The Art of Log Hive Making

  • Published on Aug 4, 2014
  • This video is about the art of Log hive making. Log hives provide a natural nest environment and allow bees to grow their one-body according to their instincts and inner wisdom. Frameless nest environments support health and emotional well being.

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  • ardy texn
    ardy texn 2 years ago +12


  • Oro Munroe
    Oro Munroe 2 years ago +2

    Bees will make a home in virtually anything they can fit inside. I don't think they care if it's a hollowed out log, a box, or a Weber grill. Still, that's pretty cool.

  • Hossein Hayati
    Hossein Hayati 2 years ago

    Well done, Sir!

  • dat Pianoguy
    dat Pianoguy 2 years ago

    can you carve it out using fire?

  • Hank hankyourhankerin
    Hank hankyourhankerin 2 years ago

    It looks like sap resin wood

    NATUR UND HUND - 2 years ago


  • Александр Лугов

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  • marcjtdc
    marcjtdc 2 years ago

    How do you stop birds from nesting in it?

  • ChefGiovanni
    ChefGiovanni 2 years ago +5

    What a great video. Thanks for sharing. We love the bees as they help our tomatoes and basil plants and without them, there would be less food ! Keep up the good work. Time to cook.

  • Karel Van Leer
    Karel Van Leer 2 years ago

    take the chance and cut straight down into the round circular Mark around the tree when use cut make sure you cut down into your circular router take the chainsaw and make sure you go up and down all the way into the router then go diagonal after you bang out all the slots. take the chance and use it like a router instead of using that big metal chisel use the chainsaw and pretend it's a router

    • Stephen Fitzgerald
      Stephen Fitzgerald 2 years ago

      Karel Van Leer if you did that yes it would be much faster but you'd get the chainsaw oil in the hive and that would keep bees suspicious of what it is and why it smells like that

    • Donald Nicholson III
      Donald Nicholson III 2 years ago +1

      As stated in the video, he uses the chisel to avoid chainsaw bar oil in the finished product.

  • Danny M
    Danny M 2 years ago +16

    Too bad we logged our forests to the point were we have to make hollow logs for bees.. Having said that I'm glad somebody's doing it!👍🏻 great video!! Thanks for the share

  • kyrg
    kyrg 2 years ago +1

    Why not cut in down the middle after routing, a skill saw could cut down to the last inch then adz it out by hand to finish thickness, and nail it back together?

  • bigfoot6869 sasquatch
    bigfoot6869 sasquatch 2 years ago +2

    nothing beats a stihl.

  • Momo Mohamed
    Momo Mohamed 2 years ago +2

    thank you so much u are very intelligent man thanks for sharing 😊

  • 8126926
    8126926 2 years ago +1

    Are you using a ripping chain?

  • mister smith
    mister smith 2 years ago +2

    This guy is great with a chainsaw. The job is absolutely awesome. Thanks for the video!

  • von Hannersdorf
    von Hannersdorf 2 years ago +3

    Perfect! One of the most beautiful videos on youtube ;-)
    Greeting from Czech Republic

  • DrDread
    DrDread 2 years ago +17

    Gaia Bees: Very interesting concept, thank you for sharing. How do you harvest the honey without destroying the hive?

  • Lesley246
    Lesley246 2 years ago +3


  • DeDraconis
    DeDraconis 2 years ago +3

    Are these to let the bees come in and just fend for their own? How do you access the inner bits to check on the Queen/brood, presence of mites etc?

  • Cancun771
    Cancun771 2 years ago +6

    Here's a trick:
    Don't screw the router into the circle jig.
    Fit the jig with a hole that fits the router's guide bushing.
    That way, you can just stick in the router and it can rotate inside the circle jig.
    Result: No cable hassle because the rotating router's position stays the same in relation to your hands!
    In essence, you just need to move your arms back and forth, a bit like like a piston, while the jig translates the motion into circular like a crank.

  • Outdo Channel
    Outdo Channel 2 years ago +2

    beautiful work

  • Volodymyr Baran
    Volodymyr Baran 2 years ago


  • deltafour1212
    deltafour1212 2 years ago +6

    I'm "stealing" this idea

  • Altaf Husain
    Altaf Husain 2 years ago


  • Abdallah Haouari
    Abdallah Haouari 2 years ago

    les bonnes abilles sont des montagnes,je suis loins, des que j'ais l'occasion je filme,le miel Marocaine du montagne est médicale,car il y'a beaucoup de plante medicale.

    • Gaia Bees
      Gaia Bees  2 years ago

      Je comprend. Le miel es très unique et les montagnes sont un refuge pour les abeilles. Merci.

  • Abdallah Haouari
    Abdallah Haouari 2 years ago +6

    Travailla d'un vrais professionnelle.Merci pour cette méthode et technique.(Morrocco).

    • Gaia Bees
      Gaia Bees  2 years ago +3

      J'amerais voir les abeilles natural en Maroque. Merci.

