Top 10 Most Powerful Motorcycles of 2019

  • Published on Dec 17, 2018
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Comments • 2 273

  • Patrick Harrington
    Patrick Harrington 3 hours ago

    Always loved my Suzuki's. GSXR1000 seems to have a good bang for the buck. I grew up as a teenager riding Suzuki and Kawasaki 2strokes. Even as a old guy... I still love riding my Suzuki SV 650 , T500 , RMX 250. Suzuki is competitive in Moto GP again. Go Alex Rins and SUZUKI!

  • g_a_r_e_t
    g_a_r_e_t 8 hours ago

    Any time a youtuber tells me to sub I go out of my way to not sub.

  • James Gabriel
    James Gabriel 21 hour ago

    That last Kawi joke... about "being in the middle"... You snuck that in at the end and I dig what you threw down right there. lulz.

  • BiopicDust 1325
    BiopicDust 1325 Day ago

    Panigale V4😍

  • Adzbasslines
    Adzbasslines Day ago +1

    I tested many bikes, yet I still bought a new Busa... There's still no substitute for cubic inches.

  • BlackBirdBlitz
    BlackBirdBlitz 2 days ago

    Dem Busa Boys.

  • Jeremy H.
    Jeremy H. 2 days ago

    Sorry, Kawasaki was 10, 7 and 1. Ghostriders old af turbo busa doesn't count. If you're gonna include nonsense, should have included the MTT-Y2K, as it actually WAS a production bike.

  • Peter Piccolo
    Peter Piccolo 2 days ago

    all about that #BDE

    BOBBY BROWN 4 days ago

    Ill beat you on your busa in a beat 02 stock gsxr 600

  • RePlayBoy101
    RePlayBoy101 4 days ago +1

    honda cbr 1000 is not powerfull but it doesnt weight as much ... i think it deserves atleast an honorable mention

  • Simon O'Kell
    Simon O'Kell 4 days ago

    Lost me at Turbo Busa

  • Knives*
    Knives* 4 days ago

    PGM v8 has no place here?

  • PsychoTheater1
    PsychoTheater1 6 days ago


  • Nate
    Nate 6 days ago

    7:19 BjubBjubW

  • Dee Ludy
    Dee Ludy 6 days ago +1

    “Suzaki 1000, the original squid missle😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂” that one line made me pause the vid and subscribe

  • Yusuf Aslanyurek
    Yusuf Aslanyurek 6 days ago

    power isn't only about hp nowadays noob, even in drag race aprilla loses to r1 (not even M version) because of electronics

  • Zé Purguento
    Zé Purguento 7 days ago +1

    *PGM V8: 334 cv*
    *Aurora Hellfire: 417 cv*
    *MTT 420RR: 420 cv*
    *Boss Hoss 502: 510 cv*

  • Jitendra Tawde
    Jitendra Tawde 7 days ago

    Kawasaki for sure

  • Chad Punte
    Chad Punte 7 days ago

    having owned a turbo busa, I'd take the h2r.

  • Mopar Man73
    Mopar Man73 8 days ago

    Let me know when you get to visit in Australia Yamm and wee will set you up at alf barbagallow wanneroo for a thrash on me ninja. , Cheers for the great vid's Buddy.

  • leeboy29680
    leeboy29680 9 days ago

    all the way to number 1 i was wondering why so many dislikes

  • Ananthu Shine
    Ananthu Shine 9 days ago

    But doesn't lightning ls218 hold the record for the fastest production motorcycle in the world

  • Phillip McCamish
    Phillip McCamish 10 days ago

    Think we need a vid on turbo kits for busas

  • jan hakola
    jan hakola 10 days ago +1

    Honda RCV 213 ? US $ 184000 Street or Japan kitted engine . Need the sanction test & still on sale !!! T.Y.

