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  • Published on May 17, 2018
  • I am finally getting around to making some changes to the shop that I have been wanting to make for quite some time. Shop organization is a huge thing to me, I've always been that way and I do not like when things are out of place. People ask me all the time "how do you keep your shop so organized?"
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    Part of keeping it organized is making sure that when you add new stuff to the shop that you have places to put thing and they don't end up just getting stacked in a corner. It is also important to take the time to make sure that you put things back after each project so that you always have clean work space and know where everything is. There is nothing more frustrating than needing a tool and not being able to find it.
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    Jimbo's Garage is a channel to see cool metal welding and wood projects.
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  • Jamaica Uitzetter

    Haha I had a chuckle when you said you had to lift up a house one day :P

  • SNOOP U 2
    SNOOP U 2 Month ago

    Very nice shop wish my brother was as organized as you. His shop is a mess it takes him hour's to find any tool's

  • daramany you
    daramany you 4 months ago

    Xin Chao

  • daramany you
    daramany you 4 months ago

    I love you🤣🤣

  • jared rosin
    jared rosin 5 months ago

    Watch that metatarsal

  • yotafan 1
    yotafan 1 7 months ago

    Put some damn boots on

  • Northshore Welding
    Northshore Welding 7 months ago

    what happened to that big fancy welding cart you made? did I miss a video?

  • Mario Dunayevich
    Mario Dunayevich 9 months ago

    Love your machines, every thing perfect. Regards from Argentina

  • Calimex Fab
    Calimex Fab 9 months ago +1

    Gracias por el video jim

  • R Slatt
    R Slatt 9 months ago

    41,000 views,,, .I just don't get it, some of the coolest videos don't get shit, but some punk kid acting stupid putting on make up in her bed room gets 3 million views,,, no wonder this country is so screwed up.

  • Chris Magenot
    Chris Magenot 10 months ago

    Jimbo! Third time I've watched this video. I hate the idea of a bigger shop personally lol! It really inspires me to see you come up with creative ways to utilize your space. It's cool to see you solve the "problem". Awesome job, great work. Keep building as you go. 👍

  • José Duarte
    José Duarte 10 months ago

    Good video. Do you have a niche function for each of your multi-function welders? Do you advise a 3 in one welder vs. dedicated TIG, MIG, SMAW welders? Thank you for the instructional videos.

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  10 months ago

      Thanks for watching Jose, Yes mine are all set up to do different processes. But if you are just starting out a multi process machine might be best! Jimbo!

  • V Discovery
    V Discovery 10 months ago

    sir, why do you need 10 welding machines?

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  10 months ago

      Thanks for watching, I don't need them i just have them! Jimbo!

  • Armedlegally
    Armedlegally 11 months ago

    "Very rarely I get help" I'd be willing to bet most of us fabricators/hobbyists all feel that statement in one way or another. I really have to beg people for abit of help......

  • davkenrem
    davkenrem Year ago

    What are the shop dimensions?

  • David Turney
    David Turney Year ago

    Your blessed I do NOT have such a place. great job

  • Rajini Krishnan
    Rajini Krishnan Year ago

    Look very nice and clean. ...

  • César Augusto García Obando

    I really like your workshop - I would like for you to be my grandfather, I would be very happy working in your workshop. I think it's the best workshop. -- GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.

  • Robson Sousa
    Robson Sousa Year ago +1

    Hi, I'm very much a fan of you, I admire your work a lot, God bless you every day, my name is Robson, I'm from Brazil Amazonas Manaus.

  • Robson Sousa
    Robson Sousa Year ago

    Oi eu sou muito seu fã ,eu admiro muito o seu trabalho. Meu nome é Robson e moro no Brasil Amazonas Manaus.

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  Year ago

      Thanks for watching from Brazil!!! Jimbo!

    • Robson Sousa
      Robson Sousa Year ago

      Hi, I really admire your work, I'm your fan here in Brazil Amazonas Manaus. God bless you a lot more every day.

  • ElTrouble Gamer
    ElTrouble Gamer Year ago

    hey can you make a video showing how to make those torch holders?

  • Raul Duran
    Raul Duran Year ago +1

    muy bien quedo mucho mejor me gusta

  • Steve Veness
    Steve Veness Year ago


  • Whatz up Welders
    Whatz up Welders Year ago

    Wow lots of everlast welders. I have a couple too. Power tig 250 ex and a power arc 300. How do you like them?

