What Is The Best OS For Gaming? [Simple Guide]

  • Published on Aug 6, 2018
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    Which operating system (OS) is the best one for gaming today?
    We'll be talking about the ins and outs of Windows, MacOS and Linux in this video, and which one of them reigns supreme over the others.
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Comments • 152

  • Peter Liberty Awareness Tokar

    My Windows v7 is to be discontinued or support by Microsoft is ending on January 14, 2020, so I have no savings to buy any other PC or PowerPC RISC 6000 server with workstation? I am starting to save now until after 12 months to buy what I want and need that will be affordable with what I will save? THINKCENTER is available for 320 dollars or more. This is made by LENOVO

  • ROBLOX name is puzzles20
    ROBLOX name is puzzles20 18 days ago +1

    what about gamejolt

  • RobloxerMartin
    RobloxerMartin 22 days ago +1

    We all know that macOS is not for gaming so that is surely out of this match
    Edit: Btw apple is introducing their gaming store first before gaming hardware
    Me: 👎

  • N Kliesow
    N Kliesow Month ago

    I not agree with your view of linux because games usually are desinged for windows (or consoles) and have to be shortly make compatible to a linux distribution. This is the priblem... Linux would actually be the best choice because linux is standartized. There is a powerful graphics libary, a process manager and all hardware is understand and compatible the same way as blocks. The filesystem is more effective and all has it place... If you are comparing a windows game on windows with on suse linux it's obvious linux will lose. If valve continues making games compatibe to linux kernels and you have steamos compared to windows with a game that was designed to be compatible or the company would invest more time / money for making it compatible you will see linux actually will run better because the kernel can handle hardware better with more performance. Windows is coded too complicated that's why windows lags and crushes still more than linux... On linux all processes even the graphical user interface itself is dedicated and has its own rights and can be stopped, restarted and so on... You'll almost never need to restart linux because you can disable all processes and here is why I had explained it: linux can be so small it runs on old machines because you only need to run what you actually need. On windows you don't need about 80% of the system processes that cannot be disabled and taking space and cpu power. Sure in this case you need to know a bit more of the system but in fact this solves in you need less hardware for the same game with linux and to me it means linux is better for gaming.

  • free2watch
    free2watch Month ago +2

    actually there is an android os/ remix os/Phoenix os/Prime os

  • StrixROGGamer
    StrixROGGamer Month ago +1

    Windows is the best

  • Sergeant Gutter
    Sergeant Gutter 2 months ago +1

    We are all here because you can infact go wrong with windows, it's sad that Google can't stop spying, in order to make an operating system that can compete with Microsoft. Gaben of Valve doesn't seem to be trying hard enough to make a viable alternative to windows.
    They are dedicating an entire O/S to gaming and they are still failing like a boss, between AMD, Nvidia, and Intel, steam accounts for a lot of their sales, maybe go to them as Microsoft has and make some deals.

  • Manolis Kypraios
    Manolis Kypraios 2 months ago +3

    Can't help it realizing how much things have changed in favor of Linux in just a year and a half! :) Things are much better for Linux users in therms of Gaming!

    • N Kliesow
      N Kliesow Month ago

      I like it... Linux was a bit complicated because the publishers feared they must show their source code... That's rarely the case nowadays and even if there are some special interfaces in the program it's possible to compile different binary versions by a script at once...

  • boston naviaux
    boston naviaux 2 months ago +6

    “Unless you know your way around an operating system...stick with windows”
    nah Debian is sooo easy.

    • boston naviaux
      boston naviaux 15 days ago

      RobloxerMartin you know it’s a fucking joke right. windows doesn’t come preinstalled with 100 pentesting tools. And Debian doesn’t come anywhere close in the amount of features windows 10 does.

    • RobloxerMartin
      RobloxerMartin 22 days ago

      Debian may be better than Windows 8.1 and below but Windows 10 is still better than Debian

    • N Kliesow
      N Kliesow Month ago

      Debian is the best ;-)

  • Aman Vidheakarma
    Aman Vidheakarma 2 months ago +1

    Window is nice os of our pc

  • grooviestglobe4
    grooviestglobe4 3 months ago +6

    When i heard steam OS I went straight ti my laptop

  • kevinz
    kevinz 4 months ago +1


  • Nannd
    Nannd 4 months ago +6

    me an intellectual: *Installs Mac Os on a full amd pc*
    edit: grammar

  • Brian Nanan
    Brian Nanan 5 months ago +1

    I rather windows 10

  • Smipy
    Smipy 6 months ago +10

    6:46 why the hell is that disc upside down?

