Razer Raiju Ultimate vs Scuf Vantage

  • Published on Nov 28, 2018
  • its the Razer Raiju Ultimate vs Razer Tournament vs Scuf Vantage in the battle for the best PS4 Pro controller!
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Comments • 745

  • ElectroPlays
    ElectroPlays 13 hours ago

    7:06 😂

  • MrDrschuster
    MrDrschuster 9 days ago

    I own the scuf vantage, it sucks ass

  • Kris Sacro
    Kris Sacro 13 days ago +2

    Cough cough ps4 vantage copied the elite controller

  • Brick TV
    Brick TV 20 days ago

    Who is buying the raiju ultimate just because of the lights

  • pxc
    pxc 21 day ago

    Charge your phone, Kevin

  • ENK K
    ENK K 29 days ago +1

    I live in uk and I'm considering of getting Raiju Ultimate for 160£

  • Mark Harris
    Mark Harris Month ago

    Returned 3 times, replaced twice then got my money back. Features are useless on the Raiju when it can't even perform controller basics. Huge drift issues. inconsistent inputs. Then there's tossers like this guy who has mislead so many. If you have a Raiju Ultimate then it's only a matter of time before the issues start. Very cheap gimbals. Look at the Razer and Reddit forums before you waste your money.

  • any4003
    any4003 Month ago +1

    What about the new Astro Pro Controller from what I hear that one may even blow the both of these out of the water

  • Joshua Edelman
    Joshua Edelman Month ago

    Have they fixed the issues that are mentioned in earlier comments?

  • The Burning Beard
    The Burning Beard 2 months ago

    My first impression was that’s the build quality was shoddy and the thing feels cheaply made - it is!
    I had to replace the worn thumb sticks within 50 hours of play and the R1 button became detached almost immediately.
    The awful build quality is matched by the after service support. I returned the controller and was told that the warranty had been invalidated(!?) Why? Because the smallest bit of (poor quality) plastic holding the R1 button had broken - something that I suspect was an issue when I received it. So I’m now forced to pay to have it returned!
    This is the SECOND Scuf controller I’ve had to return in less than a year.
    Do what I did and stick with the original PS4 controller. Thousands of hours of use from mine and it still feels and plays immaculately!
    I’ll never buy or recommend another Scuf product to anyone!

  • EnlightenPanda
    EnlightenPanda 2 months ago

    I play mortal kombat. I need one with a great dpad, which one is better

  • keyb0at
    keyb0at 2 months ago

    Its a shame that raiju isnt paired with thresher headset. It wouldve been the bomb if you can mute the threaher headset using the buttons on raiju.

  • Carlos
    Carlos 2 months ago

    Try to speak faster please, is not enough. LOL.

  • Alex Chappell
    Alex Chappell 2 months ago

    Way to not link any of the shit you are reviewing.. Well done. Also you have a bad look and sound for doing reviews I don't think I'll ever watch another

  • Nerdburger85
    Nerdburger85 2 months ago +1

    Razer controller looks epic but is $350 in Australia! Same price as a PS4!

    HELIX 3 months ago

    Lol i got an ad for the nacon revolution

  • Daniel Moorhead
    Daniel Moorhead 3 months ago

    Who else’s Razer Raiju ultimate is broken. Even though mine is updated, the right analog stick drifts to the right when I tap it very slightly and take my hand off it. It’s so fucking annoying

  • Triple A
    Triple A 3 months ago

    whats the first song name?

  • ThatDudeJosh
    ThatDudeJosh 3 months ago

    Can someone please tell me why the ps4 logo in the beginning of the video just dissapear

  • Dizzle Rizzle
    Dizzle Rizzle 3 months ago

    both suck, razor raiju has massive input delay and some how its laggier when wired, and the scuffs breaks easily and has bad deadzone, if you play rainbow six seige you'll feel like dog shit, buy a fps dominator mode back, paddled are better feeling 40$ and you dont have to use them while using your same old controllers.

