1st Place SPE Zapdos / Jolteon GX - Pedro Torres

  • Published on Mar 27, 2019
  • Andrew Mahone plays Pedro E. Torres' 1st Place winning Zapdos / Jolteon deck from the Balzano Special Event.
    Zapdos / Jolteon GX Deck List:
    ****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******
    ##Pokémon - 15
    * 2 Eevee SUM 101
    * 1 Absol TEU 88
    * 1 Tapu Koko {*} TEU 51
    * 1 Tapu Koko-GX GRI 47
    * 3 Zapdos TEU 40
    * 1 Zeraora-GX LOT 86
    * 2 Jolteon-GX PR-SM 173
    * 3 Jirachi PR-SM 161
    * 1 Marshadow SLG 45
    ##Trainer Cards - 36
    * 1 Thunder Mountain {*} LOT 191
    * 1 Escape Board UPR 167
    * 4 Lillie UPR 125
    * 2 Choice Band GRI 121
    * 3 Switch SUM 132
    * 1 Erika’s Hospitality TEU 140
    * 4 Guzma BUS 115
    * 3 Ultra Ball SUM 135
    * 4 Nest Ball SUM 123
    * 2 Escape Rope BUS 114
    * 4 Volkner UPR 135
    * 1 Max Potion GRI 164
    * 1 Viridian Forest TEU 156
    * 1 Cynthia UPR 119
    * 4 Electropower LOT 172
    ##Energy - 9
    * 9 Lightning Energy Energy 4
    Total Cards - 60
    ****** Deck List Generated by the Pokémon TCG Online www.pokemon.com/TCGO ******
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Comments • 20

  • Shredder HD
    Shredder HD 9 months ago

    what is the exact deck list?

  • Eric McClung
    Eric McClung 9 months ago

    i always want to go 2nd w/ my Zapdos decks. you get so many KO's right off the bat.

  • Wimpo Squirl
    Wimpo Squirl 9 months ago

    You know he net decked it because PTCGO is desperate to put the shiniest cards possible when you import a list 😁

  • Austen Sobkowiak
    Austen Sobkowiak 9 months ago

    I have his RayGX deck and it is insane. Pedro for life.

  • Ssal rice
    Ssal rice 9 months ago +4

    Can you PLEASE do at least one more real. life deck profiles. Please.

  • DKQuagmire
    DKQuagmire 9 months ago

    i'm still planning my trip to Bristol regionals in the UK.

  • drew connely
    drew connely 9 months ago

    Bro are you going to Denver Regionals? Be awesome to meet you!

  • Cc
    Cc 9 months ago

    do some video with yr own strat, really hate how 90% people just copy his deck from google / pro players, toxic noobs

    • Cc
      Cc 9 months ago

      @Alex Wilson u dont understand my point, pro players are 25 maybe 30 in the world, the rest is just noobs copying decks , if yr comunity enjoy showing pro players decks come on, do it, for me is not fun, if u want see a good deck, go a real tournament

    • Alex Wilson
      Alex Wilson 9 months ago

      I guess you don’t remember him showing off his list for pikapads or the night match deck he used.

    • Natalie Shampay
      Natalie Shampay 9 months ago +4

      This channel is for competitive content and coverage. That means coverage of decks that do well at events as well as Andrew's own decks.

  • Ronnie House Jr.
    Ronnie House Jr. 9 months ago


  • Jamesta James
    Jamesta James 9 months ago +1

    I’m not dogging the video because I haven’t even watched it yet. I’m just throwing it out there that I miss the old days with Ray, Decidueye, Granbull, Metagross, Dusk Mane, and all those random decks. Even Buzzwole feels original these days :p lol. It’s just that time of year when decks get bottlenecked down to start testing for World’s. And to prove I’m not “dogging” the video- I DO understand this is still primarily a competitive channel first :) I’m sure the content is as great as always and I’ll watch when I’m home :) One thing I've always liked is you show the wins AND losses, whereas other channels don’t. Hope everyone has a good rest of their day today :)

    • Jamesta James
      Jamesta James 9 months ago

      I actually have that deck made in real life for when someone wants to throw down some 2016-2017 legal decks lol

    • Randy Rodriguez
      Randy Rodriguez 9 months ago +1

      @Jamesta James nice dude, I remember decidueye with forest of giant plants

    • Jamesta James
      Jamesta James 9 months ago

      Randy- I never played the deck because I’m an addict for Decidueye, but I always liked watching Dusk Mane!

    • Jamesta James
      Jamesta James 9 months ago

      Yeah I guess you’re right :p I usually don’t have the time to watch the streams on youtube. Your videos are always the top two choices for me to watch, but I like to watch games like DBD because I don’t have strong enough internet to play it (womp womp Alabama internet life doe). Point being- being a husband/dad, studying, working, etc is hard and don’t let anyone tell you different! Lol. Can’t wait til school is done so I can catch up on the fun decks in streams :) Glad you are open to feedback as always :)

    • Randy Rodriguez
      Randy Rodriguez 9 months ago +1

      Yooo dusk mane was my deck when Ultra prism came out, it's sad how fast it got shut down 😭

  • Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    How about Buzz Shrine?