[EPISODE] Lee Hyun '다음이 있을까' comeback surprise party

  • Published on Mar 17, 2018
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    MJ SUGA COATED Day ago

    Lee Hyun's beautiful, Jin is beautiful, Jim in is beautiful. Big hit is a company filled with beautiful people.

  • Ariaan Rivera
    Ariaan Rivera Day ago


  • michelle walukow

    i want to learn more about lee hyun >3 >3

  • rejane asignacion
    rejane asignacion Day ago +1

    Stan Lee Hyun.
    Stan BTS.
    Stan Bighit.

  • Anh Nguyễn Hồng

    So cute

  • lara cole
    lara cole 5 days ago

    Lee Hyun 😍

  • Ana Gonzales
    Ana Gonzales 6 days ago

    Menber txt ,😭😭😭

  • please ignore me
    please ignore me 10 days ago

    0:24 it took me too long to realize a person was closing that door

  • ChimJimin 95
    ChimJimin 95 12 days ago +2

    I want video of Lee Hyun BTS and TXT in MBC 😭

  • vibhooti Jin
    vibhooti Jin 15 days ago

    My eyes are sweating a lot these days

  • M T
    M T 20 days ago +1

    Aw my goodness 🥰💜

  • carbonara lachimolala

    Los amo tres millones!!!!!! Wueno más pero eso dijieron eso ustedes a nosotr@s papitos

  • Fern J
    Fern J 23 days ago +2

    this is still the cutest thing I’m- :,)

  • Cu'tae' pie
    Cu'tae' pie 23 days ago +1

    Y lee hyun is looking like older version of j hope 🤔🤔

  • Neditioms
    Neditioms 23 days ago

    The two most lovely members with him

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 24 days ago

    Jimin Jin

  • Farida Hamza
    Farida Hamza 24 days ago

    The BigHit family picture we got this past week 🥺💜💜

  • Lil Euphoria
    Lil Euphoria 24 days ago

    so I wanted to turn on subtitles and it appeared me the options of no caption and spanish (auto-generated) like, what the fu-

  • Shristi Vazra
    Shristi Vazra 26 days ago

    Please provide eng sub

  • ARMbangtan
    ARMbangtan 26 days ago +1

    1:17 miss that hand shake :

  • 강레일
    강레일 26 days ago +1

    Se nota que jimin Jin son más unidos a lee hyun

  • Claudia Nascimento
    Claudia Nascimento 26 days ago

    Aiii eu não sabia que tinha um solo na big hit

  • blacktang.mochi
    blacktang.mochi 27 days ago +2

    me searching up who Lee Hyun is strait away after seeing photo of him, bts and txt

  • Km Fahim
    Km Fahim 28 days ago

    1:27 I really love that laugh jin....

  • margaretixx
    margaretixx Month ago +1

    They're so sweet I can't-😭

  • 0613_망고
    0613_망고 Month ago

    3:00"우리진이는 오늘도 머리 안감았니??"ㅋㅋㅌㅋ그럼 언제 감은건딬ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    DAILY BANGTAN Month ago

    Can they do something like this with txt

  • Anne Denise
    Anne Denise Month ago


  • moist apple
    moist apple Month ago

    Was this after Jin cut his own hair💀💀💀

  • Mystery 7
    Mystery 7 Month ago

    Why can't they fix it to where we can do English subtitles??

  • San Kim
    San Kim Month ago

    Jimin and Jin looked like two annoying little brothers seeking for their beloved Lee Hyun hyung's attention 😂

  • kris :p
    kris :p Month ago +1

    Lee Hyun's laugh is adorable oml

  • 지민사랑
    지민사랑 Month ago

    이쁜이들 😚😚😚🥰🥰🥰

  • V Lawliet
    V Lawliet Month ago

    They look close
    We love family..

  • priscilla chandra
    priscilla chandra Month ago +1

    need the subtitle 😑😑😑

  • Lucelie Ah
    Lucelie Ah Month ago +1

    I clicked because of leehyun I don't know who he is that's why. My life goal is to discover every kpop artist out there I found out about homme, 8ight I think, 2am and many more .well it was in 2018 that I was introduced to kpop .I found out by myself and it was a accident a very wonderful one. I am also a terrible youtuber but I have a video based on how I got introduced to kpop so if you're interested. ..