  • techZoNe
    techZoNe 6 months ago

    Things are changing in Linux...now Linux is best for gaming

    • N Kliesow
      N Kliesow Month ago

      @Elbruns lol xD how dumb

    • Elbruns
      Elbruns 6 months ago

      @techZoNe just saying that windows is a bit better for gaming my guy no need a lot of damage

    • techZoNe
      techZoNe 6 months ago

      @ElbrunsElburns you tried Linux??

    • Elbruns
      Elbruns 6 months ago


  • D3ck3rCain
    D3ck3rCain 7 months ago

    But which version of Windows 10?

    • Ram- G
      Ram- G 2 months ago

      @boston naviaux i dont thing u need bitlockers and hyper V for gaming in pc

    • boston naviaux
      boston naviaux 2 months ago

      Pro has more features like a bit locker and device guards... don’t forget about hyper V

    • Ram- G
      Ram- G 4 months ago

      home has less servie running in bg

  • X Beat Ghost.611
    X Beat Ghost.611 7 months ago +1

    YOU can actually use android Linux on pc !! i do and without emulator

    • N Kliesow
      N Kliesow Month ago

      Correct... But I guess it was meant on x86 compatible architectures...

    • boston naviaux
      boston naviaux 2 months ago


  • Tyler DaSilva
    Tyler DaSilva 7 months ago +77

    The actual video starts at 4:20

  • Lucas RTM
    Lucas RTM 8 months ago +1

    I always use windows for gaming, The win10 pc and win10 elitebook. Windows is the best Platform

    • possibly_ed
      possibly_ed 8 months ago

      Mohamed Mohdadi gonna have to stop you right there bud

  • SakuraLeaves
    SakuraLeaves 8 months ago

    windows 10 sucks

  • Fallen One
    Fallen One 9 months ago +1

    Can anybody tell me which Windows 10 (in Desktop Pc) can run all windows game?
    1. Home.
    Please kindly let me know.Please.

    • N Kliesow
      N Kliesow Month ago

      Linux can btw xD

    • h
      h 4 months ago

      all of them are basically the same game-selection wise and performance wise, so home is the best and cheapest

    • Pakyeri Waerl
      Pakyeri Waerl 6 months ago

      What ultimate?

    • memes cure depression
      memes cure depression 9 months ago

      All of them are fine.

  • Husain Husain
    Husain Husain 10 months ago

    xbox is the best operating system for gaming

    • boston naviaux
      boston naviaux 2 months ago

      Do you know what an APU is. a cpu and gpu combined. Very bad for the long run. Also Xbox doesn’t have anything that windows has prove me wrong.

    • boston naviaux
      boston naviaux 2 months ago

      I really hope this is an ironic comment....

    • h
      h 4 months ago +2

      this is the worst joke ive ever seen, theres so many console killer pcs which can easily beat xbox and playstation performance wise with a cheaper price, and also has better game selection

    • InternalScreaming
      InternalScreaming 5 months ago

      Retro dude you’re trolling is not gonna work

    • Retro
      Retro 5 months ago

      @InternalScreaming actually hes right since the os saves WAY MORE Ram then Windows which for low end pc's means more vram meaning more smooth games.

  • wtCube AC
    wtCube AC 11 months ago +3

    Linux is simple,good looking and safe.

    • boston naviaux
      boston naviaux 2 months ago

      Agree to disagree. *cough* fbi comes to house cuz I probed my school with bettercap *cough*

    • h
      h 4 months ago

      not for gaming also if you download any good antivirus in windows you dont even have to worry about viruses

    • Flexsor
      Flexsor 9 months ago


  • AT dreams
    AT dreams 11 months ago

    you know what windows is father all of thos damn os yeahhhhh

  • Tim Andersson
    Tim Andersson 11 months ago +2

    Such a good voice. Keep on talkin plz

    • Ethorbit
      Ethorbit 5 months ago

      It's an average voice?