    • Abdallah Haouari
      Abdallah Haouari 2 years ago +2

      @Gaia Bees je vous en prie,bonne continuation et chance aussi.

    • Gaia Bees
      Gaia Bees  2 years ago +1

      Merci beaucoup.

  • Aaron Zimmerman
    Aaron Zimmerman 3 years ago

    Love it. That is OUTSTANDING! :)

    THESHOMROM 3 years ago +24

    Wonderful! My Dad kept 5 large hives and I grew to love bees and have never feared them. Neither of us were ever stung and I remember sitting in clover and allowing the bees to land on me while spending lazy afternoons watching them collect. Some became so laden with pollen I WAS AMAZED THEY COULD FLY. Thank you for a great video.

  • Vanja Madžo
    Vanja Madžo 3 years ago +1

    This works with resinous trees too? (like in this vid, what is that a pine or sth?)

  • Ben Heatherman
    Ben Heatherman 3 years ago +6

    Man, using the nose of a saw aways sketches me out. really cool regardless.

  • barbara reid
    barbara reid 3 years ago

    Am wondering why more orchard grower don't do this? Lovely respect for the bees and non interference too. No supers is such a great idea, thanks.

  • Pat R.
    Pat R. 3 years ago +17

    I've done three log hives now and have never had the luck of pushing out big chunks of wood like you did. Well done. I have ALWAYS had to use a 'sledge and spike' method...a real labor of love. Three log hives have all attracted natural swarms with a little honeycomb, melted wax, and lemongrass oil. It's a sight to see when a natural swarm decides to move in.


    Chaque jour je decouvre des choes etonnante sur l apiculture et de son evolution dans le monde,nous Africains avons besoins ces connaissances pour a

  • Sislertx
    Sislertx 3 years ago the days before chainsaws how would they of done this?

  • mgh
    mgh 3 years ago

    This is super cool. Thanks so much! How long does it usually take a hive to move in?

  • Bradley Kloeckl
    Bradley Kloeckl 3 years ago

    Beautiful. I used a 4' chunk of cottonwood, maybe a bit larger in diameter. Thank you.

  • nery miriam
    nery miriam 3 years ago +1

    uma casinha natural para as abelhas, interferência mínima, excelente!

  • abdallah elhaouari
    abdallah elhaouari 3 years ago

    ta méthode est unique et elle ma donné une aidée de fabrication de ruche traditionnelle.morrocco

  • El Hashemah Salam Amaru Bey

    Thank u for the formation ,can i get in touch with and get a log , or bay it
    i appreciate how you respect the bees ,Peace and Love

  • Kestrel
    Kestrel 3 years ago

    Using a rip chain to do those bore cuts?

  • thisissoeasy
    thisissoeasy 3 years ago +1

    Thank you for sharing this interesting video... Cheers from Outback Australia..... (I have a very large "dead" palm tree which I will try and convert into a bee-"house")

  • Braulio Perez
    Braulio Perez 3 years ago +14

    Thanks so much for your honest contribution to mankind throughout these efforts. Without bees, there will be no food. You are helping saving millions of lives. Thanks much.

  • Green Man
    Green Man 4 years ago


  • barryo20011
    barryo20011 4 years ago +36

    That was really cool, but how do you harvest the honey?

  • Robert LASTnameDENIEDhehehe

    Wow OMFG W-O-W!

  • precognative maiden
    precognative maiden 4 years ago

    love gotta get me one made!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yves Bodin
    Yves Bodin 4 years ago

    very nice vidéo and very good job ... from France..

  • Gale Morse
    Gale Morse 4 years ago +10

    Even with the production chain you use on your saw, you can get away with running canola, or corn oil, and it works fine, as long as you are not running it all day.

    • Bradley Kloeckl
      Bradley Kloeckl 3 years ago +6

      I've used strictly canola oil even for milling...doesn't gum up.

  • Isaman
    Isaman 4 years ago +2

    so cool... great chain saw work. so dangerous and makes i look easy. I am totally making one of those "ancient tool" chisels.

  • Eva Christin Hjelden
    Eva Christin Hjelden 4 years ago

    I just got a beautiful log for this purpose, it is from an old Ash tree, about 50cm in diameter and 120cm long. Now I just need a chainsaw like the one in this video, they arent cheap, but i figure that i can earn the money back by making hives for others. What time is the best to work with the log? best when the log is wet or dry? since I dont know when I get a chainsaw, should I then cover op the log or leave it exposed to the weather - its turning winter now

  • BeeFriendlyApiary
    BeeFriendlyApiary 4 years ago

    Wonderful!!!! I love log hives...

  • ExarKenneth71
    ExarKenneth71 4 years ago

    This is a great video I would like to try this with Hemlock which doesn't rot like pine does unfortunly most have been killed by aphids.

  • Gaia Bees
    Gaia Bees  4 years ago +17

    thanks. Either way, they can be inoculated with propolis and bees move in by themselves, or one could move a swarm into it.

    • Gustavo Pou
      Gustavo Pou 4 years ago +6

      una maravilla ... buen trabajo