Alabama Crimson Tide Football: First look at Tua Tagovailoa, Taulia, Antonio Alfano, and Evan Neal

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
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Comments • 334

  • Edtrice Durant
    Edtrice Durant 22 days ago

    Can’t wait to see the two brothers in action

  • OBServe Garage
    OBServe Garage 25 days ago

    Who’s teaching BAMA DBs how to actually cover their receivers? If that doesn’t improve, the result will be the same as last year.

  • Omerta Argue
    Omerta Argue 26 days ago

    I couldn't find Najee Harris

  • Buddah Theepoet
    Buddah Theepoet 27 days ago

    I now know why we're so good preparation for all situations.
    That come off the block and fumble recovery drill was so fluid!#RTR#RammerJammerYellowHammer

  • TheKnowitall
    TheKnowitall 29 days ago

    Taulia looks tiny.

  • Peter S.
    Peter S. 29 days ago +1

    plot twist: this is old footage from 2 years ago


  • Mark Mccoggle
    Mark Mccoggle Month ago +2

    I’m next πŸ™πŸΎπŸˆπŸ”₯

  • Charles Woodson
    Charles Woodson Month ago


  • Charles Woodson
    Charles Woodson Month ago


  • Christopher Ellis
    Christopher Ellis Month ago

    Najee Harris and Brian Robinson have to stay on their toes cause I am telling you this kid Trey Sanders is another Leonard Fournette" when he was not playing Bama" type. The kid is for real.

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G 28 days ago

      Those two are the main guys. Trey will get his chance one day.

    • Cashboy Dee
      Cashboy Dee Month ago

      He not beating them out

  • Manuel Baca
    Manuel Baca Month ago

    Another cup cake season for a overrated team.

    • Gamecock Nation
      Gamecock Nation 23 days ago

      Look at Clemson's schedule. Theirs is much weaker than Alabama's.

  • Christopher Yang
    Christopher Yang Month ago +2

    Is that Steve Sarkisian? The guy who destroyed the Atlanta Falcons offense?

  • MisKelaneous
    MisKelaneous Month ago

    Bama loses 3 games this season

  • 44- 16
    44- 16 Month ago


    • 100anti
      100anti 23 days ago

      This year it will 100 to 6 Bama!

  • 44- 16
    44- 16 Month ago


  • joseph joseph
    joseph joseph Month ago

    Why does every single offensive lineman have two knee braces, are they preventive? In high school the only guys I knew that wore them were the guys who had knee injuries

  • Wilt C.
    Wilt C. Month ago

    They ain't making the playoffs

  • Thomas Reese
    Thomas Reese Month ago +2

    Why are there 6 dislike if you don't like a Alabama football why are following the page lol

    • Dionne
      Dionne Month ago +1

      Thomas Reese All haters do is hate

  • Harold Hall
    Harold Hall Month ago

    3:30 davis, mathis, ray... thats the front 3 we wanna really see πŸ‘Œ

  • 100anti
    100anti Month ago +1

    Way to go Bama pace urselves.

  • Baseball4life 06
    Baseball4life 06 Month ago

    Now here’s the question who is going to be third string Antonio or taulia

  • Adam Wintetbottom
    Adam Wintetbottom Month ago


  • David Merlin
    David Merlin Month ago +1

    I can’t wait til the A Day game

  • iPooKaePoo
    iPooKaePoo Month ago +2

    I only became interested in college football last year because of coach uce, I'm so keen for what bamas got for us this year 😁😁😁

  • David Joseph
    David Joseph Month ago +1

    They need to show me the cb because we already know tua good but what about them.

    JOSH YATES Month ago +1

    Any body who can guard Clemson's receivers?

  • Jo McCutcheon
    Jo McCutcheon Month ago +1

    This video is so awesome,,, Roll Tide Baby,,, their back and hungry,,,

  • Phyllis Burns
    Phyllis Burns Month ago +4

    Old school coaches in the Bama house now. Yasss. Roll Tide..

  • TheKnowitall
    TheKnowitall Month ago

    I remember in 2007 seeing Major on the practice field. Back to future I guess. I'm hoping Mac steps it up. We may need him at sometime this year. All I know is I want another shot at Clemson. They were deserving of the title but there is no way they were 44-16 better. Much like 2009 when the players pretty openly said we want Florida again I think this team wants the Clemson Tigers again.


    I'm worried..the book is out on Tua, he's injury prone, he's off target when he is injured, he has trouble handling pressure..i thought Mac Jones was further along than he showed last season..Bama HAS to get a STURDY, STEADY, TOUGH QB who can take the pounding and still operate..i have hope for Tyson as a tough drop back Qb, i see Taulia as a 'Kyler Murray' type Qb..i think Bama has what it takes to succeed, but how far?..only as far as the QB takes them...