  • Ali107
    Ali107 Year ago +2

    Mac has good security, because little to no hackers tried to hack in Mac OS.
    And there are almost no viruses unleashed since most of them are targeted to windows.

    • Teddy Bear
      Teddy Bear Month ago

      True. It’s slightly more expensive than windows PC’s but, it’s worth it.

    • N Kliesow
      N Kliesow Month ago

      Not all... "Mac" as linux based on unix... Both have strong focus on security by privileges and know their customers orientation... Windows was (once) an out of the box system before they started selling all free seperatly (office for ex.) so window preconfigured all things the user (companies) may want to use that contains also all network ports of the system programs... Apple was a bit more secure by expecting the user knows what to do and linux topped it then by disabling all that can cause security problems the user must configure all itself before enable it... Luckily linux comes nowadays with all programs for work preinstalled (openoffice etc.) but keep ports closed...

    • boston naviaux
      boston naviaux 2 months ago

      Mac OS is hard to “hack” because it’s details on the os are hidden.

    • YLK Rubiks
      YLK Rubiks 11 months ago +4

      Not much Malware but still a bunch of Adware

    ETL TTC Year ago +1

    Windows 10 is not reliable

  • Emircan İnak
    Emircan İnak Year ago +1

    Mac has an App Store too and lots of games are available there. so it has more than 7000 games

    • h
      h 4 months ago +2

      10x more expensive, not customizable, not upgradable, lower performance and so much more

    • Ali107
      Ali107 Year ago +2

      I think she said wrong numbers, because steam alone has 781 million people.

  • Otávio Módolo
    Otávio Módolo Year ago +6

    Windows is indeed the easier take here. You can "just run" games in there. You can circunvent every problem you get with somewhat easy steps (except stutter problems because some ultra latency oriented things windows do)
    Linux is somewhat as easy as windows can get when Valve is involved. Linux isn't hard to use but it is incredible hard to configure and fix broken things. It isn't a latency oriented system so Linux will show frames behind windows. Gamepad schemes can be ultra hard to tweek. But! Games will certainly have a better frame cadence in Linux even if you are running it on proton or wine.
    So it's a trade off: Easy life, simple to get working at any condition go to windows. Hard time learning curve with lots of tweeks per game and some neat near perfect results but with a little delay go to Linux.
    You can also run a Windows VM inside Linux with a dedicated GPU but this is too hard to acomplish in the way KVM works nowadays and the performance will be a little worser than bare metal.

    • N Kliesow
      N Kliesow Month ago

      Linux is easier to fix than windows... It's just uncommon to you ;-) linux reports all things the kernel or any systemprocess does and reports warninfs and errors by details all in the standartized /var/log folder you can see where the problem is and if you cannot look on the internet linux will help you by suggesting what you can do to fix it (clearly not as windows)

  • MajorTomOO
    MajorTomOO Year ago +33

    Windows gaming is amazing... until your computer randomly reboots to install updates.

    • N Kliesow
      N Kliesow Month ago

      Lol xD windows users who disable the updates because they are annoyed of it and risk more unsecurity windiws already has... Btw linux will always upgrade if you want to... You'll have a small icon there are updates on some display managers as kde plasma...

    • Martin Matko
      Martin Matko 4 months ago

      you must be not smart
      below average user of windows

    • M4RK0Y B0Y
      M4RK0Y B0Y 7 months ago

      @DillyC_11 well idk then...mine is w10 pro but gl with urs

    • DillyC_11
      DillyC_11 7 months ago

      @M4RK0Y B0Y I'm buying a new windows license maybe it'll shoe up when I install it

    • DillyC_11
      DillyC_11 7 months ago

      @M4RK0Y B0Y I went their and it's not their

  • Moio Yoyo
    Moio Yoyo Year ago +2

    DXVK curva

  • Sought Out Bible Ministries

    I'm a computer teacher. I have tested users by having them use Linux with no instructions. The ALL said it was easier than Windows.

    • N Kliesow
      N Kliesow Month ago

      Thats the problem I always see... All people I know talking bad about linux think there is just a textfield like a retro console and you have to type in any command and then after an hour the whole city black out... I don't know why there are so many people with windows is best in their head just because they grew up only knowing this and have a view of linux which they never tested... It's like travelling in another country / state... Do you ever expirienced a proof of any or all stereotypes of that region?

