What its like owning a Cadillac CTS-V

  • Published on Jun 24, 2016
  • I have finally reviewed my Cadillac CTS-V coupe. I hope you enjoy the montage. The 2011 CTS-V coupe was the first year for the 2 door. With a LSA 6.2L Supercharged v8, i think you can guess how much fun i had filming this.
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Comments • 2 661

  • dizzyD
    dizzyD 2 days ago

    This is the best intro ive ever seen to a video

  • El_nino_ Grifo
    El_nino_ Grifo 9 days ago

    I would drive the fuck out that car

  • A’Real Trucker
    A’Real Trucker 9 days ago

    I needed something that would be a blast for me and my 2 year old daughter and I found it

    • J Sauce
      J Sauce 6 days ago

      A’Real Trucker 🤣🤣Oo okk man

    • A’Real Trucker
      A’Real Trucker 6 days ago

      J Sauce because my daughter laughs every time I start my camaro she is a couple kid not a town and country kid
      You said this like I’m going to set 0-60 times with my child in the back 😂

    • J Sauce
      J Sauce 6 days ago

      A’Real Trucker why with your 2 year old daughter that’s a little young lol

  • Erik allan
    Erik allan 10 days ago

    If that thing was manual bebso much better

  • Spencer Evans
    Spencer Evans 11 days ago

    tbh it looks like shit

  • dripper
    dripper 15 days ago

    8:33 hoorah lmao

  • anonymous
    anonymous 15 days ago

    Millennial using a walkman..
    1:26 car porn bukake

  • HighCurrent11
    HighCurrent11 17 days ago

    I'd love to own one of these!!

  • Serving Him
    Serving Him 18 days ago

    You say things that give s indication your gay

  • Serving Him
    Serving Him 18 days ago

    What are you from the 80s

  • David Threet
    David Threet 20 days ago

    Great Video... CTS-V is one of the sexiest cars Cadillac has put out... Plus a sexy guy like yourself compliment it nicely...

  • t2raww
    t2raww 26 days ago

    4:51 no homo?

  • t2raww
    t2raww 26 days ago

    @4:51 pause....

  • Cool Pizzo
    Cool Pizzo 26 days ago +2

    Now why is this better than a camaro?

    HEMI CENTRAL SRT 27 days ago +1

    Sport mode makes my titties jiggle

    HEMI CENTRAL SRT 27 days ago +3


    • Brooklyn
      Brooklyn Day ago

      HEMI CENTRAL SRT you gay 😂

  • Tweezie Tech Tv
    Tweezie Tech Tv 28 days ago

    I own the 05 CTS V 400 plus horsepower love it and would not trade it ever bc of the manual shift

  • Allen Traylor
    Allen Traylor 29 days ago

    A walkman and a cornk fucking love song from the 70's ????

  • DarkestKnight2424
    DarkestKnight2424 Month ago

    Car: where you think you're going, pal?

    LUH TYLER. Month ago

    Should of bought a Dodge charger lmao.

    • bpl0807
      bpl0807 Month ago

      There is no charger than compares to this. Lol

  • Fusion Master
    Fusion Master Month ago

    I’m thinking about getting this as my first car,is it worth buying and what are some draw backs of the cts?

  • Daniel Mata
    Daniel Mata Month ago +4

    It was all fun and games till he used the car wash brush on that paint 😭

    • N8MRSSV
      N8MRSSV 10 days ago

      Daniel Mata it’s a wrap.

  • Burtis
    Burtis Month ago

    Whoa didn’t expect this vid to be in robs channel

  • Great Man
    Great Man Month ago

    I’m really skinny at 235; so I guess per the seats this car isn’t for me if I can only have one-two cars at a time.

  • Jose Mondragon
    Jose Mondragon Month ago

    The intro is cringe

  • Ehren Young
    Ehren Young Month ago

    Goddam that’s intro

  • niggabenis
    niggabenis Month ago

    i wonder if he still has it

  • ry hall
    ry hall Month ago

    Monroe st!! I feel for you rob, my mustang doors are the same way.

