Cfbffbf
    Ddjfhsg Cfbffbf 9 months ago +1

    Ik mor rrot kari . Psikopat !

  • Gashi 123
    Gashi 123 9 months ago +1

    We are waitng to come again in kosovo , you fucking pussy

  • Beli chelsea Fc
    Beli chelsea Fc 9 months ago +1

    you are the most ugly british man i ever have seen you are ashamed of great britain how can you defend one contry that has killed more than 300.000 civil peoples in croatia bosnia and republic of kosovo if it wasn't for usa kosovo would be new sebrenica so you just fuck off piece of shit check the facts and speak then dick head

    BALKAN HAJDUK 9 months ago +3

    They son's are in UK now. Just graduated..i mean paid for a degree. Living the high life in London Mayfair clubs. Driving Tesla SUV and G wagons. Easy to get hold of them

  • Nautic
    Nautic 9 months ago +2

    Now i wonder how much did they pay you to lie this much ?
    i would say 10000$ but my guess would be much more than that , because it would take a lot of $$ to make a person lie, make stories , hide the massacres serbia did, and say that serbia is the victim
    shame on you! for disinformation and propaganda that you are doing just that the world would think that albianians killed and raped innocent civilians (like serbia did)
    Reported your channel for lying and propaganda against Albanians and The Republic of Kosovo

      BALKAN HAJDUK 9 months ago

      That's why he drives a 300 pound rover. Shut up! Open your eye's...forget your silly ego

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  9 months ago

      It's facts and truth. And deep in your heart, you know that too, that's why you're so triggered....

  • Radiša Spasojević
    Radiša Spasojević 9 months ago

    Why cant share this ? Grisaaa

    • Graham Phillips
      Graham Phillips  9 months ago

      Bro, if you can write this comment, you can share the video :)

  • Luka Popovic
    Luka Popovic 9 months ago +2

    Kosovo is ❤ of Serbia

  • Ardi Krasniqi
    Ardi Krasniqi 9 months ago +1

    Can i ask you why you call uck a terrorist i dont know that , theree serbia start to attack kosovo they just deffend their country their simbols what's wrong with you

  • Zino SK
    Zino SK 9 months ago +2

    Great job! Take care!

  • john plaid
    john plaid 9 months ago +2

    Good ol' Graham! I'm half Slovenian. Ljubljana. The story goes that my grandfather stabbed someone in Ljubljana and had to run, so off he went with Nina, my grandmother, to America. Frederick didn't survive his black lung courtesy of the mines of Hibbing, Minnesota. Nina was a weird old lady who never spoke to me or even smiled. She ended up senile and alone wondering the streets of Chisholm, Minnesota. Slovenia was too wealthy and too well armed and escaped the Serbian scourge. But most importantly, there was not enough ethnic Serbs in Slovenia to start civil war. I saw the video of Serbian soldiers telling a Bosnian to call to his friends hiding in the hills to come to them. I could see the fear in his eyes. That has never left me. Now there is a Bosnian war criminal? But what would you expect? I mean I can still remember Radovan Karadžić offering a journalist a turn at his machine gun with telescope who then pulled the trigger and the bullets hit the side of an apartment building. What goes around comes around. Thanks for the only videos worth watching. Well, you and Police Activity. That one will really open your eyes.

  • ottis ka
    ottis ka 9 months ago

    Go ask people in Ireland what they say about English and say same thing about IRA

  • IN OM
    IN OM 9 months ago

    #GrahamPhilips why dont you do some journalism about all the weapons used in every terror attack in Europe instead and where did they come from and sold by whom ?? The weapons that are tons of them smuggled in yours London streets !?? I think that is more important for you since you live there, then the rights of a one of the greatest nations in Balkans and their right for freedom and protection, dont you think so !!!??

  • Veganer Fleischer
    Veganer Fleischer 9 months ago +1

    Let's see if you are allowed to enter this Peaceful Country again ... I have nothing against you but your questions start so disgusting, like: is that Bill Clinton, and then do you like him, and then because he killed serbs? Wtf, this people can only speak a few English.

