Outside Heel Toe! | Skill Tutorial

  • Published on Sep 24, 2016
  • The Ronaldo skill!
    Different Heaven & Sian Area - Feel Like Horrible [NCS Release]
    Phantom Sage - The Light [NCS Release]
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  • Roshan Jagat
    Roshan Jagat Year ago

    video quality and editing was awesome

  • Shamim Mohamed
    Shamim Mohamed Year ago +1

    Show us the knee-panna

  • Dwaipayan Datta Roy

    What is that, I will improve if surrended by these dopes

  • SJ Star
    SJ Star Year ago

    All attack is cool

    MITALI SHARMA Year ago +1

    It's an outside elastico

  • emma maddock
    emma maddock Year ago +1

    Cool 👍

  • Madwolf SYD
    Madwolf SYD Year ago

    i love these intros

  • Samuel Ramlogan
    Samuel Ramlogan Year ago +1


  • Harveer Singh
    Harveer Singh Year ago +1

    thankss brooi

  • JuiCEEr
    JuiCEEr Year ago

    the ball still goes straight in the second touch

  • Brett Football
    Brett Football 2 years ago +1

    Thanks , i love ur channel 😃😃 !

  • we are bad boys animals
    we are bad boys animals 2 years ago +1

    Best trainer

  • Karadi Chan
    Karadi Chan 2 years ago +1

    how to do an rabona

  • Saptashya Kumar Dey
    Saptashya Kumar Dey 2 years ago +1

    A video on knuckleball please

  • lionel messi 10
    lionel messi 10 2 years ago +1

    are you working on other skills videos.I am waiting for it

  • Rohit Patel
    Rohit Patel 2 years ago

    nice video

  • hamza iaallala
    hamza iaallala 2 years ago

    nice tips bro

  • Yashverdhan Raghuvanshi

    dude I love your videos they are really informative I just want you to make a video on how to have that confidence to do a skill or confidence to help the player cross a defender

  • cellissmo cellissmo
    cellissmo cellissmo 2 years ago

    this is amazing !

  • Mike
    Mike 2 years ago

    Damn, those are some *HAIRY* legs

  • Abhijeet Jadhav
    Abhijeet Jadhav 2 years ago

    its nice

  • Dinesh Narvani
    Dinesh Narvani 2 years ago

    How to do neymar rocket

  • DeepDive
    DeepDive 2 years ago

    wow, it's been a year and a half since they uploaded a video

  • Lisa Gilley
    Lisa Gilley 2 years ago

    They need to cut that grass

  • Top Picks
    Top Picks 2 years ago

    Bro love your editing keep up the good work

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo 2 years ago

    hey can you make around the world tutorial 😃😃

  • 陳思同
    陳思同 2 years ago

    Can I mix this skill with elastical?

  • Umix_ Jr
    Umix_ Jr 2 years ago +1

    woww!! your videos very amazing.. I hope one day i will become one of the best football player in the world and tell world that i learn it from your.. (y) veryy good bros

  • Arkterus
    Arkterus 2 years ago

    Great info but your intros are so cringey

  • Sai Craft
    Sai Craft 2 years ago

    bestest guys ever

  • JTS GamingHD
    JTS GamingHD 2 years ago

    lol i have been watching this channel before they even hit 1k now they are at 100k

  • Volamber
    Volamber 2 years ago +2

    I love this channel so much! Every time I watch another one of your videos, I wait for the intro because it's so much fun to watch. Keep up the good work!

  • Enzitey Gaming
    Enzitey Gaming 2 years ago

    Where do you get your shoes at. Online or in stores because I have no shoes like that and I feel like I'd only mess up my shoes I have now that I use

  • Laney Brown
    Laney Brown 2 years ago

    I have tryouts for soccer in 3 days and I barly know the basics . I don't have anyone to practice with. have any tips?

    • Laney Brown
      Laney Brown 2 years ago

      we have more tryouts on Wednesday

    • Laney Brown
      Laney Brown 2 years ago

      Soccer try outs are over....... FOR TODAY.

    • Laney Brown
      Laney Brown 2 years ago

      ya ill try to remember to let you know how I did or how i think I did. thats for the help and advice.👍😀

    • Laney Brown
      Laney Brown 2 years ago

      ok ill try to remember theirs no garentee that ill make it on the team because I've never played before but I'm going to try my best. thanks for the advice!

    • Laney Brown
      Laney Brown 2 years ago

      ya its for school, I call it soccer m thanks for the good luck!

    INDIANA FOOTBALLER 2 years ago

    what I am watching

  • ZaraTube Teasing Trailers

    You describe the skill so effectively that I'm on my way to become a better quicker player Thanks AllAttack

  • Saatvik Agrawal
    Saatvik Agrawal 2 years ago

    Can you teach rabonna???

  • Trafalgar Law
    Trafalgar Law 2 years ago +1

    Can you do scoop roulette?

  • Larry Tam
    Larry Tam 2 years ago

    Amazing !