    • boston naviaux
      boston naviaux 2 months ago

      Also your telling me they know bash from birth.

    • boston naviaux
      boston naviaux 2 months ago

      That’s some bull shit right there. You telling me that they could update the distribution with no prior knowledge. There are like 4 commands you have to go through just to install basic updates like wtf do you mean.

    • Ashutosh Deshmukh
      Ashutosh Deshmukh 10 months ago

      @Sought Out Bible Ministries which is best among them?

    • Sought Out Bible Ministries
      Sought Out Bible Ministries 10 months ago

      @Jaron Marles No Linux was just the thing that Linus Torvald wanted. It was others that have evolved it through the years with so many Distro's.

  • Weather Tracker
    Weather Tracker Year ago +1

    windows hands down
    windows = it’s cheap, it’s reliable, it’s powerful, and it’s easy
    macos = windows but 4000 usd more expensive and weaker
    linux = servers, don’t even try to game with this cause it’s bad, but it’s open source and it’s great for servers

    • N Kliesow
      N Kliesow Month ago

      Windows cheap? It's the only os that costs money xD
      Btw be careful with the term server... Even games on your machine run servers in background... And linux was never intended to be a server os it's just more reliable than windows...

    • Graphene Pyromaniac
      Graphene Pyromaniac 2 months ago

      @K Pirovano some people need to relax their time with games,so respect them you serious man

    • h
      h 4 months ago

      @Ben doritos ! imagine using windows 7 in almost 2020

    • Ben doritos !
      Ben doritos ! 4 months ago


      Unless it is 8 or 10. Not because it is bad for gaming but because it is just garbage and stressful

    • K Pirovano
      K Pirovano 7 months ago

      Or you use macOS and dont waste your time playing stupid videogames

  • Britexit Engineer
    Britexit Engineer Year ago +10

    What about steam play?
    This could change everything & be the beginning of the end for microsoft OS's & their never ending faults & crashes.

    • Smipy
      Smipy 6 months ago +1

      @DiamondFire Me too
      Hail Windows!!!

    • DiamondFire
      DiamondFire 10 months ago +1

      Never had a crash or "fault" with Windows vista 7 or 10

  • SWA7Team
    SWA7Team Year ago +4

    Anyone else done with Microsoft's bullshit? I haven't even had my laptop for a year and I have had to factory reset it 4 times because of sound and network issues. They always happen after some bogus update no one asked for and right after restart, boom! No sound boom! No wifi connection. I swear this is so irritating.

    • mygame_ 2120
      mygame_ 2120 11 months ago

      Microsoft Has been complete bs!!!! ... I've given up and only 4? haha

    • Otávio Módolo
      Otávio Módolo Year ago

      Linux can be a lot worser if you don't know what you're doing. But if you take the time to learn it, then it'll be better for internet and office use. Games is somewhat as easy as windows can get when Valve is involved. But are various trade offs: Linux isn't a latency oriented system as Windows is so games will present a little extra delay, gamepad configuration is very hard outside default settings and things outside steam are Jumanji... But you do get games running more smoth than windows even those with less performance.

  • Joebert Olandra
    Joebert Olandra Year ago +1

    Your voice is good

  • Chase Dizzie
    Chase Dizzie Year ago +8

    Mac has unmatched security? Lol. Might wanna give that one to Linux. Great video btw.

    • boston naviaux
      boston naviaux 2 months ago +1

      Yes Linux has out of the box access to deep web seems security tight my dude.
      Ps starts with default ftp password also super security vulnerable.

    • Fosmin Clorin
      Fosmin Clorin 3 months ago +1

      @Chris Daniel Sexist

    • h
      h 4 months ago

      just use Avast 4Head

    • Ecenersk
      Ecenersk 6 months ago

      @Chris Daniel Yeah you make no sense

    • Vegeta the Veggie
      Vegeta the Veggie 7 months ago +5

      Chris Daniel That’s the most ignorant comment I’ve ever seen in my life.

  • Petar Kresoja
    Petar Kresoja Year ago

    Linux is the best, Wine

    • N Kliesow
      N Kliesow Month ago

      I don't know any program wine cannot play unless the drm anti cheat / copy protection 0o

    • Goutham Doddi
      Goutham Doddi 4 months ago

      Yeah but not all. I'm going back to windows from Linux.