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  Year ago

      Thanks for watching Adam, They are all fine, My power arc 300 runs about 15 amps hotter than it should. If you set it at 120 amps it really runs at about 135-140, Not a smooth arc at all. Jimbo!

  • 1970chevelle396
    1970chevelle396 Year ago +1

    It's always nice to rework the shop. Can't wait to see the new equipment.

  • Machine Addicted
    Machine Addicted Year ago +4

    your shops so cool👍 i like the idea with the table for the dewalt bandsaw. i have to do that also

  • CT
    CT Year ago +1

    Looks great!

  • adam searle
    adam searle Year ago +2

    Always good stuff jimbo love watching helps me decide what i end up doing later keep up the great work man!!!!!

  • Dave Hoffman
    Dave Hoffman Year ago

    Right,!!!! me too as I am 59. Ha ha

  • HHProgressiveconstruction

    Ha Ha nothin a truck and hitch can’t move 👍

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  Year ago +1

      Thanks for watching Billy, This is true! Jimbo!

  • Finn's World
    Finn's World Year ago +1

    Just when you get it all perfect, something throws a spanned in the works and demands a reorganise.... I find

  • Gary and judi Boyd

    You have a lot of welders , what's your favorite one(s)?

    • Gary and judi Boyd
      Gary and judi Boyd Year ago

      JIMBO'S GARAGE I'm just getting back into welding ( last time was highschool) I purchased a used Craftsman 35-230 stick welder (from the 80's) and a used Lincoln Electric MIG handy pack (used) recently to learn on just waiting on sub-panel to be installed

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  Year ago

      Thanks for watching Gary and Judy, Yes i do have a lot of machines, My go to is the Htp Pro Pulse 200, It has a lot of capabilities with Mig welding. If you are a stick welder, The Htp inverarc 200 is by far the best, It is a small machine but packs a big punch! And a very smooth arc! Jimbo!

  • Richard Walters
    Richard Walters Year ago +6

    Great job, a battle we all fight

  • Shutter Bugg
    Shutter Bugg Year ago +8

    Socks and sandles. LOL!

  • Fred McIntyre
    Fred McIntyre Year ago +1


  • Tail End Customs
    Tail End Customs Year ago +1

    Nice shop

  • B well
    B well Year ago

    I love your videos. But, you made a big mistake. Throwing your wood out you haven't used for 10 years. The day you throw out your stuff, you need the next day!! Lol. At least that's what happens to me all the time.

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  Year ago

      Thanks for watching Randy, Ya your right, I will need that stuff tomorrow! Jimbo!

  • Greg Alan Edwards

    Man is there anything you can't do? Electrical, metal, wood, I seem to remember you did some plumbing...

  • Jay Kepley
    Jay Kepley Year ago

    Nice job! Nice shop!

  • SegoMan
    SegoMan Year ago +1

    What are all of those green machines located under the Buy American/ Buy Quality sign??

  • rt.woodsteel
    rt.woodsteel Year ago +2

    The shop Looks great Mr. Jimbo!!

  • Chris F
    Chris F Year ago +1

    jimbo you could make some bird nesting boxes with those wood drops i built some the other day

  • axtra92
    axtra92 Year ago +1

    Please make a tour of you garage and outsider of you garage, like the storage racks you have

  • Kevin Youngblut
    Kevin Youngblut Year ago

    Use colored electricians tape and tape up the last 6 inches of those random colored wires to help the next guy figure out what you did.

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  Year ago +1

      Thanks for watching Kevin and your advise! Jimbo!

  • Dave Hoffman
    Dave Hoffman Year ago

    Good job Jimbo, and yes you are running low on space, but being compact but organize is very nice shop to. I just built a new home with a larger attached shop and YES moving and resetting up is a lot of work. Just think of the cool videos you could make thought doing that, HA! HA! Have a great day!!

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  Year ago

      Thanks for watching Dave, Yes i know, But at this stage of the game for me i'm probably going to stay where i'm at. Jimbo!

  • William Hewitt
    William Hewitt Year ago

    Hello from Victoria Australia, got your message.

  • András Balogh
    András Balogh Year ago +1


  • Michael r
    Michael r Year ago +1

    Looks good, gives me ideas for a couple of my shops

  • Eugene Rice
    Eugene Rice Year ago

    Nice shop and I enjoy the projects that you have done!! Thanks! Question, how many times have you hit/stub you toes while working in the shop? :)

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  Year ago

      Thanks for watching Eugene, I'm lucky! Never! Knock on wood! Jimbo!

