KTM SUPERDUKE 1290 R 2018 - Test Ride Akrapovic Raw Sound

  • Published on Jul 20, 2018
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  • Milorad Novakovič
    Milorad Novakovič 17 hours ago

    Sounds like sh... You should cut the cat. Off

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 4 days ago

    Not faster than a zx10

  • Robert Tucker
    Robert Tucker 17 days ago

    Nice bike 👌 but, it sounds like the ATVs in the woods. It doesn't sounds like a motorcycle to me

  • WaaJerdo
    WaaJerdo 28 days ago

    Onks tää kemmu?

  • Jon W
    Jon W Month ago


  • Mateus Dos Santos
    Mateus Dos Santos Month ago +3

    This guy killed that test ride ... wow. If only more test rides were like this. I inspire to abuse a machine as demonstrated.

  • Ako 2k6
    Ako 2k6 Month ago

    Very nice bike control 👍

  • katurakki :D
    katurakki :D Month ago

    vittu mite laiska toi o

  • Waqar Smith
    Waqar Smith Month ago

    I want one

  • Derek Conti
    Derek Conti 2 months ago

    Hell of a "test ride"

  • NotMe,
    NotMe, 2 months ago

    Wheelys in the gravel... way to go

  • Trovador Ramos
    Trovador Ramos 2 months ago

    Too much power for me😆😆

  • Archana ga
    Archana ga 2 months ago

    How many price plz reply me

  • edfdsfsd dsgfdsgsd
    edfdsfsd dsgfdsgsd 2 months ago +1

    This kind test i like most.

  • Mastermind Mastermind
    Mastermind Mastermind 2 months ago

    Oh my God, these bikes nowadays... hahaha

  • Nettitrolli
    Nettitrolli 2 months ago

    Teho painosuhde kohallaan

  • photomorti
    photomorti 3 months ago

    177 hp my god

  • Paul 645
    Paul 645 3 months ago

    Sounded like it wasn't firing properly when being revved a bit, like it was hitting the rev limiter, but not at high enough revs to be at the limiter. Bloody awesome riding skills though.

  • imran khan
    imran khan 3 months ago

    Dream bike

  • The Kurgan
    The Kurgan 3 months ago +2

    It is nice to see someone do this stuff with a bike that actually knows what they are doing... ;)

    SIDD K GAMER 3 months ago +4

    When you bring your friends bike for a day

  • The Last Rebel Show
    The Last Rebel Show 3 months ago

    That guy was a awesome rider! Respect from America 🇺🇸 🤘🔥🤘

  • R35spect GT-R
    R35spect GT-R 3 months ago +1

    This is what it would look like if a lion took steroids

  • Himanshu singh Dosad
    Himanshu singh Dosad 3 months ago

    I feel very bad listening to that exhaust note of a superbike...look at the other brands triumph, aprilla, honda, yamaha, bmw....

  • Max Sand
    Max Sand 3 months ago +1

    keep em comin best review.

  • John pan
    John pan 3 months ago

    This can be the best KTM advertising video

  • Lukáš Fiala
    Lukáš Fiala 3 months ago +1


  • Lukáš Fiala
    Lukáš Fiala 3 months ago


  • Drew K
    Drew K 3 months ago

    The headlight looks like a halibut. One of those fish with both eyes on the same side

  • kTM fanz
    kTM fanz 3 months ago

    Naked Jet Impressive

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 3 months ago

    It's sad that these bikes have to sound that shitty.

    PNT CREATIONS 3 months ago


  • Yms Era
    Yms Era 4 months ago

    174 HP Power not 177 HP

  • Billy Bigboy
    Billy Bigboy 4 months ago

    yome gunna break it doin that

  • Колев Колев
    Колев Колев 4 months ago

    Great bike but i don't like the sound ...

  • Sagar Chinchapur
    Sagar Chinchapur 4 months ago

    ba nam mani balli hodyakathi

  • Downhill Cat
    Downhill Cat 4 months ago

    I have a dream.... hahaha

  • Francesco Cennerazzo
    Francesco Cennerazzo 4 months ago

    cavalletto monobraccio KTM

  • Nightcrawler
    Nightcrawler 4 months ago

    this engine is not known for its long life time, if you want to shorten it further, do this......

  • Alex Polin
    Alex Polin 4 months ago

    Круто !!! Cool!!! Вот бы вместе прогонять!!!

  • Seaya
    Seaya 4 months ago

    looks fantastic

    FEGTTTSDH 4 months ago

    The Beast

  • Nabin Subedi
    Nabin Subedi 4 months ago +1

    Did I hear test ride at d end !! ??? O god....

  • Tyngshain Paslein
    Tyngshain Paslein 4 months ago

    Pro bikers

  • turkishexpress
    turkishexpress 5 months ago

    Best SDR review yet.

  • roger S.jr.
    roger S.jr. 5 months ago

    Now this is a fucking test💪🙉.like it

  • Michael McMillin
    Michael McMillin 5 months ago

    That guy was a beast

  • Ruthless Warlord
    Ruthless Warlord 5 months ago

    cool video and both of you sounds like gsp.😂

  • Akash Waghe
    Akash Waghe 5 months ago

    What a bike the real beast i wish i could have atleast duke 390

  • Aditya Rifqi
    Aditya Rifqi 5 months ago +3

    good driver, but the sound is not BADASS enough for me.

  • Gay Frog
    Gay Frog 5 months ago +1

    This should be how every test ride ever is done

    SALEM PHẠM 6 months ago +11

    i love it. i'm fan of KTM, i have duke 390 and i very very want 1 superduke

  • Hisaan Haq
    Hisaan Haq 6 months ago +4

    He tamed that bike like a mofo legend! SDR says you know who I am SFT says yeh ok son

  • Pieter
    Pieter 6 months ago

    Now thats what i call no bullsht....

  • Rahul barca
    Rahul barca 6 months ago +2

    Duke 1290: Am i joke to you ?

  • Aritra Banerjee
    Aritra Banerjee 6 months ago

    Really good rider

  • Sheerioforever63
    Sheerioforever63 6 months ago +1

    The rider made the Bike so much cooler than it was on Idle

  • whowell117
    whowell117 7 months ago

    Hate the sound of this bike! But great video!

  • Chris
    Chris 7 months ago

    Thats why I dont buy used bikes anymore. People respect nothing and treat everything like shit.