  • Filip
    Filip 9 months ago +6

    Been through almost all the videos on this topic and its great to see the other side being shown a lot more. Hopefully those with half a brain are on board as the world has been brain washed by CNN and other nonsense for way too long on this topic and the truth (As exposed here) as all too often swept under the rug. It is difficult to reason with people on this as they take what they have seen in the American news outlets for face value and even sadder, the Albanians are not willing to entertain what happened for a second and use threats and abuse to defend themselves. Good work Graham, lets hope you inspire others to follow suit and open the eyes of the world

  • Babush Babushi
    Babush Babushi 9 months ago

    here real criminals here ru-clip.com/video/5z0fo-Y_QS4/video.html

  • Veganer Fleischer
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  • Best of INSTAGRAM 2k19
    Best of INSTAGRAM 2k19 9 months ago

    Fuck you

  • zoran land
    zoran land 9 months ago +19

    Thank you Graham Phillips, God bless you

  • Ronik Imeri
    Ronik Imeri 9 months ago

    I really don't get it the serbians were the occupatiors and we only wanted to keep our state we didn't kill kids at serbia we didn't kill womens at serbia we didn't burn places at serbia we didn't massacre more than 13.000 people in serbia we were the protectors in our state i only know that you are a liar because you taking fake photos tell me if it isn't right

  • LeoKing 2002
    LeoKing 2002 9 months ago

    well while you are running so much for the "Kosovo" iam here to tell you that youre deadly wrong you didnt see the massacre of krusha reçak and 198 others.Also happend into my little village Kurbalia they putted pression to men and thier womans to kill thier men infront of everybody and no one isnt showing up it is so right that kosovo has to much corruption.You dont know where are we from and what happend to us you just eated burgers just when you was born we are the poor'est people on europe and look what are you doing with us .

  • Endrit Vishaj
    Endrit Vishaj 9 months ago

    Graham just get the fuck out of Kosovo we will fucking kill you mate you eat russian dicks

  • Rijon Rijon
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  • Његош1
    Његош1 9 months ago +27

    Mr. Phillips, i don't know what to say!
    Thank you so much for your personal effort and clear understandings of what really happened here and more importantly, what's still in motion!
    Hypocrisy and criminal conduct of whole of the west is huge, unfortunately it doesn't stop and those who are responsible are at large, not in jail on a well deserved long sentences!
    Pardon my poor English...
    Wish you all the best in your future work!

  • Boban & Naca
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  • Min Ded 89
    Min Ded 89 9 months ago

    Kosovo= terrorist “state”

  • venis 123
    venis 123 9 months ago +1

    Qifsha qelin

  • Nikos
    Nikos 9 months ago

    Një nga shumë neoçetnikët e ditëve të sotme që pretendon se flet të vërtetën, po realiteti i frikshëm është shumë ndryshe. Ne shqyptarët, pasardhësit e të parëve tanë, e dimë nga i kemi rrënjët e s’kemi nevojë të na e thotë dikush si graham, një gazetar që s’di historinë e vendit të tij dhe vjen e bën reportazhe sikur ka aq bole.
    Mos lejoni t’iu ofendojë një sllav që zbriti nga malet në shekullin 7 pas Krishtit, sepse ata mohojnë origjinën e vet de kërkojnë të vjedhin atë të dikujt tjetër.
    Rroftë Shqypnia!

  • lazar lazovic
    lazar lazovic 9 months ago +2

    Thank yu🇷🇸

  • Arjan Delija
    Arjan Delija 9 months ago

    This guy is was a terrorist in Ukraine and fought with Russian forces. Just look it up now he is spreading Russian - Serbian propaganda against the republic of kosovo

  • Aleksandar Jakovljević
    Aleksandar Jakovljević 9 months ago +9

    Thank you, good man.
    Хвала, Добри човече.

  • Cool Smiti
    Cool Smiti 9 months ago

    Putin FSB sllaw terrorr propaganda

  • Klar Kennt
    Klar Kennt 9 months ago

    Thumbs down baby..😉