  • C -Mar Welding
    C -Mar Welding Year ago +1

    im impressed with how organized you are.

  • ZILA
    ZILA Year ago

    Now you need a nice and new big welding cart

    • ZILA
      ZILA Year ago

      Then get on it? what are you waiting for ?!? LOL

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  Year ago

      That's a great idea!!!

  • doner ae86
    doner ae86 Year ago +1

    Great video as always jimbo 👌

  • Bert Wacaser
    Bert Wacaser Year ago

    Dang what happened to all the welders looked like five moved out but only moved back in. A lot of work for one cabinet but well worth it in the long run.

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  Year ago

      Thanks for watching Bert, Stay tuned for The welder update! Jimbo!

  • Haze
    Haze Year ago +1

    You are my hero well done

  • Tim's Work Shop
    Tim's Work Shop Year ago

    Jim, whats coming next? Btw, nice improvement on the shop layout.

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  Year ago

      Thanks for watching Tim, Stay tuned for what is coming next! It's exciting!!! Jimbo!

  • x01e
    x01e Year ago

    Where did the welders go?

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  Year ago

      Thanks for watching, Stay tuned for the welders!!!!! Jimbo!

  • Wayward Woodworker

    if you need a new home any of those dozen welders, I would be happy to adopt any of them! Also, if you need a new shop or an expansion designed, that's what I do! Let me know if I can help out. Cheers.

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  Year ago

      Thanks for watching Wayward Woodworker! I will keep you in mind! Jimbo!

  • Hill Top Machine Works

    No matter how big you build it you always seem to run out of room.

  • Jorge peña castellanos

    Te felicito por tener un precioso taller muchas herramientas y lo limpio que lo mantienes :)

  • Shawn
    Shawn Year ago

    I wish I could get the gumption to clean and organize mine. It’s an absolute disaster. It’s nice to see someone who doesn’t procrastinate like me. Looks good my friend

  • Dill Wiggle
    Dill Wiggle Year ago

    Good job Jimbo !

  • Eric Rusch Sr
    Eric Rusch Sr Year ago

    You need more space brother.
    Good job on shoe-horning that stuff in there.
    Where did the rest of the welding equipment go?

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  Year ago

      Thanks for watching Eric, Stay tuned for the welding equipment!!!!! Jimbo!

  • filho sousa
    filho sousa Year ago

    like !!!! \(0^0)/

  • Tony Baggett
    Tony Baggett Year ago

    My favorite type of video!

  • William Hewitt
    William Hewitt Year ago

    Hello from Victoria Australia,I think a bigger workshop.

  • Aljo Vukovic
    Aljo Vukovic Year ago +1

    Very good

  • Boxcar's Garage
    Boxcar's Garage Year ago

    very nice results... good job

  • Boxcar's Garage
    Boxcar's Garage Year ago

    If I was only as organized as you...

  • Accessfm
    Accessfm Year ago +4

    Man, you are running out of space quickly!

    • Welding Junkie
      Welding Junkie Year ago +1

      Accessfm that’s cause he has 15 welders for one person lol he’s worse than me with that 🤣🤣

  • Greg Homestead
    Greg Homestead Year ago

    What's next, what's next, I can't wait.....
    Like the steel toed safety sandals jimbo. He,he,he
    Have a Jesus filled day
    Greg in Michigan

  • Eduardo Falciglio
    Eduardo Falciglio Year ago +2


  • Jose Lamar
    Jose Lamar Year ago

    Awesome work. I always enjoy watching your videos.

  • Rich Barschdorf
    Rich Barschdorf Year ago

    Nice free wire is always good.

  • Richard Bohling Sr
    Richard Bohling Sr Year ago +8

    Looks nice Jim, but I agree that your going to need a bigger shop...... soon. :-)

  • رائد سالم


  • bald and dangerous

    looking good jimbo..............all the best................................dougie

  • Rone Marshall
    Rone Marshall Year ago +2

    lol I'm the same way. I always think I'm going to use the cut offs for cutting boards or something and end up putting them in bins. I have a lot of bins full of scraps on the side of the house for years BUT I"LL USE them one day haha. Good job by the way...I'm learning how to weld and you're an inspiration to me.

  • sakir ata jr
    sakir ata jr Year ago

    Mandals smh