What Is The Best OS For Gaming In 2019? [Simple Guide]

  • Published on Aug 6, 2018
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    Which operating system (OS) is the best one for gaming today?
    We'll be talking about the ins and outs of Windows, MacOS and Linux in this video, and which one of them reigns supreme over the others.
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Comments • 64

  • Mohamed Mohdadi
    Mohamed Mohdadi 22 days ago +1

    I always use windows for gaming, The win10 pc and win10 elitebook. Windows is the best Platform

    • possibly_ed
      possibly_ed 17 days ago

      Mohamed Mohdadi gonna have to stop you right there bud

  • SakuraLeaves
    SakuraLeaves 25 days ago

    windows 10 sucks

  • Fallen One
    Fallen One Month ago +1

    Can anybody tell me which Windows 10 (in Desktop Pc) can run all windows game?
    1. Home.
    Please kindly let me know.Please.

  • CireJC
    CireJC Month ago


  • Husain Husain
    Husain Husain 2 months ago

    xbox is the best operating system for gaming

    • Husain Husain
      Husain Husain 2 months ago

      +InternalScreaming and playstation has way better os then the pc because ps4 pro has 2.1 ghz outdated cpu and it has outdated 4.5 tfloaps gpu beating my rx 580 pc

    • InternalScreaming
      InternalScreaming 2 months ago +1

      I hope you’re joking.

  • walter white
    walter white 3 months ago +2

    Linux is simple,good looking and safe.

  • AT dreams
    AT dreams 3 months ago

    you know what windows is father all of thos damn os yeahhhhh

  • Tim Andersson
    Tim Andersson 3 months ago +1

    Such a good voice. Keep on talkin plz

  • Ali107
    Ali107 4 months ago +1

    Mac has good security, because little to no hackers tried to hack in Mac OS.
    And there are almost no viruses unleashed since most of them are targeted to windows.

    • 0day Phished
      0day Phished 3 months ago +1

      Are you dumb there are so much rats for macos

    • YLK Rubiks
      YLK Rubiks 3 months ago +2

      Not much Malware but still a bunch of Adware

    ETL TTC 4 months ago

    Windows 10 is not reliable

  • Emircan İnak
    Emircan İnak 4 months ago +1

    Mac has an App Store too and lots of games are available there. so it has more than 7000 games

    • Ali107
      Ali107 4 months ago +1

      I think she said wrong numbers, because steam alone has 781 million people.

  • Otávio Módolo
    Otávio Módolo 4 months ago +1

    Windows is indeed the easier take here. You can "just run" games in there. You can circunvent every problem you get with somewhat easy steps (except stutter problems because some ultra latency oriented things windows do)
    Linux is somewhat as easy as windows can get when Valve is involved. Linux isn't hard to use but it is incredible hard to configure and fix broken things. It isn't a latency oriented system so Linux will show frames behind windows. Gamepad schemes can be ultra hard to tweek. But! Games will certainly have a better frame cadence in Linux even if you are running it on proton or wine.
    So it's a trade off: Easy life, simple to get working at any condition go to windows. Hard time learning curve with lots of tweeks per game and some neat near perfect results but with a little delay go to Linux.
    You can also run a Windows VM inside Linux with a dedicated GPU but this is too hard to acomplish in the way KVM works nowadays and the performance will be a little worser than bare metal.

  • MajorTomOO
    MajorTomOO 5 months ago +14

    Windows gaming is amazing... until your computer randomly reboots to install updates.

    • walter white
      walter white 16 days ago

      +possibly_ed lol you can. Just turn automatic to manual.

    • possibly_ed
      possibly_ed 17 days ago

      @walter white you cant turn them off

    • walter white
      walter white 2 months ago

      Turn off updates. Thats what i do

  • Moio Yoyo
    Moio Yoyo 5 months ago +1

    DXVK curva

  • Sought Out Bible Ministries

    I'm a computer teacher. I have tested users by having them use Linux with no instructions. The ALL said it was easier than Windows.

    • Ashutosh Deshmukh
      Ashutosh Deshmukh 2 months ago

      +Sought Out Bible Ministries which is best among them?

    • Sought Out Bible Ministries
      Sought Out Bible Ministries 2 months ago

      +Jaron Marles No Linux was just the thing that Linus Torvald wanted. It was others that have evolved it through the years with so many Distro's.

    • Jaron Marles
      Jaron Marles 2 months ago

      Ironic considering it was never meant to be user friendly in the first place.

    • Sought Out Bible Ministries
      Sought Out Bible Ministries 4 months ago

      +Over Rated I've done the same test on multiple Linux Distro's. Linux Mint, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, just to name a few.

    • Over Rated
      Over Rated 4 months ago

      Sought Out Bible Ministries That’s surprising. What was the Linux distribution that was tested?