  • Classical Liberal Warrior

    RT, baby!

  • x5starhustla
    x5starhustla Month ago

    What Eyabi crying about???

  • Cody Gillion
    Cody Gillion Month ago

    can’t wait till the a day game

  • palm beach
    palm beach Month ago

    Miami win Championship..

    • BamaFanForLife
      BamaFanForLife Month ago +1

      Bah hahaha that's funny!

    • Yba Coop
      Yba Coop Month ago +1

      You straight crazy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Month ago +1

      They got a ways to go

  • * *
    * * Month ago +6

    Looking forward to 2019! All the best Jalen! You are still #1. . . Rtr

  • rick188888
    rick188888 Month ago +1

    Love the HD video.

  • KEWE
    KEWE Month ago +20

    Najee Harris year watch out that boy got something to prove

    • Denzel5142
      Denzel5142 24 days ago

      Trey Sanders

    • 20 16
      20 16 Month ago


    • David Merlin
      David Merlin Month ago +1

      KEWE That number 1 back out of Florida is going to be a beast also

    • KEWE
      KEWE Month ago

      Manny Fresh He will have a year to and get his draft stock up definitely

    • Manny Fresh
      Manny Fresh Month ago +2

      Sleeping on Brian robinson

  • RubTheRock64
    RubTheRock64 Month ago

    Farmer Fran @1:18

  • Don Hawkins
    Don Hawkins Month ago

    Sabah must of seen something good in those miss st coaches

  • Camjamo
    Camjamo Month ago +1


    • Gamecock Nation
      Gamecock Nation 22 days ago

      +Camjamo I see you're avoiding the two Bama fans that replied to you before me because you know you can't counter anything against them since they destroyed your ass year in and year out.

    • Gamecock Nation
      Gamecock Nation 22 days ago

      +Camjamo Look at that, you still butthurt because you can't score shit on Bama. Maybe you will get a FG next time if you're lucky.🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    • Camjamo
      Camjamo 23 days ago

      Gamecock Nation your team is garbage.

    • Gamecock Nation
      Gamecock Nation 23 days ago

      +Camjamo Talk on the Internet when you finally manage to snap your long losing streak against Alabama.

    • Camjamo
      Camjamo 23 days ago

      Gamecock Nation talk to me when you’re not the second best team in your state

  • idratherbflyingthesaucer #62

    The creme of the crop. Let's ROLL TIDE

  • idratherbflyingthesaucer #62

    2 words... SUPREME ATHLETES

  • Melo Soul
    Melo Soul Month ago

  • KalihiSaint
    KalihiSaint Month ago +5


  • Randy Jordan
    Randy Jordan Month ago +2

    Lookin' good. Now all we need is for somebody to beat Clemson before January. :-)

    • Laser Games
      Laser Games Month ago

      +Randy Jordan ok but 1 loss bama or clemson are basically guaranteed a spot in the playoff

    • Randy Jordan
      Randy Jordan Month ago

      +Laser Games I'm saying that if Clemson has a loss before the playoffs, they're less likely to make the playoffs. Much like OSU missed the playoffs last year because of their loss to Purdue.

    • Laser Games
      Laser Games Month ago

      +Rob Wellborn So what you're saying is you want a 1 loss Clemson to win ANOTHER National Championship! I'm good with that.

    • Rob Wellborn
      Rob Wellborn Month ago

      I don’t want ANYBODY! to beat Clemson... I want US ! to beat them

    • Gamecock Nation
      Gamecock Nation Month ago +1

      +Laser Games Clemson's defense will be dead last now that they have almost everyone gone.

  • Khris' Kicks
    Khris' Kicks Month ago +1

    Didn't record the rb's ?

  • John Wills
    John Wills Month ago +1

    Who is #56? Alfono?

  • Chandler Ivy
    Chandler Ivy Month ago +11

    Just wait Tyrell Shavers gone make some noise this year πŸ™ŒπŸ’―

    • TeddyGFilms
      TeddyGFilms Month ago +1

      He will be the main target for Taulia

    • Drewski
      Drewski Month ago


    • BelieveitAchieveit
      BelieveitAchieveit Month ago

      It's going to be hard, he is 4th on the depth chart at best.

    • Jbe #17
      Jbe #17 Month ago

      I hope he eats and 20lbs of size he could

    • Eric Colvard
      Eric Colvard Month ago

      Chandler Ivy I thought he was coming in as a freshman like 6’7 or something gone be something mean just throw it up

  • StangWhippinOne
    StangWhippinOne Month ago +6

    This makes my day... I think our secondary is gonna take a huge step! With the addition of Antonio Alfano and Trey Sanders makes it that much scarier.. Then we get back Lewis and Chris Allen.. Let me stop! Roll Tide!

