Amazing Fastest Homemade Wood Sawmill Machines, EXTREME Homemade Bandsaw Woodworking Tools

  • Published on Mar 1, 2018
  • Amazing Fastest Homemade Wood Sawmill Machines, EXTREME Homemade Bandsaw Woodworking Tools
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  • Dave Underwood
    Dave Underwood 2 months ago

    My God there is a bunch of winey idiots in the comment section. Go back to your cat videos.

  • Backspin
    Backspin 4 months ago +1

    One of the Scariest videos on RU-clip.

  • Björn Mundt
    Björn Mundt 5 months ago

    Against any OSH act.

  • george jackson
    george jackson 6 months ago

    my norwood mx34 eats wood compared to theses mills.. some nice ideas here some scary..

  • Słowiański Garaż
    Słowiański Garaż 7 months ago +1

    Hi, I really like your machine. I build such a machine myself and know how much it costs! See my last movie. Best wishes

  • william schlecht
    william schlecht 8 months ago

    Whatever happened to safety first? These look more like safety uhh?

    • The Eastern front
      The Eastern front 3 months ago

      william schlecht Go back to your safe space, the men are getting stuff done.

  • TheRetiredtrucker
    TheRetiredtrucker 8 months ago

    There is a reason why band saws have guards on them guys

    • The Eastern front
      The Eastern front 3 months ago

      Because glue eaters hurt themselves.

    • Matrix Lemon
      Matrix Lemon 3 months ago

      I want to buy this machine..can you share more detail about this machine

  • J.C. Kohle
    J.C. Kohle 9 months ago +1

    So many whiney little bitches commenting on your video? Experience aside, these are all really amazing little saws and accurate smooth cutting too. Incidentally milling timber can be a dangerous occupation . So the operater must be equally thoughtful & cautious in the process. Nobody need lose any blood and certainly not a life !

  • Mike Armstrong
    Mike Armstrong 10 months ago

    Will anyone sell you insurance?

    TRUMPY THE CLOWN 11 months ago

    Neither amazing or the fastest.

  • Edward Lahr
    Edward Lahr 11 months ago +4

    the bike frame saw is genious.

  • bishop5537
    bishop5537 11 months ago +2

    Wow. some really sketchy builds in this video! Somebody is gonna lose their life!

  • Kevin Behr
    Kevin Behr 11 months ago +2

    Love the way you re-cycled the monoshock swing arms and mudguards in the second saw build mate. 3rd one is too stupid to be show on YT. 4th shows signs of deep thought and looks to work really well with those old Honda wheels, couldn't see any rubber in them though. %th shows forward thinking, go mobile let someone else cleanup :) :) 6th looks familiar :) :) 7th s bit slow, looks like a proper one flipped, but you could make siding planks out of it as it's adjustable on each side. 8th, do they have wheel there :) :)

  • Bob Simpson
    Bob Simpson Year ago +8

    pretty much everyone one of those mills is a death trap.

    • wes c
      wes c 5 months ago

      There are more injuries today in industry than when there were no guards on equipment.

    • Oldold Pilgrim
      Oldold Pilgrim 6 months ago

      If you out live all of your arms and legs, do you win?

    • sparkzzataolcom
      sparkzzataolcom 6 months ago

      They're for REAL men, not beta wanna-be's.

    • R. B.L.
      R. B.L. 7 months ago

      I would suggest they finish the build with some proper (sturdy) safety guards and a pull-cord safety cut-out switch (flag switch).

    • Leland Wight
      Leland Wight 11 months ago

      The circular saw one had me a bit nervous, that and the outcome looked lame

  • Wayne Thompson
    Wayne Thompson Year ago

    Iv made my own sawmill checkout my channel.