Air France Boeing 777-200ER Full Flight: Paris to Vancouver (with ATC/Live Map)

  • Published on Jan 19, 2018
  • A full flight video with Air France onboard Boeing 777-200ER F-GSPL operating flight AF374 from Paris Charles-de-Gaulle to Vancouver on November 12 2017.
    **Every moment of the flight included from terminal to terminal, ATC for landing in Vancouver**
    Airline: Air France
    Flight: AF374
    Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER F-GSPL
    From: Paris (CDG)
    To: Vancouver (YVR)
    Departure: 10:52
    Arrival: 11:50
    Flight Time: 9:58
    Seat: 46L
    Flight Path:
    Our journey today commences at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport Terminal 2E. We are following the connections channel after our arrival on a connecting flight from the UK. We make our way to the gate where we must take a bus to our remote stand.
    The bus takes us across the airport in the rain to our waiting aircraft, Boeing 777-200ER F-GSPL. We have the pleasure of boarding through air stairs in front of the huge engine, before making our way to row 46 which will be our home for the next 11 hours.
    We soon push back and taxi before taking off to the west. After leaving the rain of Paris behind the weather soon clears up and we get some good views of France and the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey. We then turn towards Lands End in Cornwall, UK, before crossing the south of Ireland and heading straight towards Greenland. We get some good views across Greenland and Northern Canada, before crossing Canada's Northwest Territories,
    Alberta and British Colombia. We commence our descent into an equally rainy Vancouver, making a final approach over the Georgia Strait, touching down on runway 08L.
    We taxi to the terminal and disembark, walking through Vancouver Airport to the US connections channel.
    0:00:06 Entering Terminal 2E at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle, walking to transfer desk
    0:01:41 Walking to K gates in Terminal 2E
    0:07:07 At the gate, walking to bus
    0:08:56 Boarding bus to aircraft, bus ride to aircraft
    0:28:08 Boarding aircraft
    0:35:33 Cabin view
    0:48:02 Cabin view
    1:07:06 Pushback, engine start
    1:09:51 Safety video
    1:19:30 Take off
    1:34:09 Cabin view
    1:35:05 Cabin view
    1:37:00 Cabin view
    1:42:57 Menu for dinner
    1:55:22 Guernsey, Channel Islands
    1:57:11 Snack and drink service
    2:04:35 Contrails forming outside the window
    2:16:40 Air show map demonstration
    2:31:43 Demonstration of IFE system
    2:41:54 Dinner service, chicken chosen
    2:48:15 Watching a movie about 'Patrouille de France'
    3:36:06 Walk around tour of the rear cabin and galley
    5:31:26 Air show map demonstration over Greenland
    5:38:25 Cabin view
    5:39:07 Cabin view
    5:50:57 Views over Greenland
    6:01:13 Mountains of Western Greenland
    6:07:08 Cabin view
    6:25:28 Contrails forming outside the window
    7:08:12 Walk around tour of rear cabin, crew rest area, galley and washroom
    7:14:14 Ice cream service
    7:18:42 Close pass with an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER, flying from Dubai to Houston
    9:34:11 Snack service: Grilled cheese with chicken
    9:38:48 Cabin view
    9:42:23 Contrails forming outside the window
    9:43:47 Contrails forming outside the window
    9:48:23 Cabin view
    10:05:40 Air show map
    10:12:50 Highland Valley Copper Mine, BC
    10:17:12 Cabin view
    10:17:40 Commencing descent into Vancouver
    10:21:01 Fast rate of descent on air show map
    10:38:41 Final approach to runway 08L at Vancouver
    10:41:40 Landing on runway 08L
    10:49:13 Disembarking into terminal, walking to US transfers
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      +jason cavitt - Winds, weather, traffic, take your pick. Wasn't too much of a deviation, pretty much back on the gcr over Greenland on onwards.

    • Bret Hammett
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      Hello I know you will enjoy to fly in Alaska. That will have a schedule for flight from London to Atlanta Ga USA delta airlines, I want to your seat 48A or 43J or 50A window to wings. Change Flight Boeing 727 200 your seat 25F or 24 A window to wings from Atlanta to New Orleans Louisiana that will know are good your family go to New Orleans Louisiana. Then will next on March 28,2018. I like to Wrestlemania, wrestling for
      Video GoPro Hero to raw and Smackdown WWE . Your computer to Wrestlemania, in New Orleans Louisiana on March 28 , 2018 your hotels 7 Nights. Ok thank you

    • Jason Cavitt
      Jason Cavitt Year ago +1

      Why did your flight route take you south of England and Ireland instead of the more direct Great Circle route straight over London and the southwest coasts of Scotland and Iceland?

    • Bret Hammett
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      inflight Video hello hi how are you ? I am fine doing good. I remember you will need of good trip in Alaska. I will beautiful of weather snow nice.
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  • frogstamper
    frogstamper 22 hours ago

    Really enjoyed this one, great to see you out and about with your lovely family, it seems your knowledgable son is an AV geek in the making as he certainly knows his stuff.:)
    I was wondering at the start where you were all going to sit, as I know you like a window seat I imagined the center four was going to be a non-starter...I completely forgot about the last few rows of pairs, good choice.

  • Paula Duvall
    Paula Duvall 20 days ago

    Beautiful and blessed family, Mr. Philips! If you all ever need a "personal Sky Cap", for luggage, etc., I am available "for hire"! Safe travels!!

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    7:18:45 ek211

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    Full daylight flight

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    Mom said 1 video before bed

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    Amazing my friend 👌. Me & my family had many tours thru this flight. Didn’t have any issues ever.

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    Full daylight flight?

  • Genki's Travels
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    Wow, that's literally a whole flight lol, I can only do 10 mins.

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    The video is great as always, but the airport in Paris... TF is that??? Looks like a warehouse!

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    What? Flight was over Greenland and north Canada for Vancouver........? What if u draw straight line from france to canada....... Strange

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    1:19:41 I can see the water on the runway being blown by the strong jet blast!

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    شكرا على هذا الفيديو الجميل

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  • Alternate Account

    *Chicken service, dinner chosen*

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  • Alternate Account

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    Superbe vidéo à regarder avant de prendre l'avion, je la trouve sensationnelle, vive les voyages...

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    Amazing you could cross an ocean and a continent almost all in clouds. 9 hours of clouds. From rain to rain. What a bizarre airport is CDG.

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    Strange how many flt attendants make everybody fly in the dark....would it be to minimise demands on their time?

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  • Patrick Pick
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    How the hell does the plane go all the way down to 217mph?(First canadian island west of Greenland)

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    DO the airline realise that stupid creative safety videos do not attract greater viewing numbers just produce something cheap, most people would watch it 3 times and still not know how to behave properly in an emergency, Just seems silly to put all that effort in for a short video clip that's not achieving much. I understand it's a law but still. Just make something plain and boring. Save yourself some $$ too Airfrance

  • ckxrs
    ckxrs Year ago

    10:18:00 must have been SO satisfying being on a long haul flight in pure silence(apart from the engines ofc). no crying babies, nobody talking loudly. just people minding their own business watching movies.

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    giant airplane, wow, excellent video

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    Bus rides may be annoying in airports, but you enjoy the boarding by stairs because you can take photos better.