10 Kids Cartoons Seen in Real Life!

  • Published on Jun 27, 2017
  • top 10 children's animated shows re-imagined in real life
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    We like to guard and defend our childhood cartoon icons, sometimes more than our politics. Don’t tell me that you hate the Lion King. I will crush your soul. And then I will reassemble it and crush it again. The cartoons we grew up with as kids are often what defines the era for us. Some grown adults will watch old kids cartoons when they’re feeling especially tired of adulting. It’s pretty understandable, right? Who doesn’t want to return to the cocoon of easier times (hopefully, if your childhood was nice)? These characters provided adventure and escape for us then, and they still do now.
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  • TheWacky
    TheWacky  Year ago +27

    Thanks for watching! Hit that Like button :)

  • RoofToilet1107
    RoofToilet1107 5 months ago

    Hey! @6:20, you seem to forget, Idina was THE original Maureen from RENT's original broadway cast, not just the movie! Every main character from the 1996 Broadway original cast save Maureen (originated by Daphne Rubin-Vega) and Joanne (originated by Fredi Walker) had their original actor/actress reprise their role for the 2005 movie. Little bit of trivia there for you. :)

  • ZZ Zlikowsky
    ZZ Zlikowsky 6 months ago

    7.38 Ned Flanders is more like Josif Visarionovic Staljin, but that's my opin.

  • Link From Hyrule
    Link From Hyrule 7 months ago

    Crystal Gayle's hair was all the way to the floor.

  • Asif Hassan
    Asif Hassan 9 months ago

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  • Larry Quisno
    Larry Quisno 10 months ago

    Chezze. Plunges you up

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore Year ago

    17 isn't illagle in most places like in Kentucky 16 is legal age

  • Thomas Gaebler
    Thomas Gaebler Year ago

    Chistoff was Cole labrant.

  • Alexandra Dennehy

    My fav cartoons: Looney Toons, Anamaniacs, and Scooby Doo
    Yes, I do like old cartoons. They are the best ones. My parents only wanted me to watch the old cartoons. Thanks mom and dad! Thx!

  • CitrusOfficial
    CitrusOfficial Year ago


  • Kat Enlow
    Kat Enlow Year ago

    9:16,,,,,,,, you will thank me later:)

  • summer phoebe
    summer phoebe Year ago +2

    I love Teen Titans Go! 😁

  • NovaMidnight Draws

    I wish i was a POTATO!!

  • It’s me Ya boi
    It’s me Ya boi Year ago

    The reason behind the loss or lack of parents in Disney movies is because of the death of Walts mothers death within the home that Walt bought for his parents.

  • Mikey
    Mikey Year ago

    dont you just hate that one guy thats like i like ur stuff you just got a subscriber when they have like 7 mill lol

  • Destiny Boyd
    Destiny Boyd Year ago

    Say what now?!

  • Siri Scholander
    Siri Scholander Year ago

    The guy that look like Kristof's name is actually Cole labrant and are very famous

  • Josh Rushin
    Josh Rushin Year ago

    Yes to teen titen

  • Johnathan Wicker
    Johnathan Wicker Year ago

    i feel so old right now i grew up with these cartoons

  • Omega Emerald
    Omega Emerald Year ago

    anyone else realize that kristoff's real life person is the famous old viner named Cole LeBrant

  • Maria
    Maria Year ago +3

    My niece is finally over Frozen.... pheeew

  • Jayden Dale
    Jayden Dale Year ago

    The person that plays elsa is also in Glee

  • Barry Danger
    Barry Danger Year ago

    Do you like 🦄 or🦊

  • Carl Tube
    Carl Tube Year ago

    that's Cole LeBrant bro

  • Shaylove Merilan
    Shaylove Merilan Year ago

    wait Flynn was....25 YEARS OLD DANG HE OLD XD

  • Jade Green
    Jade Green Year ago

    i don't like any teen titans

  • Kaylee
    Kaylee Year ago

    original Teen Titans is the best

  • Twenty Øne Black Veil Crybabys At The Disco

    Who came here just for the dog in the thumbnail? Like if you did

  • gray unicorn11
    gray unicorn11 Year ago

    in Simon's I saw mcshalle from full house

  • IvanFDX
    IvanFDX Year ago

    11:56 toy story was actually the second film to be computer-animated the first one being Cassiopeia made in Brazil

  • georgyporgy500
    georgyporgy500 Year ago

    Just to expand in the topic Idina Menzel was the original Elphaba in the Broadway show Wicked, along with the original person to play the character of Maureen in the Broadway smash Rent. She reprised the role of Maureen for its theatrical debut, she didn't just play the part she created it!!