  • barry walker
    barry walker Month ago +1

    All these fucking bonehead morons still raving about tua and taking up for him are beyond fucking brain dead.tua is a fucking classless fake.tua has never led Alabama to the cfp in his two years at Alabama.he could not win the SEC championship game last season because he is soft as fucking cotton.tua looks like a girl and plays just as soft as one.Alabama will go back to the running game and let real men take over.tua will stay in the fucking tent and his backups will come in and look like stone cold ass clownsπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€tua is the most fucking overrated quarterback in the history of college football.tua is so fucking overrated that his ass is brushing against the fucking moon.tua will fail vegas again.someone has a fucking serious drinking problem in Vegas to make this little weak ass girlie,girlie asshole the heisman favorite againπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€tua will continue to go down in flames and continue to hold on to the reputation as the greatest flop in the history of college football....44-16πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Efrem Norwood
    Efrem Norwood Month ago +7

    Good job guys ; you showed all positions except RB.

  • Kel Tindall
    Kel Tindall Month ago +5

    Is cameron latu 20 playing TE ?

  • ROLL TIDE 808
    ROLL TIDE 808 Month ago +25

    The boys are bacc πŸ’― we gonna DOMINATE this season πŸ’―

    • charles freeman
      charles freeman 23 days ago

      +Gamecock Nation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ yeah ok

    • Gamecock Nation
      Gamecock Nation 23 days ago

      +charles freeman We had our 4th string freshman. We feasted y'alls overrated defense in Death Valley and now Clemsuck lost almost all of their defensive starters and now the defense will suck and Clemsuck will lose at least 5 games.

    • charles freeman
      charles freeman 23 days ago

      Ofc play the blame game πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ur quaterback had the best game of his career y'all defense is just garbage just like bama and all the other big teams we Riped apartπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Gamecock Nation
      Gamecock Nation 23 days ago

      +charles freeman That's because 9 of Gamecocks starters didn't play due to injuries or else we would have destroyed Clemsuck easily. Clemsuck would have been 6-6 in the regular season if not for ref help but Dumbo Swinney pays the refs to save his ass.

    • charles freeman
      charles freeman 25 days ago

      +Gamecock Nation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the last thing dabo do is pay the refs he just a Great coach and He Proves it more and more Every year like I see ur a gamecock fan We played our worse Defense in Clemson history and still be y'all by 21 -More πŸ˜‚ so don't talk bout my team Period Go 15-0 then talk

  • Para Brooks
    Para Brooks Month ago +7

    Love my Bama boys.ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🐘🏈🐘🏈🐘🏈🐘🏈🐘🏈🐘🏈🐘🏈🐘🏈🐘🏈🐘🏈

  • Alabama Football
    Alabama Football  Month ago +3

    TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - Alabama opened its spring camp Friday as players participated in their first of a total of 15 practices. Players wore shirts and shorts and worked outside under cloudy, 72-degree weather. Here are some notes from the media viewing period.
    Just In: Latest on Ale Kaho
    - Two of the three Alabama players suspended from the College Football Playoff weren’t present at practice. Backup tight end Kedrick James and backup offensive lineman Elliot Baker were both missing after violating team rules in December. Starting left guard Deonte Brown was also suspended but was seen working with the offensive linemen.
    - Inside linebacker Ale Kaho was another notable absence. The sophomore is expected to compete for the starting role alongside Dylan Moses. Ben Davis was also missing from the unit after undergoing offseason surgery.
    - Moses led the inside linebackers and was followed by Joshua McMillon, Shane Lee, Jaylen Moody, Trae Drake (walk-on), Joe Donald (walk-on) and Markail Benton.
    - Shane Lee is the latest freakish freshman to arrive at Alabama. He has a really thick build and tree trunks for legs.
    Continue Reading

  • Ernesto Uribe
    Ernesto Uribe Month ago +10

    Great footage. These drills they are doing are really great for technique

  • Skrill06
    Skrill06 Month ago +3

    Overrated already!!! We’ll enjoy giving y’all ANOTHER BEAT DOWN this year!!!!

    • Rob Wellborn
      Rob Wellborn Month ago

      You aughta leave that crack alone

    • Oscar Evans
      Oscar Evans Month ago

      Eventhough Alabama and Clemson are 2-2 the last 4 years, Clemson does own the bragging rights since they did beat us down last meeting. Congratulations Clemson. I can never predict what is going to happen for the season. Just praying injuries are minimal, no arrest and the team gels into a good team. Praying for a Clemson-Alabama V. Roll Tide Roll!!