    • Water Cat
      Water Cat Year ago

      Yes but wine play windos game or program i know is cool but is saem games with windows

  • Vexiety
    Vexiety Year ago +19

    why does this only have 38 likes? this editing is amazing

  • अजय आनंद

    No Dislikes ! WoW !

  • YLK Rubiks
    YLK Rubiks Year ago +13

    Imo windows is only good for gaming otherwise osx is much better

    • N Kliesow
      N Kliesow Month ago

      OsX had their time... Nowadays "mac" machines are slower and worse... Even apple understand they lost...

    • Ali107
      Ali107 11 months ago +3

      @YLK Rubiks optimized, I tried mac before, it has crashed like 5 times on me!

    • YLK Rubiks
      YLK Rubiks 11 months ago

      Mac computers have slow parts but the software is more optimised

    • Ali107
      Ali107 Year ago +5

      @YLK Rubiks Slow mac, low features, expensive, has Imovie but mac is slow so it means Imovie would be slow af.

    • YLK Rubiks
      YLK Rubiks Year ago

      FreshBeats I used bootcamp on mac os to play games before but now I built a gaming pc and gave a macbook pro

  • Francisco Santos
    Francisco Santos Year ago +6

    #1 WINDOWS
    #2 MACOS
    #3 LINUX


    • N Kliesow
      N Kliesow Month ago

      Who of you ever used more as 1 of those? ;-) I used all 3 intense and linux various distributions... I don't understand why linux always is seen by others as the one os... If you take the kernel itself there would not be any os beating linux... If you compare each distribution you will have winners and losers but thats the point why valve customized their steamos system based on linux... Why saddle from windows to linux? Because linux is easier if an administrator helped you configuring it... You'll need to decide what you want to do when you choose a distribution right as the os as the topic of the video... There is a linux is you want a server, there is one if you gave a business, there is even one to test the security strengh of your network and machines as also there is a linux for beginners and for gaming... Windows is not specified directly whereas microsoft knows private customers most likely will play games but as the most windows users only know where to start the computer and fear these updates windows started early to enable all for all purposes what cost many performance for nothing... Linux IS specialited and uses right that what you need...

    • 200 subscribers without any videos without videos
    • Flexsor
      Flexsor 9 months ago +1

      @Jaron Marles Yep Linux is better than windows

    • Jaron Marles
      Jaron Marles 10 months ago +4

      I agree with Windows, but Linux is better than Mac OS. Mac sucks at gaming, has no command prompt(unlike the other two), and is an administrative nightmare.

    • Матеја Недељковић
      Матеја Недељковић 11 months ago +1

      @Moio Yoyo obviously

  • Piter Sibarani
    Piter Sibarani Year ago +2

    Windows the best ferformance

    • N Kliesow
      N Kliesow Month ago

      Windows is just the only one you have to pay for... That doesn't proof anything but think about what they do with the money and where the others get money from ;-) a hint windows is the only one who spys you...
      Additionally Linux uses less system ressources and manage hardware better... The only reason why games on windows sometimes run faster is they were originally desined for windows and linux doesn't know propitary things like directx since opengl is better and standard... Directx is easier because windows spends your money in making itself incompatible... Funfact: where windows is incompatible to its previous edition (even with compatibility mode) programs linux is compatible to all ;-)

  • xavier marcha
    xavier marcha Year ago +4

    Windows end android

    • N Kliesow
      N Kliesow Month ago

      @boston naviaux lol window was on phone they stopped it because they lost the market share and hat some issues too... They will never retry it again... I'm hoping ubuntu will take out google before google starts their new os without linux based kernel...

    • boston naviaux
      boston naviaux 2 months ago

      One day windows will be on a phone.... one day

  • Manish kumar
    Manish kumar Year ago +2

    you really rock love your video

  • Best_Aim_2020
    Best_Aim_2020 Year ago +4

    what is the case name in 0:15

    • Ali107
      Ali107 Year ago +1

      prebuild case

    • Long Le
      Long Le Year ago +1

      Prebuild PC from Origin

  • e4r
    e4r Year ago +7

    ArchLinux ftw !