625HP Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Eleanor

  • Published on Jan 8, 2016
  • This video features a beautiful original 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 'Eleanor'. It is equipped with a 427-cubic-inch Ford racing engine that develops 625 horsepower. The engine is aligned with a six-speed speed manual gearbox designed for drag races.
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Comments • 337

  • Денис Денов

    это тачка дьявола?


    I prefered the old mstangs musclecar.


    It almost make me cum in my pants everytime i heard the sounds of this car!

  • Robert Days
    Robert Days 19 days ago

    Beautiful car and sounds awesome. Wasted in city streets but oh well. Not much you can do about that. The only thing I don't like is the tail lights of the Eleanor.

  • alexvivinc
    alexvivinc 21 day ago

    montecarlo mi fa sempre venire fobia degli spazi stretti

  • zeppelin 911
    zeppelin 911 29 days ago

    I was waiting for dominic toretto to pop out

  • Janno JJ
    Janno JJ Month ago

    this is car porn.

  • Johnson Stark
    Johnson Stark Month ago

    How can i buy this right hand drive . How much cost is this

  • Risch Alex
    Risch Alex Month ago


  • Robert Gauthier
    Robert Gauthier Month ago

    Nice car but what's with the crap on the passenger door ?

  • Von Pearth Ereena
    Von Pearth Ereena Month ago

    Wow, that’s crazy 427 engine.
    It must be insane one.

  • Nate Brubaker
    Nate Brubaker 2 months ago +1

    Those bastards put the steering wheel on the wrong side.

  • Isaac Clarke
    Isaac Clarke 2 months ago

    At 1:07 you can see one of her siblings. They are related, but they don't have anything in common.

  • World Top 10
    World Top 10 2 months ago

    What is the price of it?

  • Mark Morris
    Mark Morris 2 months ago

    A right hand drive Mustang?I've never heard of that!

  • ひよこ
    ひよこ 3 months ago


  • Joao dejesus
    Joao dejesus 3 months ago


  • Leigh Canning
    Leigh Canning 3 months ago

    So much car but so much traffic!! 😢😢

  • 20&savage
    20&savage 3 months ago

    Paint job on point👌

  • soupercooper
    soupercooper 3 months ago

    this video inspired me to paint my 65 fastback mustang the same color scheme, shot the first part today and very im pleased, but i used candy brandy wine instead of candy apple that you used.

  • chaiyos yos
    chaiyos yos 3 months ago


  • Thegame Gas
    Thegame Gas 4 months ago

    Should put a cobra fade down the side

  • Stefano
    Stefano 4 months ago

    non so se è successo anche a voi ma la Enzo ferrari rossa non l' ho nemmeno notata con davanti questa Mustang...

  • Steve Scourou
    Steve Scourou 4 months ago

    This is up for sale £170k.

  • Daniel Herliczka
    Daniel Herliczka 5 months ago

    I love Eleanor!!! super car.

  • Alexander Roca
    Alexander Roca 5 months ago

    My Dream Car 😱

  • Bice Ali
    Bice Ali 5 months ago

    Mamma mia! Bella macchina.

    BOBBY LEE 5 months ago

    GONE...............................................IN SIXTY SECONDS!

  • kkman 1234
    kkman 1234 5 months ago

    01:23 勁戰😂

  • FBryant _
    FBryant _ 6 months ago +1

    Im going to be honest...all the supercars look ugly when the Shelby GT500 was around but that's just my opinion...

  • Αναστασιος Χαρακοπουλος

    Just listen it's beautiful engine sound...

  • dodgecharger1986
    dodgecharger1986 6 months ago

    I'm getting wet just looking at it 😂 beautiful👌👌 ahhh..i'll get one some day 😭

  • Michael Douglas
    Michael Douglas 6 months ago

    Weve got one of these at work right now. The guy doesnt let anyone drive it. Converted from carburetion to fuel injection and u think hed getting suspension work done

  • J M
    J M 6 months ago +1

    All of those supercars are amazing, but they will never have what the GT500 has..... American soul. 🇺🇸👍

  • Кот Наглый
    Кот Наглый 7 months ago +1

    Video super, thank you for beihg on RU-clip👈📲

  • 剛士元気
    剛士元気 7 months ago

    good mask

  • Nate
    Nate 7 months ago +1

    Original 67' GT500 > Eleanor rice > supercars

  • Swedefx
    Swedefx 7 months ago

    Most cruel car in Monaco

  • o-ptimus prime
    o-ptimus prime 8 months ago

    at 150 lol
    a real super car

  • Roger Lee
    Roger Lee 8 months ago

    A right-hand drive mustang? Did they make them?

  • Leon Topodium
    Leon Topodium 8 months ago

    what a cool car

  • ρ Λ п ø я Λ м i ĸ V i ѕ i ø п

    most beautiful car on earth =o

    PHELIX MOREIRA 8 months ago

    Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 mais lindo do mundo!

  • Marko Kampfelt
    Marko Kampfelt 9 months ago

    That Ferrari looks bullshit after Mustang....

  • olivier manquat
    olivier manquat 9 months ago

    bien on voie un bouffon ok prête moi ta voiture et je te montre se que tu peux faire sur un sécurité ok en france sur trois toures bouffons

  • Seb Mart
    Seb Mart 9 months ago


  • BillyRay
    BillyRay 9 months ago

    f a k e a f

  • romaolja
    romaolja 9 months ago

    это лучший возык!

  • Lord Kek
    Lord Kek 9 months ago +1

    RHD on an Eleanor? Blasphemy. I won't accept it. and the sign? jfc dude....

  • Will liam
    Will liam 9 months ago

    Suddenly the Ferrari isn't quite so hot😉

  • Glidescube
    Glidescube 10 months ago

    This thing sticks out like thor's hammer in a land of hyper car nail clippers.

  • tomas fabbro
    tomas fabbro 10 months ago

    Do you take paypal?

  • A Gastelum
    A Gastelum 10 months ago

    s e x y 🤤🤤

  • Shaun Whit
    Shaun Whit 10 months ago

    the fuel is in the wrong place

  • thierry tissot
    thierry tissot 10 months ago

    La super car de 60 secondes chrono le top du top

  • Alex Maidana
    Alex Maidana 11 months ago +1


  • Matrox One
    Matrox One Year ago

    The prettiest car there just happens to be the only American car there.

  • nameisunavailable82

    The time when cars were cars, not iPhones on wheels....

  • Maxx Henzez
    Maxx Henzez Year ago

    É a minha paixão

  • alvin magtoto
    alvin magtoto Year ago