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  • Published on Dec 23, 2018
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Comments • 16

  • Chris Star
    Chris Star Year ago

    Ya I'm definitely buying an oculus rift

    • Abram Carroll
      Abram Carroll Year ago

      It's totally worth it. You are in the game world, rather than just controlling a video of a game.

  • sean hagen
    sean hagen Year ago +1

    Recently released Polybius. My game of the year and one of the best VR games ever.

  • J.M.'s World
    J.M.'s World Year ago +4

    pff... 😭

  • Meathamski
    Meathamski Year ago +1

    Not gonna lie, I'm usually extremely afraid to purchase VR games cause a lot of them are tech demos or mini-games. I just want a full blown experience that has a lasting effect.
    I have a video where I go over games I like on my channel.. games that are longer lasting or have some oomph to them. Like, Thrill of the Fight for the push to learn how to box or exercise. VRChat for legit VR social interaction and weird "in my personal bubble" disgusted feelings. Horror games for the jump scares. Robo Recall for the awesome 90s arcade feel.
    I wish there were more thought provoking VR games.

    • Cockney John
      Cockney John Year ago

      Yeah, use the older one with an xbox gamepad rather than the newer version that uses the Vive handsets.

    • Meathamski
      Meathamski Year ago

      @Cockney John I have Alien Isolation but the mod always feels like the VR is glitchy.. like the monitor in the beginning is impossible to look at. I think it was stretched across the entire screen last time I tried it. Maybe I had a buggy patch or something?

    • Cockney John
      Cockney John Year ago

      Mate - I EMPLORE you to get Alien:Isolation. It TRULY is a fantastic game and ironically, it's a conversion from a 2d game but it is just BRILLIANTR! The best £10 I ever spent on a computer game!!

  • StiKyou14
    StiKyou14 Year ago +7

    oculus quest...
    ok ;(.....

  • Paisano Bambino
    Paisano Bambino Year ago +6

    Oculus Rift is the best Christmas present.

    But that doesn't exist, it's so great that people only buy it for themselves.

    • Overbite Games
      Overbite Games Year ago +2

      c: In order to purchase this as a gift for someone else they'd already need to have a PC capable of running it. By the time I saved up that much ($399 + $250 if we're assuming all they need is a 1060 / 580 which isn't true - a 1070 is basically the current entry point and this generation is about a year at most from being replaced) I'd feel bad for giving them a Rift because the next generation of HMDs would be announced lol.
      And also I seriously only have two friends that I'd consider doing this for and one is already aware that it's a decent likelihood in the future.
      Mind you, 2020 will likely be the year that the new consoles come out with AMD powered GPU / CPU combos that are now at Zen 2 and ~GTX 1080 level GPUs (if the fairly grounded rumors are to be believed about the next generation of AMD's chips setting $250 for 1080 performance - and the Xbox One / PS4 were at a little above 480 performance so the price point matches) so VR will almost certainly be a staple of those consoles.
      I mean seriously. You're Microsoft right now. You need a big win. What's the most jaw dropping "THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!" experience available RIGHT NOW for *BOTH* media *AND* video game consumption? V-FRIGGIN-R. You're the Playstation division at Sony. You've already got PSVR. You've been building up a relationship with VR developers for a reason, right? Built that first headset and have been doing some R&D for this upcoming console, right?
      Trust me. VR will sell consoles faster than better graphics will. VR isn't a gimmick. It's just being held back by cost and (cyclically) the need to appeal to the mainstream because without an audience it's difficult to convince anyone to make a game that is currently near guaranteed not to turn a profit (or even so, nothing compared to a flat game's audience).
      I don't personally expect much from Microsoft but they do have the WMR headsets so it would be an utter shame if they didn't at least allow them to run on the hardware while they make a proper HMD for the console. I bet that Oculus / Valve-HTC would be MORE than happy to have their devices compatible with consoles.
      It's pretty clear that the bare minimum one would have to do is take the PSVR and give it proper controllers and sensors. I've got higher hopes than that but if we're just talking about what people would be happy with starting out and with nothing to compare it to?
      Learning from Kinect's bundling will likely involve bundling VR at an extreme loss or simply having it as an accessory / alternative bundle from the "just the console" versions. Alternatively, setting up as many possible demos for people to try out in person would likely resolve this. The current problem here is that the perception of VR is that you're a doofus with a monitor strapped to your head. If you can get even 1 / 4th of your potential audience to experience VR you'll likely get enough people "spreading the good word" / simply stating "You need to try this before you bash it" (AND actually having a way to try it other than knowing the 1 / 10,000 people who own a VR setup - let alone want to Demo it to you).
      Then this also solves the audience : games problem and... yeah. I'm excited.
      It's also possible that no one pushes for VR and we just get the Xbox / PS5 'Super Pro' editions with better graphics and slightly improved controllers. :l
      PS: There's no damn way I'd get an entire PC + Rift for someone else that I don't care about SIGNIFICANTLY. That's how you inherit the job of free tech support for every little problem that they have. Someone who's already built their own PC and are used to solving its problems themselves are my only candidates for something like a Rift. The kind of things I've seen people do to their consoles that I could NEVER do to my PC.. ene
      Source: I'm already freebie tech support. It sucks. You get handed shit, given the worst kind of nonsense for error / bug reports / repro steps, and are told to "just fix it". It's either something stupid obvious or an utter shit show of a trek through hours of wasted time. In all cases it's caused by the dipstick that handed you the device - no matter how much they protest that Windows is the devil.

  • WhyThoVR
    WhyThoVR Year ago +7

    My wishlist:
    an oculus Quest
    Time to play VR
    Seeking dawn

  • Matthew Dean
    Matthew Dean Year ago +1

    Question my alien ware 17r4 with 16 gb of ram and a 1050 nividia gforce 2gb graphics. Can it run the oculas

    • Thomas Dorsey
      Thomas Dorsey Year ago


    • Matthew Dean
      Matthew Dean Year ago +1

      @Cockney John ok thanks man! I have been wonder for awhile if it could or not 😂

    • Cockney John
      Cockney John Year ago +1

      Sadly, I think not - it's the 1050 that's letting it down. I had an ASUS gaming laptop with similar specs and it could not run Oculus - I had to buy another laptop with 6GB 1060.