    • Hey Dude
      Hey Dude 8 days ago

      But that bike only have 101 horsepowers

  • Ben Levy
    Ben Levy 11 days ago

    Great Video

  • swan_ striker47
    swan_ striker47 11 days ago

    Anybody here have motogp 19

  • arleigh reynes
    arleigh reynes 11 days ago

    BMW is the best designer of looks,who cares about speed,200 km is enough for any urgent,im not in the race mode

  • Bacon Bandit
    Bacon Bandit 11 days ago

    These bikes are killing young people. They defy, and prevent all safety recommendations that are taught when we go through the motorcycle safety class when we are trying to get licensed to drive a motorcycle. We need to slow down to improve our reaction time.

  • Ritchie Koolow
    Ritchie Koolow 13 days ago +1

    you talk to much at the start just get to the stuff we came for

  • Code 3 Mobile Detailing

    The Yamaha VMAX 1700 should be on the list somewhere between number 3 or 4. Full speed ahead!

  • Selcuk Yılmaz
    Selcuk Yılmaz 13 days ago

    Kawasaki is a legend 💚🖤

  • mroilcat
    mroilcat 13 days ago

    That last one: so, you can't buy it because it's custom made??? What exactly makes it a production bike??? How about this for a REAL production bike that you can buy straight off the showroom floor??? Of course I'm talking about the Boss Hog 6.6 litre with about 450 HP (and I believe a more powerful one is available), huh? Just sayin'

  • KyroS_GR
    KyroS_GR 13 days ago +1

    Talks about Kawasaki H2
    *Shows a H2 SX , ZX14R* aren't you amazing?

  • Mohammad Rafiee
    Mohammad Rafiee 16 days ago

    Bmw s1000rr

  • Daniel Daniel
    Daniel Daniel 16 days ago

    How dare you call ghost rider a squid????

  • Asian Andreeva
    Asian Andreeva 16 days ago

    the most expensive motorcycles of the world

  • fjbill
    fjbill 17 days ago

    I haven't ridden for 7 years and haven't paid attention to new bikes for more than a decade. Holy crap has technology exploded.


    Kudos on using a Chopin scherzo for background music.

  • Cro Van
    Cro Van 17 days ago


  • Ron Grubbs
    Ron Grubbs 18 days ago

    Where's the.boss hoss? U could pull a ( house) trailer withj it. How can any 3 liter motorcycle put out more hp than a chevrolet v8 engine. And what about a high powered turbine engine? U want to go faster u need an airplane. U need to go twice as fast to keep up with one. Going fast is fun but is that all motorcycles are good for? I think not. Go Karts are fast too. If I could afford it I would race them. Motorcycles have their own enjoyment.

  • quirkless deku
    quirkless deku 18 days ago +13

    It's 1:24am and I'm sat watching videos about motorcycles and I'm not even old enough to drive one and I've got school tomorrow.

  • Brian Summerall
    Brian Summerall 18 days ago

    Ghost rider is the best street riding I've seen.

  • Shafay Rajput
    Shafay Rajput 18 days ago

    Just skip to the 2:13 guys noob is talking shit before that

  • Ryan Charles
    Ryan Charles 18 days ago +1

    lol they put v tech on a motorcycle

  • infectedN8
    infectedN8 20 days ago

    Is there a video ( on this channel of course ) about drove miles ? I mean ... is 40 000km too much for a SS ? Lots of opinions out there ...

  • deweypug
    deweypug 21 day ago

    Advertising is ridiculous here....

  • Philip Taco
    Philip Taco 21 day ago +2

    When I finally decide to sell my 2011 bmw s1000rr I’m going to buy a newer one. Even after years of riding the same bike I still grin from ear to ear riding it. I’ve ridden all my friends bikes from a wide verity (R1M, Duke1290, gsxr1000, Rsv4) and none of them do it for me like my beemer does. All great nonetheless

  • Alexequis
    Alexequis 21 day ago

    Fact: the portrait at the end of the video is Charles-Marie Bonaparte and not Napoleon, who was his son.

  • Krix Gmtn
    Krix Gmtn 21 day ago

    After the first two mins of bullshit. Good vid man 🥴

  • You may be right, I may be crazy.

