Batman: The Ride front seat on-ride HD POV @60fps Six Flags Fiesta Texas


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  • Emerald
    Emerald 5 дней назад

    That is the damn joker .

  • SRGots
    SRGots 23 дня назад

    I have vertigo. This is like having vertigo.

  • Peter Shelton
    Peter Shelton 2 месяца назад +1

    Ok now arashi

  • Natalie G
    Natalie G 2 месяца назад

    This ride is HELLA fun. I was sooooo scared at first because I was convinced by some friends on a field trip. I got on, and it was the best thing ever.

  • The toad
    The toad 4 месяца назад

    I hate sns 4d freespins they suck

  • Marcos Alfaro
    Marcos Alfaro 6 месяцев назад


  • J.TV
    J.TV 7 месяцев назад

    This ride is terrifying at night and I only had to wait like 30 seconds

  • Saucyboi
    Saucyboi 7 месяцев назад

    I just went on this today and I was scared shitless. 10/10 would ride again tho.

  • Jayde Ashcraft
    Jayde Ashcraft 7 месяцев назад

    I was forced to be on this

    I had fun tho :3

  • sniperg
    sniperg 7 месяцев назад +1

    yeah.....hell no

  • Tractional Official
    Tractional Official 8 месяцев назад

    2 letters, 1 word, 1 syllable: Ow

  • The cruise Vlog
    The cruise Vlog 8 месяцев назад

    That is the same thing as the joker in six flags New England

  • Matthew Duarte
    Matthew Duarte 9 месяцев назад

    it looks like green lantern first flight

  • Big
    Big 9 месяцев назад

    watching this made my head hurt lol

  • Liz Rios
    Liz Rios 9 месяцев назад

    Here at six flags Mexico it will be the Wonder Woman Coaster, it's the same #disappointed ˚_˚ǁ

  • Shelby Ramirez
    Shelby Ramirez 9 месяцев назад


  • Rommy dona García
    Rommy dona García 9 месяцев назад

    Esto nos enseña cómo será el Wonder Woman de Six Flags México

  • Daequan Joselyn
    Daequan Joselyn 9 месяцев назад

    It's literally the joker from six flags New England

  • Natalie G
    Natalie G 9 месяцев назад

    If any of y’all think this is scary, it’s really not. Some of my friends convinced me to get on and the only bad parts are going up and the first flip. The ride is thirty seconds but it feels like five seconds when you’re on it.

  • Crystal Cavazos
    Crystal Cavazos 10 месяцев назад

    Best ride ever I got on last weekend

  • dalia Rosenzweig
    dalia Rosenzweig Год назад

    I hate roller coaster

  • Voce Tyrannis
    Voce Tyrannis Год назад

    fuuuuuck that

  • lodi senior
    lodi senior Год назад

    I hope Six Flags Magic Mountain put one of these in it. But make it the world's Tallest and longest ever built.

    • ツElectric
      ツElectric Год назад

      lodi senior It would be called "no more kids for you lol"

  • Harriet Hough
    Harriet Hough Год назад

    That is fricken little don't judge my spelling I'm just a kid I'm 9

  • Srsly Zol .-.
    Srsly Zol .-. Год назад

    i went on this ride, and near the ending point , the lady asks me *"want to go on the ride again?"* and i was thinking in my head hell no but in reality i just nodded fearfully ...

  • michael ochs
    michael ochs Год назад

    Is this ride uncomfortable like green lantern at sf mm?

    • XVII Elite
      XVII Elite Год назад

      michael ochs not for me, but I think it's a little less comfortable for short people.

    • XVII Elite
      XVII Elite Год назад

      michael ochs no, rode it twice and it didn't hurt.

  • Maureen Siegel
    Maureen Siegel Год назад

    lol the joker in six flags over texas is the same ride but better and it's bigger the que is almost nonexistent I got 3 rides without having to wait in a line

    • XVII Elite
      XVII Elite Год назад

      Maureen Siegel it's an exact copy of this ride idiot. And this one was the original.

  • The Green Flash
    The Green Flash Год назад


  • EmmyGamez
    EmmyGamez Год назад

    Joker in Texas

  • Gameing with jolly Gaming
    Gameing with jolly Gaming Год назад

    Is this the joker re made?

    • XVII Elite
      XVII Elite Год назад

      Puggy Gaming this is the first one, they made this before the Jokers.

