outlaw dyna club style street bob

  • Published on Apr 8, 2013
  • outlaw club style build. 2008 harley davidson dyna street bob. vance and hines indy outlaw pipe. 13.5" shocks from a vrod muscle. fuel moto stage one with powervision tuner. switchback rims. a lot of \blacked out stuff
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  • Fake Vegan
    Fake Vegan 3 months ago

    EXACT BIKE I WANT! OMFG I am obsessed with the dyna bobbers

  • John Craven
    John Craven 7 months ago

    looky it's a son of anarchy!

  • fatuglybiker
    fatuglybiker 2 years ago

    And what backrest mount?

  • fatuglybiker
    fatuglybiker 2 years ago

    What fairing is that, arlen ness louvered?

  • AUDI B5S4
    AUDI B5S4 2 years ago

    what size shocks are they?

  • Boone Brown
    Boone Brown 2 years ago

    what kind of saddle bags are those i have a 2008 streetbob

  • Georgia Jon
    Georgia Jon 3 years ago

    dude where are your mirrors? and its so cool to me that you have forward controls with mid pegs too. i dont think i have ever seen that before. nice ride.

  • David Spin
    David Spin 3 years ago +1

    Nice ride, but V&H could have put the O2sensors on the back side.

  • andy zman
    andy zman 3 years ago

    was checking this out..i sold my fxr and now have this bike..96in motor with race fuel pack..thing smokes 3rd gear all day long...makes my road king feel like a heavy moped now..but thanks for the vid..your bike is the style im going for again like my 90 fxr was

  • IamDarkStar2012
    IamDarkStar2012 3 years ago

    Yah well don't think so dude

  • Allan Guinto
    Allan Guinto 4 years ago

    Gartec81 you have an Instagram or fb? Got a question to ask you about that Conley fairing

  • Lee Garland
    Lee Garland 4 years ago

    Shocks was told 2011 vrod muscle. I'm not sure as I am looking for them for my 2015 and can't find them

  • thedarkhorse81
    thedarkhorse81 4 years ago

    What year vrod are those shocks off of? I have an 07 fxd that i want to put them on

  • gartec81
    gartec81  4 years ago +1

    Shoie rf1000

  • CenCalADV
    CenCalADV 5 years ago +1

    How did you mount the headlight to the fairing?

  • samuski36
    samuski36 5 years ago +3

    Oh Baby, hear them pipes! Man I can't wait to get on two wheels...would like to start on a dyna but that might be a bit more bike than I can handle, not to mention afford. Sweet bike!

  • Hawaiisidecar
    Hawaiisidecar 5 years ago

    Sweet Dyna! How tall are those risers? Oh 12", cool I have 10's.

  • gartec81
    gartec81  5 years ago

    thanks a lot

    • AUDI B5S4
      AUDI B5S4 2 years ago

      what size shocks are they?

    • Peter Esquivel
      Peter Esquivel 4 years ago

      Quick question, what brand and model is that helmet?

  • Peter Esquivel
    Peter Esquivel 5 years ago +2

    I watch this video regularly, everything about this bike is beauty.. Definitely want my first to be like this.

  • Nick Zaremba
    Nick Zaremba 6 years ago

    81 FOREVER! Bitchin dyna.

  • ApplesRSexxy
    ApplesRSexxy 6 years ago


  • gartec81
    gartec81  6 years ago

    the headlight I bolted to the fairing. so no relocation kit.
    bags are by conelys...

  • Julio Martínez
    Julio Martínez 6 years ago

    marks are the saddlebags?

  • EastmanGaming
    EastmanGaming 6 years ago

    What is the CC?

  • gartec81
    gartec81  6 years ago

    narrow glide louvered from conelys. comes with mounts needed. it was trimmed to fit a mid glide front end

  • enzela
    enzela 6 years ago

    Nice Bike,! Black, Simple and Strong just Like my coffe.

  • gartec81
    gartec81  6 years ago

    Licks cycles 24" super skinny bars...dimpled

  • Steven McDowell
    Steven McDowell 6 years ago

    what bars are you running?