Challenging Dessert Recipes That Will Gain You Professional Chef Status • Tasty

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
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Comments • 1 645

  • Swe Gamers
    Swe Gamers 11 hours ago

    The first one will not give me proffesional chef status. It will give me a proffesional heart attack

  • iKingDre
    iKingDre 20 hours ago

    So are we suppose to buy a freezer to make the second recipe? Basically mine is to small. Lol

  • James Clancy
    James Clancy Day ago

    At the grocery store and walks to check out
    "That will be $400 sir"
    Me: Hands them a piece of paper
    "What's this?"
    Me:The deed to my house
    Tasty seriously you trying to drive me broke!?

  • James Clancy
    James Clancy Day ago

    So I went to Hell's Kitchen and said I watched a Tasty video and got rejected

    .....well Tasty

  • Marko Soldatovic
    Marko Soldatovic 2 days ago


  • jedi7up
    jedi7up 2 days ago

    Tasty you use cookies and cream too much. what happened to the good old days when you made things without a mix??

  • Liv Cahill
    Liv Cahill 3 days ago

    What the heck is yellow cake

  • Sam Janeczek
    Sam Janeczek 3 days ago

    I am deeply offended by how much work goes into that 100 layer cake.

  • Amire Jackson
    Amire Jackson 3 days ago

    Is anyone else in love with the music

  • Skip Mccrabs
    Skip Mccrabs 3 days ago

    100 layer crepe cake...people don’t have that much money or time to make a waste of time cake that is gone in seconds and automatically have a 3-star restaurent and become a pro chef

  • Dayale- Chan
    Dayale- Chan 4 days ago +2

    3:59 That guy in the backround be like: D:

  • Ultra Rare Pokemon
    Ultra Rare Pokemon 4 days ago


  • JenChuLiChaeng is life also stan TWICE

    Lmao a bunch of people in the comments are taking the title too seriously

  • Egg with 10,000 subscribers?

    What I think the title should be is: A SH!T TON OF MONEYA AND HECK OF A CLEANING

  • rblackledge1
    rblackledge1 4 days ago

    Absolutely no one:
    Not even Jesus himself:
    Second recipe: *aM i A jOKe tO yOU?*

  • Such Lerra
    Such Lerra 5 days ago

    Second one is like wtf, crepe cakes aren't even that delicious...

  • Jessica SmokeyMcPot
    Jessica SmokeyMcPot 5 days ago

    That bunt cake looks easy, but that 100 layer shit is just excessive

  • joaquin anims
    joaquin anims 8 days ago

    At 9:05 you can see him or her wave in the reflection

  • Moon Potato
    Moon Potato 9 days ago +1

    Dont do the second receipe.
    It will be a waste of your time. 😑🙅🏾‍♀️

  • ItsJasmine Tea
    ItsJasmine Tea 10 days ago

    On the 100 layer crepe cake,u can see alvin just in shock lmao

  • Kim Pekolj
    Kim Pekolj 12 days ago

    The first one isn’t even professional. Like seriously a GOD DAMN BOX CAKE!

  • n
    n 12 days ago

    The 2nd recipe...what ?????

  • ruwaydo hassan
    ruwaydo hassan 12 days ago

    Did any body see Alvin’s face

  • Nano
    Nano 12 days ago

    White chocolate makes me want to vomit

  • ——___
    ——___ 15 days ago +5

    First one-
    Me: Okay...That seems really easy. And you’re using cake mix. I can total do that!
    Me: **Da fuq???** How do you go from using cake mix to tHaT??

  • Allustrations Studio
    Allustrations Studio 15 days ago +2

    24 eggs ?
    Oh wait another 24 eggs for the other half
    Please don’t forget the 20 eggs for the frosting
    That equals 68 eggs
    Cholesterol has joined the chat

  • SayorYEET Beems
    SayorYEET Beems 20 days ago

    Cake mix = Professional status

    Show that first one in front of REAL pros in the culinary field and get their opinion.

  • Leo Rule
    Leo Rule 23 days ago

    my mum ain't giving me that much stuff for 2nd recipe

  • Jemima Kerr
    Jemima Kerr 24 days ago

    kitchen diasters has entered the chat

  • Mango Bango
    Mango Bango 26 days ago

    I don’t think professionals use Oreos

  • Julie Lie
    Julie Lie Month ago +5

    Tasty: professional chef status
    Also tasty: Pulls out a freaking prepared box chocolate cake mix

  • Pixelation
    Pixelation Month ago

    I ain't no making 100 crepes, Tasty u crazy!

