MotoGP 19 | Neural AI explained | PS4

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • The world of racing games enters a new era. Milestone presents A.N.N.A. the new MotoGP 19 Artificial Intelligence System, based on Neural Networks.
    A new generation of opponents is already waiting for you on track, more skilled, more realistic and more challenging. Choose your difficulty level and find out who is the best!
    Find more info on MotoGP 19 official channels.
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  • Veasna Prom
    Veasna Prom 10 days ago

    Gonna get this game with not much doubt.

  • Alexander Arnaut
    Alexander Arnaut 17 days ago

    I hope this music will be in MotoGP 19. Love it

  • predator0082
    predator0082 17 days ago

    Which languages will be available in the game? all European? if I buy it in Poland, will there be Italian?

  • ATAG_Flare
    ATAG_Flare 18 days ago

    They need this in the F1 games

  • Donny Groothedde
    Donny Groothedde 19 days ago

    The AI in gp18 was great. Untill you play for two weeks and beat everyone. It still needs to be harder!

  • Nihyl Baxter
    Nihyl Baxter 21 day ago

    The physics are looking good

  • Brendan McCallion
    Brendan McCallion 24 days ago

    Meanwhile Codemasters AI just brake check mid corner for no reason

  • guidofoc
    guidofoc 24 days ago +4

    Sounds cool but until the game is out and the AI actually works I will hold my horses.

  • JUICY _456
    JUICY _456 24 days ago


  • Prima Mahardika
    Prima Mahardika 24 days ago

    2018 MotoGP game AI is sucks, they always try to hit you and strange enough when I accidentally hit them, they still runming flawless without any shaking or sliding. Weird...

    • wolfboy20
      wolfboy20 19 days ago

      Thats because they're tank like

  • MyNameStartsWithTriangles

    I bet you All my F""cking coins that the chat status button is still center click with the joystick and you cant change it.........MIlestone is the worst dev ever

  • jorje manso
    jorje manso 27 days ago +2

    what please add the warm-up lap before the race to (Manual)
    and also please add the test bikes (the black bikes) make it more real please

  • pricey0986ify
    pricey0986ify 27 days ago +3

    As long as it doesnt start sending racers back in time to destroy humans I'm all for it 👍

  • Spirit Wolf
    Spirit Wolf 29 days ago

    Ok, all good and dandy...
    But enough with jokes, "AI" is just a meaningless name, it doesn't give it any kind of intelligence, it's just a stupid computer.
    200'000 laps mean nothing. moreover if the game is arcadey.
    And, in the end, this is just "drivatar" with a less intelligent, less efficient start-up.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 29 days ago +1

    It is the defination of HYPE!!!

  • Coper Mix
    Coper Mix Month ago

    wow, I always Wait motogp19,,,, thanks

  • laueltf 77
    laueltf 77 Month ago

    Es español

  • Гуле
    Гуле Month ago

    Looks amazing cannot wait for it

  • BrankoP85
    BrankoP85 Month ago

    So "neural A.I." is basically cyberdyne/skynet in other words....Well, we all know how THAT went lol!!

    JK jk, on a serious note though, with this A.I. in place however, i dont think "cheating" or exploitng a glitch to level up faster will be do-able, since this A.I. is self-learning and developing...Could potentially turn out to be VERY frustrating and HARD.

    I just prefer the good old difficulty scale from very easy to very hard. To me, this is the wrong game to implement this neural A.I. thing in...after all, its not Dark Souls or a RPG game, its a racing game!

  • fikri khiruddin
    fikri khiruddin Month ago +4

    Somebody is creating Wreck it Ralph in motogp version

  • Aashiq Ikbal Molla
    Aashiq Ikbal Molla Month ago +1

    Still needs work in Knee Down and Elbow Down segment.

  • Kevin Rio Dy
    Kevin Rio Dy Month ago

    Fck 😅

  • Cokers Suseno
    Cokers Suseno Month ago

    I have a question
    : Why Dovizioso don't have a fairing and Marc Marquez too? Can you add a fairing?

  • Emann
    Emann Month ago +1

    Please add Dainese Suit! 😊

    • Emann
      Emann Month ago

      +Philip Marlowe i like that one too

    • Philip Marlowe
      Philip Marlowe Month ago +1

      Emann it would be better if we can choose what we use!

