Failed Attempt to Climb Mt. Fuji Off-Season 🇯🇵

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    In October 2015 I wanted to climb Mt. Fuji. I came a few hundred meters away from the summit when I was forced to quit and go back.
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  • simunator
    simunator 4 months ago

    did it in the spring, now looking to train to do it in the winter!

  • Bozok
    Bozok 7 months ago

    Back in November 2015, I climbed Mt. Fuji with two friends, a German and an American. We didn't have climbing iron/crampon and admittedly our clothes were actually not ideal either. But my German friend really was eager to climb, so we did it. It took us about 9 hours to the top, as we started at around 1800 m altitude, a taxi driver drove us to the entrance of a forest of Fuji. I have to say we were incredibly lucky and stupid likewise. The weather was more than perfect, it hadn't snowed heavily yet and it was even considerably warm (-10°C at the top). However, the last 500 meters to the top were simply too dangerous in retroperspective. One friend got height sick and denied the descend to not drag down the team, so we continued (should have returned). Also, it was icy on many locations on the track and tripping and sliding off was actually quite likely. If we slipped, it would have been the end, as off-track the mountain was actually really icy.
    I mean, in the end we did it, and standing on top of Japan in winter, after all the warnings, was an amazing feeling admittedly. To this day, I consider it maybe the most enjoyable trip of my life. Yet, I feel we were just protected by some angels that day. No weather swings, no sliding with our normal hiking shoes, no collapse.
    I recommend to climb Fuji Off-Season only with appropriate gear and a huge amount of respect.

  • Ok kami
    Ok kami Year ago +2

    Even in the mountains, in freezing weather, the Japanese are very kind. That Japanese climber has a good heart when he gave you those gloves.

  • Patty Glex
    Patty Glex 2 years ago

    tus videos muy bien!!!

  • kojinmalia
    kojinmalia 2 years ago

    How'd you got to 5th station in October? Heard the buses stop end of September.. Which day of October by the way?

  • La madriguera del conejo
    La madriguera del conejo 2 years ago +3

    You could have died, good thing you found that japanese climber.. I actually climbed all the way to the top, IIRC it was like in August 17ish of 2016, hopefully you get to go one more time in the correct season.

  • Mr. Patterson
    Mr. Patterson 3 years ago

    Why did your retarded ass go up there without gloves?

    • Mr. Patterson
      Mr. Patterson 3 years ago

      Well hey man stop being retarted so that I can stop commenting retarted things err?

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  3 years ago +7

      +Mr. Patterson so that your retarded ass could write this comment :)

  • Edward Danescu
    Edward Danescu 3 years ago

    Wow I think you have understood what life is actually about, being free, travelling, exploring and experiencing cool stuff and new feelings.. I've watched some of your videos and I have to say they are really inspirational, I mean the final quote after each video is also amazing. I'm now just 18 years old but in the future I'd like to travel, just like you do. The problem is that this lifestyle seems expensive to me.. I mean, if I can ask, how can you afford to travel? Do you have a "regular" job?
    Good luck with future travels and be sure to keep posting inspirational videos :D

    • bob johnson
      bob johnson Year ago

      I honestly think of it like this....people spend alot on clothes, video games, hobbies, piano lessons etc....if you save every months you can save for a trip to anywhere...

    • Edward Danescu
      Edward Danescu 3 years ago

      Yeah actually I saw your coupons business after commenting.. Very interesting. I'd also like to have sort of a "mobile" office, I've made a game for the iPhone recently but didn't get much revenue. However I'm working on a new one now, I hope for this to be more successful.

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  3 years ago

      +Edward Danescu wow thanks for the support! Means a lot to me :) I can afford to do this because I work online while I travel. That means I never lose my income and thus don't have to stop traveling at any point.

  • Ethan Gall
    Ethan Gall 3 years ago

    What camera do you use?

  • Livina Tanovic
    Livina Tanovic 3 years ago

    Dude! Love your videos! Ive been thinking about taking a year off after high school and travel like this and your channel has inspired me a lot. I was wondering though, how do you fund yourself on these trips? Do you make a budget before going or do you earn the money as you go? Stay cool! 😃✌️

    • Livina Tanovic
      Livina Tanovic 3 years ago

      Jacob Laukaitis Ahhh thank you! I didn't see 😅

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  3 years ago +1

      Wow thank you very much, I'm real happy to hear that :) There's an answer to your question in my bio:
      Q. How can you afford to travel so much?
      A. I have an online coupons company that I run while traveling. Since all of my work is online, I can work from anywhere as long as I have my computer and a Wi-Fi connection.

  • lol u don't Know who I am

    Love your videos,

  • Vernie Jefferies
    Vernie Jefferies 3 years ago +4

    That was a good decision not to finish. You didn't have gloves or proper equipment. People have died attempting climbing in the offseason. Actually you need gloves during the climbing season, because it's still very cold up at the top.

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  3 years ago

      Thank you! I'm sure it's amazing and I can't wait to finally see it :)

    • Vernie Jefferies
      Vernie Jefferies 3 years ago

      I normally carry extra gloves and caps when I climb there. Yes, lots of people are in need. Good luck next time. It's amazing at the top.

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  3 years ago

      +Vernie Jefferies yeah agreed. I was happy I didn't try to reach the top, would have been too dangerous I guess. But I'll be back sometime in the future, I'm sure!

  • Owein Iveson
    Owein Iveson 3 years ago

    Your Videos inspire me to go and visit these places in the future especially Bali! which looks amazing also loved your trip to DPRK! Subbed!

