Zelda: The Wind Waker Randomizer Versus Race - Episode 5

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    Welcome to Wind Waker Randomizer Versus! For this series, our goal is to collect the light arrows, the triforce pieces, and the master sword upgrades, and then defeat Ganondorf before the other person! The mod randomizes all chest items, heart piece pickups, minigame items and boss items, additionally the mod also allows us to have the fast sail from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD!
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Comments • 80

  • Galarian Zagvee
    Galarian Zagvee 3 months ago

    you and TRG is what made me what to start let playing

  • Ky Mani
    Ky Mani 5 months ago

    Zsg was my childhood lol

  • Yoshifying
    Yoshifying 7 months ago

    My foster mom always knew I was gay when I stole my niece’s pink purse when i was 5 and was so into it. Still to this day, I don’t know why I did it, but I’ve never owned a purse either.

  • Maddie Valentine
    Maddie Valentine 9 months ago

    Sexuality, gender (transgender or cis), things of that nature is birth. There are lots of genetic traits and such that can go into these things. So don't perpetuate the choice thing unintentionally, its birth.

  • Azure Golem
    Azure Golem 11 months ago

    Can confirm that I only love Okami now because Emile let's play of it, I never would've know about the game and Okamiden if not for Emile.

  • Melty Ice cream
    Melty Ice cream 11 months ago

    I just broke up with my girlfriend

  • ArcticOkami
    ArcticOkami Year ago

    Also tyler singing the water buffalo song really made my day as an adult who still loves Veggie Tales.

  • ArcticOkami
    ArcticOkami Year ago

    I do my best to not even watch day one let s plays. Honestly there's a lot of series I dont watch because I want to see a game before i experience it myself, like the new Smash and pretty much any switch game at this point. But theres so many lets plays that made me want to buy the game being played, even though id kinda been spoiled a bit. But yeah, i also watch lets plays of games of games id never be able to play myself because im a wimp or its a system i never plan on getting. I know this video is a bit old but i wanted to talk about this.

  • Blue Wokou
    Blue Wokou Year ago

    Now, maybe I'm an outlier, but on Persona 5, I've always liked watching people play Persona.
    Hate playing the games myself, the school life aspect bores the shit out of me. But I like watching other people play them and getting their insights on the game and their stories related to it. So, when P5 came out, and one of the youtubers I'm subscribed to started a playthrough of it, I was very happy to watch. About 5-10 episodes in, I went out and bought the game. Haven't opened the case, and don't particularly intend to, but I was getting enjoyment out of the game, so the devs deserved my money.

  • Albumancer
    Albumancer Year ago

    I love these two. Real, yet funny, in a (usually) perfect balance.

  • Will Janszen
    Will Janszen Year ago

    Today I learned: Josh completely blows at tennis, especially when playing with his stair-dad

  • BlueKitty39
    BlueKitty39 Year ago

    Omg hearing you mention Chuggaaconroy really brought me back because he was the one who got me into RU-clip and LP’s in the first place!!! I think I was 8 years old...I’m 16 now...

  • The Ghost Who Knows The Most

    Really weird seeing let's players being ignorant about how beneficial let's plays and streams are for developers. Developers PAY streamers to play their game cause it's better advertising and it's cheaper than actual marketing. They were even saying they are leaning more towards playing indie games when indie games solely rely on LPers and streamer to be their marketing team. Video games are about playing them, if someone sees a game and they enjoy it they buy it.

  • Charlotte Johnson

    Chuggaaconroy was one of the first let's players I ever watched and he is responsible for my love of the Xenoblade Chronicles series. I have now convinced at least 5 of my close friends and family to pick it up and got them all copies of their own in different forms. He's an amazing LPer just like you guys :)

  • sasukuto
    sasukuto Year ago

    As A point to the first comment topic in this video, one of the best games I'm currently playing through on my limited free time right now is Danganronpa V3. It's an amazing visual novel that's the sequel to a game that I first experienced by watching SuperGenius LP it back when he was still on youtube.Without his LP I probably would have never heard of it, or at least not have until Lucahjin started her LP last year. Even though it's mostly just story, when I first say him LP this many years ago the story really stuck to me, to the point that when they re-released 1 and 2 on the PS4 I bought it almost immediately so that I could support the first game as well as play through the sequel on my own this time. Even if its only for the story, a let's play still has allot of value in marketing.