  • Prisma Jimenez
    Prisma Jimenez Год назад

    This batman ride is an exact copy of the joker in texas

    • sharky
      sharky Год назад

      HOLO LOVER this one was put up before joker

  • Banana Bri
    Banana Bri Год назад +1

    This ride is painful 😖

  • Bri White
    Bri White Год назад +2

    this ride really hurts lol

    • Saucyboi
      Saucyboi 7 месяцев назад

      It didn’t hurt me but my fucking shoe almost fell off

    • Harveyy
      Harveyy 8 месяцев назад

      akatsukibri How?

    • Natalie G
      Natalie G 9 месяцев назад

      akatsukibri not for me lol. Some of my friends convinced me to go on and it’s not that bad.

  • Alex Amanda
    Alex Amanda Год назад +1

    This reminds me of Joker in NJ

  • Thamara Rodriguez
    Thamara Rodriguez Год назад

    I dared my friend to go on here and ima face my fear

  • Azap Pl4y3z_YT
    Azap Pl4y3z_YT Год назад

    I,d not go on that ride

  • Michael Ballesteros
    Michael Ballesteros Год назад

    im going next weekend

  • Nancy Dircio
    Nancy Dircio 2 года назад

    Sorry what is your name

  • Zahira Khatun
    Zahira Khatun 2 года назад

    where is this

  • Zahira Khatun
    Zahira Khatun 2 года назад

    where is this

    • Rigby MC
      Rigby MC 2 года назад

      Zahira Khatun look at the tittle dumb ass

  • Plushy Chaos
    Plushy Chaos 2 года назад

    I went on that ride

  • Freddy Garcia
    Freddy Garcia 2 года назад

    the camera ia doing goddamn backflips

    • Sexbomb 6641
      Sexbomb 6641 2 года назад

      The camera is attached to the seats that spins around.

  • BMO gaming
    BMO gaming 2 года назад

    I've got on this ride and laughed HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Brianna Gonzalez
    Brianna Gonzalez 2 года назад

    I'm 12 and I love this ride

  • Larry Sanders
    Larry Sanders 2 года назад

    this coaster got stuck like a week ago and again today

  • Holly Leighton
    Holly Leighton 2 года назад

    i hated this one worst 30 seconds if my life i will never go on that one agin for as long as i live

  • Ashley Chantel
    Ashley Chantel 2 года назад

    I would throw up if i went on their

  • Destroyer Dtfn
    Destroyer Dtfn 2 года назад

    lol this was my first major coaster I got on it last week and I'm 12 its not that bad for me the roadrunner is pretty close to this in scariness try it!

  • Ben Ramirez
    Ben Ramirez 2 года назад +1

    I just threw up the first time seeing them flip

    • Bubbs Art
      Bubbs Art 2 года назад

      I agree!! I felt dizzy

  • TheIronCow2
    TheIronCow2 2 года назад +6

    At Krypton they asked us if we'd been to batman yet. Everybody shouted, "yes!" When they asked who liked it there was silence...

  • SneakyFinnish Bluemonkey
    SneakyFinnish Bluemonkey 2 года назад

    this reminds me lot of Kirnu in Linnanmäki & in Finland

  • Areyanna Rico
    Areyanna Rico 2 года назад +2

    I'm soo scared bc I'm going there on field trip with choir group right and they want me to go the ride with them 😢😢😢😢😧😦😦😦😤😤😤😣😣😣😱😱😱😵😵😵😞😞😖😖😖😫😫

  • miss keisha
    miss keisha 2 года назад

    Nope nope nope NOPE

  • Coaster Fun
    Coaster Fun 2 года назад

    Is this a dizzy dropper

  • Abinadab Viruet
    Abinadab Viruet 2 года назад +1

    boring with a capital b

    • Mac Tonight
      Mac Tonight 7 месяцев назад

      Toy Revolver of course he hasn't

    • Toy Revolver
      Toy Revolver Год назад

      Abinadab Viruet Im guessing youve never ridden the ride.......

    • ? Guy
      ? Guy 2 года назад


  • Julian Hernandez
    Julian Hernandez 2 года назад

    a bit disappointed that its not a 4d simulator but it still looks fun

  • youtube girl 725 24
    youtube girl 725 24 2 года назад

    Ok seeing this video is giving me second thoughts on this ride

  • Jocelyn Lyles
    Jocelyn Lyles 2 года назад

    green lantern

  • baby prospect
    baby prospect 2 года назад +12

    I was so disappointed in this ride. Definitely wasn't worth waiting in line for 2 hours. It just flips you around.