  • Mas Pras Channel
    Mas Pras Channel Month ago +1

    Are the opponent have tyre management too? Its nice promotion, keep the level for the AI, sometime simulation just too hard too win. I still play moto gp 2017 btw.

  • Sam G
    Sam G Month ago +7

    I bet the AI are still clumsy as hell. That's why I find the moto gp games unplayable

    • wolfboy20
      wolfboy20 19 days ago

      How clumsy are we talking?

  • Ricky Pardede
    Ricky Pardede Month ago

    Remember, genesys is skynet🤣

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique Month ago

    Bla bla bla.
    Bring back the split screen mode...

  • Ad
    Ad Month ago

    i only care about online championship. it should be held once a month or 3months but not once a year

  • KingGamerz8
    KingGamerz8 Month ago +1

    Driver transfers? Or maybe drivers moving up classes?

    • Eustube nl
      Eustube nl Month ago

      Not possible because of licensing and sponsorships

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez Month ago

    Bla bla bla

  • Sir Herry
    Sir Herry Month ago +2

    can't they include all the AI can change to other team or they get change with moto2 rider in career mode ?

    • Sir Herry
      Sir Herry Month ago

      +ϯ ФҀҀЦLГ ϯ yeah, its boring when they just stay with one team forever

    • ϯ ФҀҀЦLГ ϯ
      ϯ ФҀҀЦLГ ϯ Month ago

      Moving within classes and the game creating new random riders to come into Moto 3 would be brilliant

  • Erhan Achmad
    Erhan Achmad Month ago +3

    i think it'd be great if you can go to First person persepctive when you fall and you have to run manually to your bike and decide whether the bike is still rideable enough to continue, rather than just go automatically to ragdoll for 2 seconds and magically reappear on the side of the track without a single scratch. at least make it an option.

    p.s 3rd person perspective is okay too i guess, or maybe just depends on what camera youre using at the moment

  • Erhan Achmad
    Erhan Achmad Month ago +1

    and with this youre gonna have 2 color option of customization for your riders gear.

  • Steve Worrell
    Steve Worrell Month ago

    This sounds amazing

  • eppsislike
    eppsislike Month ago

    I applaud you Milestone. It's not easy to make a bike simulation game, let alone one for a brand such as MotoGp with its concentrated niche. This looks quite promising and definitely a step in the right direction.

  • K3rBox.
    K3rBox. Month ago +4

    Dio cane, per una volta che c'è un italiano che parla devono doppiarlo

  • 「DZILL Padl」
    「DZILL Padl」 Month ago +1

    The physic still poor

  • Thomas Donti
    Thomas Donti Month ago

    stra figo

  • KIVI
    KIVI Month ago +152

    I have a Question. If i use Romano Fenati in Moto2, can i have a Option to press others Brakes?

    ZHAFIF MKS Month ago +1

    R.I.P PS3

  • skinny
    skinny Month ago

    в каждой игре ,говорят,что это революция и тд,ага

  • Hanya Doy
    Hanya Doy Month ago +10

    Does this mean the opponents will be hard as hell so we keep loosing?

    • Dayle Clarke
      Dayle Clarke 29 days ago +1

      Hopefully. The worst part of their games is how easy the AI is. It's been a complaint since they got the license back.

    • Andrea D'Alù
      Andrea D'Alù 29 days ago

      Hanya Doy yes

  • MateoDeBonis
    MateoDeBonis Month ago

    Can't wait to see this on a future AssettoCorsa / rfactor....3? , etc...

  • Joaquinillo MB
    Joaquinillo MB Month ago

    Simulator pls

  • Carlos Valverde
    Carlos Valverde Month ago +3

    They really have to improve physics, last 2 games felt too much arcade

    • MyNameStartsWithTriangles
      MyNameStartsWithTriangles 25 days ago

      doubt it, its just the same game each time. Chat status button is locked to the center joystick for almost every game since 16

    • Remus
      Remus Month ago +2

      They have to rebuild their whole physics engine, it sucks

  • mguarin912
    mguarin912 Month ago +1

    This could be great for the franchise. Fingers crossed 🤞

  • Felipe Costa
    Felipe Costa Month ago

    Gran Turismo should learn from them

  • David Agrizal
    David Agrizal Month ago

    Increase graphic quality xbox one and ps 4 pro realisme lighting tree reflection less in ride 3. I like ride 3 but not enjoying graphic quality like ps 3 game in human animation avatar. I hope motogp must make better graphic we can enjoy.

