Juventus' huge Cristiano Ronaldo risk pays off vs. Ajax ... or does it? | Champions League

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Shaka Hislop, Sebastian Salazar, Alejandro Moreno and Craig Burley of ESPN FC react to the first leg of Ajax vs. Juventus in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals, which ended in a 1-1 draw thanks to a Juve goal from Cristiano Ronaldo and an Ajax goal from David Neres. They discuss the risk Massimiliano Allegri took in playing CR7 on an injury, and heap praise on the Eredivisie side for playing so well despite not getting the win.
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  • littlemouse
    littlemouse 4 months ago

    they are definitely Ronaldo haters they always try to minimize what he does but regarding his injury I think they were right it was a huge risk to make him play and you can see that in the first leg against Ajax Ronaldo wasn't able to run on long distances like he normally does.

  • imtiaz hussain
    imtiaz hussain 7 months ago

    Ronaldo is best of all time

  • zizou101
    zizou101 7 months ago

    Hope ronaldo enjoys watching the semi finals from his sitting room🤷🏼‍♂️🙊🙊🙊🤣🤣🤣

  • Bro Army Corporal
    Bro Army Corporal 7 months ago +2

    Anyone here after 1 - 2 Ajax?

  • Anzal Khan
    Anzal Khan 7 months ago +1

    "Juventus are gonna easily get the job done in Turin"- Being a football pundit is tough.

  • ummm okurr
    ummm okurr 8 months ago

    "Without HIM DEY lose"


  • Rahat Masih
    Rahat Masih 8 months ago +1

    Truth of 2019 ucl is that Messi will win the title.and is gone be a Ronaldo vs Messi.FCB vs Juventus.Fcb will win sure 100percent.

  • wompher laloo
    wompher laloo 8 months ago

    Go to hell people.....knew that Ronaldo is the king of FOOTBALL

  • Bruno Bao
    Bruno Bao 8 months ago

    Cristiano would never played if he felt his muscule was in any kind of risk

  • Chris Long
    Chris Long 8 months ago

    I like Messi but CR7 is my fav player every step was worked on every header was wrk on every shot every move he was not naturally gifted like Messi he wrked hard for it. CR7, HENRY, GERRAD. my fav players all time oh cant forget ZICO

  • BakVis Studio's
    BakVis Studio's 8 months ago

    Ik ga stuk aahahahah

  • IamkingkuntaVLOGS
    IamkingkuntaVLOGS 8 months ago

    all 4 of y'all are Ronaldo haters

  • Keitel Jovin
    Keitel Jovin 8 months ago

    Who else think that after retirement CR7 will create some original sport activities, maybe still football, that people will enjoy watching? Cause I don't see the King retires and do nothing for the next years.

  • zzz pt
    zzz pt 8 months ago

    The losers hate Ronaldo. It's so obvious, it makes them look stupid.

  • zzz pt
    zzz pt 8 months ago

    A clear penalty not given to Juve.

  • Symen Jager
    Symen Jager 8 months ago

    LoL! "It could have been 1-2 and it would have been over!" LoL! That's what Real Madrid thought... LoL!

    It is 1-1. It is still open. Donny van der Beek also had a HUGE chance - just wide - as did Tadic. Zyech had some shooting chances from the box. Ajax wil win.

  • Santiago Cruz Mendoza
    Santiago Cruz Mendoza 8 months ago

    All i have to say if i want to told the only thruth in FUT BOLL CR7 IS THE BEST

  • Dip Barman
    Dip Barman 8 months ago

    Pundits be always Pundits in conclusive logics 😆😆🤣🤣

  • zayn kn
    zayn kn 8 months ago

    I hate these pundits
    No knowledge about football judging others players
    Fuck off

  • Athul
    Athul 8 months ago

    It was a day which juventus should have lost but saved by Ronaldo.
    The Man, The Myth, The Legend

  • Grove
    Grove 8 months ago

    It’s becoming ridiculously obvious these guys hate CR7

  • Jacob Mgh
    Jacob Mgh 8 months ago

    Don't write off ajax, they are a very good team and can cause problems against other teams, they can beat juventus. I actually think they can make the final in my opinion

  • Sayfo Gold
    Sayfo Gold 8 months ago

    Im no Ronaldo hater I love him as a football player, but 19yr old mathijs de ligt owned him throughout the whole match.

  • bryant perez
    bryant perez 8 months ago

    I wish I had their job to do it so much better

  • fietsbak
    fietsbak 8 months ago

    Ajax play real football!
    No counter or park the bus.. *14 - 34* 4 Ever!