    • Frankie Is A Fluffball
      Frankie Is A Fluffball 19 дней назад

      If you don't want to wait in line, just wait for a really cold or "looks like it's going to rain" day. The lines will be a lot shorter at Fiesta Texas

    • Delta_ Roller-coster’s_aviation_travelz_gaming
      Delta_ Roller-coster’s_aviation_travelz_gaming 2 месяца назад

      NightModeNylo I waited 20 @over texas

    • cyberspaceout
      cyberspaceout 9 месяцев назад

      super short ride

    • NightModeNylo
      NightModeNylo Год назад +2

      Kayli 2 hours?! I had to wait only 5 to 10 minutes

    • Emily Alaniz
      Emily Alaniz Год назад

      not even its about 20 seconds I was really disappointed :(

  • Itz_Joey 188- Fortnite BR
    Itz_Joey 188- Fortnite BR 2 года назад

    i got on there like 10 times

  • Zxbloodgaming
    Zxbloodgaming 2 года назад

    It hurt my legs

  • Rad_ nessa
    Rad_ nessa 2 года назад

    Worst ride 😟😟hated being tossed around but goes by fast

    • AyooKraziie
      AyooKraziie 2 года назад

      Same, my first time i got a cramp in my leg xD but wanted to go again cause idk wtf was going on

  • Ella Gustavson
    Ella Gustavson 2 года назад +1

    Why do so many people hate green lantern?

    • ToMaTo Agar
      ToMaTo Agar 2 года назад

      And neck!!!

    • Dylan Agreda
      Dylan Agreda 2 года назад +3

      +Ella Gustavson because its very painful in between the thighs

  • Ctha Man
    Ctha Man 3 года назад

    Hell to the Naw...I almost gagged when it first started flipping. I guess I have limits!

  • likegarrett
    likegarrett 3 года назад +14

    jeez this seemed so tame compared to my experience. our vehicle was flipping so fast nonstop during the entire thing i did NOT enjoy it lol. plus it's painful af! it was an ok ride i guess.

    • Delta_ Roller-coster’s_aviation_travelz_gaming
      Delta_ Roller-coster’s_aviation_travelz_gaming 2 месяца назад

      Scorpio Male I rode Joker two days ago at Over Texas I had this experience on this POV. Keep ur head back

    • Scorpio Male
      Scorpio Male Год назад +2

      rcfreakeagle Because your being flipped back and forth so fast and hard that your head slams forward then back hitting the seat but the Force is to strong to control so your stuck in that painful uncomfortable shit until it's over😕

    • rcfreakeagle
      rcfreakeagle 2 года назад +2

      likegarrett How is it painful?

  • Dont_Gabby
    Dont_Gabby 3 года назад

    wait, Batman The Ride is still going after that death??

    • XVII Elite
      XVII Elite Год назад

      Cassyisønline !! There was no death

  • Chrystal Statam
    Chrystal Statam 3 года назад

    that ride was fun as hell!!

  • Maureen R
    Maureen R 3 года назад

    so much better then the green lantern. it doesn't hurt, it spins more, it spins forward and backwards. just overall a better ride

  • Parker Meek
    Parker Meek 3 года назад

    I don't think there was anybody in the train where the camera was mounted, but when there's people in there, there's more weight so it spins a lot more. When me and my cousin did it for the first time, the train started flipping out as soon as we created the first hill. Some people are saying this might be painful since green lantern is painful, but this ride does NOT hurt at all. A very fun and unique experience :)

  • Xboi
    Xboi 3 года назад


  • Roger Rivera
    Roger Rivera 3 года назад +1

    Magic Mountain should refurbish Green Lantern into this. SERIOUSLY!!!

    • zyleo
      zyleo 3 года назад

      +Roger Rivera Yeah, Green Lanturn hurts so bad.

    • Roger Rivera
      Roger Rivera 3 года назад

      +Zyleo Well, in any case, I bet this ride wouldn't hurt my groin as much as Green Lantern at Magic Mountain does. Ugh!!!

    • zyleo
      zyleo 3 года назад

      +Roger Rivera It wouldn't really be a refurbish, more just like a new coaster.

    • zyleo
      zyleo 3 года назад

      +Roger Rivera It wouldn't really be a refurbish, more just like a new coaster.

  • Quenton B
    Quenton B 3 года назад

    is that drop bad? idk I wanna go on it but I'm nervous. how does it feel

  • Quenton B
    Quenton B 3 года назад

    +CoasterForce is the drop bad? lol I'm nervous abt the ride. how did it feel?

