15 Disney Princesses Reimagined By Amazing Artists

  • Published on Jul 20, 2017
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    Disney has created an empire based off of Disney princesses, and they remain iconic. Even the ones that had their debut when your grandma was born still manage to keep selling merchandise and convince little girls to dream about becoming a princess! Hey, even if you’re a male, you can have Disney princess aspirations! You can actually do your own reimagining from the comfort of your own home. Have you ever heard of Disney bounding? You can dress up as your favorite princess, but in modern day clothing. All you need is hints of the style and color scheme and you’re there. What would a Disney princess look like if she were male instead of female? Or, what if she just swapped clothes with her prince? Hey, there’s no need to conform to gender roles here with us!
    In this video, we’re going to blow your mind with fifteen Disney princesses reimagined by amazing artists. If you’re bored and can’t figure out something productive to do with your life, then why not pick up a pencil and become God? We mean, create your own version of a Disney princess? Who knows who will look at your work and think it’s fabulous! You might even be in the sequel of this video! You’ll never know unless you try. The artists you’re about to meet made some pretty bold renditions of our beloved princesses, and they’re looking pretty good. Ready to see these princesses looking completely different than how Mickey intended them to be? We’ll even hold your hand through the process!
    Emmanuel Viola
    Adam Ellis
    Isaiah Stephens
    Nephi Garcia
    Tony Ross
    Cue Jirka Väätäinen
    Annabel Coe
    Tim Curry
    Anoosha Syed
    Ralph Sevelius
    Shannon Dermody
    The Nameless Doll
    Maryam Safdar
    Haruki Godo
    Isabelle Staub
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    The cgi / reimagined realistic remake versions so happen to exists now. Interesting.

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    Do I "want to make a princess cry"?? You just asked the WRONG person.
    HELL, YES.

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    Fuck this liberal horseshit

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    How bout the princesses SUCK ME DRY

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    This obsession with disney princesses is pretty sick.

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    the issue with having a plus size princess is it pushes to the other side that being unhealthy and fat is ok, which isn't ok, how about a believable body size that is healthy.

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    tattoos are an expression of you or your families life to celebrate or mourn a passing loved one, or to commemorate a part of your life you want to remember or a warning to not do again, too many people still see tattoos as rebellion and dangerous.

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    This channel used to be the classiest countdown videos around and you go the retarded route like all the other cunts

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    Why do I feel like this is ripped from an article somewhere

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    sjw need to stay far away from Disney and other shows hell they need to stay far away from everything, their ideals of changing things are not everyone's ideals, especially considering their less than 10 percent. Just because you can do some doesn't mean you need to a.

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      Michael cole I don't know you but you are now my friend

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    I loved Merida (I think that's her name) from Brave. She was rebellious, never followed the rules and a complete tomboy.

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    stop doing this shit

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    I love Disney 😩😩

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