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  • Published on Sep 9, 2017
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    41:16 starting numericals

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    Way of teaching is best 👌👌

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    Thanks very good ...

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    Nancy Litoriya 4 months ago

    Sir plz upload more videos

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    Sir is topic pe jee ke numericle bhi solve kra dijiye please

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    Super explain

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    🙏🙏 super explanation

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    To me whatever topics he teaches is best among others...such a crystal clear concept... he deserves more subscribers...

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  • EASY Learning With SHRUTI
    EASY Learning With SHRUTI 7 months ago +1

    It s really great sir
    Sir would u please make the video of differentiation and integration

  • Jyoti Rout
    Jyoti Rout 8 months ago

    horizontal projectile at some angle me time for which the projectile remains in air kya time of flight ke equal hota hai

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    Yashu Chaudhry 10 months ago

    Sir me aapke charano me rhna chahta hu

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    Classroom wali feeling👦✏

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    Thank you sir

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    verrrrryyyy verrrrryyyy thank you sir...☺️☺️☺️

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    Examples are too good and explanation as well

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    I didn't find the video of other two projectile motion..

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    vipin singh Year ago

    sir plz dot product and lami theorem ki videos upload kar dijiye

    THE E͜͡XOTIC Year ago

    Sir aap Aur video upload kijiye Chapters ke

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    Monika Goyal Year ago

    Sir inclined plane ki to daal do

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    sir please upload video for projectile projected horizontally from a height .... pleaseeee

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    Thanks sir👍

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    Superb sir g

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    App bhi badhiya padhate lakin mere k.k. SHUKAL sir to bahut hi badhiya padhate the

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    Sir in vertical direction velocity or acceleration ke btn angle 180 hai toh path toh straight line hona chahiye

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    Sir please upload complete video of projectile motion

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    its only itself Year ago

    It is very helpful sir.ur teaching method is nice i am impressed i could not make head or tell in my tuition of this chapter . After watching this vedio what i understand is only frm u ...thnk sir

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    Keep it up 👍👍👍👍

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    sir plz upload some more vedios on different topics it i very helpful to us plzzzzz.....

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    thanks sir


    vary nice teaching methods sar

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    Upload capillarity videos

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    thank you sir

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    Kya baat hai...kitna aacha sikhate ho sir

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    Nice sar

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    Arpita Panda Year ago

    sir please iska next vedio upload kijiye

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    Sir please make videos on work power energy iit jee

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    Sir very much appreciated you

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    sir please upload more videos of projectile your videos are very useful for us Thank you sir

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    ranjan bishwas 2 years ago

    Sir, please upload also the remaining things about the projectile

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    Suraj Das 2 years ago

    Sir please solve pblm.based on common base & emmiter transistor...i am very happy for u....

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    Shilpi Kumari 2 years ago +3

    Thank u sir... please sir upload full gravity,atom, concept nd numerical.....

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    Pawan Lal 2 years ago +1

    sr can you provide some more video lectures on different chapters like- kinematics, statics......plz your teaching is too helpful to us

  • Prabal Gupta
    Prabal Gupta 2 years ago

    Sir 26:11 pe

    |V| ke baad tan alpha me upon u cos theta kese aaya?

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    Sir please upload a video for work power energy my teacher is really dufffer sorrry to say this but u r nice than my teacher

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      sonam khurana how can u say any teacher duffer agr ni achha h toh mt bolo bt duffer mt bolo smjhe ....respect kro...tmhe jo achha lgta h bs unse pdho m trif kro thats it.

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      same here

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    Aswana 2 years ago

    Sir plz upload video of gravitation also

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    sir can u please upload electromagnetic induction videos?

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    sir work power energy ka vedio dal deejiye

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      Priya mor 2 years ago

      Prabhat Soni mujhe bhi work power energy ki video chahiye

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    thnx for uploading this video.plz keep uploading more on kinematics.

  • pooja viswakarma
    pooja viswakarma 2 years ago

    sir in one d when will be constant acclaration when apply 3 eqation of motion have so much confussion please remove tis cofusion

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    Please sir more upload vidio of system of particles with problems

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    Thanks sir for uploading projectile motion

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