  • Ray Rich Brown
    Ray Rich Brown 3 years ago +9

    Dude I know how you feel because this happened to me! I tried to climb in June and it was still covered in snow. I got past the 2nd to last station but not only was the rest of the steep trail covered in snow but the sun was setting - my friends and I climbed down in the dark (super dangerous) and had to spend the night in the disabled toilet

    • Ray Rich Brown
      Ray Rich Brown 3 years ago +1

      +Jacob Laukaitis the floor was heated lol. An experience I'll never forget. In saying that I went back the following year in July and made it to the summit 👍😀 check out my Japan vid if you get a chance.

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  3 years ago +1

      For real? Spending the night in the toilet sounds pretty cool haha :)

  • Hân Trần
    Hân Trần 3 years ago

    Great!! Could you give me the music name?

  • Kamilė Maleiškaitė
    Kamilė Maleiškaitė 3 years ago

    Super!😍Viskas puiku!Montavimas tai iš vis...Edvinas gerai montuoja😁Truputi pavydas užemė,bet nieko...

  • bla bla
    bla bla 3 years ago +1

    Ohohoho! Nu SUPER! Kokybė, vaizdai, na viskas tiesiog aukščiausios klasės! Pati labai domiosi Japonija, tad kai peršiūrėjau šį video, pro mane praplaukė toks silpnas, baltas pavydo debesėlis ;). Vienu žodžiu - super! ^^

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  3 years ago

      Labai smagu tai girdėti :) Jeigu kada turėsi progą, būtinai būtinai aplankyk Japoniją - ji viena įdomiausių, unikaliausių bei gražiausių šalių pasauly! Man pačiam labai patinka ten leisti laiką :)

  • Ocin Stown
    Ocin Stown 3 years ago

    did you have to pay an entrance fee to hike on mt fuji? if yes, how much per person?

    • Thomas White
      Thomas White 3 years ago

      It's quite and easy hike, but not in April/May... you'd need to be an experienced climber to do it then

    • FlipDipGames
      FlipDipGames 3 years ago

      Is it hard to climb the mountain? And does it take long, I may go to japan in april-may next year

    • Thierry Leroux
      Thierry Leroux 3 years ago

      +Ayase Aya climbed it last week, it's actually 1000 yen to climb during season. (10$)

    • Ocin Stown
      Ocin Stown 3 years ago

      Okay. thank you very much.

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  3 years ago

      No, I didn't have to pay anything. As I know it's free even during the season time.

  • touristguy87
    touristguy87 3 years ago +1

    what do these two sentences have in common
    "not allowed to trek all the way up"
    "we're going to do it"?

    • touristguy87
      touristguy87 3 years ago +6

      +Jacob Laukaitis how would you like to shoot a video about what it is like to be incarcerated in an Asian jail

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  3 years ago +1

      +touristguy87 that on paper you are not allowed to go, I think it's even considered illegal. But you can jump over a small fence and do the trek.

  • Sprint.
    Sprint. 4 years ago

    zjbs video jums irgi tiek keliaujat tiek ispudziu taip grazu visur net grazu ziuret

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  4 years ago

      +R3DaXs1312 aha, ypač Japonija įspūdingai graži šalis. Jeigu kada turėsi progą - būtinai aplankyk!

  • Evaldas Steponkus
    Evaldas Steponkus 4 years ago

    Noreciau ir as tureti tiek pinigu, kad pakeliauciau i tiek daug graziu vietoviu :(

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  4 years ago +1

      +Evaldas Steponkus daug ir protingai dirbk ir turėsi tiek pinigų, kiek panorėsi :)

  • Pablo
    Pablo 4 years ago

    Toks jausmas kad jis visa tai daro lyg tai butu paskutine jo gyvenimo diena,saunuolis!

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  4 years ago

      +Green Gamer haha dėkui! Gyvenimas trumpas, o pamatyti/padaryti reikia tiek daug, tad ir stengiuos per daug neatsilikti :)

  • Karina Lysenko
    Karina Lysenko 4 years ago

    labai fainai :))))

  • Paulius Šivickas
    Paulius Šivickas 4 years ago

    edvins gerai montuoj

  • Unicorn LTU
    Unicorn LTU 4 years ago

    zona xD Puikus video ir gražūs vaizdai:)

  • Tomas Butko
    Tomas Butko 4 years ago

    Geras!! ;)

  • The3dvinas
    The3dvinas 4 years ago +16


    • G G
      G G 4 years ago

      +The3dvinas Taip jus ir susipazinot ir susukot kelis video ir viena vloga?

    • Cryn0t
      Cryn0t 4 years ago


    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  4 years ago +1

      +The3dvinas :)

  • Андрей Белый

    Спасибо! Как всегда отличное видео!!!

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  4 years ago

      +Андрей Белый Andrei, ja ocen rad etot slusat! Sposibo tebe.

  • Exciting World Cryptos

    effort is what counts lol

  • Adas Gaming
    Adas Gaming 4 years ago +1

    Puikūs vaizdai, pavydžiu. Čia jau faktas, kai lipi į kalną reikia devėti puikia avalyne skirta laipiojimui. Tikiuosi, kad dar užkopsi į viršu :) Like!!

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  4 years ago

      +Adas Gaming aha, buvo tikrai labai gražu ir visiška tiesa, kad reikia normalių batų. Esu tikras, kad užlipsiu, klausimas tik kada :)

  • ValentinasMedia
    ValentinasMedia 4 years ago

    Awesome ;)

  • Pijus Mašanauskas
    Pijus Mašanauskas 4 years ago +2

    nu va lietuviai su paprastais batais i kalnus lipa o kinieciai patiket tuo negali:D

  • Emis LT
    Emis LT 4 years ago

    jo tikrai gers

  • Grandas
    Grandas 4 years ago +1