  • you dont know me
    you dont know me Month ago

    Jin I love you so much❤😘.

  • Army's fan fiction 국

    After four years, I know bts, and recently I know txt, I know Lee hyun on this day ... Hahahaha ... I'm sorry ...

  • Dasha Daymer
    Dasha Daymer Month ago

    ДАВАЙТЕ ВСЕ ВМЕСТЕ СМОТРЕТЬ DNA!😇 Let's watch together DNA! Арми - сила, мы сможем ради BTS. Army - strength! We can do this for BTS❤

  • BTSxTXT Universe
    BTSxTXT Universe Month ago

    I think BH should promote Lee hyun as well as BTS or TXT :v

  • Saad Alnoori
    Saad Alnoori Month ago

    كايز منو هذا ليمون ممكن اعرف بحبكم بي تي اس و ارمي

  • Ain't No Fish Inside
    Ain't No Fish Inside Month ago +1

    He already had his birthday but I don't see any comments about his birthday so...
    * inhales *
    _leehyun needs some respect too, guys, this video was not only about jin and jimin :(_

  • nur azhimah
    nur azhimah Month ago

    Bighit family

  • _SRA _
    _SRA _ Month ago

    Didnt he appear in suga's vlive on his bday these year (2019)?


    Qué bueno que se lleven bien entre compañeros 😊

  • Iam hiba
    Iam hiba Month ago +1

    Hyun is such a good hyung

  • -; ʟɪᴢɪ.
    -; ʟɪᴢɪ. 2 months ago

    Jimin, you nice, keep going

  • Bang to the Boys Bằng to the Bangtan Boys


  • Solan Piya
    Solan Piya 2 months ago +1

    Ooommo how come I never saw this! Bighit fam💜💜💜💜💜

  • bts 4ever
    bts 4ever 2 months ago

    haha i miss yoongi live..they are so funny😂😂

  • Dina 2606
    Dina 2606 2 months ago

    Siapa Lee hyun?

    JENNE MABIA 2 months ago

    Bts didn't call Lee hyun sunbenim he call hyung.

  • Anahiz Ortíz
    Anahiz Ortíz 2 months ago

    Esto pasó hace un año atrás

  • Kate Eubanks
    Kate Eubanks 2 months ago +2

    I’m pissed that I just found out about Lee Hyun.

  • Army For Life
    Army For Life 2 months ago

    Plz tell me who's this??

  • omega binu
    omega binu 2 months ago

    1:50 he looks like jhope

  • Jimin-Biased army
    Jimin-Biased army 2 months ago


  • Esth Life
    Esth Life 2 months ago +1

    Este HYUNG es super gracioso,se lleva muy bien con los chicos de BTS 😂😂😋😋😋😂😂😂😂😙😘😍

  • Kimseokjin Prince
    Kimseokjin Prince 2 months ago +1

    Even bts with Lee Hyun sharing food.. 😂❤💜 Bighit is just not company BigHit is Family

  • jams wanted
    jams wanted 2 months ago

    Damn he fine

  • 3na 3na
    3na 3na 2 months ago +234

    I only trust JinHit Ent
    Still waiting for BigHit Family Concert 💜💜💯

    • Ella Matthews
      Ella Matthews 9 days ago

      3na 3na there’s 2 groups and a soloist under big hit so idk🤷‍♂️

    • Erika Pauline
      Erika Pauline 2 months ago +2

      Shine BTS Me too!😂💜

  • Leliarose
    Leliarose 2 months ago

    Lol the managers chased them out ㅎㅎ

  • You Mee
    You Mee 2 months ago


  • jimin ssi
    jimin ssi 2 months ago +1

    bighit family uwu

  • jimin ssi
    jimin ssi 2 months ago +1

    1:43 hyun feeding his hobaes

  • jimin ssi
    jimin ssi 2 months ago +1

    lee hyun is so wonderful

  • Andrea Alfonzo
    Andrea Alfonzo 2 months ago +1

    Lee hyun💕

  • bentata karima
    bentata karima 2 months ago

    happy birthday LEE HYUN.