  • Dimagrimento Dietiziano

    I hope you have a wonderful year and I hope you have a wonderful day

  • Pinkiemachine Animations

    and here I thought it would be desserts that were actually hard, like baked Alaska.

  • julian t
    julian t Month ago

    they saved the best till last. that cake looked amazing.

  • Moj Glupi Kanal
    Moj Glupi Kanal Month ago

    24 eggs?!?!?

  • Blue flame83699
    Blue flame83699 Month ago +1

    Repeat 99 times 😟
    Screw it I am making cookies

  • Raptorkitty Aj
    Raptorkitty Aj Month ago

    Is it just me or is the second one a huge waist of money, food, and time??????

  • Shãkthï R
    Shãkthï R Month ago +3

    Do you want me to spend my whole salary and one year to make that 2nd dish 😁😁😁

  • Lamar bond
    Lamar bond Month ago

    The song name

  • Violet Flower
    Violet Flower Month ago

    the comment section is so toxic ugh

  • Gay JasperTM
    Gay JasperTM Month ago

    Does anyone know the music?

  • Rachel Guyette
    Rachel Guyette Month ago +1

    I wanna see the behind tasty video for the second on lol

  • May Celeste
    May Celeste Month ago

    Boi that crepe cake-

  • iiFaded Snow
    iiFaded Snow Month ago

    3:58 (I think his name is Alvin) Alvin's reaction in the back 😂

  • ilian martell
    ilian martell Month ago +1

    Well the second one was just to elaborate for what is worth...

  • Tutty1999
    Tutty1999 Month ago

    The pancake cake doesn't look very tasty for all that hard work...

  • Oofinator 3000
    Oofinator 3000 Month ago +2

    Respect for the person who makes the second recipe!

  • Oofinator 3000
    Oofinator 3000 Month ago +140

    The first recipe: 1 pound of cream cheese?!
    The second recipe: 12 cups of flour, and 14 cups of milk?!?!

  • ALDC Maniac
    ALDC Maniac Month ago +2

    At first I thought that it said to *gain weight* not *gain pro status* lol

  • Ultima
    Ultima Month ago

    By “challenging desserts” they mean “I bet you don’t have the utensils to make this so good luck”

  • Dan Roslan ( Nails)

    3:58 Alvin 😂👌

  • PrimaDina
    PrimaDina Month ago

    wow they look soooo tasty :D

  • auec
    auec Month ago

    99 times? Excuse me?

  • Wynaut Videos
    Wynaut Videos Month ago

    4:25 they didn’t put a name so here is the real name of that desert: The you don’t have a life cake

  • Fatima Noor Ahmad
    Fatima Noor Ahmad Month ago

    Wow the first one is nice

  • OmeN RexPlayz
    OmeN RexPlayz Month ago +1

    44 eggs and 25 cups of milk in one recipe

  • OmeN RexPlayz
    OmeN RexPlayz Month ago +1

    1:00 to 2:00 no comment

  • DancingKingZigiSnake

    No offense but that second recipe is crazy!!!

  • Haruhi Suzumiya
    Haruhi Suzumiya Month ago

    the amt of sugar in all these (enough to make an entire village to be diabetic)

  • LimeJuice826
    LimeJuice826 Month ago


  • Muna Ahmed
    Muna Ahmed Month ago +1

    Ain't nobody got the eggs for the second recipe.

  • sunshine _
    sunshine _ 2 months ago

    Please show an alternate of eggs in your recipe, for the non eggetarians. And please when you write something make it a bit dark so that we can understand what's the measurements and doesn't dissolves in the butter. 😔😒

  • rubi4kubi4
    rubi4kubi4 2 months ago

    Song?? Please someone!!!

  • constantino serrano
    constantino serrano 2 months ago

    what dos tree cups mean? and so on

  • Jasmin Erdbeerkäse
    Jasmin Erdbeerkäse 2 months ago

    Those didn't look that hard tho, especially the first one

  • joana S
    joana S 2 months ago

    dont u think that amount of butter and eggs is a liitttllleee bit too much ?