  • Soldier
    Soldier 6 months ago +1

    windows hands down
    windows = it’s cheap, it’s reliable, it’s powerful, and it’s easy
    macos = windows but 4000 usd more expensive and weaker
    linux = servers, don’t even try to game with this cause it’s bad, but it’s open source and it’s great for servers

  • Britexit Engineer
    Britexit Engineer 7 months ago +4

    What about steam play?
    This could change everything & be the beginning of the end for microsoft OS's & their never ending faults & crashes.

    • DiamondFire
      DiamondFire 2 months ago

      Never had a crash or "fault" with Windows vista 7 or 10

  • SWA7Team
    SWA7Team 7 months ago +4

    Anyone else done with Microsoft's bullshit? I haven't even had my laptop for a year and I have had to factory reset it 4 times because of sound and network issues. They always happen after some bogus update no one asked for and right after restart, boom! No sound boom! No wifi connection. I swear this is so irritating.

    • mygame_ 2120
      mygame_ 2120 3 months ago

      Microsoft Has been complete bs!!!! ... I've given up and only 4? haha

    • Otávio Módolo
      Otávio Módolo 4 months ago

      Linux can be a lot worser if you don't know what you're doing. But if you take the time to learn it, then it'll be better for internet and office use. Games is somewhat as easy as windows can get when Valve is involved. But are various trade offs: Linux isn't a latency oriented system as Windows is so games will present a little extra delay, gamepad configuration is very hard outside default settings and things outside steam are Jumanji... But you do get games running more smoth than windows even those with less performance.

  • Luch Versana
    Luch Versana 7 months ago

    Your voice is good

  • Chase Dizzie
    Chase Dizzie 8 months ago +5

    Mac has unmatched security? Lol. Might wanna give that one to Linux. Great video btw.

    • Chris Daniel
      Chris Daniel 3 days ago

      Come on bro, it's a woman talking lol

  • Petar Kresoja
    Petar Kresoja 8 months ago

    Linux is the best, Wine

    • Water Cat
      Water Cat 6 months ago

      Yes but wine play windos game or program i know is cool but is saem games with windows

  • Vexiety
    Vexiety 8 months ago +9

    why does this only have 38 likes? this editing is amazing

  • अजय आनंद
    अजय आनंद 9 months ago

    No Dislikes ! WoW !

    THE RECKLESS POTATO 9 months ago +2

    wow no dislikes
    (at the time im writing this)

  • YLK Rubiks
    YLK Rubiks 9 months ago +12

    Imo windows is only good for gaming otherwise osx is much better

    • Ali107
      Ali107 3 months ago +2

      +YLK Rubiks optimized, I tried mac before, it has crashed like 5 times on me!

    • YLK Rubiks
      YLK Rubiks 3 months ago

      Mac computers have slow parts but the software is more optimised

    • Ali107
      Ali107 4 months ago +3

      +YLK Rubiks Slow mac, low features, expensive, has Imovie but mac is slow so it means Imovie would be slow af.

    • YLK Rubiks
      YLK Rubiks 8 months ago

      FreshBeats I used bootcamp on mac os to play games before but now I built a gaming pc and gave a macbook pro

    • FreshBeats
      FreshBeats 8 months ago +7

      YLK Rubiks you can dualboot mac os and windows 10, haha! Gtfoh you apple fanboy!

      JK, but seriously you can dual boot Windows 10 and Mac OS, try it instead of buying an extremely expensive Mac/book.

  • Francisco Santos
    Francisco Santos 9 months ago +6

    #1 WINDOWS
    #2 MACOS
    #3 LINUX


    • Flesor Music
      Flesor Music Month ago

      +Jaron Marles Yep Linux is better than windows

    • Jaron Marles
      Jaron Marles 2 months ago +2

      I agree with Windows, but Linux is better than Mac OS. Mac sucks at gaming, has no command prompt(unlike the other two), and is an administrative nightmare.

    • Tejica
      Tejica 3 months ago +1

      +Moio Yoyo obviously

    • Moio Yoyo
      Moio Yoyo 5 months ago +5

      U are not very smart

  • Piter Sibarani
    Piter Sibarani 9 months ago +2

    Windows the best ferformance

  • Xavier Marcha
    Xavier Marcha 9 months ago +2

    Windows end android

  • Mj support
    Mj support 9 months ago +2

    you really rock love your video

  • Mechanicalogic man
    Mechanicalogic man 9 months ago +4

    what is the case name in 0:15

    • Ali107
      Ali107 4 months ago +1

      prebuild case

    • Long Le
      Long Le 6 months ago +1

      Prebuild PC from Origin

  • e4r
    e4r 9 months ago +4

    ArchLinux ftw !