1000HP LIBERTY WALK NISSAN GTR CAR BUILD! | Forza Horizon 3 Gameplay

  • Published on Dec 5, 2016
  • Building a 1000HP+ Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R!
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    Krater - Flames
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Comments • 262

  • Catalytic Autosport
    Catalytic Autosport 2 years ago +52

    who needs a gtr when you can have 30-40 clios instead?

  • Forza Gaming 3 mudrunner American Wilds gaming

    Thats the sound that my bmw-m3 makes

  • Aden K.
    Aden K. Year ago

    Gang gang

  • ZaFe KiLa btw
    ZaFe KiLa btw Year ago

    Nissan GTR R35 is my favourite car

  • liash70
    liash70 Year ago

    On pc i cant turn the radio off also power is shown as kilowatt.How can i solve these two things?They're annoying me so bad :(

  • Thameen Allie
    Thameen Allie Year ago

    my dad used to have a red one

  • night _titan
    night _titan 2 years ago

    i love the Nissan GTR

  • thebrownman
    thebrownman 2 years ago

    the shots fired in this video, fucking hilarious

  • Lucas Boon
    Lucas Boon 2 years ago

    The interior is cool but it is all plastic☹️

  • skunk
    skunk 2 years ago

    is bhp and hp the same thing? sry

  • Nicki Bowen
    Nicki Bowen 2 years ago

    gang gang

  • Smokey Barb
    Smokey Barb 2 years ago


  • The Crew
    The Crew 2 years ago

    how do u get 370z in forza hrizon 1

  • burns0100
    burns0100 2 years ago

    Mines better.

  • Bitch! SUCK MY DICK! Fuck off its Taryk

    I love gtr I got a blue liberty walk one in Dubai

  • Jp Lourens
    Jp Lourens 2 years ago +1

    dude , cant hear the car ... u talk all the time

    • Nicki Bowen
      Nicki Bowen 2 years ago +1

      Jp Lourens you hated man I heard it perfect

  • John Blythe
    John Blythe 2 years ago

    I get that this vid is a couple of months old but have another sub, cuz dude you're frinkin funny

  • Lunatic Exorcism
    Lunatic Exorcism 2 years ago

    Can you used MANUAL WITHOUT CLUCTH ?????

  • Tenice Charles
    Tenice Charles 2 years ago

    did he just say pineapple tree lmaoo

  • Boaz De visser
    Boaz De visser 2 years ago

    Why a whyde body on a fk beast and the mostcoolest car ever

  • coupe Turbo
    coupe Turbo 2 years ago

    i wouldnt accept any supercar or hyper for free most are pretty much auto gearboxes which takes the fun away from it an awd shit...dont get me started. car has to be turbo petrol manual with a fwd or rwd setup

  • Pungschmekk
    Pungschmekk 2 years ago

    How do you get the stats to show kilos and hp? I only get one of them :(

  • RickyA16
    RickyA16 2 years ago

    add my gamer tag @rickya16 and hmu if u wanna play forza at ricardosanthony on insta

  • Markus Skonhoft
    Markus Skonhoft 2 years ago

    you ruined it..

  • Ashton Brodniansky
    Ashton Brodniansky 2 years ago

    Gang gang

  • RB Productions
    RB Productions 2 years ago +1

    well goodbye game videos hello irl vids. A good send off I guess

  • eXtreme Gaming
    eXtreme Gaming 2 years ago

    Sir kindly can you tell me which recording software and video rendering software you use??? Thanks

  • Anthony k
    Anthony k 2 years ago

    gang gang

  • Dicky Wong
    Dicky Wong 2 years ago

    stock thumbnail please

  • N1K3 Garza
    N1K3 Garza 2 years ago

    Can't wait for that bmw though lol

  • SON OF MICHAEL Jackson

    do up a suburu brz with a pineapple paint job

  • Jeanu Gefferie
    Jeanu Gefferie 2 years ago

    Gang gang

  • Buraisu Rori
    Buraisu Rori 2 years ago


  • Archie
    Archie 2 years ago


  • ShineStreet
    ShineStreet 2 years ago

    Ivory Tower & Ubisoft can't make interiors like that...

  • Dylan Perko
    Dylan Perko 2 years ago

    this buhl is pretty lit

  • FRICK 23
    FRICK 23 2 years ago

    Hey. .In da future can u plz move your boosted logo 2 the top right of da screen cause it's blocking da speed...