  • Super Sonic
    Super Sonic Year ago

    When I was young, me and a friend who lived close to me we had a "game" where we sucked each other dick and ate each other ass. We were like 3-5

  • Super Sonic
    Super Sonic Year ago

    I mean on day one let's plays I watch the first episode or two to get the feel of the story and gameplay then figure out if I want it

  • Steven's Lifestyle

    Okay did I miss something .. when was Tyler openly gay 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark Year ago

    I think a fair solution to the LPS on day one would be that the game developers collect the ad revenue for any day 1 LPS. That way the money wouldn't be taken from them, and people wouldn't be profiting off of not buying the game.

  • Triforce of Doom
    Triforce of Doom Year ago

    For me with let's plays, as a viewer, I like to both see what experiences others go through with either my favorites or games I dislike just to see how it differs, or to find new series I'd have never found otherwise like with Superjeenius' LP of Persona 4 Golden. If it weren't for his LP, I may have never gotten into what is hands down my favorite game series alongside a few other series I like such as Project Diva, Danganronpa, or Senran Kagura since that LP convinced me to get a Vita. And to those who might respond to that last sentence with snark, I do not regret that system purchase at all due to how many great RPGs & VNs I have on it. And that kind of discovery is what I hope to give to others with my LPs, whether it's a game I know like the back of my hand such as No More Heroes, or a game I'm trying for the first time like when I did Metal Gear Rising. And doing races is also really damn fun due to the extra adrenaline from competing with friends.

  • Praisedscooter
    Praisedscooter Year ago

    I feel the same way about day one Let's Plays, it really ruins it for others who want to enjoy the game, regardless of choice. And though not to the same severity you guys mentioned, I did a Let's Play two weeks after Shovel Knight launched and still feel bad about that. (This is not me trying to promote myself, just trying to partake in the conversation.)
    Stemming from that... does ZackScott still flaunt his sub count and numbers at the start of every video? Cause that made me hate him the most. Spent 1-3 minutes talking about numbers, then start playing the game.

  • ErectileHydra
    ErectileHydra Year ago

    The people who get games early aren't they supposed to show it off? I mean why else did they give it to you if you weren't a well known youtuber? I mean I'm a big fan of Nintendo and because I'm a nobody to them I ain't going to get Jack... (also trying to watch this and catch up to it so I know it's old but there's my piece of my mind) I'll also agree with Josh that the commentary for Zack is bad.

  • Morgan_Fucking_Freeman

    Glad to hear you guys are best friends. Kinda soothes the pain of the Super Best Friends not being friends anymore.

  • AilouPup
    AilouPup Year ago

    I used to care a lot about getting spoiled, but now that I'm older, I find I care a lot less. I'm a big reader, and I kind of think of lets plays as a book in a way. I love to re read my favourite books, so if I watch a let's play of a game and decide I want to play it myself, i feel like it's kind of like rereading. And I have skipped let's plays because I knew I was gonna play them eventually (Stephen Georg's Assassin's Creed and Lucahjin's Dangonrompa to name a couple). The only problem is I don't have a lot of money to spare for games even if I know for sure I'm gonna play them, so I watch the let's plays instead.

  • Samantha Nicklin
    Samantha Nicklin Year ago

    I love that you guys consider each other best friends. It makes Versus that much more organic.

  • Levias
    Levias Year ago

    What about when people upload RU-clip videos covering new games that have spoilers in the fucking thumbnails? I've had that happen to me and my friends multiple times.

  • Matthew Frazier
    Matthew Frazier Year ago

    lol 'Bad Bromance', an old' Shane Dawson reference that went over Josh's head

  • David van Muijden
    David van Muijden Year ago +22

    lmfao when Josh started freaking out about ZSG's views I thought he was really happy that he got the fairy chart and I could not understand wtf was so exciting about the fairy chart

    • xdragoonzero0
      xdragoonzero0 Year ago

      It probably because he seems to react before Tyler actually says the number of views.

