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Lil Gnar Brings $100K, Negotiates For $50K Rolex

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
  • Lil Gnar is an American rapper, skateboarder, & clothing designer. Originally born in California, Lil Gnar made a name for himself within the Atlanta hip-hop music industry. He started his skateboarding apparel brand "GNARCOTIC" in 2013. Lil Gnar's debut mixtape, Gnar Lif3, dropped in September 2018 and features guest appearances from Lil Skies, Travis Barker, Jay IDK, and ZillaKami.
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  • Valentino Jewelry
    Valentino Jewelry Year ago +158

    First steps of negotiating, never let them know how much money you got on you if you are trying to bargain!

  • Steezy Franklin
    Steezy Franklin Year ago +20

    The first guy that actually shows and involves his homie instead of throwing him on the side line. RESPECT

  • JD Williams
    JD Williams 3 years ago +9

    It's great to see entertainers go through money. It helps to keep the economy going.

    • Aman
      Aman 3 years ago

      JD Williams LOL

  • Texas Knives
    Texas Knives 3 years ago +4

    These guys at the icebox are the real deal. I’m nowhere near wealthy (college student) and my friend in walked in just to look around. All super nice, had 3 people ask us if they could help us. We told them that we couldn’t afford anything and we were just looking. They still got us free waters and even offered to us to try stuff on. Really really impressed Icebox, maybe one day I’ll come back and buy something if I can afford it🔥🔥

  • ColwellNC1309
    ColwellNC1309 3 years ago +2704

    Guy was very calm and respectful unlike many young rappers today.

    • Wesleigh Makora
      Wesleigh Makora 3 years ago

      That's his persona bro...he's a pretty chilled guy

    • JarnBjorn
      JarnBjorn 3 years ago

      yea man i like that quality from him, very civilized in a way.

    • Maurice R
      Maurice R 3 years ago

      Because he's from the burbs great family and life before being a trash rapper 😂

    • Kehari racing
      Kehari racing 3 years ago

      @mees baudoin clout*

  • Jake Straub
    Jake Straub 2 years ago +1

    Can tell Gnar is a real genuine dude like him a lot feel bad for him after reading all these comments and everyone saying he got beat

  • Legendary Loso
    Legendary Loso 2 years ago +216

    50k for stainless steel? Boy they robbed you!

    • 사람
      사람 6 months ago +1

      @Vetements but those guys are not gonna resell it so it won't really matter to them the price only gets lower if you try to sell it

    • AB11
      AB11 10 months ago

      @qp bmb innit

    • Jerome Productions
      Jerome Productions Year ago


    • Vetements
      Vetements Year ago +15

      @prod. 13 beatz the reason you’re paying so much for an iced out watch isn’t cause of the diamonds 70% of the price is due to time, labor and craftsmanship when they set the diamonds

    • Vetements
      Vetements Year ago +26

      @prod. 13 beatz cuz they aren’t factory set diamonds adding Diamonds to a Rolex is like adding custom rims and modifications to Bugatti its cost more to do but it’s lowers the value cause it’s custom and wasn’t made by the manufacturer

  • David
    David 3 years ago +3

    To each their own, his money and how he spends it all up to him. He's a grown man, but I just hope these cats have a financial advisor of some sort.

  • Joe Fabeatz
    Joe Fabeatz 3 years ago

    It's refreshing to see the youth of America investing their money so wisely. Well done Mr. Lil Gnar, well done indeed.

  • Long Shlong
    Long Shlong 3 years ago +2140

    I like the fact he actually negotiating the price

    • Jerome Productions
      Jerome Productions Year ago


    • [NMDS] Kuro_Bianco
      [NMDS] Kuro_Bianco Year ago

      He failed the moment he told them how much money he brought

    • splaq splaq
      splaq splaq 3 years ago

      No he didnt!! He said he had $100k on him!!

    • Oliver Olberding
      Oliver Olberding 3 years ago

      F N got ripped off haha 8k piece for 50k

    • Brandon James
      Brandon James 3 years ago

      Would have gotten a better bargain if this soundcloud rapper paid to bring a jewelry expert.

  • Collin Abroadcast
    Collin Abroadcast 3 years ago +964

    Best I can do is 10k

      DECKHEAD 8 months ago

      Lol they kinda dissed him. He bring 100 and talked them down

    • Ricardo Jon
      Ricardo Jon 9 months ago

      @Orlando Wesley No problem :D

    • Orlando Wesley
      Orlando Wesley 9 months ago

      @Ricardo Jon It did the trick and I finally got access to my account again. Im so happy:D
      Thank you so much you saved my account !