    • David Agrizal
      David Agrizal Month ago

      Graphic dont like xbox one x and ps4 pro quality like forza 7 reflection. Not detail in Circuit and Motorcycles but data is accurate.

  • Bakso Kotak
    Bakso Kotak Month ago

    The Laptime 😮



  • BadIDBoy
    BadIDBoy Month ago +2

    Can you make simulator motor for this game

  • Ali Khadour
    Ali Khadour Month ago +61

    CODEMASTERS needs this ASAP!!

  • OSTREGHETA Porcu can
    OSTREGHETA Porcu can Month ago +2

    Lo compro anche se fa schifo ma fatelo bene vi prego

  • Dan Arnets
    Dan Arnets Month ago +3

    This is the kind of system I've always wanted in videogames. The AI should work closer to a Tesla, just put it on any circuit and the system itself should learn how to be fast by both riding/driving and by tuning the vehicle. Of course then you have to apply variable such as difficulty and the difference of performance between the different riders... but the intentions are perfect so far.

    • Dan Arnets
      Dan Arnets 23 days ago

      +Casey Lee - Not at all. Drivatar still are basically slotcar-like AI drivers. It's just that their strengths and weaknesses are somewhat based after real players.
      What I want is an actual self-teaching AI rider that can learn any track by itself, just by giving it tracktime.

    • Casey Lee
      Casey Lee 23 days ago

      Forza has had this for years, it's called Driveatar

  • Ultimate MIF
    Ultimate MIF Month ago

    When is the realise date? I think it gonna be good

  • Mrt U
    Mrt U Month ago +104

    If they fall, let them run to the bikes or out of the race. Let the damage be real!! Just like superbike 2000 EA sports.

    • Mrt U
      Mrt U 23 days ago

      +Dan Arnets fill it in google you will see the cover with Carl Fogerty

    • Dan Arnets
      Dan Arnets 23 days ago +1

      That was also a Milestone game. Milestone did ALL the WorldSBK games, both the EA from the late 90s and early 2000s and the independent ones.

  • Gamilikko
    Gamilikko Month ago +1

    Finally, you can do this milestone

  • Willy Fajar Ramadhan
    Willy Fajar Ramadhan Month ago +7

    This is amaze me and scared me at the same time

    • Tenchi 199x
      Tenchi 199x Month ago

      Willy Fajar Ramadhan why does it scare you?

  • Andrea Grumpeenlate

    Bought your yearly release since SBKX. But I stopped in 2015. Please deliver some improvements, I’m tired of asset flips. Good luck, I want you guys to succeed! Forza ragazzi!

  • Imotorium VLOG
    Imotorium VLOG Month ago +3

    How about B-Spec since Gran Turismo 4?

  • Luca Tabarroni
    Luca Tabarroni Month ago +48

    If everithing Is real, Marquez will destroy your carreer

    • Muhamad Aiman
      Muhamad Aiman 16 days ago

      +Zakapholiac hahahaha 2018 jerez

    • Zakapholiac
      Zakapholiac 16 days ago

      Muhamad Aiman and Lorenzo will fall off and take you out if you play as dovi 😂

    • Muhamad Aiman
      Muhamad Aiman Month ago +2

      *by crashing into you intentionally, rossi too

  • Michelangelo Donatello

    Mai più Milestone. Aspetto quando scende. "Ti do 20 euro e ci sto rimettendo".

  • Kevin Pazzo
    Kevin Pazzo Month ago +8

    Sono anni che nonostante lo schifo di lavoro che ha fatto la milestone compro sempre l’ultimo MotoGP. Vediamo se anche quest’anno sarà un’inculata o se finalmente saranno soldi spesi bene

  • Venom Snake
    Venom Snake Month ago +7

    Sarà la solita merda... È ma è il primo anno, il prossimo sarà meglio. È così da 12 anni

  • Javier Valdivia
    Javier Valdivia Month ago

    Hasta que no lo vea en directo... humo/marketing XD Pero vaya, ojalá den un paso en cuanto a IA porque es ridículo que a estas alturas los rivales sigan siendo kamikaces que van por su línea sin que no hubiera un mañana. Y por favor, si quieren simulación que añadan daños realistas y desactiven la opción de volver a pista tras un accidente grave.