    • Bradley sinodhinos
      Bradley sinodhinos Year ago

      I thought he was randomly trying to trick Tyler that he got a really good item.

  • xxdudeyy Dude
    xxdudeyy Dude Year ago

    You got to get Tim (NCS) on versus!

  • Kyle Nealy
    Kyle Nealy Year ago +1

    I didn't know about Xenoblade Chronicles until watch the walkthrough from Emile, now I own the virtual copy form my new 3DS.

  • Goruto
    Goruto Year ago

    Yes Tyler. Your gay was totally an exclusive Day 1 update DLC Pack. ;)

  • D. Estevez
    D. Estevez Year ago

    15:05 Tyler... I'm sorry to break it to you, but... It's no longer 2018. We are now in 2019. I know, it's hard... But we have to move on.

    • ColtonKP
      ColtonKP Year ago

      This was livestreamed on December 15. So for him it was still 2018.

  • pikmints
    pikmints Year ago

    I wonder how these two feel about free games. Games where the developer won't be making money anyway, more people watching almost translates to pure advertisement. If they have other games then it may drive people to discover that person's other work. Doki Doki Lit Club for example, I see some of their points still holding up for it, but not all of them.

  • Vordaq
    Vordaq Year ago

    I must be an odd one since I purchased The Walking Dead after watching a complete playthrough. In fact almost every game I own, I watched extensively first. I only came to regret it a couple times, especially Undertale, because of its unique story telling, but it was still worth the purchase.

  • Hanako is best girl

    The Walking Dead is not a visual novel though. Things like Clannad, Little Busters, Steins Gate, Fate Stay Night and Katawa Shoujo are visual novels.
    I'm pretty sure the ending ban for Persona 5 has been lifted at this point.
    I bought Catherine and Persona 5 because of the begging couple hours I watched a let's play of.

  • Kai Patel
    Kai Patel Year ago

    I mean I was like a sheltered Kid partly to social stuff, like my mum never let me out for halloween, who then was just thrown into the world who is massively gay. I feel the football thing though, like my dad used to try get me and my brothers to be part of this football team he coached, and originally I used to just sit in the car with my friend playing PMD, but then when she left I was made to sit in changing rooms. That and my dad thought buying me a david beckham doll would make me like football, and thats honestly the first gay memory I have.

  • ayooshiboi
    ayooshiboi Year ago

    Maybe it's maybelline

  • Lightningflash10
    Lightningflash10 Year ago

    In terms of the whole day one lp argument and what tyler says about people not going out and buying the game if they are watching a day one let's play, I've had an instance where a day one let's play has in fact sold me on a game.
    I wasn't going to get the Last of Us and decided to just watch let's play of it, as three people I was subscribed to were starting playthroughs. I watched one of them which covered the first half hour of the game and I was hooked. I went out and bought the game soon after, beat it and then went back and watched the playthroughs!

  • Dark Luigi47
    Dark Luigi47 Year ago

    I probably would've never played Xenoblade if I saw a let's play that wasn't from Chugga but now I play it a lot and he got me into it and expressed really good points that help get into the game. He is also spoiler free which is always nice.

  • Pragmatism and RealPolitik

    Fairly certain the evidence points to it being largely related to hormonal exposure in the womb and early infant hormonal development. Also, possibly related to empirical circumstances, but as far as I know there is no genetic or inheritable nature to sexuality.

  • Celsius
    Celsius Year ago +1

    One thing you aren't really understanding here guys is that the people who are doing the day 1 let's plays were given free copies and were asked to do the let's play on day 1. Obviously his isn't completely true for everyone who does them but if the developers are going to ask 1 or more people to do a day 1 LP then they clearly do not consider it a rip off.