  • Zac Lodro
    Zac Lodro 8 months ago

    Aren't these guys the same people who called Ronaldo irrelevant after losing 2-0 to Athletico? We all know what happened the next match...😂😂😂

  • SoSaJE
    SoSaJE 8 months ago

    Messi can never be the GOAT because he has never challenged himself by leaving Barca, Ronaldo has shown to be the difference at every team he has ever been on. Real Madrid is in shambles now and Man U hasn’t done shit since he left. Now a 34 year old Ronaldo is helping Juventus not choke in the UCL this time. Cristiano Ronaldo is the real GOAT get over it Messi fans. Messi is more talented that’s for sure but he is not greater.

  • Axel Mendoza
    Axel Mendoza 8 months ago

    Messi dick riders 😂😂

  • Abhishek Kumar Singh
    Abhishek Kumar Singh 8 months ago

    they just cannot praise ronaldo.... messi is their dad....

  • Tall Man
    Tall Man 8 months ago +2

    Mark my words Ajax will knock them out and the Juve fans will cry like the Real fans 😌

    • Kabo Thabana
      Kabo Thabana 7 months ago

      😂😂😂😂😂😂 dude u were right

  • showpnil nepal
    showpnil nepal 8 months ago

    I look sometime at me what i am actually doing in life and see these shits and satisfy to current situation ronaldo complaining all the time what a motherfuckers fuck u and ur mom and sister mother fucker reply if u have to say anything

  • Alexander Falkenstein
    Alexander Falkenstein 8 months ago

    When Ronaldo is on the field, the whole team feels safer and becomes better.
    These guys are just scared their nice 4 English Clubs will all fail to win the UCL.

  • neak ola
    neak ola 8 months ago

    Really this panel they think they can beat juve
    don't compare rm with juve
    Juve got cr7 ....

  • B Dakhil
    B Dakhil 8 months ago

    Ajax was dancing around them... and Juventus shouldn't have made it this far to begin with...

  • Draaat Moll
    Draaat Moll 8 months ago

    I don’t like the word risk in this case but instead a benediction cr7 is.

  • Football& Hoops
    Football& Hoops 8 months ago

    Ronaldo 42 goals in UCL play offs while your favourite dwarf only 16...talk about that you miserable fucks

  • Suman Kumar
    Suman Kumar 8 months ago

    You four losers wtf iS going on ... You all seem to be Juve haters especially Ronaldo haters you assholes

  • Snatch520
    Snatch520 8 months ago +1

    Juve spend 100 times more then ajax and dares to play with all players in defense mode and counters. Football is about entertaining people, not spend 100s of millions and roll over the floor like babies all the time.

  • Vinamra Sharma
    Vinamra Sharma 8 months ago

    Wanna see a cr7 hater , just hear the 1st guy from the right speak shit.

  • Footballophile in aeternum

    *Penaldo fans in the comments section complaining about pundits on TV.*
    *Wonder why you guys aren't on TV since you know so much more than them.*

  • Footballophile in aeternum

    *Penaldo fans in the comments section thinking Mandzukic couldn't have scored that unmarked header.*

    • Footballophile in aeternum
      Footballophile in aeternum 8 months ago

      @Football& Hoops Penaldo gets fed on a plate as he waits in the box for 90 minutes, what do you expect?

    • Football& Hoops
      Football& Hoops 8 months ago

      Penaldo 42 goals in elemination games while the dwarf 16!LMAOOOOOOOO

    LVHCPDC 8 months ago

    CR7 haters, Ronaldo will hat trick you to death

  • Alessandro Torres
    Alessandro Torres 8 months ago

    Come on Ajax!

  • Naru-Chi-Luff
    Naru-Chi-Luff 8 months ago +1

    Ronaldo is a mathematician, messi might be better technically but ronaldo's football IQ is second to none. The most intelligent footballer i have ever seen in my life

  • Fabio Mota
    Fabio Mota 8 months ago

    Wtf, those guys are talking about Ronaldo‘s injury as if they were there and know everything about it and his recovery... seriously, is someone of you in contact with his personal trainer or the medical staff or anything? You guys know nothing, sure a muscular injury is serious but they said they wouldn’t bring him back unless he actually recovered well! We’re talking about Ronaldo, an insanely hard working person with insane mental strengths, not some random guy. His whole energy was put into recovery and getting fit. Your‘re just annoyed that he started and scored an amazing and important goal, ONCE AGAIN!

  • Sachin Rai
    Sachin Rai 8 months ago

    I have watched many videos of your giving opinion about Cristiano Ronaldo and now I can say that you guys just hate him. Such a losers people.

  • agustin seguy
    agustin seguy 8 months ago

    This guys talk shit about Ronaldo, and suck Messi's cock, come on respect them both, Ronaldo Made Juve able to have an advantage over AJAX

  • Rodney Akorsah
    Rodney Akorsah 8 months ago

    “Off ball movement is more important than on ball” everyone knows this

  • kaito chophy
    kaito chophy 8 months ago

    Joker analyst.. not a fan of cr7 but as a fan of the beautiful game, learn to appreciate a player instead of being critical.

