Lebron James signs with Lakers, what's the plan now?

  • Published on Jul 2, 2018
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    Lebron James is finally a Laker. Can't say I'm surprised at the move itself, but I'm not 100% sure what the plan from here on out is..
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  • Dom2k
    Dom2k  Year ago +183

    After making this video, I kind of sort of found out getting Demarcus Cousins is wayyy tougher than it sounds, and so is trading for Kawhi. I kind of feel like the plan leans more toward getting him in 2019 now, and also that Magic likely didn't sell Lebron on being a contender this season.
    What do you think?
    Shoutout to SeatGeek for sponsoring the video, use code DOM2K and get $20 back on your first order! Sign-up Here: sg.app.link/dom2k
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    • Jnall
      Jnall Year ago

      YG B why not, when he signed with the warriors for 5mill

    • kingabdisalan
      kingabdisalan Year ago

      yo dom2k

    • Scott Sensabaugh
      Scott Sensabaugh Year ago

      So much for Boogie. Lol

    • Soviet Re4per
      Soviet Re4per Year ago +1

      Dom2k Now can you make a video about boogie going to the Warriors and how no one will be watching the NBA this season?

    • TheAnnoyedMiner111
      TheAnnoyedMiner111 Year ago +2

      Well demarcus is off the table now 😅😅 RIP NBA 😢😢

  • wisconson delli
    wisconson delli 29 days ago

    They did have a plan
    Step 1. Trade Ball
    (I would’ve kept Ingram over Kuzma, if you look at how the two have played, Ingram’s been playing better)
    Step 2. AD
    Step 3. Rings

  • Prince Hill
    Prince Hill 4 months ago

    8:54 yup

  • Isaac Crawley
    Isaac Crawley 7 months ago +1

    He knew something we didnt dom spoke facts

  • Jackson Kohnke
    Jackson Kohnke 7 months ago +2

    this is really funny looking at this one year later

  • PartyOnSparty 18
    PartyOnSparty 18 9 months ago +1

    Well that didnt work out 😂

  • Kevin Binder
    Kevin Binder Year ago +2

    Dom, it was not LeBron that stopped the Raptors, it was because they were chokers (particularly DeMar DeRozan). It is kind of ignorant of a statement when people say that.

  • Savage Hippie
    Savage Hippie Year ago

    The highlights are amazing

  • quantae06
    quantae06 Year ago

    6:13 Heh!? Lol

  • CriketRogers
    CriketRogers Year ago

    I’ve been a Lakers fan for almost 20 years, I’m so happy that my team is finally relevant again. I hope LeBron can get a couple more rings with LA

  • Theprfesssor
    Theprfesssor Year ago

    It will be the fist time in 8 years that we will see a non Lebron team winning the east hell we might even have a finals without him..........
    Also for the fist time in 8 years

  • Trap 4 Thr33 #MyNameisDarrell

    Yeah he’s a laker that’s cool and all but I have one question................

    Can he stop Jason Terry 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vino
    Vino Year ago

    It’s so obvious you didn’t watch the Lakers last season

  • Itz_Kobee
    Itz_Kobee Year ago

    Who thinks Kobe is better than Jordan. Like if you agree

  • Benjamin Jeanes
    Benjamin Jeanes Year ago +1

    Bron and rondo will kill it. Brondo. Cuz it has electrolytes.

  • Ikaw Ha
    Ikaw Ha Year ago

    The plan is demarcus cousins signed to the warriors😝

  • JeBron Lames
    JeBron Lames Year ago

    So my thoughts are that LeBron James is in LA cause of the culture, his family, his mansions, and the team itself. The Best Player in the world being 33 years old coming to the Lakers who have a great young core and great fan base. It makes sense from a winning stand point cause LA already was a desirable team to come to before LeBron came but now it’s even more desirable. PG, Boogie are already off the table now. Kawhi isn’t coming this year cause it’s too much of a package to ship away. I see there plan unfolding pretty well even though it wasn’t the original plan. They are now gonna keep there young core and get rid of expendable players to free up cap space. Next year they’ll sign Kawhi and maybe other role players. This season personally isn’t gonna be the year LA makes a strong run. I see them going to the playoffs but not going to the finals. Next year I see them having a way stronger chance at a chip. Yea yea I know Demarcus Cousins chose Goldenstate but fuck man. If you think about it. Goldenstate isn’t invincible but I do agree they have like a 85-90% chance of winning it all this upcoming season. I got Goldenstate Vs Boston in the finals.

  • GreaterGood510
    GreaterGood510 Year ago +1

    Lakers will be fighting for an 8th seed

  • slibby [ sleep ]
    slibby [ sleep ] Year ago

    LeBron passed the Torch to Kyrie. Now its The Celtics time to sweep the Raptors every Year.

  • TorresNJ1
    TorresNJ1 Year ago

    Make a vid on how good the Celtics chances are of winning the finals

  • Ashy Slashy
    Ashy Slashy Year ago

    This is nice... I think Lebron going to the Lakers is Him stopping The GSW..... he gonna beat the GSW this time

  • Dr Elite
    Dr Elite Year ago +1

    What fuckin plan??? 😂 shits over already

  • alex 1976
    alex 1976 Year ago

    Without watching the vid, there is no plan. Pray Kawhi gets there next season but thats what they thought about PG13 too, pray KD leaves the Dubs, pray LBJ doesn't decline. Pray.

  • Watts Laker
    Watts Laker Year ago

    Y would u trade The Farm for One Piece of Land if u could wait a year and buy the land and add it to ur farm.

