TFT University - What's Good? What's Sucks. Every Character/Class In-Depth Lecture (+ Tier List)

  • Published on Jul 3, 2019
  • TIER LIST/VISUAL REPRESENTATION: Pawnce_LoL/status/1146458252634312704
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  • Lëë Sin Only
    Lëë Sin Only 4 months ago

    sup pawncee!! Your loyal fan since 2014

  • Adrian Acosta
    Adrian Acosta 4 months ago

    Thanks for this guide i just started to get interested in this game after playing league on and off. This is by far the best guide to characters and the game overall I’ve seen.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce  4 months ago +1

      Glad you found it useful! It's a tiny bit out of date at this point, but the generally principles still mostly apply. At least until the patch next Tuesday... That one's going be a big game changer.

  • Ty-Ron Morrow
    Ty-Ron Morrow 5 months ago

    glacial needs to be nerfed %stun wise OR tenacity needs to be in the game
    knights should be buffed to scale into late game because after lvl 4 they're trash.
    rangers...they're fine besides kindred. 6 seconds is far too long.
    nidalee should DEFINITELY be a 2 star unit.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce  5 months ago

      All seems sensible. Never considered nidalee for tier 2. It's an interesting thought.

  • Themlg Brosftw
    Themlg Brosftw 5 months ago

    From what I can tell from watching other streams you either dont know what you are talking about or a lot of people are wrong about whats good

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce  5 months ago

      ​@Themlg Brosftw It's interesting Riot did that, but it tells me basically nothing.
      Aside from the PBE being a trash environment to determine anything, this particular bit of new content comes with many additional complications extraordinary even for that terrible server. For starters, certain people had white listed accounts that would skip the login queue (which could last for anywhere form 6 to 48 hours).

      Additionally, there were various server instability issues, specific individuals didn't requiring time to get used to the game on day 1 due to exclusive internal riot access, varying degrees of previous auto chess experience for baseline/entry level understanding of the game produced a wide range of results early, a host of other balance/glitch issues bad even by PBE standard (eg. the first 3 days were a simple as buy draven and you'll win) were present, various characters/classes have actually changed since the PBE, etc etc.
      Not saying anyone listed anywhere is bad. But a list off the PBE will tell you nothing.

    • Themlg Brosftw
      Themlg Brosftw 5 months ago

      Highest mmr at release, so saying highest ranked is a bit misleading I apologize

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce  5 months ago

      @Themlg Brosftw PBE had no rank unless Riot looked into the numbers for individuals specifically (unless you're talking about the PBE ranked mode that just went up literally yesterday). And even then, as someone who has spent 8 years on the PBE, I would not use the PBE to measure anything at all. Ever :P

    • Themlg Brosftw
      Themlg Brosftw 5 months ago

      @Swenter xD Whats your opinion on lets say Hafu, she was the highest ranked player on the pbe at release.
      I would say she has a good trackrecord along with dog who she claims is better than her and tidesoftime who is also very highley regarded

    • Swenter xD
      Swenter xD 5 months ago

      It's a new game nobody knows what they're talking abou

  • Themlg Brosftw
    Themlg Brosftw 5 months ago

    whats your credentials in this game?

    • Themlg Brosftw
      Themlg Brosftw 5 months ago

      ​@Pawnce well I meant in tft xD Doubt your proficiency in japanese will help me assess your credibility about a videogame xD:P No hate btw, been a sub for years to your channel

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce  5 months ago +1

      A BA in achaeology, 8 years kitchen work, Japanese language proficiency level 1, kendo 2 dan, and 8 years industry experience in online content production.
      Seriously, wtf kind of question is that? :P

