1992 LA Riots: Illegal Aliens Get Free Shit

  • Published on Sep 7, 2017
  • No habla

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    PIGGY WIGGY Year ago +1

    Notice no whites

    • Mind Over Matter
      Mind Over Matter Year ago

      Whites are the biggest looters in human history.

    • 5jerry1
      5jerry1 Year ago +1

      ~ "I'm so white, during the riots, I _bought_ a TV!" XD

  • El Grande
    El Grande Year ago +2

    Hard working immigrants. Always working hard.

  • Metal Head 420
    Metal Head 420 Year ago +2

    Just watch Florida after Irma that's all you're going to see is this kind of shit they should all be shot on sight dead you loot you die!!!....

    • Metal Head 420
      Metal Head 420 Year ago

      I mean you never saw anything like this in Japan after the tsunami.....

    • 5jerry1
      5jerry1 Year ago

      ~ I remember the phrase "You Loot, We Shoot." Sad, but probably necessary.