Toy Story | Script to Screen by Disney•Pixar

  • Published on Feb 15, 2018
  • To infinity and beyond! Enjoy one of the most iconic scenes from Toy Story played side by side with its script.
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    Copyright: (C) Disney•Pixar
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  • Riyan Official
    Riyan Official Month ago

    Suka banget😀

  • ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ
    ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ 2 months ago +1

    "laser envy"

  • MidNightStudios
    MidNightStudios 3 months ago +1

    Some of the best dialogue written in the history of film.

  • Jackie L
    Jackie L 3 months ago +1

    Just watched this now and it’s Bo Peep!!! Excited to see her again in TS4.

  • Beret Gaming
    Beret Gaming 3 months ago

    So minutes of subtitles/info (directors cut)

  • Kirby7601
    Kirby7601 4 months ago

    im gonna assume those are achieve scripts from back then

  • yiyisidora
    yiyisidora 4 months ago

    this is super impressive the animation is word for word from the script

  • Guilshad Joseph
    Guilshad Joseph 5 months ago

    I love buzz and woody

  • Rosie The singing cowgirl

    Oh what, what? These are plastic, he can't fly.

  • Jonmekya Pratt
    Jonmekya Pratt 6 months ago

    I love toy story 4

  • Ethan S
    Ethan S 8 months ago

    I wonder+hope if Buzz LiGHTYEAR will find any use for his Karate-Chop Action, Pulasting LASER, Multi-Phrase Voice Simmulator, Air Helmet, Locking Intergalactic Wrist Communicator, & High-Pressure Space Wings in DiSNEY•PIXAR TOY STORY 4. Same with including his duplicate of himself featuring the UTiLiTY BELT along with its uses. As his duplicate's Battery Compartment & Buzz LiGHTYEAR NEW UTiLiTY BELT equipped iNSTRUCTiON MANUAL.

  • Ethan S
    Ethan S 8 months ago

    I wonder+hope if Buzz LiGHTYEAR's duplicate of himself featuring the Blue-&-red UTiLiTY BELT will be included+involved in DiSNEY•PIXAR TOY STORY 4.

  • Ethan S
    Ethan S Year ago

    I wonder+hope if Buzz LiGHTYEAR's duplicate of himself featuring the blue-&-red upgraded NEW UTiLiTY BELT will be included in DiSNEY/PIXAR TOY STORY 4. I also wonder+hope if Buzz#2 will have any use of his laser, air helmet, wrist communicator, space wings, & of his UTiLiTY BELT.

    • Ethan S
      Ethan S 11 months ago

      I wonder+hope if Buzz LiGHTYEAR will have any use of his air helmet, laser, & high-pressure space wings in DiSNEY/PIXAR TOY STORY 4.

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse Year ago

    As much as I love Toy Story, I thought the third one ended on a high enough note to leave the fourth one alone.

  • Vylkeer
    Vylkeer Year ago

    I'm from Italy and love this movie with all my heart.
    Yesterday we lost a great artist, Fabrizio Frizzi, who voiced Woody in the Italian version of the movie like only he could have.
    I already know Toy Story 4 won't be the same for us :'(

  • Nicolas Ribeiro dos Santos

    Of course he can fight evil! HE (Rex) DEFEATED EMPEROR ZURG IN THE SECOND FILM!

  • Animations 'n' Tutorials

    1:12 😂😂

  • Méliès Estudio
    Méliès Estudio Year ago


  • Lil Lord Akira 97

    Pixar Shoulda did an script to screen on The Chase in Toy Story !

  • mike rayner videos

    fantastico :)

  • Mason Walsh
    Mason Walsh Year ago

    Manufacturing evil problem sale since correct after land trap fast dialogue silence.

  • Chandni Ajanel
    Chandni Ajanel Year ago

    I love these types of videos!!

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown Year ago

    I'm really digging these behind the scenes videos

  • Estrellita Martínez


  • GeneralVariety
    GeneralVariety Year ago

    These videos are very cool, super interesting to see the two side-by-side

  • MauRy
    MauRy Year ago

    Joss whedon?

  • At Bz
    At Bz Year ago

    I didn’t know woody said “lightbeer.”

  • William Fairchild

    I do like Toy Story from Pixar

  • Long Beach is my city

    Love this movie 😍

  • Haris Shakil
    Haris Shakil Year ago

    Saw this movie so many times as a kid that I remembered every word.

  • Antphoneigh
    Antphoneigh Year ago

    The script was amazing. Same with the medium - computer animation was so new and yet they pulled it all off. Light beer? That would have gone over all the kid’s heads!

  • Kid Flash
    Kid Flash Year ago

    Will there be a Toy Story 4?????

  • Sushi GaMer
    Sushi GaMer Year ago

    Buz is awesome

  • Aides Eubulus
    Aides Eubulus Year ago

    eternal masterpiece of animation

  • Brennanman1
    Brennanman1 Year ago

    Wow Joss Whedon helped with the screenplay?

