Glow Oobleck Monster Mosh Pit

  • Published on Jun 12, 2018
  • Today we're mixing glow stick fluid together with corn starch to try and make glowing oobleck!
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Comments • 2 522

  • Aleesha Gilbert
    Aleesha Gilbert 18 days ago

    How do air bags work?

  • francisco padilla
    francisco padilla Month ago

    See what happens when you put ooglec in blender

  • Carter Wilcomb
    Carter Wilcomb Month ago +1

    Try filling the liquid sand bath with the goobleck with different colored sections like before.

  • Alexis Mitchell
    Alexis Mitchell 2 months ago

    It’s ALIVE!

  • Anaya Windt
    Anaya Windt 2 months ago

    You should try putting oobleck in a vacuum chamber.

  • candace thurman
    candace thurman 2 months ago

    It looked like lava when u putted corn starch in it.

  • Anna Novak-Harper
    Anna Novak-Harper 2 months ago

    Can u boil wax

  • Anna Novak-Harper
    Anna Novak-Harper 2 months ago +2

    Will fire still work in a vacuum chamber try it please! You're the best

  • Chris Gregory
    Chris Gregory 2 months ago

    9:00 I think you've just isolated the Andromeda strain.

  • Strikethekiller 067
    Strikethekiller 067 3 months ago

    ???????Where’s the mosh pit??????

  • Phoenix Fairi
    Phoenix Fairi 3 months ago

    looks like a Dancing alien embryo

  • Tanya Robinson
    Tanya Robinson 3 months ago

    If you soaked sum papers with the white liquid and fill a pen with the fluorescent liquid and then draw,will the picture glow

  • Tanya Robinson
    Tanya Robinson 3 months ago

    What would happen if you vaporized it

  • Joe Spawldin
    Joe Spawldin 3 months ago

    We gota see this oobleck explode on the high-speed lol

  • Rodeth Icong
    Rodeth Icong 4 months ago

    8:24 looks like a radioactive fetus

  • Jimmy Shaves_A_Lot
    Jimmy Shaves_A_Lot 4 months ago

    Amazing color.

  • Isabella Bellettato
    Isabella Bellettato 4 months ago

    If you put rice on a speaker then change the frequency or volume it will make different patterns

  • Alex Keister
    Alex Keister 4 months ago

    It looks like it is annoyed or irritated at being touched when Nate tries to scoop it.

  • Maddy Joe
    Maddy Joe 4 months ago

    Rip speaker

  • this is wolfey wolf just different channel

    nice radium sticks ((aka glowsticks))

  • Gennaro Music 24
    Gennaro Music 24 4 months ago

    freeze oobleck with liquid nitrogen and see how it reacts when playing with it

  • Kingrammcmurtry
    Kingrammcmurtry 4 months ago

    The guy meant cornflower but cornstarch also works

  • 黄娜
    黄娜 4 months ago

    Can you make glowing ferrofluit

  • smittysmurf25
    smittysmurf25 4 months ago

    I like cottage cheese now it'll turn me into the hulk!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • silver wolf
    silver wolf 4 months ago

    When it was on the speaker it's like a parasite

  • Jace Davis
    Jace Davis 4 months ago

    see what happens when u light the glow chemical on fire. plllzzzz pick mee

  • Olivia Pantzer
    Olivia Pantzer 4 months ago

    Glowsticks slime? Or maybe art where you draw with the color then spray on the activator lol.

  • Alexthefanlover Walker
    Alexthefanlover Walker 5 months ago

    8:19 Oobleck mice

  • Sami Rehan Chaudhry
    Sami Rehan Chaudhry 5 months ago

    what if you make magnetic ooblek?

  • Nachiket Shinde
    Nachiket Shinde 5 months ago

    Glow in the dark bubbles?!

  • FailChannel
    FailChannel 5 months ago

    What will happen if you mix 100 9volt batteries?