  • f0cus
    f0cus Month ago

    First we fought against Marquez and next we fought against human race

  • Roysul Saputra
    Roysul Saputra Month ago

    how to react is why it called robot, a.i. will never rule the world, a.i. is just "program".

  • kwi lah
    kwi lah Month ago

    Skynet is born?

  • 10k subs for no reason
    10k subs for no reason Month ago +16


    • Darms Hundred
      Darms Hundred 13 days ago +1


    • JCM 27
      JCM 27 Month ago +3

      Okay now go back making pasta.

  • unjustkatana
    unjustkatana Month ago +5

    My God it was about time for them to start investing/working. They have been sleeping for a very long time !!!

    • eppsislike
      eppsislike Month ago

      Or were they slowly working their way up?

    • Gamilikko
      Gamilikko Month ago +1

      Contrary, they have been working for 2 years

  • cuma komen
    cuma komen Month ago +1

    if EA sports create motoGP,
    Can milestone still win?

  • - Strahinja -
    - Strahinja - Month ago

    This is good! This is really really good! Now only remains small details to be done like 100% realistic UI, better pit stop animations, more detailed statistic in menus (you can already see in few moments of this video that menus are much better then before) and also more detailed results during practice, qualifying on our garages monitor... It would be good to see better crash animations, with this new AI which will now react like a real rider we could get much more realistic crashes indeed, after race riding to garage manualy and checking results, pit stop entering and exiting, we could get much better free practice experience so all the sessions can feel alive. MotoGP 18 during free practices and qualifications was always empty, boring, but we all know that in MotoGP there is always action no matter what session is running. All MotoGP games unfortunately needed some small details to be perfect, I don't know why Milestone team allowed themselves to always lack on some tiny details which can make game much better. For example, in MotoGP 19 please include us all results from previous races from Career so we can compare our results from every season. So I could compare my results from Aprilia team, Yamaha team, Ducati team... As well as results from Moto 3, Moto 2 and MotoGP for every team and every race. All that data can be stored online on Steam so we can continue our Career anywhere.

  • Claudio D.
    Claudio D. Month ago +1

    Toglietegli la licenza a questa pseudo software House che ogni anno ci propina l'ennesimo copia e incolla annuale, una presa per il culo....

    • Kevin Pazzo
      Kevin Pazzo Month ago

      Andrea G ride3 ce l’ho e devo dire che non mi è particolarmente piaciuto. Conosci altri titoli che mi consigli? Perché d’inverno quando non posso girare con la moto vera devo compensare in qualche modo 😂 cazzo se facessero uscire un gioco di qualità come quelli di f1 saremmo a posto

    • Andrea G
      Andrea G Month ago

      In ogni caso se facessero un salto avanti come l’ha fatto F1 non sarebbe da buttare

    • Andrea G
      Andrea G Month ago

      Kevin Pazzo se sei appassionato di motori puoi sempre giocare a Ride3 e altri che rendono meno. Ma comunque puoi sempre provarlo il gioco prima di comprarlo.

    • Kevin Pazzo
      Kevin Pazzo Month ago

      Andrea G gioco perché sono un motociclista e appassionato di corse.. ogni anno ho la speranza che migliorerà, ed essendo l’unico gioco sulla MotoGP continuo a comprarlo, ma temo che purtroppo la situazione non migliorerà mai

    • Andrea G
      Andrea G Month ago

      Kevin Pazzo però lo giochi🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Get Sideways
    Get Sideways Month ago +10

    That's all good and maybe even great. But I'd argue that the most important thing in bike sims is to move away from the traditional "set the bike lean angle between 0 degrees and max" control model, which absolutely robs from the bike handling experience. You should develop a way to tell the AI controlling your own bike just how much you want to turn the bars or how much torque you want to be applied to them. The autorider should still be able to save the majority of balance losing situations on its own (since we can't react fast enough to such situations not feeling the G-forces ourselves), but we should be allowed to at least push the bars all the way to the point where the bike's lean angle exceeds the limit.