    ‘Active electronic suspension’, damn, my bike has drum brakes so you can imagine the suspension it has!!

  • Andrew Merritt
    Andrew Merritt 23 days ago

    The new 2019 H2 has over 230 HP

    • Modesto Fontanez
      Modesto Fontanez 14 days ago

      I wouldn't mine having one in fact I was in the store ready to get it but the women said I have to settle with my Busa.....😎👍

    • Andrew Merritt
      Andrew Merritt 19 days ago +1

      @Modesto Fontanez That's cool

    • Modesto Fontanez
      Modesto Fontanez 22 days ago

      So does my 2018 Hayabusa in fact it has more a lower cost.....🤔

  • Renard Hussey
    Renard Hussey 24 days ago

    No Zx14 ?

  • Nk Brother's
    Nk Brother's 24 days ago

    wtf , where is hayabusa !!

    • Shronk 4K
      Shronk 4K 24 days ago

      Well it's not necessarily new just a new model I guess

  • Tom Lake Charles
    Tom Lake Charles 25 days ago

    Wait Yammie, did you not say you hated powerful bikes?

  • Tom Lake Charles
    Tom Lake Charles 25 days ago

    Wait Yammie, did you not say you hated powerful bikes?

  • Tom Lake Charles
    Tom Lake Charles 25 days ago

    Wait Yammie, did you not say you hated powerful bikes?

  • Fanie Botha
    Fanie Botha 25 days ago

    Nahhh...I'd buy a supra

  • LuchoFly
    LuchoFly 25 days ago

    The Y2K jet bike

  • Daddy Lucas
    Daddy Lucas 25 days ago

    Suzuki busa: *spitts beer* hold my beer

  • Polis
    Polis 26 days ago


  • Darling i'm blind
    Darling i'm blind 26 days ago +1

    The fastest production bike is the LS 218 by lightening starts at $13,000 to 20K look it up

      BOBBY BROWN 4 days ago

      They arnt even made yet and they cost 38k stfu fanboy

  • Nash_One Berg
    Nash_One Berg 27 days ago

    Kawasaki ninja h2R...

  • Chris Whitey
    Chris Whitey 27 days ago

    Great dick info at the end lol i always wondered about his COCK LOL.

  • Cobra
    Cobra 27 days ago

    oh god, the jixer with a two brothers exhaust

  • aiman ahmed
    aiman ahmed 27 days ago

    Gsxr = civic

  • Gerald Gallagher
    Gerald Gallagher 27 days ago

    Absolutely dumb video Watched it right thru to get told some homemade busa was the dogs bollox!!! Nonsense Personally know of a turbo zx14r which makes more Bhp than ghost riders busa

  • Brian Franey Sr.
    Brian Franey Sr. 27 days ago

    Video starts at 2:06

  • Frelyn Chee
    Frelyn Chee 27 days ago +1

    Ghost Rider brought me here...(GSXR-1000)

  • Martin Cnossen
    Martin Cnossen 28 days ago

    Why no ducati 1299 superleggera? Should have made this list.

  • Communist Hippie
    Communist Hippie 28 days ago

    Watching this, for some weird reason i was just thinking about ghost riders turbo busa, and was thinking about how it would compare to this bikes,"and trust me i dont usually think about that bike, havnt for ten years or some" since the vid is quite old". was i in for a great suprise when his bikes shows up at the end :), quite strange if you ask me

  • Rocko Cessac
    Rocko Cessac 28 days ago

    Yammie!!!!! I'm buying a ninja zx-6r next month. I live in Louisiana and was wondering if I could meet you in Texas!!!