  • cutie pants
    cutie pants 5 months ago +2

    Can you try to turn rubber into slime

  • Sone Geldenhuys
    Sone Geldenhuys 5 months ago


  • Dayna Ross
    Dayna Ross 5 months ago

    so cool

  • Niharika Raj
    Niharika Raj 5 months ago

    What would happen if you put oobleck in a blender? I'm guessing it would just turn into powder as long as the blender stays on but yeah... Maybe not?

  • Shjka Waru
    Shjka Waru 5 months ago

    9:22 this is how a slime would look like in the rpg would :))

  • Stephanie Ritter
    Stephanie Ritter 5 months ago

    Does gallium really change the chemistry of aluminum? Can it melt through a can? Make it happen capin

  • shawnsgaming
    shawnsgaming 5 months ago

    Why when the ooblec was on the speaker it looked like it was under a microscope

  • Tweety Garrison
    Tweety Garrison 5 months ago


  • Aiden Schramm
    Aiden Schramm 5 months ago

    Try magnetic oobleck

  • Dana Paradis
    Dana Paradis 5 months ago

    goobleck should be the new trend

  • Savbro
    Savbro 5 months ago

    You hi

  • Nico Pullen
    Nico Pullen 5 months ago

    Try Glowing Ferroputty and use a magnet to make glowing shapes

  • Exo-
    Exo- 5 months ago

    4:34 Thanos Nate

  • RC-life-haker J,C,S
    RC-life-haker J,C,S 5 months ago

    Chug jug

  • Kiriama Ndubi
    Kiriama Ndubi 5 months ago

    Goobleck + Subwoofer = ITS ALIVE!!!!!!

  • king Henry
    king Henry 5 months ago

    What would ooblek do in a vacuum chamber.

    TRISTAN TRUITT 5 months ago

    It's foubber

  • Awesomeness HQ
    Awesomeness HQ 5 months ago

    how does oobleck work?

  • Gabriel Emerson
    Gabriel Emerson 5 months ago

    radioactive scrambled eggs

  • Jacob Garner
    Jacob Garner 5 months ago

    Pleaaase make glowing putty if you could? Please please

  • Megan Labuda
    Megan Labuda 5 months ago

    Can you please teach us how to make our own homemade glowsticks?

  • Muhammed Rizvi
    Muhammed Rizvi 5 months ago

    try putting kinetic sand in that vibrating thing

  • Enter User name
    Enter User name 5 months ago

    Grants already made an cheaper easier and long lasting version

  • Muhammed Rizvi
    Muhammed Rizvi 5 months ago

    try putting slime on that vibrating thing plz plz plz

  • Muhammed Rizvi
    Muhammed Rizvi 5 months ago

    try fire crackers in a vacuum chamber

  • Muhammed Rizvi
    Muhammed Rizvi 5 months ago

    do more oobleck vids

  • Nikayla Baxter
    Nikayla Baxter 5 months ago

    What does oobleck do in a vacuum chamber and can you freeze it

  • voyager74656
    voyager74656 6 months ago

    Can you put Oobleck in a hydraulic press?
    I would love to see the results.

  • Matthew Boyle
    Matthew Boyle 6 months ago

    4:15 coolest part

  • Emma Hoit
    Emma Hoit 6 months ago

    you should try to make ooblek with powdered sugar. some powdered sugar has cornstartch

  • Just MyOpinion
    Just MyOpinion 6 months ago

    it's like a creature from another planet. whoa

  • Retune Pro 32
    Retune Pro 32 6 months ago

    0:40 😏😏😏

  • mink03
    mink03 7 months ago

    Radioactive Eggs at 2:55

  • The Razielim
    The Razielim 7 months ago

    Since the glow-mixture from the glowsticks seems to be somewhat oily and you were having issues with the mixing/changing the properties of the cornstarch+water, what if you tried mixing it up with tonic water (like the original one with the potato starch Grant did years ago) + the riboflavin you used for the Heart of Te Fiti? Those might blend into the cornstarch better, since they're either water-based, or water soluble.

