• Published on Apr 12, 2018
  • Here's my easy ukulele tutorial for Remember Me from Coco! Printable Song Sheet: // Don't forget... ⬇︎
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Comments • 88

  • Carmen Puente
    Carmen Puente Year ago +84

    I feel like the only ukulele tutorials that I can watch are yours! You give all of the right information! Strum pattern, Chords, When to switch chords, Etc! You’re so awesome!

  • Ian Francisco
    Ian Francisco Month ago

    Dylan, i can see you are almost crying singing the lines.... same here....

  • jkeezy
    jkeezy Month ago +3

    my cat passed away yesterday, and this was his favorite song. thank you for this beautiful tutorial

  • aqua playz
    aqua playz 2 months ago


  • stev tall
    stev tall 3 months ago

    I thought Remember Me by Lucku Dube😥

  • Nico Lodicho
    Nico Lodicho 3 months ago

    Thank you very much that is my favorite song now I sing it

  • Vin De Xeon
    Vin De Xeon 3 months ago

    Nothing much to say, just amazing!

  • lilsushib0y Plays
    lilsushib0y Plays 4 months ago +1

    My fingers can’t reach at F minor 😭

    • Lillian Sue
      Lillian Sue 24 days ago


    • Ian Francisco
      Ian Francisco Month ago

      play the C chord with your pinky instead of ring finger so when its time to play Fm....your pinky is already in place....

  • Chelle
    Chelle 4 months ago

    I can only get halfway through the song before I start crying lol

    • Dylan Laine
      Dylan Laine  4 months ago +1

      I completely understand, it's such a sweet song!

  • Annie Mannie
    Annie Mannie 5 months ago +3

    Thank you for your beloved share of the song inloved for the past years this was the day i was gonna say to my mom i missed my mom so much😥

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique 5 months ago

    Thank you very much
    I love this song and you are a beautiful singer and a good teacher
    Again, thank you

  • Ferdinand Cabebe
    Ferdinand Cabebe 5 months ago +7

    5:20 is when she plays without saying the chords

  • Ama Amoakohene
    Ama Amoakohene 6 months ago +10

    Honestly don't know even have a ukulele so I don't know why I watch turtorials

  • Ingridfoxy 123
    Ingridfoxy 123 7 months ago

    U have good singer song

  • Precision Tactics
    Precision Tactics 7 months ago

    You have a very soothing singing voice 👍

  • Jorge Galicia
    Jorge Galicia 8 months ago

    excellent yes you sign like an angel.

  • Zanna Puppy
    Zanna Puppy 9 months ago

    This is kind of useful but as a beginner I couldn’t clearly see where her fingers was going for the chords

  • Jayvis Jacobus
    Jayvis Jacobus 10 months ago

    How do we tune???? I’m just a beginner

  • Sofia P.
    Sofia P. 10 months ago

    I just got a ukulele for Christmas, and I kinda learn the song but the Bb is making me struggle 😭😭

  • Hilda Dieckerhoff
    Hilda Dieckerhoff 11 months ago

    You can find this songtext online also often with
    '... for even if I'm far away ...'
    instead of
    '... for ever if I'm far away ...'
    Which version is right? Both?

    • Hi ,Pretty!
      Hi ,Pretty! 10 months ago +1

      Hilda & Paul Dieckerhoff for even

  • Brownie Galindo
    Brownie Galindo 11 months ago +1

    Remember me

  • Hi Everyone
    Hi Everyone Year ago

    Who knows really easy tutorials for a million dreams tell me witch cords tho I am a bit of a beginner and only know F,C and Dm

  • Herb Bañas I
    Herb Bañas I Year ago +1

    What makes this video extra special is her voice actually. So good. 😊

  • Dino Aids
    Dino Aids Year ago

    remember c

  • Lívia Lima
    Lívia Lima Year ago +1

    I don't even have a ukelele but now I want one

  • Aidan Stoddard
    Aidan Stoddard Year ago +11

    My grandfather is about to die from Cancer so I needed I tutorial so I can play him this song before he dies on my ukulele thank you so much

    • Aidan Stoddard
      Aidan Stoddard 10 months ago +3

      I hate to let you know my grandfather passed November 20th 2018

    • Dylan Laine
      Dylan Laine  Year ago +3

      I'm so glad this tutorial could be of help to you - that's very kind of you for you to learn it for your grandfather. Blessings you and him both.

  • Tina M.
    Tina M. Year ago

    Your voice is beautiful and your instructions want me to go out to buy a ukulele.

  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith Year ago +1

    That was gorgeous! I can’t wait to receive my first ukulele! ❤️ I’m still trying to decide which ukulele to go with. Yours sounds lovely!

  • Mochi Cheeks
    Mochi Cheeks Year ago

    Thank you.. I'll play this to my Grandpa.. :>

  • Paula Hanson
    Paula Hanson Year ago

    Anyone wanna help a small channel???