  • Isha Pendem
    Isha Pendem 2 months ago +2

    Jin calling someone hyung is just so weird to me

  • GallyiTravels
    GallyiTravels 2 months ago +1

    Jimin is the king of birthday cakes 😍

  • victoria Ibalo
    victoria Ibalo 2 months ago

    Son tan lindos💖

  • I am Asoo
    I am Asoo 2 months ago

    ياااااا اول مرة اشوف هالمقطع اللطيف

  • lahdeedah
    lahdeedah 2 months ago +1

    So cute! Lee hyung is so wonderful xx

  • Pitufina M17
    Pitufina M17 2 months ago

    Jajajjaa mis amores Lee te amo

  • Purple Messy Me
    Purple Messy Me 2 months ago +8

    Stan Lee Hyun too! Support BigHit familyyyyy ❤

  • Hypa-Gemie
    Hypa-Gemie 2 months ago


  • augna
    augna 2 months ago

    Cake fairy Jimin back at it again

  • Amanda Edits
    Amanda Edits 2 months ago +3

    i love!!! bighit family 😍

  • Amanda Edits
    Amanda Edits 2 months ago

    tão fofos!

  • spill the tae
    spill the tae 2 months ago +2

    they're so sweet

  • Suga Hyung
    Suga Hyung 2 months ago

    Ooh ma che cariniii

  • 00000 00000
    00000 00000 2 months ago +90

    *i bet half of the people clicked because of jin and jimin*
    Bithit isn't just bts. Show love to leehyun too

    • Tits altamero
      Tits altamero 20 hours ago

      I literally click this for Lee Hyun 😍 I'm curious abt him. Let's support this soloist under BIGHITTT 😍 lets fairly support and love BTS,TXT AND LEE HYUN !! 💜💜💖

    • i-army frvr
      i-army frvr 16 days ago

      Never im here because its bighit famly more than bts

    • BTS Fangirl
      BTS Fangirl Month ago +1

      those who like bts they also know about other artists in bighit.....i think ppl first know about bighit through bts then others through bighit....afterall fans love to know about not only idols but also companies....😊😊😊

    • Nur Fatihah Hamsan
      Nur Fatihah Hamsan Month ago +1

      I came for lee hyun . His voice

    • Yoon Minion
      Yoon Minion 2 months ago +3

      Bianca i came for both because im an army but i just found out about lee hyun then so i came for him

  • Jin
    Jin 2 months ago

    Wow very sweet ❤️ 🇵🇱

  • sunshinexyoongi
    sunshinexyoongi 2 months ago

    me alegra que se lleven bien con Lee:)

  • Paula Barreto
    Paula Barreto 2 months ago +1

    A quien le envio ese video Jimin?

  • bow ɩى aɾmʏ
    bow ɩى aɾmʏ 2 months ago

    **jimin enters the room**
    JM: ahhhhh, ahhhhh!

  • bts' trashcan
    bts' trashcan 2 months ago +1

    3:34 let's go home :)

  • Emma Jang
    Emma Jang 2 months ago

    1:13 Ok I just literally died asdfghjlñ

  • Lisa Ayna
    Lisa Ayna 2 months ago +1

    So cute, I want that cake tho😂💕

  • Amparo Guadalupe Rosero Rosero

    me acabo de enamorar del chico que veo y no es ni Jimin ni Jin

  • Hwan Eun-Yeong
    Hwan Eun-Yeong 2 months ago

    Lee Hyun 💕💕💕💕

  • dayxiyoo Da
    dayxiyoo Da 2 months ago +1

    I see pdnim😍😍😍😍😍

  • i love suffering
    i love suffering 3 months ago +1

    awe, the bighit family together :'(, dont touch me im soft

  • Sidra Altayeb
    Sidra Altayeb 3 months ago

    Happy birthday lee hyun :) ❤️

  • vidal FandomSN
    vidal FandomSN 3 months ago


  • vidal FandomSN
    vidal FandomSN 3 months ago

    Gracias por acordarse de nosotros gracias por la traducción a Español

  • vidal FandomSN
    vidal FandomSN 3 months ago

    Yes españooooool

  • So Jin Ho
    So Jin Ho 3 months ago +1

    енто так 💜

  • Lucia Ferreira
    Lucia Ferreira 3 months ago


  • Lara Leeblanc
    Lara Leeblanc 3 months ago

    Siento envidia .... Jin le dio de. Comer :((