  • Animedragons88
    Animedragons88 Year ago +2

    I wish they continued to air the original Teen Titans

    • Jargon Madjin
      Jargon Madjin Year ago

      They did not sure how long and even so you can watch it for free online at newepisodes.me

  • Angry Panda
    Angry Panda Year ago +6

    who else came here to see Scooby Doo??

  • L a z y _ a r t I s t


    • Link From Hyrule
      Link From Hyrule 7 months ago

      No! Really. Why didn't she use her magic to turn the Beast human again in the beginning?😁

    • Callista Melton
      Callista Melton Year ago

      bread face Kid Yes

  • Gabe Lugo
    Gabe Lugo Year ago +1

    The Ned Flanders is supposed to look like him he's in a band called okely dokely or how ever you spell it. A death metal band

  • Kyono Wings
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  • Anaya Robinson
    Anaya Robinson Year ago +1

    Wtf is that pink thing under the do in the thumbnail?! o3o

  • Mishpãré Urśhjìlk

    Sad to see this become so The Richest. You've gotta miss the days when people said this was a rippoff of danger dolan, holdon I mean Super Planet Dolan, Hold on I mean Planet Dolan

  • Dark Sharks
    Dark Sharks Year ago +1

    I Like it

  • NotSo EmoGamer
    NotSo EmoGamer Year ago +1

    Because when Walt Disney was younger his mother died and he put in his movies they keep Walt's tradition alive

    • Keith G
      Keith G Year ago

      I hate this video! ! ! ! !

  • Ely Modreske
    Ely Modreske Year ago +1

    longest acshely it is raw

  • Spencer Elrond/Elf Rivendell

    I'm a 90's kid yay

  • Zarzarbingy1 AJ
    Zarzarbingy1 AJ Year ago +1

    I paused it at 9:58 and I was like: "That face tho"

    • penny
      penny Year ago

      It's good to find other AJ people around. :3

  • sxpreme. sky
    sxpreme. sky Year ago +1

    that was cole lebrant who looked like cristof

  • Gwen Person
    Gwen Person Year ago +1

    That guy who looked like Kristoff was COLE LABRANT! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!

  • Ryan Spalding
    Ryan Spalding Year ago +2

    scooby Dolby doooooooo

  • Anti zarof
    Anti zarof Year ago +3

    The guy thats next to Scooby in the real picture looks like the one who was arrested for having sex with a dog.

    LIZA BARNES Year ago +2

    The person that looks like cristof is Cole from RU-clip and musically

  • Trucks_ Guy
    Trucks_ Guy Year ago +1

    what about mack truck from cars?

  • Noah Slepcevic
    Noah Slepcevic Year ago +2

    What about frozone

  • RonocMan2012
    RonocMan2012 Year ago +4

    I have an idea for a live action Cars, and the humans drive the actual cars in the movie

  • Buggabuu 770
    Buggabuu 770 Year ago +3

    My last name is flanders

  • Rasetsu Bass
    Rasetsu Bass Year ago +2

    damn Toy Story 3 made me fuckin' cry at the end!

  • Rasetsu Bass
    Rasetsu Bass Year ago +1

    beastiality is great in cartoons??? just play the Sonic the Hedgehog 3D game where he has to save a human princess... now that was fucked up!

  • Rasetsu Bass
    Rasetsu Bass Year ago +1

    the real life Scooby Doo seems to have a real life Shaggy as his owner!

  • Rasetsu Bass
    Rasetsu Bass Year ago +1

    the black and white photo of Popeye either seems to be a post mortem Victorian photo, or it looks like a zombie from the walking dead...