  • a1seus
    a1seus 28 days ago

    I dont know much about bikes, but i want one. I know i want it to handle better than its speed. And i know i dont want it all loud, fuck that. I want mine to sound like a fucking Blow dryer, i heard a BMW like that on the freeway.
    Jesus christ with all these loud ass bikes

  • Tree Power
    Tree Power 28 days ago

    They’re all ugly.
    I’d like a red and white Ducati Multistrada thouch. :)

  • David Rogers
    David Rogers 29 days ago

    I kind of like the Astro Pringle

  • judgegixxer
    judgegixxer 29 days ago

    skip to 2:11

  • Ritalie
    Ritalie 29 days ago

    The BMW and Aprilia are the only good looking bikes. The new "angular" space ship looking bikes with flat matte paint and bulging half length exhausts look like 1980's prototypes that were too ugly to actually sell. Where are the beautiful analog tachometers? Come on, don't ruin what makes motorcycles cool.

  • charlie ryan
    charlie ryan 29 days ago

    That Napoleons private’s fact was extremely sad 😔

  • BEDDU71
    BEDDU71 29 days ago

    Nice video 👍

  • Stretch Nuggets
    Stretch Nuggets Month ago

    I really want a sport bike, but it’s pointless because I live in the uk, and you won’t be able to go fast on it and there’s a high chance of it getting stolen.

  • Skinny Arms
    Skinny Arms Month ago +1

    A motorcycle is only as fast as your capability, or over confidence.

  • Grafight23
    Grafight23 Month ago

    My favorite bikes are: Mr. Scooty, Varmint, Duke and Yoshi

  • FFMOTO -
    FFMOTO - Month ago +1

    Why is there a two brothers exhaust on the poor gsxr

  • 636 Killer
    636 Killer Month ago

    Is the h2 you showed the sx? I thought the standard h2 was less bulky

  • Bruce Wilken
    Bruce Wilken Month ago

    I'll take #7 - the Kwak H2, in the absence of a current Hayabusa. And, Yammie Noob has the pricing off by 'only' 3k - they are $25k for the pricey version. Last year's model was only $22k, and a few can yet be had for around $18k.

  • Donovan Maritz
    Donovan Maritz Month ago


  • Feim Musai
    Feim Musai Month ago

    Where's the Honda?

  • DeFx Deadshot_X
    DeFx Deadshot_X Month ago


  • Godzila2 Gzl2
    Godzila2 Gzl2 Month ago +1

    Is the triumph rocket 3 fast?? Just wanna know😅😅.. it have a 2300cc engine on it😂😂.. it is fun to know!.. am i right???.

  • The World's Okayest Michigander

    "Derpcati Pringle"

  • John Llewellyn
    John Llewellyn Month ago +1

    Suzuki all day

    • smooth
      smooth Month ago

      Yepp suzuki fan 🤜🤛

  • sightstepper
    sightstepper Month ago

    Norton V4RR

  • Motoworld100
    Motoworld100 Month ago


  • Tai Theguy
    Tai Theguy Month ago

    Had me wondering, WHAT IN THE WORLD is supposed to be #1, if the h2r is #2?! But ok, u cheated basically. Like putting a lingenfelter at the top of the cars list

    • Grafight23
      Grafight23 Month ago

      The H2R is cheating too. First of all, you can't order it. The Kawasaki site says orders for it are closed for both the 2018 and 2019 models. Also it says they are closed-course racing only, so you can't buy it from Kawasaki, and if you could you can't ride it on the street. It shouldn't count, since we are talking stock bikes you can buy and ride anywhere. Ducati wins.

  • MyAidan
    MyAidan Month ago

    h2r is not "up market", it's "track only". stupid video.

  • MultiMrMiles
    MultiMrMiles Month ago +3

    i met the ghost rider/ team in the end of the 90s...never forget it, they were just standing on a moto fair...awesome

  • Kornholeeoo
    Kornholeeoo Month ago +3

    That cracked me up. Turbo BUSA!

  • Ajinkya Shah
    Ajinkya Shah Month ago


  • Scupacium
    Scupacium Month ago

    first two minutes is shit.

  • Tomas Mauricijus
    Tomas Mauricijus Month ago

    My Golf 1,9TDI is faster any of these bikes

  • Vicky Pamei
    Vicky Pamei Month ago

    Napoleon Boner Apart !

  • 1966cambo
    1966cambo Month ago +1

    Love seeing my home town drag strip in videos here!
    Goooo Mission!!