  • RaventhortheWarrior
    RaventhortheWarrior 5 months ago

    I've won off the wild/shapeshifter/dragon comp (with brawler and sorc) and off a 6 assassin comp that tossed a youmuus on mordekaiser.
    In my opinion, wild is THEE most consistent comp to build towards, especially because you can determine it early enough into the game. Additionally, it scales into shapeshifter and brawler very easily. Nidalee being, arguably, the best tier 1 unit also helps. Nobles is way too late-focused to be good early, although does have knights to get it there relatively simply. Rangers is solid, but kindred is hard to build towards and the comp is squishy.
    I find a good wild comp with some attack speed items on a nid is a free top 3 at least. The fact that you can chain nidalee/wild into shapeshifter with shyv into aurelion sol (probably one of the best tier 4 units) just makes the comp so reliable, and it can shift into sorcerer for mana support, or brawler with cho'gath for frontline, makes it so clean.
    Downside being Nid, WW, and Ahri are all tier 1/2 units, which make it amazing early game, but REALLY hard to 3 star after levels, so you have to be smart playing the eco game. Just because you can find nidalee and WW, doesn't mean you should chew through 30 gold. Save for that 50, it really does win games.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce  5 months ago

      Yeah, wild is fantastic. Probably one of the more consistent ones for me.

  • Patchouli Kush
    Patchouli Kush 5 months ago +2

    Gangplank can be amazing just with gunslingers and blademasters together with any attack speed item at all.

  • Anon Amust
    Anon Amust 5 months ago

    Thank you Pawnce this is just what we all wanted. You mentioned trying out katarina a bit more, I’ve had a few nice games building her with tanky mana items. Put her In The middle of my team with a locket and then she jumps in, frozen heart debuffs the enemy back line and ults

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce  5 months ago

      I tried something similar today, but the kat was just hard stuck at tier 1 so it never went anywhere unfortunately :P

  • Chad Carteret
    Chad Carteret 5 months ago

    This is incredibly informative. Thanks!

  • Vegeta ZA
    Vegeta ZA 5 months ago

    My favourite thing I've done so far is assassin comp with a darius 3 star assassin. The 6 assassin buff is so strong. The other thing that works really well is full glacial with an assassin you give glacial so they freeze the carry and annihilate them.

  • Anuj Dharajiya
    Anuj Dharajiya 5 months ago

    Song at 32:00?

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce  5 months ago

      Uh, some remix of the terra theme from FFVI.

  • Kwun Yuen Pang
    Kwun Yuen Pang 5 months ago

    A nice item with veigar is gun blade, if you get the chance to one shot an enemy, you'll heal for that damage which brings him to full

  • ridd coners
    ridd coners 5 months ago +2

    Thank you for all your hard work Pawnce.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce  5 months ago

      Thanks for watching!

  • ihave2cows
    ihave2cows 5 months ago +1

    The thing about gunslingers that you're missing on is that graves and tristana cover eachother's weaknesses. If you're getting a bunch of tank/hp scaling/debuff items, you go for the hyper carry graves. If you're getting attack speed, AD and NLR, you go for hyper carry tristana. Also, they work well with pirates, which you're seriously underselling. Pyke is the single most broken champion in the game for how much he costs. GP's a bit of a gimmick, but he's not a terrible meatshield to slap in the front. But with the three of them and a tier 2 lucian in the back to bait the blitzcrank/assassins, you've got a comp that melts the enemy team before they're able to do anything.
    Maybe it's just a personal playstyle thing, but the majority of my 1-2nd places have been with gunslingers. I find them really consistent and easy to build, with a lot of leeway for rerolling thanks to pirate synergy.

  • erocknizzle2
    erocknizzle2 5 months ago +7

    very helpful but i was really waiting for you to scroll down and let me see what is behind your head haha

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce  5 months ago +1

      I explain at the end.

  • kunit2012
    kunit2012 5 months ago +22

    Why is no one giving the lad pawnce some love? Keep up the great work

    • Pingu14589
      Pingu14589 5 months ago +2

      Yeah its a pitty I remember watch his PBE vids back in the days and they all had like 100K views. Now its all like CRAZIEST GAME EVER TOP EPIC GUIDE 100% WINRATE - FIORA OP! and thats what the kids click.

    • Pawnce
      Pawnce  5 months ago +4

      Thanks :P