  • Watts Laker
    Watts Laker Year ago

    Mixed emotions from a laker fan and he is kinda a rival cause of kobe but we had the MONEY and Magic is doing his best for the Lakers so welcome to la lol

  • DustyEmu
    DustyEmu Year ago

    LeBron isn’t the best player in basketball anymore. He might be the most accomplished player in basketball right but not the best player in basketball. That title goes to KD. Sorry

  • Jesús Romero
    Jesús Romero Year ago

    This is the Magic Johnson landing Karem Abdul Jabbar in LA Modern way.

  • FadelessSpade 26
    FadelessSpade 26 Year ago

    The lesbian joined the Warriors let's give up

  • Patrick C
    Patrick C Year ago

    Man, they really should've changed the playoff format. Top 16 teams instead of 8 v 8. The East is too weak

  • Gaming4evah
    Gaming4evah Year ago

    There is no good plan anymore with DeMarcus headed to Golden State...

  • Frank Guerrero
    Frank Guerrero Year ago

    he should of stay in Cleveland he in the west 6,7 or 8 seed at best the west is not the east. He 1 round exit is gonna snap.

  • Justin Last
    Justin Last Year ago

    So....nobody is gonna mention that Lance is a Laker as well? Lance Stephenson is now on the same team as LeBron James.
    Between Lance, Rondo, Javale, Lonzo, and Lavar...this might be the most hilarious team in NBA History...and it all surrounds LeBron now.

  • HomieOnIce
    HomieOnIce Year ago

    it wasnt safe to make this video yet LMAO

  • Madhav Mathur
    Madhav Mathur Year ago

    What happens if you retire in the middle of your contract.

  • Kevin Javier
    Kevin Javier Year ago

    It wasn't safe dom. It wasn't safe.
    What's the point of doing rushed videos?

  • Stan Nkereuwem
    Stan Nkereuwem Year ago

    What is the music playing?

  • only_zero_subs
    only_zero_subs Year ago +3

    He's going to LA to settle down. No one beating Golden State anymore 😭😂

  • Ibnziyad Tariq
    Ibnziyad Tariq Year ago

    hah all Lakers bandwagon disapeared after Boogie's move to GS

  • Cooper Nguyen
    Cooper Nguyen Year ago

    RIP LaBrons chances #DemarcusBreakstheNBA

  • GotSPeed
    GotSPeed Year ago

    it's funny how he says cousins must go with lebron then cousins signs with the warriors

  • David Martin
    David Martin Year ago

    Lol Cousins,,,even worse than KD

  • Alex Huang
    Alex Huang Year ago

    So funny looking at this now, knowing the fact that Cousins went to the Warriors.

  • Spiced
    Spiced Year ago

    Western Conference Standings
    1. Rockets
    2. Warriors
    3. Thunder
    4. Lakers
    5. Pelicans (AD wins MVP and carries them)
    6. Blazers
    7. Spurs
    8. Utah
    2. Raps
    3. Milwaukee
    4. 76ers
    5. Pacers
    6. Heat
    7. Wizards
    8. Knicks (assuming KP comes back)
    Round 1 Playoffs - West
    Rockets beat Utah in 5
    Warriors beat Spurs in 4
    Thunder beat Blazers in 7
    Lakers beat Pelicans in 5
    Round 2 Playoffs - West
    Lakers beat Rockets in 7
    Warriors beat Thunder in 4
    WCF- Warriors beat Lakers in 4
    Round 1 Playoffs - East
    Boston beats Knicks in 4
    Wizards beat Raps in 7
    Milwaukee beat Heat in 5
    Pacers beat 76ers in 7
    Round 2 Playoffs - East
    Boston beat pacers in 6
    Milwaukee beat Wizards in 5
    ECF- Boston beats Milwaukee in 4
    Finals - Golden state in 4.

  • The King
    The King Year ago

    Wait until the Lakers gets Demarcus Cous...


  • Garbage Bacon
    Garbage Bacon Year ago

    To bad Magic let Cousins go to the Warriors. I don’t think I can watch next season.

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen


  • Germa N
    Germa N Year ago


  • Ike Hop
    Ike Hop Year ago

    Who’s the greatest Laker now? Well the rafters are filled w/prestige & jewelry. & so he shall b judged. He will understand real pressure here very soon. LA fans ain’t starving like Cleveland fans. Just anything wont do. Shoulda kept his a** n Ohio.

  • TheNamesDitto
    TheNamesDitto Year ago

    Cousins is now with the warriors for the mle. Fuck

  • Chris Reqkless
    Chris Reqkless Year ago +1

    6:15 oof

  • C,A & G
    C,A & G Year ago

    Lebron better opt out

  • steven izzi
    steven izzi Year ago

    Coming back to this video now. Boogie is on GSW sheeesh

  • Thegreatest709
    Thegreatest709 Year ago

    Why you sound gay

  • Matthew Mantjos
    Matthew Mantjos Year ago

    Lmao who else is watching this video after boggie snaked

  • Tatertot
    Tatertot Year ago

    Wouldn't LeBron be playing with IT

  • ChiefsTriad 19
    ChiefsTriad 19 Year ago +1

    This is great for Basketball and its popularity, but the thought that the Lakers can win or even go deep in the West with LeBron and the current roster is laughable.

  • ThelifeofAugust
    ThelifeofAugust Year ago

    So much for Cousins joining 🤦‍♂️

  • Khal Swish
    Khal Swish Year ago

    Why lonzo the cover and not kyle kuzma

  • Shawn Crane
    Shawn Crane Year ago

    See can blow me...

  • Nickolai Lopez
    Nickolai Lopez Year ago

    Welp, whatever the plan is, it's fucked now. Boogie just deleted any parity that was present in the league.