• Published on Jan 26, 2018
  • I am now officially a solo female traveller in India! Today's adventures are taking me to Amer Fort here in Jaipur where I get to meet an amazing local who takes me around and introduces me to the history of Jaipur and Hinduism.
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  • Leigh Burton
    Leigh Burton 21 day ago

    The "guards " weren't "transgender"- they were eunuchs. A eunuch is a castrated male. These eunuchs were in charge of the zennana, or womens quarters.

  • itsme
    itsme 2 months ago

    If you're planning to come again jaipur i will host you and show you whole jaipur deeply

  • md nahean galiv 2006
    md nahean galiv 2006 2 months ago

    Awesome video

  • Tipu Singh
    Tipu Singh 3 months ago +1

    4 min. 2 sec awesome shoot miss.

  • Rahul Wagh
    Rahul Wagh 4 months ago +1

    Unfortunately you uploaded this video with 2G speed lol, India is getting 5G, do come back lol

  • lbunny Gordon
    lbunny Gordon 5 months ago +1

    Did you meet this guy on the street to guide... as they say dont do that lol worked out well though

  • Girish Hada
    Girish Hada 5 months ago +1

  • Girish Hada
    Girish Hada 5 months ago +1

    Bahut badhiya video hai

  • puspita islam
    puspita islam 6 months ago +1

    O my gosh😍🤩

  • Manali Gandhi
    Manali Gandhi 7 months ago

    Where did you stayed in all the places in India?

  • Tiksha Chauhan
    Tiksha Chauhan 8 months ago +1

    Yeah... you got that right! RAJASTHAN is the heart of India.

  • Sukumar M.J
    Sukumar M.J 9 months ago +1

    Have you been to Chennai in Tamilnadu?

  • The Royal Academy
    The Royal Academy 9 months ago +1

    I did mechanical engineering from jaipur. It is very nice place. Your vlog take me to a beatuful past journey. Yes i have subsribe your channel. I wish we will made friend to each other.

  • Thoughts Espresso
    Thoughts Espresso 9 months ago

    5:50 ..that !@#$%** crreeeeep!!!!!

  • NJ Rocks Assam
    NJ Rocks Assam 10 months ago +1

    Next time come to North East India

  • sanch Sanchayan
    sanch Sanchayan 10 months ago +1

    Everyone is an Indian in this life or the next . So consider it your home only :)

  • gafin trans
    gafin trans 10 months ago

    great travel. try to explore malang :).. we have tour and travel in malang. please visit Us

  • Rohit Chhaperwal
    Rohit Chhaperwal 10 months ago +2

    Most welcome in my pink city.

  • Sandi's Travel Diary - SandizTD

    I stop watching your video. The more I watch more I will dream. And after wake up all day thinking. But I can't stop myself to see you and your videos. You are outstanding

  • Nakul Garg
    Nakul Garg Year ago +1

    1:15 Suno CabCab chillane valo Auto is way better. Bas har time standard ki mt socho karo

  • Saeed Hareb
    Saeed Hareb Year ago +1

    Not trangender ..... nutured!

    • Saeed Hareb
      Saeed Hareb Year ago

      Bad guide there ... Islamic monument but pushing Hinduism ... and giving bad info in the course

    • Saeed Hareb
      Saeed Hareb Year ago

      Only can not have sex .....

    • Saeed Hareb
      Saeed Hareb Year ago

      I meant castrated / neutered but they are men who are definitely did not change sex

  • Biker Racing
    Biker Racing Year ago +1

    Why do you always wear black,try some other colour

  • I Love Cricket BD

    Hi, my Name Is Husban and I live in a village in sunamganj district but am currently residing in sylhet because I study there. I watch your videos and want you to come sylhet and I can show you around more places and even the villages where I’m from as it’s all really beautiful and scenic.
    From Bangladesh

  • akky kumar
    akky kumar Year ago +1

    If you ever next time in India try mehendi work on your hand

  • Celinettevlogs
    Celinettevlogs Year ago +1

    Go to Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir next time you come here. Your vlogs are amazing and breaking all the stereotypes about India. More power to you!

  • Santhana Sundrarajan

    i love jaipur...heaven for shopping. wanna come back again

    SYED JAFFER IMAM Year ago +1

    When you come India it's like you have entered a region of 6,7 countries. North India, South India, West and Central India, East and north east India.
    Every region has at least 100 languages.
    If you like different cultures and diversity livelihood India is the country to visit.
    Don't forget to Visit Bihar.
    A state where people have waist like lollipops😅.
    Kamrya lolipop laagey looo!