  • kingcallum101
    kingcallum101 Year ago

    Tyler Sederwall - sucker of dicks since the age of five XD But my god I'm loving these topics you guys are talking about. For the nature-nurture debate on homosexuality, I'm pretty sure it's nature since as humans we have an innate to be with someone and reproduce as seen with the animal kingdom. That and also that nurture just doesn't make sense since there are so many people who are brought up to be expected to marry a girl or something. It does also explain Tyler's confusion on whether sheltering kids prevent homosexuality. It doesn't, as Tyler experienced being sheltered and that he also knows people who weren't.

  • Brandon Dennis
    Brandon Dennis Year ago +25

    While talking about Chuggaa, let's not forget about the fact that no one knew what Xenoblade Chronicles was until his let's play. Now there are 2 more games, the original is remastered for the New 3ds, and Shulk is in smash

    • Sarru
      Sarru 20 days ago

      No one? There was a huge stink made about that game and one other because people desperately wanted it to be localized for places other than Japan.

  • Andrew Dawson
    Andrew Dawson Year ago +1

    Jepson, stop running your mouth on other LP'ers you're not even half the size of. You were doing a DAY ONE stream of Smash the day you got butthutt and bannd me for not liking your precious little game awards. I

    • Andrew Dawson
      Andrew Dawson Year ago +1

      I wasnt being negative. I was banned for having a different opinion. I only said I thought the presentation was lacking. The comments are still there in the archive.

    • GallantGamer92
      GallantGamer92 Year ago +1

      >Gets banned for negativity
      >sToP bEInG sO nEgAtIVe

    • Andrew Dawson
      Andrew Dawson Year ago

      Also just unsubbed. Last thing people want to hear is negativity and name calling. Act your fucking age.

  • CrazyDK96
    CrazyDK96 Year ago +2

    ZWWR VS EP 5
    This Episode;Totals
    Damage Taken :
    Tyler :2975;125
    Josh :2300;700
    Deaths :
    Tyler : 2;
    Rupees :
    Gotten :
    Tyler :1228;115
    Josh :1564;443
    Spent :
    Tyler : 170;100
    Josh : 210;120
    Overboard :
    Tyler :893;55
    Josh :1224;373
    Lost :
    Tyler : 15;
    Josh :
    Saves :
    Tyler : 4;1
    Josh : 4;1
    Chests/Rewards : Tyler/Josh :
    Silvee : 4;0/5;1
    Oupee : 2;1/2;1
    Pupee : 1;0/1;1
    RRupee : 1;0/1;
    Tr. Chart : 4;0/5;1
    Tri Chart : 2;1/1;
    P.Heart : 6;0/9;2
    Hyoi Pear : 0;0/1;

  • Sora Prince
    Sora Prince Year ago

    however, sometimes watching gameplay on youtube helps me decide if i want to play a game myself and not watch, or just watch it and not play it

  • CrazyDK96
    CrazyDK96 Year ago

    5 minutes into the video and I can just say, I was just tired of Day 1 games that I wanted to play showing up in my subscriptions, so I just unsubbed from them all. And out of my Subscriptions, only StephenPlays started an LP of the game Day 1 but not finish it in one-two sittings like everyone else. An Example is his Kirby Star Allies LP, to me that's the Best Blind LP on this site! Even though he didn't do it exactly on Day 1 and didn't have all the DLC characters or that update that came out in November, I think the 1st wave of DLC characters was enough to suffice for the LP. He's also the first to make me feel like to click on the Like Button for every single one of his videos and I don't do it that often.

  • bluemario610
    bluemario610 Year ago

    I have to disagree on the 3 month rule for playing games after they come out, visual novels/story driven games maybe, but other games no. if anything they can show how fun the game can be, what if there's buyers out there who are not sure on the game and want to see game play to make their decision.

  • Daquon
    Daquon Year ago

    really enjoyed this episode, especially that last bit with you both talking about your friendship :^)

  • Genius Charismatic Badass

    StephenPlays deserves all the love.

  • Cooldud3
    Cooldud3 Year ago +2

    I've never been someone who's done day one let's plays for RU-clip and while it's been hard for me to get anywhere, at least I'm able to enjoy the game more and can make better videos from it.

  • GooberTheGrand
    GooberTheGrand Year ago +1

    OMG I REMEMBER THE WATER BUFFALO SONG! Veggietales was a great show.