  • Anuel AA #ElDiosDelTrap


  • Het Game Eiland
    Het Game Eiland Year ago

    Toy Story 4😁😁🔥🔥🔥

  • slappyjoe
    slappyjoe Year ago

    There's a glock in my boot

  • kanuki
    kanuki Year ago

    1:13 hold up

  • Pattman
    Pattman Year ago

    this is by far the best pixar movie..

  • Harry Robins
    Harry Robins Year ago +1

    "I'm from Mattel. Well, I'm not really from Mattel, I'm actually from a smaller company that was purchased in a leveraged buyout. Well, I don't really understand the financials but..." I love Rex. I wonder what the end of that sentence was.

  • mina
    mina Year ago

    I love Disney😍😍👊💗

  • MidNightStudios
    MidNightStudios Year ago

    Still the best Pixar film.
    Ok Maybe it's UP. But its a close call.

  • Sausscery
    Sausscery Year ago


  • MysteroDonut
    MysteroDonut Year ago +3

    The way Woody say "T-oy", it's sounds so satisfying. Like ASMR

  • policypatrol
    policypatrol Year ago

    The best

  • MinionFan1024
    MinionFan1024 Year ago

    This is so cool

  • james: Mallett
    james: Mallett Year ago

    0:37 playskool. Lol

  • Tyler Potucek
    Tyler Potucek Year ago

    Maybe you show a video of the voice actors

  • 1-Up Hedgehog
    1-Up Hedgehog Year ago

    Childhood in 2 words: Toy Story. This makes me sad I love the movie so much.

  • Mood
    Mood Year ago

    This is cool!

  • AJ Creaciones Sociales

    Bobs... U flaiying


    2:58 auh, shut up


    One of my favorite Disney Pixar film because I am the Pixar fan along with Walt Disney Animation Studios.

  • Elizabeth Smith
    Elizabeth Smith Year ago

    Love toy story

  • N P
    N P Year ago

    Joss Whedon of Avengers fame helped write this.

  • Josephox
    Josephox Year ago +6

    Interesting how they just call it a rubber ball instead of the Luxo Ball 🤔

    • Infinite
      Infinite Year ago +1

      A rubber ball can be any ball

    • Nacho Morfeo
      Nacho Morfeo Year ago +3

      The decision to use the luxo ball in that scene was after the script .

  • LF Drumming
    LF Drumming Year ago

    So play nice.

  • my tube
    my tube Year ago +1

    When toy can *talk*

  • Rogelio Diaz
    Rogelio Diaz Year ago

    Joss Whedon 🙌

  • Buckaroo Banzai
    Buckaroo Banzai Year ago +6

    Wow, you learn something new everyday.

    • Aidan
      Aidan 25 days ago

      Yeah I had no idea, but it makes sense when you realize Woody and Buzz’s banter has that same kinda Whedon snark and rhythm to it

    • Yishai Thau
      Yishai Thau Year ago +2

      He was the one that said Buzz should repeat Woody's "This isn't flying, this is falling with style." line.

      NORMIES Year ago +1

      Imagine Toy Story being like The Avengers...That would be awesome!

  • SonicPlushyCentral


  • Nick Figures
    Nick Figures Year ago +20

    The only thing this clip showed me is that woody actually called him “Lightbeer” and I wasn’t mishearing that all these years.

    • GaiaX5
      GaiaX5 Year ago +3

      Glad some things are cleared up.

  • Brandon Croker
    Brandon Croker Year ago +2

    Still one of my favorite movies! Still!

  • Thehappyshyguy
    Thehappyshyguy Year ago +2

    69th comment

  • Matthew awesomeness
    Matthew awesomeness Year ago +38

    When you thought this was a trailer for toy story 4....

  • EpicTelltale Br0
    EpicTelltale Br0 Year ago +35

    Can't Wait for the Toy Story 4 Teaser in November

    • Lug-Out
      Lug-Out Year ago +1

      Mario and Friends don’t forget the Marvel movie trailers

    • EpicTelltale Br0
      EpicTelltale Br0 Year ago +2

      Because Example Finding Dory Came Out June 2016 and It's Teaser was Out in November 2015, Cars 3 Came Out in June 2017 and It's Teaser was Out in November 2016 and Incredibles 2 is Out in June 2018 and The Teaser was Out in November 2017

    • Speedo's Videos
      Speedo's Videos Year ago +1

      How do you know the teaser will come out in November?

    • Lug-Out
      Lug-Out Year ago +1

      I meant the teaser, not the movie, but really thanks anyways

    • Yishai Thau
      Yishai Thau Year ago +1

      Hopefully they get it right.