  • Muhammad Aashir
    Muhammad Aashir 2 years ago

    plz make a video on step by step practicing skills to be a pro

  • Zeon Beatbox
    Zeon Beatbox 2 years ago

    Allattack plz can you tell who is the new guy i hope u reply!!!

  • Aksuhs
    Aksuhs 2 years ago

    If u sub to me and I'll sub to u back

  • Rogerio 21
    Rogerio 21 2 years ago

    keep doing videos

    • Sai Craft
      Sai Craft 2 years ago +1

      hi all attack

    • AllAttack
      AllAttack  2 years ago +2

      +Rogerio 21 We are almost ready to post the next video...

  • Ixer
    Ixer 2 years ago

    allattack do a how to do a rabona tutorial

    SPAMMER 2 years ago +1

    can u give tutorial on crossover ?????

  • 軒子
    軒子 2 years ago


  • van lateif
    van lateif 2 years ago

    hello bro all attack are u playing in clup

  • prince attah botchway
    prince attah botchway 2 years ago

    All Attack can you do a tutorial on the Okocha sombrero flick

  • Ixer
    Ixer 2 years ago +1

    Thanks I'll use it in my soccer matches😉

  • Pro X Football
    Pro X Football 2 years ago


  • Adib Danial
    Adib Danial 2 years ago

    all skill waka waka

  • Adib Danial
    Adib Danial 2 years ago

    waka waka please

  • Richie
    Richie 2 years ago

    Hav u done a vid on the roulette?

  • Amogh Joshi
    Amogh Joshi 2 years ago

    AllAttack, can you please tell me some exercises so that my legs do not develop a sprain or get strained during these skill moves. l practice a lot of them, and also know how to do the scissors as well as the elastico in matches, but when I practice a lot my legs usually start paining and get strained. I get tired quicker (when I use these moves) than when I just go past by a single knock or nutmeg . I don't know why this happens, but can you suggest some exercises?

    • Amogh Joshi
      Amogh Joshi 2 years ago

      +Buffowatts Okay, thank You. I'll try to follow your advice. Maybe, I'm overdoing the moves wherever I can, rather than using them only in 1v1 situations. I'll reduce their use a little....and also Try some endurance Exercises. Thanks for the Advice.

    • Buffowatts
      Buffowatts 2 years ago +1

      You knees should not get sprained from these. Sounds like you are doing these moves so hard when fatigued that the stress is going out of your muscles and into your joints. Build up more leg strength and more endurance. Time to hit the gym. Getting tired quicker however is completely normal because these moves involve a quick change in direction which is more tiring. Like comparing running in a straight line to doing shuttle runs. These moves are basically used in 1v1 situations so that you can create a bit of space for yourself with the misdirection. You might just be using these moves to much.

    • ios original Fullsreen
      ios original Fullsreen 2 years ago +1

      Good idea! I want AllAttack to do the exercise video too

  • Angel HD
    Angel HD 2 years ago

    More videos please

  • Cris The great
    Cris The great 2 years ago

    2:23 I thought I was watching ALLDEFEND

  • Phillip Lambo
    Phillip Lambo 2 years ago

    hey, thanks for teaching this to me, i'm gonna show this video to my team (yes i co-manage my school's team) and we'll surely win!

    • ios original Fullsreen
      ios original Fullsreen 2 years ago

      I don't know that i really good or not becuz when i go to school i play not really good as i want to be but right now is the summer so i start work hard and improving my skill so I'dont know that am good or not

    • Phillip Lambo
      Phillip Lambo 2 years ago

      yeah i watched them before i came to this channel actually. Are you an OG in soccer (meaning you're really good)?

    • ios original Fullsreen
      ios original Fullsreen 2 years ago +1

      Good luck bro! And I recommended you to watch ProgressiveSoccer this channel have awesome video and secret tip and trick for Match and so much

  • Trafalgar Law
    Trafalgar Law 2 years ago +1


  • Hariharan Ramakrishnan

    Cool...! All Attack ;-)

  • Mccoy Odili
    Mccoy Odili 2 years ago

    all attack can you make a video on how to dribble like messi

  • Christy M10
    Christy M10 2 years ago

    nice editing skill

  • Phillip Coutinho
    Phillip Coutinho 2 years ago

    how to keep possession of the ball

  • Sibtain Mohsin
    Sibtain Mohsin 2 years ago

    if I'm a good player lots of credits goes to you bro!tysm😍

  • Adrian Andrew
    Adrian Andrew 2 years ago

    next video demonstrate how to do a ravolna

  • Subeesh panthroli
    Subeesh panthroli 2 years ago

    good work bro

  • Justchannel
    Justchannel 2 years ago

    And you too are a superhuman.....
    •Have you given entrance in any club yet

  • Justchannel
    Justchannel 2 years ago

    Bro your videos are edited and filmed by superhumans

  • Jared Scott
    Jared Scott 2 years ago

    are you a pro, semi pro, or playing D1 ? it seems like you are

  • Happy123
    Happy123 2 years ago

    Can you teach us how the f2 do the sonic turn it seems very useful

  • Roy Chung
    Roy Chung 2 years ago

    wow, you can do a tutorial how to made this superb video or behind the scenes

  • darshan baruah
    darshan baruah 2 years ago

    i am a winger and this video is a nyc one can you do some more for wingers

  • nawaz
    nawaz 2 years ago


  • Emanuel Quintero
    Emanuel Quintero 2 years ago

    neimars touch plzzzzz✋

  • Leslie Castelan
    Leslie Castelan 2 years ago


  • Ryan Tao
    Ryan Tao 2 years ago +2

    Greatest tutorial on RU-clip I've ever seen.