  • Jamless Jiminie
    Jamless Jiminie 3 года назад +5

    Omg we get to go to six flags fiesta tx tomorrow I love that one better then over texas I can't wait untill I get to go on this ride screaming to death in my mind right now is it fun

    • SmileBullet
      SmileBullet 6 месяцев назад

      Jamless Jiminie it’s really boring actually

  • thegamingunicornslayers
    thegamingunicornslayers 3 года назад

    i will die if i go on this

  • blessed ganjah
    blessed ganjah 3 года назад

    27 second ride......boooooooooo

    • blessed ganjah
      blessed ganjah 3 года назад

      hours in line for a 27 second ride...fuck that...and roller coasters arent SCARY...fear is for the weak :)

    • ByteMe
      ByteMe 3 года назад +3

      Scariest 27 seconds and longest. Believe me.

  • Christopher Porter
    Christopher Porter 3 года назад

    Going on this ride in a few weeks... I'm sooo exited

  • Ryan Sorrell
    Ryan Sorrell 3 года назад

    ok I rode this ride just last week and I'm a guy and let me tell you it sucks ass. It is very uncomfortable and not guy friendly at all. It did cause pain with my nuts so the guys who said that it didn't hurt them must have some small balls or something. It actually caused that lower abdomen pain that you get when a guy gets racked. Plus the ride is very short and there was nothing thrilling about it. Superman is so much better or the new rattler is still my favorite. Six flags wasted their money on this piece of shit. Batman deserves better than to have his name on that waste of metal. Why couldn't they have built a gigantic steel roller-coaster like the one they got in Dallas? That would have been so much better.

    • rcfreakeagle
      rcfreakeagle 2 года назад

      Ryan Sorrell I don't get how it smashed your groin when those restraints limit your movement. You must have not been locked in all the way.

  • Ash M
    Ash M 3 года назад +12

    I got on this ride but i was so scared that i couldnt scream while i was on it

    • Frankie Is A Fluffball
      Frankie Is A Fluffball 19 дней назад

      When I first went on, and this is the first ride my brother made me go on to get over my fear, I was like: :0 during the whole ride.

    • NightModeNylo
      NightModeNylo 6 месяцев назад

      My story exactly. 3 yrs late but still

    • Crippling Leivliss
      Crippling Leivliss 6 месяцев назад

      This was literally feeling like it was gonna fall off true story though:The ride broke earlier when we entered the park

    • Jayde Ashcraft
      Jayde Ashcraft 7 месяцев назад

      I could scream

  • Rolly55
    Rolly55 3 года назад +4

    It was a lame, mediocre ride. The first drop was good but after that it's predictable and way too short. I wouldn't recommend it. It had a lot of hype too, a shame it didn't live up to it.

    • Austin T
      Austin T Год назад +1

      Rolly55 again. This is the first of its kind. It's going to evolve and the 4d coasters by s&s will get better.

  • Zense
    Zense 3 года назад

    I went on this and you get VERY dizzy and you cant see anything, but it was fun lol

  • BillyJoe Choctaw
    BillyJoe Choctaw 3 года назад +11

    It's a glorified Zipper.

    • SYNMidnight
      SYNMidnight Год назад +1

      samrah ahmed ikr the zipper doesn't even have seatbelts if the door opens on accident ur fucked

    • samrah ahmed
      samrah ahmed Год назад

      BillyJoe Choctaw I think this one is better zipper was so scary I felt like I was gonna get trapped and die

    • ByteMe
      ByteMe 3 года назад +1

      Scariest mother freaking zipper ever.

  • Aurora C. Blanket
    Aurora C. Blanket 3 года назад

    I need this at Six Flags Mexico... NEEED IIIIIIT!

  • Albert Castro
    Albert Castro 3 года назад

    I am a small 10 year old and i bounced and it hurt my balls

    • XVII Elite
      XVII Elite Год назад

      It seems like this ride hurts you more when your shorter, luckily I'm not.

    • DatBoi
      DatBoi 3 года назад

      Me to it hurts your balls

  • Matthew Kyle
    Matthew Kyle 3 года назад

    I have ridden this coaster, it is awesome!

  • JOHN-PAUL Castillo
    JOHN-PAUL Castillo 3 года назад

    I'm going to six flags fiesta Texas today and I can't wait to ride that ride

  • se7enX89X
    se7enX89X 3 года назад

    really lame coaster lol

  • Rick Mileske
    Rick Mileske 3 года назад

    Good Grief......Absolutely no way in hell would I go on this thing!

  • MɨҡɛʏքօօɦɮɛaʀJaċҡsօռ
    MɨҡɛʏքօօɦɮɛaʀJaċҡsօռ 3 года назад

    This ride is excellent. I like how smooth it is.