  • Deep Rahul
    Deep Rahul Year ago +1

    First thing probably you could have done as you were her for a month is buy a Month’s unlimited high speed dats connection. Probably a mogile connection or a dongle or something else so that you can get decent speeds to upload your vlogs ans alao get internet anywhere and do not have to depend on hotel wifi. Also it would work all India so it would definitely be of good investment.

  • Tech Cloud
    Tech Cloud Year ago +1


  • E Barker
    E Barker Year ago +1

    Hi, I am thinking about heading out to India this winter, but i have never travelled solo anywhere before, i have always gone with friends or tour companies. Did you feel safe when walking about and taking public transport?

  • Center-Politics NoLeftNoRight

    Hey!!!You are not solo....we are following you....
    Take care!!!☺️😊

  • Arun Chodhuary
    Arun Chodhuary Year ago

    Girl you are over charged for auto rikshaw

  • Mohnish Pratap Singh


  • Anant Goenka
    Anant Goenka Year ago +1

    Use a 4g phone to upload ur videos that would work perfectly

  • Punit Khandelwal
    Punit Khandelwal Year ago

    To the people who want more of my city just check out this video

  • Punit Khandelwal
    Punit Khandelwal Year ago

    You didn't do justice to jaipur with a day.... trust me you didn't see 10% of it .... i wish i could take someone to show my whole city...

  • Shobhit Kaul
    Shobhit Kaul Year ago +1

    I am soh trying ... 😂

  • Eter Nal
    Eter Nal Year ago +1

    You are amazing 😍

  • Anastasia Corbine
    Anastasia Corbine Year ago +3

    So beautiful ❤️ just got back from my trip to Jaipur, Chandigarh, And Delhi! India is so full of life, and amazing! Love seeing your solo trip! Thanks for sharing!

  • Eda Nefelia
    Eda Nefelia Year ago +7

    I'm kinda obsessed with the architecture, oh wow....also that morning you had with your guide at the fort sounded like the best experience!!! I wonder why they beep so much during traffic though, I mean, thats not gonna make it go any faster, is it?? Hahahaha!!

  • Eda Nefelia
    Eda Nefelia Year ago +1

    I'm kinda obsessed with the architecture, oh wow....also that morning you had with your guide at the fort sounded like the best experience!!! I wonder why they beep so much during traffic though, I mean, thats not gonna make it go any faster, is it?? Hahahaha!!

    • Punit Khandelwal
      Punit Khandelwal Year ago

      If you really love architecture then trust me jaipur is the place for you.....don't believe me just watch this.

  • Ayush Formals
    Ayush Formals Year ago +1

    Come to east india its better and less tiring.

  • Kapil Makode
    Kapil Makode Year ago +1

    That thick British accent!

    NEERAJ KUMAR Year ago

    ALY your name is so good what it means . I your are between 28_30 yrs old .

  • Soumyakanti Chakraborty

    You could activate a 4G pack on your mobile phone and upload the videos. Get a good 4G connection instead of depending on the hotel WiFi

  • Alyssa Schlickeiser
    Alyssa Schlickeiser Year ago +1

    I love this vlog aly! Thank u :)

  • A Alien
    A Alien Year ago +3

    Wow! Thanks for showing the beauty of India which even most us didn't know about. Loved your vlog so far and keep up the good work. Cheers!

    PAPPU RAZ Year ago +18

    Iam from Bangladesh and i love India And iam hindu 😍😍
    Proud of it one day we go India😚😚😊😊

    • Jason Statham
      Jason Statham 7 months ago +1

      one day! you're saying like its way far from you...and you're a hindu as well.. won't be a problm i guess 😏

  • Avi
    Avi Year ago +1

    Do you know that Hollywood film The Fall was shot is regarded as one of the most beautiful movie ever made

  • Frances Ah Chong
    Frances Ah Chong Year ago

    Awesome!! Safe travels!

  • Z R
    Z R Year ago +1


  • Fara sens Tv
    Fara sens Tv Year ago +1

    Let me know if you need a travel companion...I can definitely help you with some cinematic video shots for this channel.

  • Ztez Maxim
    Ztez Maxim Year ago

    I think the guards were castrated eunuchs. Half of transgenders still like women. Or both men and women.