  • Rasetsu Bass
    Rasetsu Bass Year ago +1

    No real life Cyborg cosplayer??? Guess I'm picking the Cyborg from the Justice League movie!!!

  • Rasetsu Bass
    Rasetsu Bass Year ago +1

    Teen Titans Go! TOTALLY SUCK!!!
    Bring back the original Teen Titans!!!

  • Dori'sha S
    Dori'sha S Year ago +2

    I scribe

  • Gage is Me333
    Gage is Me333 Year ago

    Oh come on most of these are just people that happened to look like people in the movies and such, not like fictional characters like animals or humanoid characters

  • Aspen the Cat Goddess

    hi I'm 82 here

  • horrorkesh
    horrorkesh Year ago +3

    since Tangled was based on a German folktale the age of consent being 14 to the over religious united states yes 17 sounds young

  • Beastmanshark #1
    Beastmanshark #1 Year ago +15

    Yo wtf happened to wacky Wednesday

  • adelaiideAngel
    adelaiideAngel Year ago +13

    i thought they were gonna like... mention that Mulan was an actual living person. Ya know.

  • Deluxe Luigi
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  • AYX AYo
    AYX AYo Year ago +3

    When I was little I actually finished my vegetables while watching popeye 😂

  • The Local Unbeliever

    This is great!

  • Dozzy22
    Dozzy22 Year ago +27

    Anyone remember wacky wednsday from like 3-2 years ago?

  • Crazed Donut
    Crazed Donut Year ago +2

    Could've told us you changed your RU-clip name i nearly unsubscribed

  • Jeevzsk
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    is this wacky wednesday?

  • Bradley Newt Knight
    Bradley Newt Knight Year ago +8

    I'm so excited for that 2018 Mulan

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    cool channel i been loving ur channel i hope you can see this text huge fan!

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  • Nathaniel Pecson
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    you talk too much bitch

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    Jake paul is the one for christof

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    AUSTIN'SLUCKY #IS13 Year ago +1


  • DukeCyrus
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    whoever wrote this script really likes bashing at subcultures

  • DJ Donnelly
    DJ Donnelly Year ago +24

    R.I.P Wacky Wednesday

    • SamuraiFighterChick
      SamuraiFighterChick Year ago +1

      DJ Donnelly
      I know...this channel rebrand sucks. It wasn't gradual like Danger Dolan, it's just there. And the name is a ripoff of channels like TheRichest, TheTalko, and TheThings.

    • DJ Donnelly
      DJ Donnelly Year ago +1

      Alex Rotaru Same with Danger Dolan sorry I mean Planet Dolan. I just to love his videos and couldn't wait for a new one but now? It is just a watchmojo clone

  • WSN Cloudy
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    bruh lol nice vid

  • J L
    J L Year ago +3

    Jessica rabbit real pic is photo shopped I saw someone make it

  • Kratosx
    Kratosx Year ago +1

    except rapunzel takes place in medieval times and back then you were cinsiderd an adult at much younger age then today

    SUPER HERO Year ago +4

    I love your channel and like your videos

  • Prime Nipsy
    Prime Nipsy Year ago +1

    skip 10 minutes, np

  • RoseOfTheNight4444
    RoseOfTheNight4444 Year ago +1

    Jabs at furries, cosplayers, and fanfiction... ouch.

    • RoseOfTheNight4444
      RoseOfTheNight4444 Year ago +1

      The Local Unbeliever You must not have been paying attention :/

    • RoseOfTheNight4444
      RoseOfTheNight4444 Year ago +1

      Olivier.wmv People who say don't actually know what furries really are and only know the stereotypes. Every fandom has it's fair share of filth. And not everyone in a fandom is the same.

    • The Local Unbeliever
      The Local Unbeliever Year ago

      where are the jabs?

    • Olivier.wmv
      Olivier.wmv Year ago +1

      RoseOfTheNight4444 furries are filth

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    not first :(

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    stupid compilation

  • SpySappin' MyTeleporter


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    Scobby scobby do where are you

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