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Catwalk on a plane + Koreatown 🇰🇷 | NYC Vlog

  • Published on Feb 26, 2017
  • Finally my New York City Vlog for you guys! I walked the show for Rubin Singer on the "Lufthansa Fashion Flight" & of course I visited wonderful Koreatown!! My motto for this Vlog: pictures tell more than a thousand words! But wait till the end.. :P Enjoy xo ♡
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Comments • 28

  • Camila leite
    Camila leite 2 months ago

    Love youuuuuu
    I'm from Brazillllllll

  • gthreesix
    gthreesix 11 months ago

    Who came up with idea of fashion show on a plane?

  • Anna Robinson
    Anna Robinson 11 months ago

    Ich hab dich vor ein paar Tagen gefunden und du machst einen sehr guten Job !!!!!
    Mir ist aufgefallen dass du sehr gut mit make up bist...(jedenfalls in meiner Perspektive)
    Köntest du vielleicht ein video machen, wo du uns dein make up zeigst und uns so erklärst wie man alles benutzt? Ich genieße deine Videos sehr und würde mich freuen wenn du uns mal so erklärst wie du deine looks machst.... SARANGHAE

  • Yvonne G
    Yvonne G Year ago

    So so cool😍👌

  • BTS kien jay
    BTS kien jay Year ago

    Bogo shipda

    DAVID PARK Year ago +15

    The perfect BTS music for the background, Spring Day...

  • 김종운
    김종운 Year ago +10

    wow!, a beautiful model, bts music

  • Galen Tong
    Galen Tong Year ago +3

    Hope you had a good time. Korea town in NYC is very small, the one in Los Angeles is enormous. You should see it here.

    • StyckyRyce
      StyckyRyce Year ago

      Farina Jo 파리나 Southern California has a huge Korean population, so you'll see them spread out more through the suburbs alongside with a lot more restaurants and businesses aside from just the Koreatown in the city of Los Angeles. I wouldn't be surprised if your boyfriend even has relatives out here in Southern California as well lol. btw, the area I live in which is between Downtown L.A. and Orange County has at least 3 H-Marts 🤗

    • Farina Jo 파리나
      Farina Jo 파리나  Year ago +1

      +Galen Tong Thank you, I had the best time!! :) Yes I‘d love to one day 👍🏻

  • myoungbin Im
    myoungbin Im Year ago +1

    멋지게 촬영 했어요 !!

  • SGT Jung
    SGT Jung Year ago

    You are beautiful beyond compare :)

  • kim moonzo
    kim moonzo Year ago +2

    이누나 이쁘넹

  • TheSaint7770
    TheSaint7770 Year ago +8

    Awesome upload, well done, very professional!

  • Roy Allen Moreno
    Roy Allen Moreno 2 years ago +3

    You are so beautiful Farina :)

  • Bella Rose
    Bella Rose 2 years ago +4

    Du bist voll hübsch ^-^

  • JoeSpikes215
    JoeSpikes215 2 years ago +7

    Awesome vid and very beautiful ARMY! I'm going to the BTS Concert in Newark are you going as well?

    • Farina Jo 파리나
      Farina Jo 파리나  2 years ago

      Thank you! :)

    • JoeSpikes215
      JoeSpikes215 2 years ago +1

      FarinaJo Oh ok that's ok. I'm happy to see a Kpop fan from Germany. Cute video. Following you now on RU-clip and IG 😉

    • Farina Jo 파리나
      Farina Jo 파리나  2 years ago +1

      I wish!! But they don't come to Germany yet :(.. Maybe next year in Seoul! :)

  • John Park
    John Park 2 years ago +4

    So, did you pick up any kpop albums while you were there?

    • Farina Jo 파리나
      Farina Jo 파리나  2 years ago +1

      Unfortunately not! I spent my money on food haha :D but soon I will!

  • Marina Bruno
    Marina Bruno 2 years ago

    Loved this video! Very interesting... Check out mine! I have different vlogs 😁

  • IceDexx MC
    IceDexx MC 2 years ago +3

    Super ,,vlog'' mehr ein Musik vlog ;) aber MEGA!!