  • AG: Anthony Goody
    AG: Anthony Goody Year ago +4

    This Clip brings back to my childhood (10 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟) but than that. do more of this

  • all_day_gamin
    all_day_gamin Year ago +10

    I still love the 1995 Toy Story Which was the best first movie by Pixar.

  • Beto Ville
    Beto Ville Year ago


  • CreatveMnds
    CreatveMnds Year ago


  • TheCPG
    TheCPG Year ago +2

    1,823rd view, 49th comment, 239th like. I don't lie.

    • ExHappyFace
      ExHappyFace Year ago +1

      2,501 view, 52 comment, 276 like

  • los gemelos :v
    los gemelos :v Year ago +1

    Ola k ase
    Like si llega temprano y no sabe que comentar :V

  • A.Z .،,
    A.Z .،, Year ago +8

    Logan 2

    Oh My apologies this is not the channel I'm looking for

    • Lisnovski
      Lisnovski Year ago

      "Yeah let's make a movie about one character without the character!"

  • Ender Shakira Drivealott


  • souptroophat Esplin
    souptroophat Esplin Year ago +1

    I love these
    I wish more movies did this

  • Elias Moreno
    Elias Moreno Year ago +83

    My childhood

  • Incredix Spider
    Incredix Spider Year ago +5

    This will forever be my childhood

  • CNFunnyJon
    CNFunnyJon Year ago +1

    Bo Peep! Did you die or were you sold?!

  • mae Mills Hood Giroud Payne Holland

    TOY STORY FOREVER 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘 AND WOODY FOREVER 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • gamerboy77 gameing and vlogs

    my fav movie

  • JC_Coney
    JC_Coney Year ago +3

    He says Mr. Lightbeer!? I never noticed. Feel free comment section to tell me if you did or didnt know as well.

  • Mr. Kirby
    Mr. Kirby Year ago +2

    the only thing i enjoy is woody roasting buzz

  • Aidan Zaugg
    Aidan Zaugg Year ago +13

    And I'm from Mattel!

  • Mario El Numero 1 7w7

    Soooo many chlidhood memories... The Good Times ;)

  • Jordan Glassburn
    Jordan Glassburn Year ago

    this is neat!

  • Kaili Samantha
    Kaili Samantha Year ago +36

    I just love Toy Story! It started something amazing! Pixar's animation has really improved from where it started and I can't wait to see Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4!

    • Jovany Marquez
      Jovany Marquez Year ago +1

      A long time ago it is coming out in 2019

    • Timer
      Timer Year ago +1

      When was Toy Story 4 announced?

    • Incredix Spider
      Incredix Spider Year ago +1

      Kaili Samantha me too

  • Alexander Garcia
    Alexander Garcia Year ago


  • Jacob Kelly
    Jacob Kelly Year ago

    Best film of all time.

  • Wendy Lennon
    Wendy Lennon Year ago

    I love

  • 1325bando
    1325bando Year ago +4


  • Crimson Harambe
    Crimson Harambe Year ago

    I loved toy story as a kid.

  • Arian Francisco
    Arian Francisco Year ago


  • Isaacr 12
    Isaacr 12 Year ago +1


  • Trevor Perry
    Trevor Perry Year ago +1

    Remember Toys N' Tha Hood!!!

  • leonar
    leonar Year ago +19

    crei que era un trailer de toy story 4 pero solo es el guion de la uno >:v

    • Jovany Marquez
      Jovany Marquez Year ago +2

      Flame Review
      No they where saying that he thought it was trailer for toy story 4 but it was this and the other one was saying that it was coming out until 2019

    • Philippe Rossel
      Philippe Rossel Year ago +1

      Leonardo Maximiliano Leodroid Puede que lo saquen ya en unos meses más.

    • leonar
      leonar Year ago +2

      PD: eso no es spoiler :v xd

  • Knight Warrior
    Knight Warrior Year ago +14


  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff Year ago +6

    Can’t believe we’re getting a Toy Story 4. The third film was the perfect ending. Given the production troubles it’s going through, it’s probably gonna suck, destroying everything that made the other three films such masterpieces

    • Yishai Thau
      Yishai Thau Year ago +1

      I guess so, i'm optimistic that they're just trying to get it right.

    • MyName is Jeff
      MyName is Jeff Year ago +1

      Yishai Thau but not nearly as many as Toy Story 4

    • Yishai Thau
      Yishai Thau Year ago +2

      The fact that they pushed off the release date & got the writer of Inside Out to be the new director gives me hope that they're trying to get it right. Remember Ratatouille, Wall-E, Brave, Inside Out, & Coco all had many rewrites & production problems.

    • Matt Yusty
      Matt Yusty Year ago +1

      Nacho Morfeo yeah there is

    • MyName is Jeff
      MyName is Jeff Year ago +1

      Nacho Morfeo there is

  • Super Mario friends
    Super Mario friends Year ago +1

    And Woody