The Try Guys Try to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Aug 26, 2019
  • The Try Guys visit the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen to make surf-and-turf Carpaccio with Carla Music. Can Keith, Zach, Eugene and Ned follow along using verbal instructions only?

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    The Try Guys Try to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit
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Comments • 3 798

  • Pooja Anand
    Pooja Anand 38 minutes ago

    felt like eugene is a little bit shy

  • Gigi Em
    Gigi Em 5 hours ago

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Eugene: *smirks at hearing "tuck"* 8:15

  • rainmayercoffee
    rainmayercoffee Day ago +1

    I wish only Eugene was there. The other three were frustrating and it felt like they were trying too hard to be funny. They also DIDN'T start out with their strongest player.

  • Irene Destiny
    Irene Destiny Day ago

    Alternatively titled: Eugene Fanboys Over the BA Test Kitchen For a Video

  • Ana Gallina
    Ana Gallina 3 days ago

    eugene is all of us

  • Ayako G
    Ayako G 3 days ago

    the fact that the try guys put raw meat juice on Claire Saffitz's keyboard....worlds are colliding

  • bts jungkookie
    bts jungkookie 5 days ago

    Can we just appreciate her? She is such a great cook

  • Claire Higg
    Claire Higg 5 days ago

    anyone else hear the suspicious cough at 8:12 lol

  • Katie Graham
    Katie Graham 6 days ago

    I want Keith's "Oh magaaaawduuuh" as my ringtone

  • Sophia Pipta
    Sophia Pipta 6 days ago

    That collective “ohhhh”

  • Rachel Flora
    Rachel Flora 7 days ago +3

    eugene constantly looking around the test kitchen every 10 seconds because he's fangirling inside seeing everyone is hilarious

  • Linda Pugh
    Linda Pugh 8 days ago

    They are right on , we now see you all as family! The smart and funny family!

  • Riri
    Riri 9 days ago +2

    I'm living for Eugene just lowkey fangirling all over the place.

  • Sukh S
    Sukh S 9 days ago

    Keith whining about not cutting his meat proper is the best thing ever

  • Gabrielle Miles
    Gabrielle Miles 9 days ago

    Eugene makes me so happy in this🤗

  • shaila lamorena
    shaila lamorena 10 days ago

    Omg 😂

  • fortunatelyfortunate
    fortunatelyfortunate 10 days ago

    Why do they look so huge in the beginning??

  • Evin Sabberton
    Evin Sabberton 11 days ago +5

    Eugene subtly hiding his excitement would literally be me if I ever met the try guys lmao

  • Milo Putnam
    Milo Putnam 11 days ago

    Eugene: Hi Gaby! I love you!
    (Everybody liked that)

  • Milo Putnam
    Milo Putnam 11 days ago

    I wanna see rhett and link do this and rhett have to do everything cause link isnt allowed to touch knifes lol

  • Emily Eden
    Emily Eden 12 days ago +1

    not including any "fire" in the cooking was a wise choice considering the try guys. XD

  • Tristian Grey
    Tristian Grey 13 days ago

    My heart needed this . can we get ned and his wife back alone

  • Kenzie’s Weird
    Kenzie’s Weird 13 days ago

    NO!! In relay races you do your worst first and best last, so they can pick up the slack.

  • Sarah Philips
    Sarah Philips 13 days ago +4

    Carla knew what she was doing until she forgot the bread😂

  • Bree Jenkins
    Bree Jenkins 13 days ago +1

    “It’s vinegar bro” Keith kills me

  • Hannebambel
    Hannebambel 13 days ago

    Oh my god at least half of the comments are about Eugenes face😆

  • Peyton
    Peyton 14 days ago +2

    “They’re alive?!” “The end is nigh” 😂😂😂

  • Brayden Dukes
    Brayden Dukes 14 days ago +2

    In this episode i truly realized how legendary Bon appétit actually is

  • zberry582
    zberry582 14 days ago

    Eugene is fangirling for the entire video

  • Turtle Productions
    Turtle Productions 14 days ago

    I love how Eugene was on his best behavior for the BA family

  • Jayna Hill
    Jayna Hill 15 days ago +16

    I’m in culinary school and Zach’s knife skills made me cringe

  • Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina 16 days ago

    as a vegetarian my face the whole video was like ( 'v' )