    ALL DAY 2 years ago

    I never know u got to use outside and turn xD i alway used inside than turn Kekeke thaxx AA!!!

  • Luis Perez Martinez
    Luis Perez Martinez 2 years ago


  • Oscar Eduardo Davila Blanco

    The best!

  • Soccer Skills
    Soccer Skills 2 years ago

    great video don't listen to hate

  • Santhara Shuriyan
    Santhara Shuriyan 2 years ago

    I'm gonna try using this skill against goalkeepers

  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason 2 years ago

    You guys make some of the best football tutorial videos out there, you should be proud of yourselves

  • xd
    xd 2 years ago +3

    What am I watching?

    • Rafi NaufalR
      Rafi NaufalR 2 years ago

      Thatoneguy 😂😂😂😂😂 what a comment

    • Zaires
      Zaires 2 years ago

      How is it savage?

    • xd
      xd 2 years ago +1

      +aman pandey Lol I have been doing this for like the past 2 or 3 vids lol.

    • Aman Pandey
      Aman Pandey 2 years ago +1

      😂😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌 best reply

    • Ra D'silva
      Ra D'silva 2 years ago

      plzzz guys reply to this n tell me whether there is any kind of training video fr the speed elastic

  • ABDO ahmed
    ABDO ahmed 2 years ago

    I want vedio for Cristiano ronaldo shoot in free kicks

  • ABDO ahmed
    ABDO ahmed 2 years ago

    very good

  • Sampad Behura
    Sampad Behura 2 years ago +2

    make a video on rabona pass

  • Keelan-Chan
    Keelan-Chan 2 years ago

    how about a video on how to prepare for a game or ghost pass tutorial

  • Zeke Dunbar
    Zeke Dunbar 2 years ago

    AllAttack+ Good video dude ,can you make an video about fake shoot skills please if you have the time

  • Mohammed Shoaib
    Mohammed Shoaib 2 years ago

    Can u make a tutorial on how to do the outside atw?

  • \ DreiValium /
    \ DreiValium / 2 years ago +1

    Your camera work is astonishing, well explained and great skill
    Love it!

  • Jeremy Munene
    Jeremy Munene 2 years ago

    Its actually calledthe reverse elastico. Get your facts right.

    • Jeremy Munene
      Jeremy Munene 2 years ago

      Understood. good video though. No hard feelings.

    • AllAttack
      AllAttack  2 years ago +23

      +Jeremy Munene We are aware of different names for this move. But after some discussion, we decided to not call it an elastico because the skill does not shift the ball from the inside to the outside of the foot (or the reverse), but involves only the outside of one foot. But of course you are free to call the skill what you wish.

  • Ghulam Mohd
    Ghulam Mohd 2 years ago

    +AllAttack this is something I'm an expert at and I can improve! :-)

  • Alex Rosewell
    Alex Rosewell 2 years ago

    the first 3 secs

  • MrZytronix
    MrZytronix 2 years ago +29

    or reverse elastico

    • Nithilan JaguarCheetah
      Nithilan JaguarCheetah 2 years ago +4

      oh yeah sorry to clarify:
      normal outside inside
      reverse inside outside
      I got confused cos i normally use the reverse elastico so for me its 'normal'

    • Sahil Tesfaye
      Sahil Tesfaye 2 years ago +2

      Nithilan JaguarCheetah that's a normal elastico...

    • Nithilan JaguarCheetah
      Nithilan JaguarCheetah 2 years ago +4

      no a reverse elastico uses the outside of your foot then the inside, however this uses the outside of the foot for both touches

  • Jessee Barrera
    Jessee Barrera 2 years ago

    Do a tutorial on the glitch

  • sajid siddiqui
    sajid siddiqui 2 years ago

    Can u upload a video of "How to take free kicks which is dangerous for goal Keeper?"

  • sajid siddiqui
    sajid siddiqui 2 years ago +6

    Can u upload a video of "How to play like messi"

  • sajid siddiqui
    sajid siddiqui 2 years ago

    can u upload a video of "How to increase acceleration?"

  • Tyler Nichol
    Tyler Nichol 2 years ago

    Is that you singing in the intro?

  • Roy Chung
    Roy Chung 2 years ago


  • Mushazmir Haiqal Mohamad

    thx for the video