  • Malikul Amin
    Malikul Amin 3 months ago

    Useless product...

    LUPOGRIGIO 04 3 months ago

    I get the raiju ultimate

    • Yokes
      Yokes 3 months ago

      LUPOGRIGIO 04 it’s a terrible controller. He was only talking about the good parts. It had to be called back many times.

  • Lol gvborges1974
    Lol gvborges1974 3 months ago

    0:09 the Playstation sign disappears

  • RickHard26 Myers
    RickHard26 Myers 3 months ago

    Razor raigu ultimate is so BAD DO NOT BUY DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY PLEASE

  • Bennett Van Pelt
    Bennett Van Pelt 4 months ago

    Sounds more like sponsored content than actual product review

  • Xbot4Life
    Xbot4Life 4 months ago

    Or get a Xim Apex and win

    SNOOFKIN 4 months ago +1

    This channel is filled with glorified ads....
    Little criticism on the products hes featuring...

  • Alyna Walker
    Alyna Walker 4 months ago

    I would pick the tournament edition because the SCUF vantage has a big and I mean BIG deadzone you have to move the stick sooooo far just to move or look.

  • Freaky Gamer
    Freaky Gamer 4 months ago +1

    Pls I need help I can’t connect my Razer raiju to pc anymore

  • ryan butler
    ryan butler 4 months ago

    Mouse and keyboard.... Waaaaaaaait....

  • Super Abound
    Super Abound 4 months ago

    Try watching this at 2x speed

  • Aaron
    Aaron 4 months ago +1

    I own the Raiju Tournament. Do not buy this controller. The stick drift issue has not been fixed as of 2/26/19. This controller is unusable, you have been warned.

    • Hazy D-RIDGE
      Hazy D-RIDGE 2 months ago

      Had the same problem, had razer replace it under warranty and requested 1.04 firmware version - after having gone through 2 1.03 replacements from EB games, so far so good - the replacement was straight forward and cost nothing for me in postage back to Singapore - contact their online support

    • Василий Пупкин
      Василий Пупкин 4 months ago

      Damn...didn't think it was that bad. Thanks for the heads up, friend. The greedy bastards almost got me there.

  • Michael Lucero
    Michael Lucero 4 months ago

    Can you connect it to a Nintendo switch using that 8bit device?

  • Howard Marks
    Howard Marks 4 months ago

    What about the imput lag and the drift issue on the ultimate?

  • Ashly33rdDegree
    Ashly33rdDegree 4 months ago

    Stop trying to talk so fast, it sounds as if you are mispronouncing your words.

  • JR Cardoso
    JR Cardoso 4 months ago

    Vou esperar ficar antigo

  • Clutch Tactics Gaming
    Clutch Tactics Gaming 5 months ago

    Anything is better then a scuf. Those things break fast and have the worst quality ive ever seen in a controller. Its such a shame

  • flipwarrior
    flipwarrior 5 months ago

    It seems like you’re just trying to spit words out, sounds rushed and annoying. Speaking fast does not make you smart, especially when you can’t enunciate properly.

  • SHADO_lancer117
    SHADO_lancer117 5 months ago

    the razer tournament and ultimate has a lot of thumbstick issues
    when i move my character forward and to the left my character walks instead of running
    and EVERYONE has been having trouble

  • gaming with subi
    gaming with subi 5 months ago

    HEllo kk

  • Zahraabo3layan
    Zahraabo3layan 5 months ago

    How do you guys change the colors?

  • HalfGoldenDragonBoy
    HalfGoldenDragonBoy 5 months ago

    How much would you have to spend on a Scuff controller that will last more than 2 weeks?

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis 5 months ago

    Thr raiju has no app to remap all the buttons. Its trash don't buy.

  • uzeezakee YT
    uzeezakee YT 5 months ago

    What about small hands?