    With the typical "tell the autorider to go there" control model we are just too disconnected from the bike. It could as well go full autonomous that way. Not to mention that there is time wasted between the commanded lean angle and the actual achieving of that angle. The more directly you can control the handlebars, the quicker you'll be able to respond to the track situation. Sure you can learn to lag control on a known empty track, but when you have other riders around you, even milliseconds of control lag can cost you your virtual life or career.

  • Swaggy Young
    Swaggy Young Month ago +1

    This looks promising

  • XboxS GamerNepal
    XboxS GamerNepal Month ago


  • siena collection
    siena collection Month ago +1

    Pleease fix the start/finish line for every circuit

    • MyNameStartsWithTriangles
      MyNameStartsWithTriangles 25 days ago

      good luck getting the game fixed lol

    • VaselzGr
      VaselzGr Month ago

      what? that's ok what's thr problem on this in motogp18? in some tracks in real life the startig grid is in frint of the finish line, that's ok in the game

  • aGz
    aGz Month ago

    Hopefully you not judgemental in the first 7 seconds

  • aGz
    aGz Month ago

    ... Sc cypher

  • aGz
    aGz Month ago

    Soundcloud... Prodamora Exaust

  • SausaGG
    SausaGG Month ago +5

    Seguira siendo lo mismo de siempre😂

  • Mick
    Mick Month ago +17

    Why is the white board content written in English if theyre Italian? 😎

    • guidofoc
      guidofoc 24 days ago

      That was made for the video obviously. I am not even sure it is a real background or added during video editing. The result is cool though.

    • MateoDeBonis
      MateoDeBonis Month ago +4

      Programming and Computer stuff is expressed always in English, i'm from South America and we learn it this way, spanish for other things, english for Informatic/Computer/Programming, because the base of the S.O is wordlwide English as Default

    • Dorian Drenski
      Dorian Drenski Month ago

      Probably have employees that are not all italian

    • aleks gamer
      aleks gamer Month ago +1

      Martellifra03 Channel sí amico

    • Martellifra03 Channel
      Martellifra03 Channel Month ago

      They speak italian i heard!
      Words of italian!

  • Mustafa' ali
    Mustafa' ali Month ago +1

    i hope this promising

    • MyNameStartsWithTriangles
      MyNameStartsWithTriangles 24 days ago

      i refunded motogp vr 46 and tried for motogp 15 but i passed the 2 hour limit. Listen i want milestone to do well but they have not done well over the last 6 years. its time for a real developer with a huge team to create a game that is playable. 60 fps, solid physics and no more peer to peer hosting. and if there is P2P hosting make it stable. Milestone is missing out so much. spending money on AI when we cant even play the game. its messed up. they are literally getting paid to work on the AI while they never update anything about the game. +Mustafa' ali

    • Mustafa' ali
      Mustafa' ali 25 days ago

      MyNameStartsWithTriangles I'm stand by to refund at steam haha

    • MyNameStartsWithTriangles
      MyNameStartsWithTriangles 25 days ago

      im here to warn you, it wont be

  • Prince Groove A.K.A. Your Favorite Pony Boy

    Can’t wait to give it a ride. By the way, please release this game (physical) in this states, too.

  • Matt Jordan
    Matt Jordan Month ago +7

    This sounds ridiculously promising, all the recent MotoGP games have been good but the AI behaviour has let it down. This could be a superb game!

    • Donny Groothedde
      Donny Groothedde 7 days ago

      +aleks gamer ??

    • aleks gamer
      aleks gamer 7 days ago

      Donny Groothedde and with 10000000

    • Donny Groothedde
      Donny Groothedde 7 days ago +1

      +Matt Jordan for sure Matt. Let's hope for it! The new AI system seems so nice can't wait for good battles!✊🏻

    • Matt Jordan
      Matt Jordan 7 days ago +1

      +Donny Groothedde agreed, 18 was an improvement but the graphics let it down. From what I've seen this looks like a much more finished product. Last year was the first on the new engine so naturally there will be some difficulties which they seem to have worked around. I can't wait for this 👍