  • wicked coasters
    wicked coasters 3 года назад


  • cdcruizer05
    cdcruizer05 3 года назад

    We need something like this at Carowinds or another variety of coaster...I wouldn't mind a winged b&m

  • Dylan M
    Dylan M 3 года назад

    Why can't Great America have one of these?!

  • aznguymetal
    aznguymetal 3 года назад +13

    Another ride that is similar to Green Lantern, Is it painful?

    • Crippling Leivliss
      Crippling Leivliss 6 месяцев назад

      It feels like you’re gonna fall off when I first ride it,adrenaline rushers only lmao

    • Superuanted Gaming
      Superuanted Gaming 9 месяцев назад

      Oh and it's is also similar to the Joker

    • Scorpio Male
      Scorpio Male Год назад +1

      aznguymetal Funny you ask cuz it is definitely the most uncomfortable ride in the park also painful but not extremely

    • pointathim
      pointathim 2 года назад +1

      well, I rode it today and I will say, if you aren't careful you can do what some people metaphorically say, "bust a nut"

    • Cynthia Fields
      Cynthia Fields 2 года назад


  • lanceflx63
    lanceflx63 3 года назад

    Does this ride like X or more like a Zac Spin?

    • Coaster Explosion
      Coaster Explosion 2 года назад

      +Arktic Pup same

    • Arktic Pup
      Arktic Pup 3 года назад

      +CoasterForce I just other off of this and never again, me and friend went upside on every hill or bump, it was just flat out not fun for me, others might enjoy it, but it wasn't fun for me..

    • CoasterForce
      CoasterForce  3 года назад

      +lanceflx63 It isn't like either one of those. It's very smooth and the flips are not painful.

  • Soggy Milk
    Soggy Milk 3 года назад +1

    Wow i get this coaster is unique and all but omg it looks like a little longer Green Lantern. You can say, oh well, it has new trains that are more comfortable, and its so much smoother, but I really liked Green Lantern, it was my 3rd fav coaster there.
    This one honestly looks like a ripoff just with new trains and track and layout. I mean, Green Lantern came out first and they say this is the first of its kind? Nope.
    Also, hate whatever you want but you can't deny this. Can they seriously not come up with something different to call the ride? I mean, honestly, SF is really dumb with their ride names.

    • Maureen R
      Maureen R 3 года назад

      this one spins a whole lot more and doesn't hurt

    • Spinkicker
      Spinkicker 3 года назад

      The back to back seating affects the zacspin coaster and green lantern's flipping. This makes the ride rougher.

    • Soggy Milk
      Soggy Milk 3 года назад

      Interesting analogy.

    • ryan ahr
      ryan ahr 3 года назад

      +Coaster Master The Batman ride is to the Green Lantern ride as the new iPhone was to the old Nokia phones! It's WAY BETTER!!

    • Adrian Baty
      Adrian Baty 3 года назад

      +Coaster Master Let me just say that the ride is so much fun. More flips and smooth better then green lantern. I been on it and that ride hurts and sucks.

  • KingRCT3
    KingRCT3 3 года назад

    ... aaaand the video title is the ride logo! Exact same font. Was waiting for this moment since the ride's announcement. x)

  • 252Scooby
    252Scooby 3 года назад

    Bpb could go with 1 of these because they don't take up much room , make way revolution (iron Bru) get this in place

    • Tommy Carr
      Tommy Carr 3 года назад

      Yes, get one of these, BUT DONT TOUCH REVOLUTION! That has insane airtime on the first drop.

  • Coaster Hero
    Coaster Hero 3 года назад

    The queue and entrance of this ride has really great theming, even better than the inverted Batman: The Ride's. Six Flags did a great job in that regard!

  • Rm16
    Rm16 3 года назад

    Didn't like green lantern at six flags magic mountain, and this looks very similar I'll pass

    • Spinkicker
      Spinkicker 3 года назад

      Also, twisted colossus has a TON amount of airtime. It was so crazy yet very smooth

    • Spinkicker
      Spinkicker 3 года назад

      Green lantern was horrible since it had a back to back seating which affects the flipping. This isn't a back to back seating so the flips feel much smoother and natural.

    • Rm16
      Rm16 3 года назад

      +Sierra Diaz Magic Mountain needs a mr freeze from Over Texas i wouldn't care if they got rid of green lantern, we need a airtime machine not another ride with 7 loops

    • Jared Andell
      Jared Andell 3 года назад +1

      This one is made by a different company and it has comfier trains.

  • sarahbell811
    sarahbell811 3 года назад

    This made me dizzy just watching. I think I may pass on this