  • Diane Siano
    Diane Siano Year ago


  • Erjh Salas
    Erjh Salas Year ago


  • Jessy Smoote
    Jessy Smoote Year ago +4

    Most helpful for me rewatching starting from 3:45

  • Rose Cardona
    Rose Cardona Year ago +27

    Bought my 6 year old son a ukulele ur videos are really well made easy for him and myself to fallow.

    • Dylan Laine
      Dylan Laine  Year ago +2

      I'm so happy to hear that, Rose! I hope you and your son continue to have a wonderful time learning :)

  • Jean Mozart
    Jean Mozart Year ago

    I just put a sheet of this music
    I hope you like it thanks if you will see it

  • lovel
    lovel Year ago +80


  • Melroohani66
    Melroohani66 Year ago +3


  • Sone Kim
    Sone Kim Year ago +1

    love your voice ^-^

  • Emery Luna
    Emery Luna Year ago

    Um in a next tutorial will you please say the the string and finger cause when you did Fm and some others I didn’t quite understand

  • thỏ thỏ
    thỏ thỏ Year ago

    Thanks 😍

  • Annechii Rigodon
    Annechii Rigodon Year ago +127

    Remember me
    Though I have to say goodbye
    Remember me
    Don't let it make you cry
    For ever if I'm far away
    I hold you in my heart
    I sing a secret song to you
    Each night we are apart
    Remember me
    Though I have to travel far
    Remember me
    Each time you hear a sad guitar
    Know that I’m with you
    The only way that I can be
    Until you’re in my arms again
    Remember me

  • Gitit Gal
    Gitit Gal Year ago

    i feel like something about my uke tuning is off. it id tune but when i play with you some chords doesnt sound the same, can i ask how your uke is tuned?

    • dess pjm
      dess pjm Year ago

      Gitit Gal hi you can download an app that tunes ur uke.

  • William Cano
    William Cano Year ago

    Nice voice and room

  • Joan Alipustain
    Joan Alipustain Year ago

    I really love your tutorials dylan! It can really help me because i am just a beginner on ukelele Godbless to you❤

  • Amy Clark
    Amy Clark Year ago +12

    i wish your music was free it would really help but i don't have the money

  • VidVoyeur
    VidVoyeur Year ago +9

    I think I misunderstood your comment because I can't open the free tutorial for this because it actually is listed as "" Am I correct?

  • Christine Wheatley

    Thanks for being so sweet and giving, to us Ukulele fans! We love and appreciate you. God bless you, Dylan 🐸

    • Alona Vicencio
      Alona Vicencio Year ago

      Dylan Laine hello I'm your fan and you are the best I haven seen smooth ukulele and strumming are very smooth I love you dylan we love you more God bless you for more teaching as. like children I teaching to all of them and you are the reason that's why i'll LEARN to you.

    • Dylan Laine
      Dylan Laine  Year ago

      Aww that makes my day. Thank you, Christine! God bless you :)

  • Fides liway Melad

    Can you do a happy day tutorial vid thanks if you can it will help me a lot😊😊😊😊😊

  • Eru Neko
    Eru Neko Year ago

    One of the best uke teacher

  • Panda Cookie
    Panda Cookie Year ago

    Wow 😮 I just watched this movie 🎥 by the way when are you going to give away the ukulele. I have done ✅ all the things. Just so you know.

    • Tonja Henderson
      Tonja Henderson 8 months ago

      If you repeat the chords G, D then put your first finger on string one on the 2nd fret and your second finger on the 3rd string 2nd fret and C if you repeat those youll have it!

  • thea loves
    thea loves Year ago

    Yay!!! :D Thank you for this! :)

  • Maka's Right Pigtail

    I don't have a ukulele yet but I will follow this when I get one

  • KyeoptaPoppin
    KyeoptaPoppin Year ago +2

    I think the C on the 4th line is supposed to be C7.

    • Dylan Laine
      Dylan Laine  Year ago +5

      Hi! In the intro I talk about how I chose to minimize the amount of chords used in order to make my version more simplified. Because of this, I chose to use C instead of C7 since they have a very similar sound, and since we were already using C previously in the song :)

  • Lizzie Dean Makes

    Hi Dylan - what is the song in your intro? I find it super catchy - is it part of a song you wrote? Did you do a ukulele tutorial on it ever? I would really like to hear how the rest of it goes xx

  • Cimm bunbun
    Cimm bunbun Year ago +2

    I think it cool you are doing this

  • Mikki W
    Mikki W Year ago +1

    Can you please do God bless the broken road tutorial or little do you know on the ukulele? 😁😁❤️❤️

  • Cimm bunbun
    Cimm bunbun Year ago

    I love the movie

  • Gimme a Minuto
    Gimme a Minuto Year ago

    Also have you done a Broken prayers tutorial yet?

  • Juan Pablo Leiva
    Juan Pablo Leiva Year ago


  • Gimme a Minuto
    Gimme a Minuto Year ago

    Thanks I havent seen the movie yet.