When a gamer goes to jungle to play games

  • Published on Nov 20, 2017
  • When a gamer goes to jungle to play games.
    What will happen if he goes to jungle. ??
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    Music Used :
    Tobu - Candyland (NCS Release)
    Deaf Kev - Invincible (NCS Release)
    Street Fighter Ken's theme
    Other popular sound effect
    Games Used :
    GTA 5
    GTA 4
    Battlefield 1

    Intro Music : Dont wanna know - Maroon 5 (Jellyfysh Remix)

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  • Nun Nine
    Nun Nine 16 hours ago

    these videos are made by 8 year olds

  • quickhall Gamer
    quickhall Gamer Month ago

    2019 anyone

  • Isaac G
    Isaac G 4 months ago


  • JhayR Beltrano
    JhayR Beltrano 5 months ago

    How did he got wifi

  • creation time/ iamagummy bear

    WiFi ?

  • Impossible Tricks345
    Impossible Tricks345 7 months ago

    Your mom is wondering where her money went she said she won't do anything to you you said you bought the gaming laptop and punches you hahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂

  • jakir hussain
    jakir hussain 7 months ago

    i give you one idea make whan a gamer play gta 6

  • XL eo
    XL eo 9 months ago

    Where he found wifi in the jungle

  • Ukasha Genius
    Ukasha Genius 9 months ago

    LOL DO YOU HAVE BRAIN IT`S NOT SAFE TO PLAY IN JUNGLE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Swifti Gamer
    Swifti Gamer 10 months ago

    At the end when he tells hes mom that he stoled her money and his mom fighted him i was all like

  • Manav Sehgal
    Manav Sehgal 10 months ago

    When a gamer goes to dental clinic next please

  • LiquitYT
    LiquitYT 10 months ago

    But theres No internet in jungle?

  • Joey D.M.
    Joey D.M. 11 months ago

    Should I change my intro or logo?
    Awnser: How about you actually try animating ya lazy piece of crap

  • seth 3456
    seth 3456 11 months ago

    Please make when a gamer become a principle of school

  • Fortnut Helari
    Fortnut Helari 11 months ago

    Fk u

  • GiletsVert Fortnite
    GiletsVert Fortnite 11 months ago

    When a gamer get sister pls

  • Realz Playz
    Realz Playz Year ago

    damn dudee where do you got that wifi at Jungle.... And laptop need electricity too

  • Korijen iz 2
    Korijen iz 2 Year ago

    It's better to collect money than steal it.

  • Ilike memes
    Ilike memes Year ago

    Whats the song?

  • Rijad
    Rijad Year ago

    network in jungle

  • CyberTronGamer XX
    CyberTronGamer XX Year ago +1

    RM how did he download battlefeild in his gaming laptop with Out WIFIE?

  • jyoti nair
    jyoti nair Year ago

    When a gamer is admit in hospital.... Plss reply if u can ..

  • Hanier [BS]
    Hanier [BS] Year ago

    But how he is playing in gaming laptop without download games?

  • Behrad Gamer
    Behrad Gamer Year ago

    When U Get Potato Pc

  • DeadTriggerツ
    DeadTriggerツ Year ago


  • Bachir Berkachy
    Bachir Berkachy Year ago

    But how to download this game.and no internet and also the same game

  • Feesy - Mobile Gameplay & Funny Moments

    I want to have wifi in the jungle tho xd

  • Maria Papadopoulou

    Get your dislike ur just copying Axzyte

  • Maria Papadopoulou

    Wtf was that video

  • Hans Nørkjær
    Hans Nørkjær Year ago

    Did u noticed that you can't play in the jungle

  • zkej
    zkej Year ago

    Battlefield 1 is a multiplayer game which requires internet connection but you are in the jungle SO HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU PLAy IT

  • minigamer99 drabek

    The problem is that in The junngle There is no Internet

  • sunshine-playz cubic castles

    Bro infinite battery?

  • Unknown_dojo
    Unknown_dojo Year ago

    This is the best video I have ever seen!

  • Maanab Subba vlogs and gaming

    HE IS copying Axzyte's videos

  • DestroyerMachine
    DestroyerMachine Year ago +1

    He the hell can he play without a mouse? Except that tough board but that’s so,hard to use.. and how is the battery on the laptop on full when it’s new?

  • Venkateswarlu T
    Venkateswarlu T Year ago


  • Do you have the BIG GAY

    HOW ARE YOU GUNNA PLAY IF THERE'S NO INTERNET CONNECTION?! (the game clips are from multiplayer)

  • KF Gaming
    KF Gaming Year ago

    But how can he play games with no internet

  • MindOf Beans
    MindOf Beans Year ago

    He plays like a boss with No mouse

  • flames Re4perzz
    flames Re4perzz Year ago

    there is no internet in jungle

  • Wasabii
    Wasabii Year ago

    wait..theres no wifi in jungle how do he play these games (except GTA 5)

  • FullAmo
    FullAmo Year ago

    Die u piece of shit lol

  • Sam B
    Sam B Year ago

    u r better than forceplayz (u r best )

  • DarkCloak
    DarkCloak Year ago

    Wait jungle doesn't have wi fi network

  • DakiPlays
    DakiPlays Year ago

    where they found internet in jungle? xD

  • Gabriel Honceriu
    Gabriel Honceriu Year ago

    But how does he play online games in jungle if he doesn't has any network????