  • Trenton Schneider

    Tyler how the fuck do you even remember anything that happened when you were 5 I don’t remember anything before like 10 years old wtf

  • Coquito
    Coquito Year ago +3

    I can’t believe I actually had to listen to Tyler talk about what he thought “turned” him gay...if people can “turn” gay then by that logic they can “turn” straight with some good old conversion therapy right??? Homosexuality occurs in wild animals too, I wonder if that penguin turned gay because his parents sheltered him too much too 😩. I know you’re not trying to offend people but by perpetuating the idea that, the experiences you have when young can subconsciously determine your sexual orientation, you’re promoting a culture that encourages children to abide by strict gender binaries out of the fear that having a boy play with dolls, or a girl play football, will cause them to develop homosexual tendencies. People are born the way they are

    • INS4NITY
      INS4NITY Year ago +1

      @Wirmy Luis I'm aware, the reason that I said that is that the logic behind it is completely adjacent. I wasn't quoting him, I was quoting some of the more toxic things I was taught that go hand-in-hand with the idea of "becoming" gay

    • Wirmy Luis
      Wirmy Luis Year ago +1

      He never said choice or sin, he just wondered what made him be the way he is and it is ok to wonder. Every little opinion is valid even if people disagree

    • INS4NITY
      INS4NITY Year ago +3

      I honestly think that a lot of Tyler's ideas of how homosexuality works is due to his hyper-religious upbringing. I say that as someone who also grew up in an incredibly conservative environment, he sounded like he was repeating a lot of misinformation/misconceptions that I was taught as a way of justifying that homosexuality=choice, and therefore sin

    • Wirmy Luis
      Wirmy Luis Year ago +1

      Independently from our sexual preferences we are who we are born but also who life makes us. The experiences we live also makes us who we are and what we enjoy and it is perfectly natural to try to think if one or the other has more weight on us.

    • Cody Bolithon
      Cody Bolithon Year ago +2

      Coquito I completely agree. I love Tyler and Josh, but it made me really sad to hear them promoting these ideas. I definitely think they should try and think more before they speak next time, cause this made me really upset :(

  • Alfonso ST
    Alfonso ST Year ago

    Pretty sure it's not allowed to record therapy sessions.

    • INS4NITY
      INS4NITY Year ago

      You can with patient consent. The doctor/therapist - patient confidentiality can be waived by (and only by) the patient at any time, and can be limited to single sessions or issues

  • ChristianC
    ChristianC Year ago +5

    I strongly disagree with the whole "day 1" thing. If you're an LPer, play what you want, when you want. If you want to immediately dive into a game the day it comes out, do it.
    Also, reviews are a completely different thing from Let's Plays as far as "am I interested in this?", because you don't get game mechanics fully in context if you only see a review.

    • Hummingbird Cake
      Hummingbird Cake Year ago

      Alot of day 1 games I watch I never play bc I never had the need to after I watched the story. Why spend money on something that you already know what it will be like?

    • Andrew Dawson
      Andrew Dawson Year ago +1

      Also laughable that a channel that goes months without any content at times. Plus JerkJepson calling someone else an asshole makes me legit laugh

  • danny van beek
    danny van beek Year ago +6

    Didn’t josh do a day 1 livestream on super smash bros ultimate 🤔🤔 I don’t mind but it’s fun to hear them talk like this before smash came out and the stream already happened

    • NintendoBlurb
      NintendoBlurb Year ago +1

      Nice Link I used to complain a lot about day one content but I’ve given up on trying to get Lpers to do it less of it and just watch the content when I get around to completing a game eventually. It sucks when you can’t watch 1/2 your favourite content creators because they are all doing Day 1 content but it’s extremely profitable for them, its something that they genuinely enjoy and we’re looking forward to play, and gathers a lot of new viewers so I can’t really fault them for that.

    • Andrew Dawson
      Andrew Dawson Year ago +1

      It all comes down to if you dont wanna be spoiled do NOT watch! However if someone is gonna criticize someone for day 1 content when they do it themselves, then that makes said person a hypocrite.