    • Donny Groothedde
      Donny Groothedde 8 days ago

      +aleks gamer hmm in my opinion the physics are better in 18. But 18 is such an "unfinished" game. 17 was more complete and the resolution looked a lot better too. Let's hope Milestone actually finished this game instead of releasing an unfinished trash game again👌🏻

  • KIVI
    KIVI Month ago +1


  • nocturnal black
    nocturnal black Month ago

    This better be good

  • Zeke Nazari
    Zeke Nazari Month ago

    2:30 That head

  • Uchomaniac 97
    Uchomaniac 97 Month ago +1

    Tiene buena buena pinta porfavor milestone no la cageis este año parece que todo esta iendo muy bien y la jugabilidad me parece algo mas realista la moto tiene mas vida

  • Rodrigo Sarmiento
    Rodrigo Sarmiento Month ago

    La moto sigue pareciendo una pluma al momento de moverse, no tiebe peso, inercia; en vez de invertir recursos en la ia, debieran invertirlos en simular las fisicas.

    • Uchomaniac 97
      Uchomaniac 97 Month ago

      +Rodrigo Sarmiento eso lo aras tu.. quien sabe alomejor tengo la edad suficiente como para dedicar mi tiempo a otras cosas utiles mientras tu te pasas el dia delante de un monitor vageando crack porcierto vete ala cama ya que en tu pais es muy tarde para estar hablando gilipolleces

    • Rodrigo Sarmiento
      Rodrigo Sarmiento Month ago

      +Uchomaniac 97 jajaja, qien dice lo contrario.. de paso te tomas una leche viendo dibujos animados, y despues te buscas una novia

    • Uchomaniac 97
      Uchomaniac 97 Month ago

      +Rodrigo Sarmiento si juego contra la ia es cosa mia

    • Rodrigo Sarmiento
      Rodrigo Sarmiento Month ago

      +Uchomaniac 97 tranqilo sabio, sigue jugando contra la ia nomss

    • Uchomaniac 97
      Uchomaniac 97 Month ago

      +Rodrigo Sarmiento no hace falta ganar a nadie pa saber mas del tema...

  • Myst1cPrun3 Racing
    Myst1cPrun3 Racing Month ago +85

    If this works as intended, and the physics are developed to be more simulation like, then this could be amazing

    • VSM Master
      VSM Master Month ago

      +Remus that would be amazing

    • Remus
      Remus Month ago

      They could hire Piboso to make the physics

    • VSM Master
      VSM Master Month ago

      +Si Dog Ducati yes, btw i think u should do 4 modes of physics: easy, medium, pro and real

    • Si Dog Ducati
      Si Dog Ducati Month ago +10

      These games always end up being a disappointment

  • UndergroundRevolution

    How many features will be removed from 18 for this?

    • UndergroundRevolution
      UndergroundRevolution Month ago

      I still can't get over the fact they typoed Olivier Jacque's name twice in a row as Jaque. Effort!

    • Apogiomenos1 1
      Apogiomenos1 1 Month ago +1

      Yeah that's what I'm saying. We have no features to lose

    • UndergroundRevolution
      UndergroundRevolution Month ago

      From VR46 to 17, aside from the Rossi-related content, we lost the stamina bar
      From 17 to 18 we lost the upgradable bikes (which were glitchy in the PC version) for example see what I mean?

    • Apogiomenos1 1
      Apogiomenos1 1 Month ago

      What features;; the 3 modes that we have;;

  • deadpool 49
    deadpool 49 Month ago +1

    I love this game so much !!

  • Esteban Romero
    Esteban Romero Month ago

    Wow !!

  • Ariff
    Ariff Month ago +5

    HYPE, cant wait to this to be the standard of racing games, arcades and simulation

    • MyNameStartsWithTriangles
      MyNameStartsWithTriangles 25 days ago

      doubt it, its milestone. they want to make great AI but cant even make a game thats playable for humans. How about making it a solid 60 FPS with good online play.

    FOR THE DAILY RIDE Month ago

    Amazing.... JUST Amazing....!!!! 😱😎😍

  • Fabio Assunçao Porra Louca.


  • uno a caso
    uno a caso Month ago +93

    Ciao italiani

  • nazmos
    nazmos Month ago +54

    1. ANNA
    2. Marc Márquez