  • Basha
    Basha 3 years ago

    This the type of negotiating I’m tryna do 🤧🤧

  • Felix Romero
    Felix Romero 3 years ago +97

    I don’t know shit about jewelry and I can tell they played him dirty lmaoo

  • spark g
    spark g 3 years ago +2

    Once a watch like this is customised the value never holds

  • AircooledNation
    AircooledNation 3 years ago +4

    we need more of these rappers they keep the economy going

  • Jonah Motley
    Jonah Motley 3 years ago +366

    100k could buy 20 acres and a Nice trailer here in Oklahoma

    • vince cool
      vince cool Year ago

      "hire" not buy. That's a different my guy.

    • Midnite Kashay
      Midnite Kashay Year ago +1

      @redstarpiru1 👀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • redstarpiru1
      redstarpiru1 Year ago +1

      On side note, I'm the oldest brother.

    • Barneys69Ruiz
      Barneys69Ruiz Year ago +2

      I live in Tulsa Oklahoma .

    • so qyu
      so qyu Year ago +2

      Oklahoman brother 🗿

  • shan Stuart
    shan Stuart 3 years ago

    The power of money💫💰

  • Rem lo
    Rem lo 3 years ago

    Rule number 1 in every shop: don't tell the seller how much money you have with you, never.

  • PSTRIPPLEE • 90 yr ago

    When you been hustling all your life and bargaining, Even when you become successful that niche of hustling trying to negotiate will always remain with you.
    You must be dumb to never negotiate

  • varun singh
    varun singh 3 years ago

    From Savages for america to the music icons of america

  • Shawn
    Shawn 3 years ago +1

    wow didnt know music industry is doing so well...

  • ethan ma
    ethan ma Year ago +67

    Datejust iceout $50k, I can make the same exact one under 15k....Man those fools profits margin in off the roof....

    • Ventex.
      Ventex. 11 months ago

      @Mars🚀 nah

    • Alin
      Alin Year ago

      What diamonds ??? Mabye 25 , 35k

    • Ventex.
      Ventex. Year ago +5

      @Ali Abbas bruh in germany in my case i got a datejust 41mm jubilee full icedout with vvs stones it was 18.990€

    • qp bmb
      qp bmb Year ago +1

      Lol at he least he can say he was there and can take a pic for the wall

    • Ali Abbas
      Ali Abbas Year ago +4

      It’s obviously gotta do with the type of diamonds in them no ?

  • FroScope
    FroScope 3 years ago

    Never even heard of Lil Gnar until this showed up in my recommended...
    It's like every week a new "Lil" rapper is born

    GEM TWIZM 3 years ago

    Unreal! This day and age money management is key

  • Tyrone Ross
    Tyrone Ross 3 years ago

    Gnar moved to ATL when he was 11, which lead to his interest in skating. "I started skating like nine years ago," he reveals. "My stepbrother stole a board from a kid a few blocks away. He took that shit. We just fucked around on that shit for one day and I just loved it from then, come clean."
    He also reveals that he wasn't exactly a fan of going to class when he was a kid. "I never liked school, I was never there," Gnar admits. "I've done homework maybe 10 times in my life. That's not to say I'm dumb!"
    *What a guy!*

  • Floor to Ceiling
    Floor to Ceiling 3 years ago

    That sales guy he was with throughout the video was great haha. Dude knows how to sell to his clients.

    • Glogang300 0
      Glogang300 0 Year ago

      Fr dude try’s his best to talk like rappers

  • Blacksoljah
    Blacksoljah 3 years ago +6

    This man said...I brought a 100k with me. This ain't no negotiation.

  • ChiTownTx
    ChiTownTx 3 years ago

    In the case of the watches adding the "bling" actually devalues a Rolex. Iced Rolex's only sell to people who don't know any better. I mean if you like it sure, get it.
    Just don't ever expect to get anywhere near what you payed for it if you try to sell it back. Seriously that 50k iced Rolex would probably sell for 5k tops (if even that) in the watch community.

  • B. Hansen
    B. Hansen 3 years ago

    Missing the old school real hipHop seeing this shit. lol

  • Baseball69
    Baseball69 3 years ago +15

    Lmao his face when he told him hed have all the best stuff when he comes back next time “ahhhh”

  • Devildog 0311
    Devildog 0311 3 years ago +1

    Lesson #1 Never discuss how much money you brought .