    • NintendoBlurb
      NintendoBlurb Year ago

      Will Janszen I get that sentiment. Just for me personally I refuse to watch a LP of a game that I plan on playing myself soon. I actually find myself playing better after I’ve watched someone else play the game first because I know what’s coming up and the moves I needed to do in order to beat it. I like to keep games challenging by not watching day 1 Lps and I want to get better and discover good strategies by myself. With Mario in particular, I like not knowing anything about the worlds or collectibles in those worlds and just discovering it by myself. I was so hyped when I discovered the throwback level in Mario Odyssey because I had no idea that existed before unlocking it myself.

    • Will Janszen
      Will Janszen Year ago +1

      NintendoBlurb it’s about the story. Games like Mario and smash aren’t really story driven, so it’s not like watching someone else play it is going to ruin something for you. If anything it’ll make you be like “damn, that looks fun” and buy it yourself. It’s games that are story heavy like danganronpa that really have the potential to be fucked over by early playthroughs

    • Andrew Dawson
      Andrew Dawson Year ago +1

      He was doing Yoshis Wooly World with Brooke right after its release

  • Aaron Boudreaux
    Aaron Boudreaux Year ago

    Dame Josh with the ROAST

  • KoreyW8
    KoreyW8 Year ago +1


  • zZSkyNinjaZz
    zZSkyNinjaZz Year ago

    To be fair I’m 21 and I didn’t know what spilling the tea was until last month

    • Charlie Gracia
      Charlie Gracia Year ago

      zZSkyNinjaZz How im honestly so confused like its on videos, memes, its everywhere

  • Gawbe V
    Gawbe V Year ago

    Love you guys! Great content

  • Nick Young
    Nick Young Year ago

    Josh doesn’t know what “tea” means??.... sis you’re cancelled..

  • xX_Solecrab_Xx
    xX_Solecrab_Xx Year ago +7

    If I'm not mistaken, RU-clip videos and let's play boost games sales and I don't think there is any evidence that shows that day one let's plays actually hurt sales. In fact, i feel like logically it would boost them. Idk, that's how I feel

    • KenshiImmortalWolf
      KenshiImmortalWolf Year ago

      I can see the points to let me weigh in on what i think. Games that are heavily story based but may not have the best gameplay style or polish definitely do not benefit from alot of Day 1 Let's plays. Let's look at say Persona 5, alot of people might not buy the game due to it's gameplay given that alot of the draw of persona for many is the story and characters Not the gameplay.
      While let's look at a game like, splatoon 2. Even if it didn't have a multiplayer a day 1 lets play might boost sales cause the game is Strongly game play focused and has an energetic but skill testing gameplay style that more people might be interested in trying. Some might not buy it due to seeing the gameplay but those people might not of bought it anyway or of returned it fairly soon after getting it and reviewed it harshly.
      There's differently pro and cons to day 1 lets plays and i think it's largely based on the style of game. For example i know i bought a number of games i own because i saw day 1 or early access lets plays (Walking dead, subnautica, minecraft storymode to name a few)

    • INS4NITY
      INS4NITY Year ago

      @xX_Solecrab_Xx Granted, yes. It's hard to get (honest) statistical data on subjects like this, so basically anything on the subject is going to be anecdotal unfortunately

    • xX_Solecrab_Xx
      xX_Solecrab_Xx Year ago +1

      INS4NITY I guess the issue with both you and Jacob's points is that it's completely hypothetical and there really isn't evidence to show that what you guys are saying is really the case. It's not illogical, of course, but it's also not clearly correct. It's a hotly debated issue for a reason, right?

    • INS4NITY
      INS4NITY Year ago

      What Jacob said. Imagine RU-clip was huge in 1998 and people were doing day one LPs of Ocarina of Time; would anyone have much incentive to buy the game after watching the entire story? Sure you can say there's a lot of replay value in that game, but is there? Most of the people who play OoT over and over are people that grew up with it and have fond memories of it

    • Sunny D
      Sunny D Year ago +1

      xX_Solecrab_Xx that’s more or less wrong games that are story based tend to get way more hype but it’s a double edged sword. These games tend to have less replay ability value so if someone watches a let’s play of it then they are less likely to buy it because they already know that games storyline.

