SMACKDOWN ALERT: Sarah Sanders Slaps the Shit Out of Obnoxious April Ryan

  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • Sarah Sanders opens up a can of whoop-ass on leftist fake news peddler April Ryan

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  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent Year ago +1

    April ryan is a disgusting human, if she is even human. She is still trapped in the 1830's in her mind.

    • Rosie H
      Rosie H Year ago

      I agree with our President that April Ryan is "a loser" and "very nasty".

  • MSOGameShow
    MSOGameShow Year ago +2

    2:50 - The bald guy in front of April is trying not to laugh at her getting her beatdown.

  • David Cruz
    David Cruz Year ago +2

    Wow, Sarah is masterful "matador" in the way she handles April The beast Ryan!

  • milo357
    milo357 Year ago

    Perhaps the paid employees of the NFL shouldnt have hijacked our national anthem for starters. Does google and Facebook let their employees protest on the job in the name of freedom of speech? Hell no! NFL players are employees. Do that shit after the game.

  • Now I Am Become Death The Destroyer Of Worlds

    If you are a business owner you have the right to refuse anybody for anything no faggot cakes!!!....

    • MSOGameShow
      MSOGameShow Year ago

      The irony is that there's a cafe in California that refuses to serve cops, yet the libs say nothing about that.