  • Nick 46
    Nick 46 3 years ago +365

    Crazy, I honestly thought it was just that small store not a whole HUGE place like that 🔥❗️

    • MKJA YD
      MKJA YD 3 years ago


    • Kelvin Muema
      Kelvin Muema 3 years ago

      @Grant Gordon that's awesome. What's Will's IG? I wanna follow him.

    • Grant Gordon
      Grant Gordon 3 years ago +1

      Nick 46 place is crazy I went this summer and Will gave me and my friend a little tour! Also met Gunna too

    • Tenant B
      Tenant B 3 years ago

      yeah when I went in there I was just in like the store-front part. I didn't know they had all of that in the back

    • 4ransom 4
      4ransom 4 3 years ago +1

      Nick 46 me too on Instagram but that shit big

  • J G
    J G 3 years ago +17

    When he shows all his collections of designs I felt like that was me when I was 10 showing all my friends my Pokémon cards

  • bostero y boliviano
    bostero y boliviano 3 years ago


  • Pabs S
    Pabs S 3 years ago +1

    Good luck reselling that thing later on, better love it and keep it in the fam!!

  • Jake Harris
    Jake Harris 2 years ago +16

    they be getting salty as hell when you start negotiating

  • action figure
    action figure 3 years ago

    Wow you owe me 2 minutes of my life back.

    BULL DOG Year ago


  • Markiemarc
    Markiemarc 3 years ago

    Bought a watch the other day. Paid for my casio with 1$ bills. Asked they could do 30$ instead of 31$. They told me I could get a plastic bag to put my box in if I paid 32$ in total.
    Left with the box in my hand.

    SUNNY FLORIDA 3 years ago

    Rule #1 in negotiating: NEVER tell them how much you brought... more like clownin then negotiatin

  • Steve Justinien
    Steve Justinien 3 years ago

    Why do I feel like he's able to afford this cause it's an advancement... He better make that money back on tour

  • Agiel Adnachiel
    Agiel Adnachiel Year ago

    $50k is my kind of retirement plan

  • Libericco Sound
    Libericco Sound 3 years ago +1


  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis 3 years ago +1

    I wish I had a business like that and I had this dumb rapper into my business, I would love him.

    I NEED MONEY 3 years ago +4878

    Wealthy and still tryna bargain I like it

    • FifthElementRJ
      FifthElementRJ Year ago

      This watch depreciates in value

    • GODSCHILD444
      GODSCHILD444 Year ago

      @Gawd Body brain cells work perfectly fine last time i checked 👍

    • [NMDS] Kuro_Bianco
      [NMDS] Kuro_Bianco Year ago

      He failed the moment he told him how much money he brought😭🤧

    • EhmforMori
      EhmforMori Year ago

      solo jr so is a wealthy person rich? Cuz if they aren’t pls explain how

  • killamist420
    killamist420 3 years ago

    I didn't realise that the rap game was a cash business, I hope he's paying the right amount of tax on his earnings 😁

  • triplehaudah
    triplehaudah 3 years ago

    I can't afford expensive jewelry or anything luxurious, but I feel like these artists who just recently got wealthy are spending everything they have on something inherently worthless such as diamonds and are just buying into a scam. It's just painful to see someone buy these products that don't hold any value.

  • De’Angelo Williams
    De’Angelo Williams 2 years ago +1

    Hell with that I’ll pay $150 on amazon and get me some ice!😁 and save my $50,000 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • kneenad
    kneenad 3 years ago

    I would pay $80 for it.

  • S. Addouchi
    S. Addouchi 3 years ago +9

    Bought a old watch covered with diamonds, then he comes with a big stack to show off, all 20s, then you see the employees scamming him with all that bullshit, and at the end they laugh him out with the title of this video. Man I love this.

  • Dread Pirate Roberts
    Dread Pirate Roberts 3 years ago +30

    2:55 "thats the newest L.A. style" bitch the Jubilee band is one of the oldest bands Rolex makes

  • Fernando S
    Fernando S 2 years ago

    People talking about how he over paid for his watch... I agree it was costly and a little over priced but I am guessing these people back their work up. I do agree that the watch is 10k at most the diamond flooding shouldn’t be 40k additional price.

  • Zmurc
    Zmurc 3 years ago +6

    "Come back and I'll swap it out free of charge" I'm dead

  • Corey M
    Corey M 3 years ago

    Just living it up 👍🔥🔥

  • Ashish Sh
    Ashish Sh 3 years ago

    I don’t get how the store owners are so calm when any customer comes in like I would lock the doors no matter who the fuck comes in.