  • Nikodem Kraszewski
    Nikodem Kraszewski 7 months ago

    A rock that glows

  • Travis Zimmer
    Travis Zimmer 7 months ago

    Have you tried mixing aluminum and mercury together.

  • Munch Studio
    Munch Studio 7 months ago

    Try Put the dry ice and acetone in to the melted salt respectively or voice versa

  • Noel Worlikar
    Noel Worlikar 7 months ago

    Wat happens when diamond is put into liquid nitrogen

  • Gaming with ÀĶ
    Gaming with ÀĶ 7 months ago

    what happend if we put sodium metal in liquid nitrogen

  • Кошка Animates
    Кошка Animates 7 months ago

    Make glow in the dark pebbles for a garden

  • Destini Honore
    Destini Honore 7 months ago

    What will happen if you put water prof sand in a vacuum chamber

  • Kim Kallbrier
    Kim Kallbrier 7 months ago

    Can you make oobleck with tonic water then use a blacklight to see the quinine( yes I probably spelled that wrong) glow?

  • -Lily M-
    -Lily M- 7 months ago

    Mix Oobleck and dry ice!!

  • Savannah245
    Savannah245 7 months ago


  • Bahzad Rassol
    Bahzad Rassol 7 months ago

    Please malt the bearing and make a molding spiner

  • Purple Blueberry
    Purple Blueberry 7 months ago

    It’s been a while since I watched but where is grant?

  • film dude 8 cannel
    film dude 8 cannel 7 months ago

    Can you make a ninja ball then later a slime Ninja ball

  • apoorva jain
    apoorva jain 7 months ago

    Is it easy or difficult to make because I think it needs lots of concentration and for how many years you are doing job of trying different types of experiment

  • PowerlessStudio
    PowerlessStudio 7 months ago

    It lookt like lava in the begin! Wow 😮

  • anonymous 23
    anonymous 23 7 months ago

    Hey why don't you put a battery in a vacuum chamber

  • Pumba the unicorn Trainer

    WOW THAT WAS SICK!!!!!!!!! ✌️👍

  • K and M Love
    K and M Love 7 months ago

    What happens if you use clay to mold glass, is that even possible?

  • Party Penguin
    Party Penguin 7 months ago

    Can u try obleck with baking soda then dunking it in cola?

  • Patric McGill
    Patric McGill 7 months ago

    8:32 it's an alien species

  • The Bad Boy
    The Bad Boy 7 months ago +1

    10 Million soOn

  • HDA_experience LEW
    HDA_experience LEW 7 months ago

    What happens if you melt glass and plastic and mix them together and let them cool

    U GAMER LEGEND N 7 months ago


  • olivia fishwick
    olivia fishwick 7 months ago

    try to make glowing gummy lego pieces

  • Diamondstone 16
    Diamondstone 16 7 months ago


  • James Kramer
    James Kramer 7 months ago

    u should make a primitive fishing spear

  • Ray linux
    Ray linux 7 months ago

    hey could u make a chlorine and brakefluid bottle cap it and wait?

  • Mike Tryon
    Mike Tryon 7 months ago

    I got a challenge for you. Make an electric bicycle with a generator on the non-drive wheel that can recharge while it's used.

  • Shaheem Hassan
    Shaheem Hassan 8 months ago

    please put sodium metal in coke

  • Animal To day
    Animal To day 8 months ago

    Can you do vacuum clambering and put oblek

  • Pushpalata Rane
    Pushpalata Rane 8 months ago

    Does glow slime burn?

  • ErikaT 101
    ErikaT 101 8 months ago

    I think that you should add glow stick juice to liquid nitrogen and then add acitone

  • Seraphina vs jubilee Yang

    It’s so cool

  • Seraphina vs jubilee Yang

    And I like it

  • Seraphina vs jubilee Yang

    I never watched it before it’s my first time watching