  • john pacino
    john pacino 8 months ago

    ESPN are definitely, Messi fan boys...They prefer Messi style based on. Genius dribbling, passing, free kicks & prolific goalscoring to Ronaldo's genius of killing a game by finding space...Utilising, unpredictable quick movements into space, outwitting defenders in the process & killing the game ruthlessly, with taken goals with his right foot, left foot, fantastic headers...I would say though, that Ronaldo having won domestic league titles in three different countries, playing three different football systems.The Champions League in two different countries in two different football systems & the Euro's with Portugal, means in effect ; he's done it in an incredible, FOUR different countries, in FOUR different football systems which shows... He's more versatile than Messi, who's more a product of the Barca system. He's not the same player when playing for Argentina, who play a different football system to Barcelona.

    • john pacino
      john pacino 8 months ago

      Legend of Nibbaheem Nothing wrong in preferring Messi brand of football to Ronaldo's. No need to put one down over the other. They're both super players.

    • Legend of Nibbaheem
      Legend of Nibbaheem 8 months ago

      As football fan anyone would prefer to watch a beautiful football than a guy who wait in the penalty box the whole time for a perfect cross by his teammates and just jumps higher than defenders. Only Penaldo FC will disagree

  • leo10 GOAT
    leo10 GOAT 8 months ago

    what people fail to understand is that Juventus is already a strong team defensively. They played 2 Cl finals already in 5 years.. That too without top names like CR7... if there was no cr7 in this match probably the tactics would have been different by Juventus and probably could have scored more. .. The thing is CR7 scored is only because all the balls are directed to him if he is there... That's it.. Plus he is the only player who has taken more shots than any other player in this edition of CL already... Ajax played great.. did miss many chances...
    My prediction...
    Spurs go through
    liverpool go through
    Ajax go through
    barca go through..
    Finals will be between Liverpool and barca..
    final score barca wins 2-1

    • leo10 GOAT
      leo10 GOAT 8 months ago

      Mark Agaba oh... sorry..my bad... so it will be Barca vs Spurs..

    • Mark Agaba
      Mark Agaba 8 months ago

      The final can't be Liverpool - Barca; because in the semis, the winner of the Barca-Utd tie will face the winner of the Liverpool - Porto tie.

  • Magic AfroMusic
    Magic AfroMusic 8 months ago

    Craig is Barca fan period

  • stev tall
    stev tall 8 months ago

    You gotta show some respect for Cr7. He really is a big call to this kind of nights👌🏻

  • Patrick Anusa
    Patrick Anusa 8 months ago

    I just need juve to win over Ajax

  • bianconero010
    bianconero010 8 months ago +1

    Why does this guy insist on pronouncing Juventus incorrectly?

  • Shh Shh
    Shh Shh 8 months ago +2

    Ronaldo wasn't really injured in the international duty, just like messi. Juve rested Ronaldo so he could be at his best foe UCL which is Juve's priority. People.. don't be so naive.

    • Shh Shh
      Shh Shh 8 months ago

      @Football& HoopsThat's where he lives tho. I think you are more hateful than I am here you fucking dumbass.

    • Football& Hoops
      Football& Hoops 8 months ago

      messi fuckin left after the first match you moron straight to his beloved Barcelona while Ronaldo was subbed off in the 20th minute in his 2nd match you fuckin moron,I can't believe your so hateful it's disgusting.Cristiano ROnaldo is the most proffesional soccer player ever to exist.SMH

  • T Tosh
    T Tosh 8 months ago +1

    Juventus fan but I must say Ajax played real good. Offence was top notch just that Juventus Defensive even their forwards literally came down field to defend.

    • T Tosh
      T Tosh 8 months ago

      Legend of Nibbaheem I predict that Man City meets Barca in the finals. That will be great football.

    • Legend of Nibbaheem
      Legend of Nibbaheem 8 months ago

      Barca fan here but i hope if they win the tournament maybe i sound plastic but fuck it i prefer the good football the most

  • Francesco 2314
    Francesco 2314 8 months ago

    Even without Chiellini i've never been scared during the game. Yes they had they're chances, but they played at home.They were too open behind. If Juve goes throught the first pressure can easily make some goals. Now we will play in our home and will be totally different 👍🏻

  • Ballin Too
    Ballin Too 8 months ago

    Wowww this is embarrasing. The ronaldo hate is atrocious. "Anybody can score u put somebody in his position" embarrassing hate smh

  • tigressnsnow
    tigressnsnow 8 months ago

    There was a moment when the teams had spread out over the field that the camera focused on CR.
    You could feel his energy. He stood tall like a god.
    I felt Juve had the game won before it had even started. He looked so STRONG. He exuded strength and invulnerability.
    When he injured his ham string, he said he knows his body and it would be fine in TWO WEEKS. It's amazing what REST and ice can do for a quick recovery with a little tickle of the right anti-inflammatory.
    I've never seen Allegri so happy, laughing in the tunnel before the teams went out. Why?