  • Lifrael
    Lifrael Year ago

    1000000% percent I would never of heard of and as a result purchased Okami if not for Chugga's LP

  • Majin Snorlax Gaming

    OMG Lilith!!! How is she?

  • RedDragonForce2
    RedDragonForce2 Year ago

    Tim is an underdog, and one of the oldest LPers who's still that famous. Plus, there's also TRG, so yeah!

  • Pokemon Lore
    Pokemon Lore Year ago

    check out lockstan/gnoggen rule 34 Pokémon video for lots of info of sexuality and stuff like that

  • Kiran
    Kiran Year ago +5

    Tyler: Maybe I'm born with it?
    Audience: Maybe its Maybelline?

  • Kyile Wilson
    Kyile Wilson Year ago

    Cabana oh na na

  • gwenjen10
    gwenjen10 Year ago +2

    I love Chugga and other youtubers that abide by that 3 months rule. I've always worried about the creators of games getting overlooked but I am glad people can both abide by the 3 months and shine light on games to others. Chugga has influenced so many of my game choices

    • DevinY1
      DevinY1 Year ago

      @gwenjen10 Same honestly.

    • gwenjen10
      gwenjen10 Year ago +1

      @DevinY1 Oh definitely, I wouldn't have ever bought and played Okami if I hadn't learned about it from Chugga.

    • DevinY1
      DevinY1 Year ago +1

      I can agree, Chuggaa showed me Okami and I was lucky enough to find it at gamestop for 18 dollars. Wii version.

    • gwenjen10
      gwenjen10 Year ago

      Also Tyler- Versus Con Chicago
      Sounds fucking awesome. If it happens and when I'll be there.

  • Lotte Yanson
    Lotte Yanson Year ago +2

    The only merit I see for day one let’s plays is for guides. If I get a game on day one and am stuck at a certain part, I can use those videos for help.

  • Luxin
    Luxin Year ago +30

    Hearing you guys shitting on ZackScott was hilarious to me because I’m used to making fun of him for completely different reasons. He was a meme in the competitive Splatoon community for like a year because he’d upload matches with viewers daily, and constantly got carried by the people playing with him, then got incredibly salty when he went into solo matches and got destroyed because he was in a much higher rank than he deserved.
    Good times

    • Dark Luigi47
      Dark Luigi47 Year ago

      I used to like Zackscott until I got to listen to commentary more and the Splatoon incidents were very entertaining.

  • Tom Jenkins
    Tom Jenkins Year ago +2

    My (not identical) twin brother is straight and we were raised exactly the same.,, so I think it's definitely the way you're born.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog’s REAL mother

    I found porn when I was 7......... don’t ask how.

  • Koopa Troops
    Koopa Troops Year ago

    This series almost feels like a podcast and I love it

  • Kiran
    Kiran Year ago +28

    Chuggaconroy was single handedly responsible for the popularity of kid Icarus uprising after it got overlooked.

    • Swerve Starbreak
      Swerve Starbreak Year ago

      @Berserker88x I can say for sure that the only reason I got Okamiden and the PS4 version of Okami HD were because Chugga introduced me to Okami via his LP. I'm glad I did, the games are great.

    • Dark Luigi47
      Dark Luigi47 Year ago

      I plan to get Kid Icarus as well because he got me into it with his commentating on the game and he does abide by the rule in not uploading within the first three months and he only does a let's play if he knows the game well.

    • Berserker88x
      Berserker88x Year ago +1

      I liked Uprising before it was cool. :P
      I kid, but even if Chugga didn't introduce me to that game, he did shed light on many others that I might never have played without him, including Okami, and I will always appreciate anyone who can do that for me.

    • DevinY1
      DevinY1 Year ago

      @player 1
      That and Okami unfortunately for me I couldn't find Kid Icarus Uprising, It quickly became expensive.