  • Inner Beauty Makeup by Nicole

    Omg! I just discovered your channel and I’m loving it!! I was in India last year and Jaipur was my favorite city! I just wish I had that tour guide when we went to Amer fort. Lol but I’m planning to go back ASAP! I love India 🇮🇳 😍

  • prakash pc
    prakash pc Year ago +1

    Please make a visit to Puri Beach it's beautiful

  • Tamar C
    Tamar C Year ago

    Love the soundtrack

  • Discover India 101
    Discover India 101 Year ago +1


  • Rohit Sahu
    Rohit Sahu Year ago +1

    go to shimla as soon as possible

    • K K
      K K Year ago

      Rohit Sahu asap , lol why mate. Why asap ?? 😂😂😂

  • Manash Kumar Mahata
    Manash Kumar Mahata Year ago +1

    Please go dargiling..

  • बंडोपंत
    बंडोपंत Year ago +12

    Instead of waiting for wifi, you can go for Jio or Vodafone data plan .. 9 months back when i was in Maharashtra, india, i got a vodafone data plan for my smartphone for around Rs 400.00/month and it had 3 gb a day data limit with around 15 mbps speed.

  • warlike tiger
    warlike tiger Year ago +1


  • Albert Zeliang
    Albert Zeliang Year ago +3

    And i Fuckinng love it😂😂😂

  • Albert Zeliang
    Albert Zeliang Year ago +2

    Get a jio sim

  • Bhagwa Pepe
    Bhagwa Pepe Year ago +3

    Looks like you got really lucky with your tour guide.😁

  • Pope
    Pope Year ago +1

    Aly you got really beautiful bright eyes. I love them!!!

  • Dovah kiin
    Dovah kiin Year ago +1

    Why don't you get a wifi data card? Its cheap, an airtel dongle cost like 1000 Rs with good speed..

  • Miss Pooja Das
    Miss Pooja Das Year ago +26

    Please do visit Kolkata, Darjeeling and Northeast India!

  • Dovki Paul
    Dovki Paul Year ago +8

    Wow. looks beautiful. How long was the guided tour?

  • shubham sirauthiya
    shubham sirauthiya Year ago +1

    Mam india is loving you and please don't miss Udaipur,this would be another level for are going to love it.

  • vivek sharma
    vivek sharma Year ago +2

    Internet in India is now far far better what it used to be few years back. I live in a small city in India and I do get 20mbps Down and 10mbps upload speed here.. Talk to d management where u living..

  • preм anandн
    preм anandн Year ago +1

    AILEY!! is that ur name?? sorry if i got it wrong...its good that u explore the stereotype tourist spots in northern india...but also do visit SOUTH INDIA to get the full sure u will definitely like it..

  • paulson thomas
    paulson thomas Year ago +74

    Please buy a *JIO SIM* it has 4G data plans at very cheap rates 😂👍🏻 that’s the best for India 🇮🇳

      BIG POPA PUM Year ago +6

      PsychoTraveller airtel is better when it comes to speed.. Coz airtel has maximum connecting pointa in spectrum.. But bit expensive...

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  Year ago +24

      +paulson thomas that's the one I have 👌

  • My Sweet Dharma Vlogs
    My Sweet Dharma Vlogs Year ago +33

    heyy! Lovely watching your travels :) Are you planning on visiting Kerala too? Greetings from Trivandrum :)

    • Mohit Mishra
      Mohit Mishra Year ago

      De_Alpha_generatin_ boi yes me 2

    • De_Alpha_generatin_ boi
      De_Alpha_generatin_ boi Year ago +3

      My Sweet Dharma omg i love your channel, I am one of those early subscribers of your channel 😍

  • maite maite
    maite maite Year ago

    Just found your channel. You have such a relaxing voice, love it! Subscribed!

  • Shaishav Yadav
    Shaishav Yadav Year ago +1

    Do go to Chauki dhani

  • wolfgang15425
    wolfgang15425 Year ago +1

    How do you get past the language barrier when you travel?

    • wolfgang15425
      wolfgang15425 Year ago

      KHABAR TECH I know what can, but I meant in general if you go to a country.