    • Jeremy Rider
      Jeremy Rider Month ago

      OK bet u won't find no Bama fans who give a damaged about watching a Clemson video but here u are a Clemson fan watching a Bama practice why don't u die

    • james Collins
      james Collins Month ago +4

      Get a fucking life loser

    • Dionne
      Dionne Month ago +2

      Don’t you have a Clemson channel to troll?

  • TheGuitarMonk
    TheGuitarMonk Month ago +4

    Bama 2.0 starts this year.

  • Douglas Vines
    Douglas Vines Month ago +12

    Everybody get there but to A DAY we need to pack da house

  • Blk_Fist 30
    Blk_Fist 30 Month ago +6

    This made me smile so hard!! Football is back!!

    • William Horton
      William Horton Month ago

      +Andrea Baker The season starts August 31

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker Month ago +1

      Blk_Fist 30 Bama's 1st game is on August 31st

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker Month ago +1

      Blk_Fist 30 it will be here very soon:)

    • Blk_Fist 30
      Blk_Fist 30 Month ago +1

      Andrea Baker big facts!

    • Andrea Baker
      Andrea Baker Month ago +2

      Blk_Fist 30 here in the south I don't think football really goes away! we start talking & thinking about how many more months ti it starts again, lol!

  • Douglas Vines
    Douglas Vines Month ago +5

    They are passing great defense needs to redeem there selves

  • Absurd Hero
    Absurd Hero Month ago +4

    πŸ™…πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈLet's not get too hyped again y'all. Remember how we ended the season πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

  • Jakavian Tyrell Hines
    Jakavian Tyrell Hines Month ago +2

    Roll tide

    • Burns Fam
      Burns Fam Month ago

      drizzal83 bruh you can’t talk they beat bama 44-16 and drug them all game if it was a closer game then yeah you could but Clemson fans have all the bragging rights

    • drizzal83
      drizzal83 Month ago

      +Skrill06 which one?
      EDIT: just saw you trolling all through the comment section so I think that answered my question. I've never seen a fanbase this delusional about a team that's 2-2 with the same amount of titles as Alabama in the same time span.This time last year they were so quiet, you could hear a mouse fart. The very next season-- "best team in modern history πŸ˜‚. Funny how that works.

    • Skrill06
      Skrill06 Month ago +1

      Jakavian Tyrell Hines Go Tigers!!!!

  • Juju
    Juju Month ago +2

    Can’t wait 😊

  • Screaming Eagle
    Screaming Eagle Month ago +2

    A great team..RT

  • Tim Glover
    Tim Glover Month ago +7

    I've been hearing that tua has become very cocky, I hope that's not true. He needs to stay humble

    • john teague
      john teague Month ago

      +Shane Vidal jealous

    • john teague
      john teague Month ago

      Fake news

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Month ago

      +Juju Exactly!!!

    • Juju
      Juju Month ago

      It’s confidence that’s all it is y’all.

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Month ago +1

      +Tj Adams Still a humble guy and always praised God and gave praise to his teammates. He still would tap his chest and point up after he threw touchdowns. 44-16 was a wake up call for all of them but it is always Forget Clemson and their disrespectful fan base! Bama know what to do! Roll Tide

  • Jbe #17
    Jbe #17 Month ago +7

    Someone has one hell of a job πŸ‘ the line looks like some big boys I worry about that

  • Jedi Redx
    Jedi Redx Month ago +19

    Tua and Mack are on target

    • NeNe G
      NeNe G Month ago +11

      Exactly why I say Mac will be the backup this year even though nobody is really giving him a chance. They're all Paul And Taulia but Mac can throw that thang just fine.

  • Jay Mike
    Jay Mike Month ago +8

    We’re backkkkkkkk

    • 44- 16
      44- 16 Month ago

      +drizzal83 I agree, we exposed Bammie as a fraud yet again...44-16.

    • drizzal83
      drizzal83 Month ago

      +44- 16 this is the most pathetic thing I've seen on RU-clip possibly ever. Holy shit...

    • 44- 16
      44- 16 Month ago

      "I just wish to God Bammie could beat Auburn and at the very our'all's own 13-0 Natty Champ UCF done did"
      -Jay "26-14'" Mike

    • 44- 16
      44- 16 Month ago

      +Jay Mike "who the fuck chokes to Clemson...with 1 second left in the season!!??"
      -Alabama's Athletic Director

  • DaisyLynn Kent
    DaisyLynn Kent Month ago +39

    Looking good Ya'll. Can't wait for this year's redemption

    • james Collins
      james Collins Month ago +4

      +Ennis Whalen there's always one loser..... Get a life

    • Alex Harrison
      Alex Harrison Month ago +3

      Ennis Whalen vengeance

    • Ennis Whalen
      Ennis Whalen Month ago +2

      DLK - Redemption? ......or just another beating?

  • Dano BOOKUM
    Dano BOOKUM Month ago +7

    Yes finally