  • snow flake
    snow flake 2 months ago

    99 pancakes?? I'll be dead mate

  • Logophile
    Logophile 2 months ago

    scott has some sexy hands.

  • Roald Granlund
    Roald Granlund 2 months ago

    Who the heck would use that kind of music in a video? I really don't want to call it music, it sounds awful.

  • Egg Krab
    Egg Krab 2 months ago

    Basically putting things inside other things is professional ok

  • Anna HAGAN
    Anna HAGAN 2 months ago

    im not going to use 128 eggs to make one massive cake.... srsly!!!

  • Neeti Singh
    Neeti Singh 2 months ago +2

    *shows second recipe*
    Me: *dies of waiting *

  • Maria Escobedo
    Maria Escobedo 2 months ago +1

    Challenging desserts that will gain your weight

  • Rayya Eshal
    Rayya Eshal 2 months ago


  • Atanvardë Cúnambiel
    Atanvardë Cúnambiel 2 months ago

    That’s a lotta crepe!

  • leo victorin
    leo victorin 2 months ago

    What 99 times wtf

  • Kaworu Nagisa
    Kaworu Nagisa 2 months ago

    You're confusing challenging with time-consuming. There's nothing even remotely challenging about these recipes.

  • CatsRCute
    CatsRCute 2 months ago

    i'll never understand the concept of crêpe cake lmao why turn such a simple recipe into a big fat mess that doesn't even look good

  • honeytgb
    honeytgb 2 months ago

    That crepe cake was a waste of time and ingredient. What a pile of crap.

  • Jessica Ogbonnaya
    Jessica Ogbonnaya 2 months ago

    professional chef??

  • samantha dunn
    samantha dunn 2 months ago

    This music though 😍

  • Wolf Muller
    Wolf Muller 2 months ago

    the only slightly impressive one is the last one, and the second one is just needlessly huge i wouldn't even have space in my freezer

  • Shaz Mohammed mohammed
    Shaz Mohammed mohammed 2 months ago

    the title should actually be like "challenging dessert recipes that will gain you 'more weight' "

  • AshHaroon:)
    AshHaroon:) 2 months ago

    *repeat 99 more times*


    C RUDOLPH 2 months ago

    Y'all wasteful and somebody needs their ass whooped for all those eggs

  • Sana Aamir
    Sana Aamir 2 months ago +1

    The real challenge is trying to eat the second one

  • NICOLE Burke
    NICOLE Burke 2 months ago

    LOL professional chef... box cake? LOL

  • Tartila Maasir
    Tartila Maasir 2 months ago

    I'd say : "No Thank You!" for doin' the 2nd recipe 😩

  • Willa Farrelly
    Willa Farrelly 2 months ago

    Bitch i Ain’t buying 40 eggs

  • Maniac _15
    Maniac _15 2 months ago

    I think i'm the only 1 who doesn't learn anything from this even if i watched this

  • MirYam Nal
    MirYam Nal 2 months ago

    That big recipe for crepe?!?! I am making those alone since I was 9. No need that much complication around it at all

  • Max
    Max 2 months ago

    What was the intention at the second recipe where I stopped watching the video. Is that suppose to be targeted at professional or ordinary people. If it was for professional, the end result was so nasty that they would have to eat it themselves. If it was for me in my little kichen cooking for my wife and I , would not have time to make the first 99 layers. Are you kidding. No help here.👎

  • Daniel Flores
    Daniel Flores 2 months ago

    Diabetes much for the second one

  • metalheadlim
    metalheadlim 2 months ago

    You do not get to call yourself professional chef.. unless you put in the hours and hardwork under pressure..

  • Kenneth Govier
    Kenneth Govier 2 months ago +1

    What a waste

  • Cadence Hazard
    Cadence Hazard 2 months ago

    that 2nd recipe has WAY too much dairy

  • Reba Derps
    Reba Derps 2 months ago

    That second one looked like a subway sandwich to me......or a wrap...

  • Bts Doesn't Know Me
    Bts Doesn't Know Me 2 months ago

    Damn tasty coming through with some .. nOt defaulty music gOoD JoB👏😂

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 2 months ago +1

    Is no one gonna talk about how many fucking eggs they used and no one, is gonna have enough room to eat that shit. Ffs waste of damn money. Bullshit. 124 damns eggs as if we all keep that amount of food.