  • Karina LeBlanc
    Karina LeBlanc 18 days ago

    Just love this video two of my favorites together! Inlove Carla and the Try guys

  • Bri M
    Bri M 19 days ago

    I LOVE EUGENE MAKEUP!!! Omg he is so hot🤩 also this is so funny 😂

  • I_am _chosen_one_
    I_am _chosen_one_ 21 day ago

    Eugene looks so good omg

  • Im not weird, Im limited edition

    Can someone count how many times they said mmhmm

  • Antoinette Marlow
    Antoinette Marlow 24 days ago

    This is the first time I've seen Eugene in full eye makeup in a video. Sorry - it's a bit too much. 😫 😣 . . .

  • Michael Gordon
    Michael Gordon 25 days ago +3

    eugene being a fan made me feel like i was there

  • tayycee
    tayycee 26 days ago +27

    "There's two live scallops-"
    "They're alive?!"
    *The end is nigh.*

  • Weaver Oznerol
    Weaver Oznerol 26 days ago +1

    3:09 their collective “OOOOOOOOOH.” Gave me life.

  • Blake Cato
    Blake Cato 27 days ago

    it would be funny to see them do an episode with brad haha

  • Purpl3 P0ny
    Purpl3 P0ny 27 days ago +1

    "Both of Eugene's hands are dominant" NeD wHy DiD yOu SaY tHaT

    • Eliflexx
      Eliflexx 17 days ago

      Sksksksksk and i oop

  • Armand Azhari
    Armand Azhari 28 days ago

    We open the caviar 😂

  • Shayna Robinson
    Shayna Robinson 28 days ago

    Keith cooking is exactly why I don't cook LMAO

  • Marco Ni
    Marco Ni 28 days ago +1

    Eugenes eye makeup makes him look more Asian, as in his eyes are even smaller.

    SONIKA R 29 days ago +1

    Eugene looks Sooo good

    • Eliflexx
      Eliflexx 17 days ago

      Oh and SKSKSKSKSKSKSK and i oop and i oop scrunchies metal straw save the turtles sksksksksk oop oop and i oop

    • Eliflexx
      Eliflexx 17 days ago

      Just because he is male wearing makeup doesnt mean it looks good. Brave? Maybe.. that’s debatable but he looked better without the makeup.. not even hating

  • Danilo Papais
    Danilo Papais Month ago

    I don't mind that Eugene is wearing eye makeup but it seems like he used a bit too much of it.

  • Ritika Ritu
    Ritika Ritu Month ago

    I really wanna see these 4 crackheads with the OG crackhead of B.A's kitchen AKA Brad Leone!

  • Deviben Patel
    Deviben Patel Month ago

    I'm betting that the video will be chaotic

  • EmKimKW
    EmKimKW Month ago

    Eugene fan girling hard is literally me

  • Nanaj Sabila
    Nanaj Sabila Month ago

    20:00 my 1st grade art teacher whenever someone shows her smth

  • Bianca Gomez
    Bianca Gomez Month ago

    cutest vid ever !!!

  • Dustin Weddle
    Dustin Weddle Month ago

    Keith can be pretty annoying af sometimes.

  • coco cat
    coco cat Month ago +17

    She’s so much nicer than most chefs 🤣 my boyfriend has zero patience for the nonsense lmao he will kick me out of the kitchen real quick lol


    I had almost forgotten how goofy and annoying the Try Guys can get. It would be nice if they could keep doing these interesting challenges, but just evolve a little bit for f’s sake!

  • ze ching chong army was here

    omg Eugene u look gorgeous 🥺

  • mark hudson
    mark hudson Month ago

    Eugene looks happier since his coming out. Glad it's worked out for you.

  • Mystic Manectric
    Mystic Manectric Month ago +1

    Zach: "When you said that we're gonna be like your children today, did you mean you're gonna light is on fire?"

    Carla: *laughs*

  • purva ahuja
    purva ahuja Month ago

    Eugene is out of the league for people that live on earth!

  • Aj Motter
    Aj Motter Month ago

    Eugene is all of us if we were able to go to the test kitchen for a day