  • Maximilian Swansson
    Maximilian Swansson 3 years ago +3

    "I am taking a big risk here" all i can do is $20

  • OmeletVevo
    OmeletVevo 2 years ago +113

    “That’s the newest LA style”

  • Z6ee26
    Z6ee26 2 years ago

    Tell me why I had a whole freestyle in my head to that beat 🤷‍♂️

  • Orange
    Orange 3 years ago +1

    idk I just love when people negotiate for a lower price

  • Derek
    Derek 3 years ago

    Money well spent and a good investment for sure

  • Simply me
    Simply me 3 years ago

    With 50k in my country I could live like a king for 5 years...

    • Briluvr
      Briluvr 3 years ago

      which country?

  • Dr. Officer
    Dr. Officer 2 years ago

    Most people want to leave feeling the spent much on something & brag about spending 50K. You could buy the watch separate & pay about 10K. Buy loose diamonds & have it done for way less than the total.
    Nobody wants to wait & they can't brag about it. You could buy many things without labels for way much less but you know how bragging goes.

  • Once a leo turned lion now judah

    Raped, 41mm ss Rolex is 7-8k max cost and flooding with diamonds adds another 800 per carat tops based on the business they do. Let’s say they use10-15cts loose rounds and labor with vs/si gh color. Cost around 16k-20k tops I mean seriously tops. Timepieces Rolex, patek, audemar profit margin is 35-40% in gold and steel they are robbing these guys hands down. Once you customize a Rolex or patek by adding diamonds it’s no longer certified or a “real” Rolex patek etc. they won’t except them for repairs but will reject them. It’s a fraud price and this is coming from a 18 year sales professional in high end fine jewelry with expertise in patek Phillipe Rolex etc.

    • zack fair
      zack fair Year ago

      @J B they added over 30k. That watch would cost 15k AT MOST.

    • J B
      J B Year ago

      I had a gut feeling they were adding around 20k on the actual price.

    • j K
      j K Year ago

      @trek brooker yeah they swapping out coloured dials/ bezels and they aint even genuine🤣🤣

    • SticklePrick
      SticklePrick 3 years ago

      @OsrsW Ye my bad i must of confused them with jaegar. I only really know me casios mate

    • OsrsW
      OsrsW 3 years ago

      @SticklePrick Patek has never made a Gyrotourbillon. You have zero knowledge on watches.

  • Terrance Lightbourne
    Terrance Lightbourne 3 years ago

    Love that music beat 😎

  • Leonard Hux
    Leonard Hux 3 years ago

    When are these type guys gonna become owners and not just spenders?

  • Bobby Holmberg
    Bobby Holmberg 3 years ago +1

    this is what pure success looks like 2019. gone are the days when stars played an instrument and had talent..

    • lil skeet
      lil skeet Year ago

      The real talent mostly lands in the producers hands nowadays and I think true talent is always recognized man

  • A Cast
    A Cast 3 years ago

    Hell yea you appreciate Issa $40,000 come up

  • Oranga Pahikara NL
    Oranga Pahikara NL 3 years ago +9

    Gots a 100K but picks exactly 50K out of his back without checking 🙄

  • Lethabo.S
    Lethabo.S 3 years ago +5

    This how they treat you when you have money huh?

  • Stratford1
    Stratford1 3 years ago

    Hah! Perfect client to have. Nice job Icebox! You're going to make a lot of money with this guy.

  • guzzi man96
    guzzi man96 3 years ago

    I dont want too much, maybe a good Rolex. For the rest of my life, then ill donate to my son so he ll remember me everytime he watch the time....

  • matheus arruda da silva
    matheus arruda da silva 3 years ago +3

    Muito bom

  • Somedude626
    Somedude626 3 years ago

    This is why rapper are broke when that one hit ends😔

  • Reign DiGrazia
    Reign DiGrazia 2 years ago

    When they take out the links to fit the watch does it lower the price?

  • AJ Smith
    AJ Smith 2 years ago +5

    Its 50k for the Rolex and a custom piece. We don’t know what the other piece is worth.

  • its papa j
    its papa j 3 years ago

    Bought the Rolex for 50 stacks, but if only they knew that just bc it got diamonds don't mean it's worth that much lmao. Adding diamonds to an original Rolex actually diminishes the value of the Rolex itself

  • Frank Benson
    Frank Benson 3 years ago

    Hit them with a $30k and work your way up and y'all would probably arrive at $40 or $42k.

  • J KC
    J KC 3 years ago

    This is how you should roll when you get out of the hood. Don't keep banging that gang shit like stupid 69. You gotta bang with the rich folks now and keep rising. That shit is real... keep it up, bruh!