    • Kiran
      Kiran Year ago +2

      @AttackingTucans O no sorry I wasn't saying that as a bad thing I meant he really helped Nintendo I know I for one went out and bought uprising after watching his first video.

  • DevinY1
    DevinY1 Year ago +5

    Hey! I abide by the 3 month rule except for smash but I didn't play world of light I'm doing classic mode which I guess that means I didn't abide by the 3 month rule but it's not a "story" but anyways.
    11:19 That's why I do it too but my commentary sucks so yeah.
    I loved all that LP tea spilling that was pretty awesome it was like behind the scenes.

  • Cynicalsquid
    Cynicalsquid Year ago +2

    I only watch let’s plays of games I have played or want to play. I didn’t know anyone just watched games and never played them.

  • Link the llama
    Link the llama Year ago +12

    I have no idea who that "Zack" guy is but you are leaving out a reason for a day one lp. Blind playthroughs of games that have been tied to your name. Say Portal 3 got released and Josh wanted to experince the game but also his fans wanted to do it with him. Three choices, he can wait three months dodging all info and then do the blind playthrough and postpone playing the new game in a series he loves, option two he can play the game by himself and do a none blind lp later without all the amazement that comes with that first time with a game, or option three he can do a day one lp so his fans can join him in this super exciting adventure.

    • Wyin8tor
      Wyin8tor Year ago

      Or he can record it all on his first play through and upload it later

    • Matthew Clark
      Matthew Clark Year ago +2

      That's what I did with Der eisendrache on the Xbox. Waited a month with no spoilers before I could play it

    • Link the llama
      Link the llama Year ago

      @INS4NITY No I watched these LPs cause I want to watch SBF and they are good LPs. I talk about endorsing to prove that they were as important as Chugga, someone that they and many fan of this channel respect. And yes I could try and find reviews of things I've never heard as paradoxical as that is, but not the point the point is day one LPs aren't always cash grabs but can be part of the entertainment value. To make or watch a day one LP is not, by itself, a bad thing. And to say that they are is ever short sighted or a thinly veiled attack. Now I believe that Tyler and Josh do hate Zack and the rant is in part an attack, but also they were missing a reason for day one LPs to be a thing and with that piece you can't just write anyone for doing and/or watch them. Now if you as a person don't like them well good for you don't watch, but they do have a purpose and you can't say that they don't.

    • INS4NITY
      INS4NITY Year ago +2

      @Link the llama I'd argue that if endorsement is all you're looking for, a review with extended thoughts and some gameplay would do just fine, while still avoiding any kind of story spoilers. One doesn't need to watch a full let's play to get an idea of if they want to play a game, and there's no reason they couldn't record footage for a let's play, pull from that footage for the review, and then upload the full footage a month later. Hell, I'd argue it'd even be ideal to do it that way, as they've already done the most time-consuming part of what review channels do (which is, play and record the games)

    • Link the llama
      Link the llama Year ago

      @INS4NITY For Josh and Tyler maybe, but not for everyone. I explained a hypothetical situation, as you can tell there is no Portal 3 about to come out and Valve probably won't make. When I thought of the explaination I was thinking of the Super Best Friends and they did day one LPs for both Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne. At the time of those LPs their job was to play and talk about games between their channels, streams, and podcast. Their job was and still is, though not under the title "Super Best Friends", all about playing games and engaging a fan base. Tyler talked about how he believes Chugga was a big part in increasing the sale of Okami, the Super Best Friends were a big part of increasing sales of Swery games, Jojo, Yakuza,and getting an official English version of Metal Wolf Chaos. They also fostered their own RU-clip community just as The Runawayguys did. Their day one LP of Persona 5 made me interested in Persona and then in turn the larger Megami Tensei series, because I trust them and their endorsement means something. Pat is going to do a day one stream of REmake 2 and has made me interested in a series I'd written off years ago as cheap and clunky. So yes maybe Josh or Tyler haven't made a career out of playing game, but it's not like no one has and they're is nothing wrong with having a job like that.

  • Angry Zorro
    Angry Zorro Year ago

    Hupe take scape tahhhhhh tgh Dan daaaaa