  • luka Master Tv
    luka Master Tv Year ago

    How he have internet in jungle

  • The gAming king
    The gAming king Year ago

    what's the music at 3:15

  • sofia muzammil
    sofia muzammil Year ago

    you help me a lot man i was finding these music to make animations like you and you link it i am sooo happy

  • Ajay Kumar
    Ajay Kumar Year ago +1

    Rm-Real madrid

  • Samuel
    Samuel Year ago

    And internet? From where he has internet?

  • minecraftteur600 theron

    Whiteout mouse ?

  • karan bhathal
    karan bhathal Year ago

    Bad thing to steel money from parents

  • Maverick Refile
    Maverick Refile Year ago +1


  • ooh killem
    ooh killem Year ago

    You are the worst RU-clipr I have seen worst then toy channel's acctually you can't spell or say words right in a sentence

  • Tml Gamers
    Tml Gamers Year ago

    is there wifi in jungle

  • Jam Playz
    Jam Playz Year ago +4

    Uhh how did he get wifi?

  • Sayian legends Z
    Sayian legends Z Year ago

    When a gamer is hack any game

  • It’s Savage
    It’s Savage Year ago

    I think that you also need wifi

  • Desi Roaster
    Desi Roaster Year ago

    When gamer start getting boring of playing games!!

  • Shark Gaming
    Shark Gaming Year ago

    Wait their is connection in the jungle???!!!!!???

  • rise nutella
    rise nutella Year ago

    how does he have wifi xdd

  • Guru Prasad
    Guru Prasad Year ago

    Let me advise y RM pls change the hairstyle of the character plsss

  • Gone Forever
    Gone Forever Year ago

    How can they charge or get internet in a jungle?that's what I'm asking

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas Year ago

    This gamer always makes the wrong decisions

  • Martin Magos
    Martin Magos Year ago

    When a gamer gets an iPhoneX

  • Toxic Hero
    Toxic Hero Year ago

    Um how’s there internet :/

  • geo Gaming
    geo Gaming Year ago

    fuck u

  • T-series' Biggest hater

    Dude there is no internet in jungle silly mistake

  • nicholas stennabba

    How does internet connection work

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki Year ago


  • CreeperPeeperBeeper

    Wait u got over 200 likes! That was ur goal! Nice

  • CreeperPeeperBeeper

    I wish graphics were that good on a laptop 😢

  • CreeperPeeperBeeper

    Why so little likes? U deserve the world

  • Gaming Planet
    Gaming Planet Year ago

    This gamer face not good but force playz gamer has good face

  • Roberts Lokmanis
    Roberts Lokmanis Year ago

    When a gamer plays rainbow six siege first time

  • Riyan Raahim
    Riyan Raahim Year ago

    Nice Video Bro🔥

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    Kapitan Pieseł Year ago

    When a gamer sells his pc.

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    CanonJames Macam Year ago

    When a poor pro becomes rich noob

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    TapSub Button Year ago

    What it feels like to hack gta v plz!

    RED STICK Year ago

    When a gamer plays gta vice city after completing gta5

    GAMER BOY Year ago

    Nice one

  • Apo Speck
    Apo Speck Year ago +1

    But the BF1 gameplay was played with controller....

  • Elliot
    Elliot Year ago

    How does he get play online in jungle

  • Red__Frog
    Red__Frog Year ago

    When a Gamer is Kidnapped!

  • A. Gamer
    A. Gamer Year ago

    3:27 WASTED

  • Elyxtra
    Elyxtra Year ago

    where did he find the wifi


    2 relatable 4 me

  • Ronald Wouters
    Ronald Wouters Year ago

    how can he play online without WIFI?

  • Commandoz
    Commandoz Year ago

    How yu make these characters walk

  • Harlem Dabz
    Harlem Dabz Year ago

    Your logo looks like ForcePlayZ but I’m okay wit dat I just want you to change the intro

  • Puck Fotato
    Puck Fotato Year ago

    maja aayo video herera yaar...Keep it up bro:)

  • Connor L
    Connor L Year ago

    so when he bought the laptop

    HOW DID HE GET THE GAMES? !?!?!?!?!?!!

  • hris 6089
    hris 6089 Year ago

    When a gamer cant get 20 fps

  • rafi murtaqi
    rafi murtaqi Year ago

    Wtf bf1 need internet

  • Xtreme Gameplay
    Xtreme Gameplay Year ago

    Iss video ka title hona chahiye tha when you steal parent's money

  • Richard Hovanyecz

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  • Jessica Pendleton

    Buttspank 😤😤😤 no cakecor 🎮