  • Rack Stackin
    Rack Stackin 2 years ago

    11:52 when they start talking about the price he was so eager

  • Austin Huang
    Austin Huang 3 years ago

    I hope you will stay rich forever.
    Just my personal faith,
    A person is like a independent brand. You got recognized by talents, accomplishments and so on. You needn’t prove how rich bill gates or jack ma is because everyone know it.
    Bless you bro

  • Female Doggy
    Female Doggy 3 years ago +48

    Gnar ain’t really got his own sound but I could care less about his music he actually got a cool ass clothing brand and he can fr skate. I feel like all that money off clothes

    • Accent Bwoy
      Accent Bwoy 3 years ago

      What's his clothing line website

    • ItsProd.
      ItsProd. 3 years ago


    • YES SIR
      YES SIR 3 years ago +6

      it is off clothes his music aint really doin numbers but he cool tho

    • Slime
      Slime 3 years ago +1

      Female Doggy facts his brand going up

  • Eric Vargas
    Eric Vargas 3 years ago +15

    If I had that type of money I would invest , invest , invest, and finally INVEST!!!!

  • Granuxi
    Granuxi 3 years ago

    Am I the only one who knows Lil Gnar and enjoys his music?

  • Big Mac
    Big Mac 3 years ago

    I'm not hating. You do you. You earned it. And I get wanting to flex. But y'all should want to help out the community with your money. The ogs invest their money and help people with it. Much love though respect 💯

  • Dantes Inferno
    Dantes Inferno 3 years ago +1

    Y'all realize that just because his net worth is 250k that's just what he owns not what he has in the bank 🙄

  • Otto MC
    Otto MC 3 years ago +14

    This exactly how it go when i buy jewlrey in the middle of the mall same convo and all

    • Otto MC
      Otto MC 3 years ago +5

      @StraingerThingz went ova yo head youngin

  • Zayn's_the_Mane
    Zayn's_the_Mane 3 years ago +1

    If these rappers were really about that life they'd keep it Genuine and buy the Rolex iced out with diamonds from the factory. That'd be $250k easy.

    • CJ
      CJ Year ago

      So their not “bout that life” bc they went to a jeweler to get jewelry 🤨

  • cbr1000rrSP Rider
    cbr1000rrSP Rider 3 years ago +3

    He will need that watch to be on time to his interview at burger king in a year....

    • charlie
      charlie Year ago

      @Douwe Berkhout havnt heard of him since

    • Douwe Berkhout
      Douwe Berkhout Year ago

      Well its been a year...

  • Emmett S
    Emmett S 7 months ago +1

    The dealer dropped it down to 50k and still probably made a 30k profit off the transaction.

  • vyi hyi
    vyi hyi 2 years ago +3

    This video literally got more views than all of his songs combined together and even more.Bruv...

  • Rocco Lombardi Lucio
    Rocco Lombardi Lucio 3 years ago +1

    Lil gnar net worth since 2019 is $250k 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hassan
    Hassan 3 years ago +1

    he looks like he'll return that watch the next day

  • wallis34
    wallis34 3 years ago

    now he is a real rapper

  • Christopher West
    Christopher West 3 years ago +10

    Michael Blakey would be like Oh that's a cheap entry level watch.

  • Richard Therien
    Richard Therien 3 years ago

    He will thank his parents later for the watch.

  • TG
    TG 3 years ago

    Dude asks for a lower price, gives all his loot, asks them to count it and give the rest back LOL

  • Bella M
    Bella M 2 years ago +5

    Man I would love to pay my student loans off with that money lol

    • qp bmb
      qp bmb Year ago

      Biden says is going to pay off 50k

  • Malazan
    Malazan Month ago +1

    They tried to snub him in the thumbnail but he actually was smarter than many rappers

  • Voice of Reason 4u
    Voice of Reason 4u 3 years ago +90


    • LBenn302
      LBenn302 3 years ago +3

      They’re a reputable company that deals with that money on the daily. 50k is light in retrospect.

    • I type the truth no BS here
      I type the truth no BS here 3 years ago +14

      you obviously never dealt with real money. You think they will steal the money? This is not a trap house this is a jewelry store where they handle large sums of cash all day everyday.

    • Dan carb
      Dan carb 3 years ago +3

      @Oscar Moya he literally said he has 100k flat and the watch is 50k obvs hes gonna know if they took money

  • Free Crawler
    Free Crawler 3 years ago

    I think the way they informally bargain for such expensive pieces is a bad way to run a business, but somehow it works out for them.