  • KSteel18
    KSteel18 2 years ago

    Hey just letting you know incase you didn't. Gta 5 added and "r32" mod you can buy for the "r35" (elegy) at Benny's auto shop. It'd make a good video

  • Jayden Sypho
    Jayden Sypho 2 years ago

    # gang gang

  • leo sandoval
    leo sandoval 2 years ago

    gang gang

  • Noah Martin
    Noah Martin 2 years ago

    gang gang

  • Christian Tilley
    Christian Tilley 2 years ago

    o the sound... o its good...

  • Adam Haiqal Rozlan
    Adam Haiqal Rozlan 2 years ago


  • M676 Thew
    M676 Thew 2 years ago

    I preffer a rocket bunny gtr

  • tobias pedersen
    tobias pedersen 2 years ago

    # ganggang

  • James_
    James_ 2 years ago

    Similar to SmurfinWRX's blue wrapped 1000hp R35 :D

  • Sebbee Baun
    Sebbee Baun 2 years ago

    Where is the australian Boosted? #ganggang

  • Daniel Buritica
    Daniel Buritica 2 years ago

    Boosted I haven't received my B1 stickersssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Κωστας Π.
    Κωστας Π. 2 years ago

    #GangGang look that blue computer with a wide body kit... old cars with less or no eletronics are the best

  • Nathan Matrenza
    Nathan Matrenza 2 years ago

    #gangang How do you get it to say horsepower! Mine says kilowatts!

  • BR Guitar
    BR Guitar 2 years ago

    Tbh people bitch about having a lot of driving aid but if you could turn them all off It would probs kill you

  • Miroslav Milushev
    Miroslav Milushev 2 years ago

    How is that you've got the game to show the car stats in BHP and kilograms ? I can either have BHP and pounds? or KW and KG... ?Love the videos BTW.

  • kyle_429
    kyle_429 2 years ago

    Also, #ganggang

  • kyle_429
    kyle_429 2 years ago

    The R33 is still my favorite, but the R35 is undoubtedly a BEAST! I'd take any of them if given to me. Lol.

  • Kronix
    Kronix 2 years ago

  • keyhan firoozbakht
    keyhan firoozbakht 2 years ago

    Do a RX8 plzzzzzzzzz

  • Thabang Gama
    Thabang Gama 2 years ago

    gang gang

  • Uzair Leite
    Uzair Leite 2 years ago

    #GangGang U speak way to fast mate. I would love to hav a GTR in my garage since its my favourite car.

  • Renneito Pitter
    Renneito Pitter 2 years ago


  • honda type R Boys
    honda type R Boys 2 years ago

    Nice gtr

  • Grem ripper
    Grem ripper 2 years ago


  • Amariucai Silviu
    Amariucai Silviu 2 years ago +1

    M8 keep doing stock sound test because we can see the deference between the stock and modified !
    Keep doing videos and I hope to get 100.000 subs
    You are the best :DD

  • Ali Mohamad
    Ali Mohamad 2 years ago

    stock car on the thumbnail

  • Henky H
    Henky H 2 years ago +1

    Thx Boosted for reacting on my post!!💪❤

  • David Burchell
    David Burchell 2 years ago


  • Taulha Basardien
    Taulha Basardien 2 years ago


  • Fady Adam
    Fady Adam 2 years ago


  • Niklas Lohmann
    Niklas Lohmann 2 years ago

    You massive pleb
    Paul had Ben Sopra Kit on his GTR

    • Niklas Lohmann
      Niklas Lohmann 2 years ago

      @Boosted The Man himself responded
      Oh Ok then you're right lol
      Anyway, greetings from germanyyy

    • Boosted
      Boosted  2 years ago

      I know mate.
      Was talking more the colour.

  • Omar
    Omar 2 years ago


  • Mitchel Curry
    Mitchel Curry 2 years ago

    Modify a Clio 4 on Forza!!

  • Denis Barbosu
    Denis Barbosu 2 years ago


  • Sudha Sridhar
    Sudha Sridhar 2 years ago +1

    it might be a electric spaceship right now but it still has a raw character (I mean a car that can wet the pants of ferrari and do donuts and all sorts of crazy things) although I would not want to buy one

    • Boosted
      Boosted  2 years ago +2

      They're cheap for what you get!

  • Sudha Sridhar
    Sudha Sridhar 2 years ago

    #gangang i love the gtr

  • Kobxlt YT
    Kobxlt YT 2 years ago

    Keep it stock you bell end

  • Nyro-San
    Nyro-San 2 years ago