  • I’mPerish
    I’mPerish 5 months ago +1

    They made the Xbox Razer wolverine for so much cheaper and it has the light bar.

  • mbbl 14
    mbbl 14 5 months ago

    Wow PS4 controllers suck period lol can't stand the placement of the sticks and dpad. Second rate controller

  • Cody Schlenker
    Cody Schlenker 5 months ago

    When are these idiots gonna learn the Xbox elite controller is by far the best?

  • Hugo Hernandez Vega
    Hugo Hernandez Vega 5 months ago

    Hey man why do you speak so fast? Not all of your subscribers speak English natively. Slow down a bit please!

  • Ryan Dasalla
    Ryan Dasalla 5 months ago

    Can i have one of those controllers?

  • rajilona
    rajilona 5 months ago

    Recently there has been a problem with the so-called "drifting" of the thumb sticks on the raiju. I suffered from this. I contacted Razer and they are super cooperative but the problem still persists.

  • Oh no No
    Oh no No 5 months ago

    the tounament edition is a lot better than the ultimate

  • DELTA / verrückt games

    Cantate sas bien exportés to France sey raiju better for france

  • Michael Ulrich
    Michael Ulrich 5 months ago

    Mouse wins.

  • o o_11MAR_o o
    o o_11MAR_o o 5 months ago

    We have a winner....

    Scuff impact

  • You Suck
    You Suck 5 months ago

    Razer raiju ultimate is trash

  • Bryant Cordova
    Bryant Cordova 5 months ago

    Awful comparison, a 9 minute video that was supposed to compare controllers, but seemed more like a showcase of the Razer controller. There's only 1 minute worth of content dedicated to the Scuf, this feels like a sponsored video tbh.

  • Xaranar
    Xaranar 5 months ago

    I prefer the Tournament Edition to the Ultimate, simply because it has the Xbox stick positioning. I really don't get why Razer didn't do that with the Ultimate and it reverted to having the D-pad paradoxically taking pride of place again.

  • Kasar
    Kasar 5 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah Razer is good

  • ramo yildirim
    ramo yildirim 5 months ago

    Razer ultimate is sucks , I had two and they both had drifting issue . Fuck it

  • yezan gaming
    yezan gaming 5 months ago

    Why wouldn't you just buy the normal PS4 controller when both of the controllers are $200+

  • dark666105
    dark666105 5 months ago +1

    6:16 I think you meant to say there is a lot more you can do with the vantage?

  • Levi str8 shrimpin
    Levi str8 shrimpin 5 months ago +1

    Stick drift is a major problem for these controllers, stick with ds4 until they are actually in working order.

  • Lachlan
    Lachlan 5 months ago

    Looks like an Xbox one controller hmmm maybe Xbox is superior

  • byExtinction
    byExtinction 5 months ago

    2/3 of this video was just you comparing the new Raiju and the old one. Not what I came for.

  • jason howes
    jason howes 6 months ago

    Ordered a Razer Raiju, sticks became very unresponsive after a couple of months, returned to Razer who refuse to refund my money but can’t even replace it coz there’s no availability 😳 terrible customer service DO NOT touch Razer. If you google problems with this controller you’ll find many have issues with sticks and lag.

  • Ethan R6SIEGE
    Ethan R6SIEGE 6 months ago +2

    Why do you have to show off your controller with a light. Aren’t you playing through a game.

  • kurir
    kurir 6 months ago

    If you didnt know the scuf has a deadzone in the joysticks

  • runman85
    runman85 6 months ago

    The hori controller on amazon from japan is surprising like a 360 controller other than the triggers..... Those are about a 5/10 lol

  • Inca Tern
    Inca Tern 6 months ago

    Don’t get a vantage. Mine is trash and broken in like 5 different ways Had it for 1 month

  • Micjoe Micjoe
    Micjoe Micjoe 6 months ago

    Scuf Power👍👍New Razer is Shit!!!!