    • Mohit Mishra
      Mohit Mishra Year ago

      wolfgang15425 even indian people can speak English

  • Tommy Cash
    Tommy Cash Year ago +1

    I was there last year its awesome just did not like the food

    • Bob Singh
      Bob Singh Year ago

      Go to the Spice Bazaar

    • Tommy Cash
      Tommy Cash Year ago

      andy chauhan i dont likenthe taste of curry

  • Rahul M
    Rahul M Year ago +5

    jaipur is indeed too beautiful to miss. the marketplace btw is huge.. the main street is just abt 5% of the entire market. you get all types of traditional indian wear in the other alleys aroung the mainstreet. nice vlog 👍🏻

  • Ashish Sharma
    Ashish Sharma Year ago +2

    I love traveling also, can we meet if you want

  • Ashish Sharma
    Ashish Sharma Year ago +2

    Hey I'm from Jaipur

  • Nitin Verma
    Nitin Verma Year ago

    you can check out this place in karnataka,india... named as halebidu...its has lot of fabulous temple ... check hoyleshwara temple

  • Priscilla
    Priscilla Year ago +1


  • Dev Raj
    Dev Raj Year ago +8

    Philosophical Hinduism can be understood by the Advaita Vedanta Philosophy....Google it or watch some videos on would love it.Hinduism never believes that one religion is better than the other.All paths lead to one destination, the ultimate truth...
    Once you get into Advaita Vedanta, you can't come out of it...

  • Claire E
    Claire E Year ago +2

    Fantastic Vlogs of India. 💗👏

  • Nakul Garg
    Nakul Garg Year ago +2

    Go to chitkul. Last village of India instead of regular spot like Manali

  • Pranjit Saikia pune
    Pranjit Saikia pune Year ago +3

    it has more better service PAN INDIA...

  • sash A
    sash A Year ago +3

    Please visit Goa,Kerala and Pondicherry. South India is soo much more decent than the North

  • Abhishek Mangaraj
    Abhishek Mangaraj Year ago +8

    Don't miss Manali...its a great place

  • Abhishek Mangaraj
    Abhishek Mangaraj Year ago +2

    Hii Ally... really a BIG fan of you... really wanna meet u...if u ever have plans to visit Odisha for Puri temple please do let me know... don't want to miss the chance of meeting you

  • Danica Christin
    Danica Christin Year ago +16

    I really enjoyed Jaipur too. Amber fort was beautiful and there is the Jantar Mantar in the centre which is really loved

      BIG POPA PUM 10 months ago

      Danica Christin behen aur kuch kaam nhi h kya tumhe

    • Rohit Chhaperwal
      Rohit Chhaperwal 10 months ago

      Danica Christin yes pink city js my hometown. Nice to hear from u. Its really very beautiful. Most welcome again

  • hikkipedia
    hikkipedia Year ago +3

    What an incredible trip! I'm jealous!

  • Jennifer Cooper
    Jennifer Cooper Year ago +10

    Jaipur is a lovely city. Also loved Jodphur - think thats where I did a cooking class - was one of the best things I did in India. If you want to find it, the lady operates from a shop near the famous egg/omlet man (if hes still there!!)

  • я
    я Year ago +1

    Do you have Any interest to travel in Africa ?

  • Jamesyboy Experiment - Travel Channel

    Jaipur looks amazing, s glad you are having such a good time....great to see this coming through in the vlogs. We went to Goa some years back and we think you are going to love it....

  • Kaitlin Brasuell
    Kaitlin Brasuell Year ago +5

    This reaffirms that I want to do more walking tours of cities with locals.

    • Sakht Launda
      Sakht Launda Year ago

      Kaitlin Brasuell i will visit you whole jaipur and you can live in my home. Welcome to india

    • Punit Khandelwal
      Punit Khandelwal Year ago

      I don't know how to say it without being shady or cheesy. ......but I'll take anyone to roam around my beautiful city all for free...i like ally but she didn't even cover 10% of the city...

  • Mía
    Mía Year ago +3

    Can you make small interviews to locals? : )

  • S R
    S R Year ago +1

    This is just so amazing & gorgeous. And that guide was so nice & the amount of information he gave...totally worth it. PS- That enchanting looking architecture at 4:05 is called a "StepWell". The quintessential way(since millenias) that people used in drier areas to conserve water. There are MANY even more spectacular & geometrically aesthetic stepwells in Rajastha, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh etc.

  • Explore With Sophie
    Explore With Sophie Year ago +5

    Loving your India vlogs! It looks like such an amazing country

  • Christine Neumeyer
    Christine Neumeyer Year ago +1

    Ahhh cant wait to watch after work!!!!

  • Sagar Soman
    Sagar Soman Year ago +2

    Visit kerala also.. 💙