  • A$RAL47
    A$RAL47 Month ago


  • Connor Bosworth
    Connor Bosworth Month ago

    I actually just bought a regular 2nd gen CTS4 a couple weeks ago and it's incredibly peppy for a V6. Definitely going to pick up a 2nd gen CTS-V as soon as I can afford one!

  • Drrizzy Dreww
    Drrizzy Dreww Month ago

    All jokes aside their stereos must suck 😂

  • Cameron Azon
    Cameron Azon Month ago

    “sport mode makes my titties jiggle”

  • Boggerdog
    Boggerdog Month ago

    Da ass tho

  • BingBangBrine
    BingBangBrine Month ago

    awesome car

  • LiL Normandy
    LiL Normandy Month ago

    This is a car commercial lol

  • Big The Cat
    Big The Cat Month ago

    If you were my son, I’d be a proud father

  • Ricky yeah
    Ricky yeah Month ago


  • Łåśåğñūţ
    Łåśåğñūţ Month ago

    I finally have enough money to buy myself a ctsv at 18. Now I have to find a good one. If it's cheaper I'll use the extra money for some cosmetics. The power is already enough so I'm not gonna make big changes to performance. Probably get a new steering wheel and paddle shifters.

  • R. Levar Diesel
    R. Levar Diesel Month ago

    Love this car

    STANO Month ago

    Why do I feel like I just watched a movie

  • SuperAudiowizard
    SuperAudiowizard Month ago

    Sport mode makes my titties jiggle, lol

    G BIGGA Month ago

    Superchargers dawg

  • BaddieFace
    BaddieFace 2 months ago

    I have a coupe and that door is a damn pain! Omg, I’m mad every single time it’s time to try and get out..forever slamming! 🤬💩

  • Tik Tokin
    Tik Tokin 2 months ago +1

    That music makes me proud of the American muscle we have created like if I’m right

  • kingt908
    kingt908 2 months ago

    I used to own Camaros and one Vette. When I reached 77, I could only exit them by crawling out head first and dragging my legs out after. My wife said "Get rid of these. You can't even get in and out of them." I sold my Camaro SS and got a CTS-V coupe, the most amazing car I've ever driven. This machine is a beast. When you stomp the gas pedal and the procharger starts to whine, the thing will throw you back in the seat and rocket you to the horizon in a big hurry. Very comfy and easy to enter and exit. Greatest car I've ever owned. I wonder what possessed a luxury car maker like Cadillac to make a monster like this. Whatever the reason, I love it.
    You want the greatest thrill of a ride? Get one. You won't be sorry.

  • Jgamez Pixel
    Jgamez Pixel 2 months ago

    Intro was like a movie specifically a love type of movie

  • Win Win
    Win Win 2 months ago

    cool vid bro

  • Jonathan Arroyo Flores
    Jonathan Arroyo Flores 2 months ago

    I cringed and cried when I seen him use the brush at the self wash 😩

  • Mad Mudder
    Mad Mudder 2 months ago

    Do they gravel and salt the roads where you live?

  • jtfoog
    jtfoog 2 months ago

    Looks like a prius

  • Maybe Live
    Maybe Live 2 months ago

    Im not a millenial but i get the intro references... so its just cringey for me

  • tka85901
    tka85901 2 months ago

    When he said sports mode makes my titties jiggle I died laughing😂🤣🤣😂

  • Chris Dutton
    Chris Dutton 2 months ago +2

    Who else was horrified that he used the scratch brush to wash his car

  • Geo Gomez
    Geo Gomez 2 months ago

    Which is better Cadillac CTS-V coupe or Subaru STI?

  • Backwoody Ben
    Backwoody Ben 2 months ago

    Godamnit told myself I wasnt gonna get a cts again

  • Bradon Vega
    Bradon Vega 2 months ago

    i have a friend says he regrets getting this car and wishes he kept his honda accord

  • E L I T E O N T H E B E A T

    Wanna see you race your lambo againist Super Star 0. Just know number 1 your scared to race him and 2 YOU will NOT win! LOL

  • Jonny J
    Jonny J 3 months ago

    Ука Чака Ука Чака Ука Чака Ука чака

  • 1969mom 1969mom
    1969mom 1969mom 3 months ago

    This is probably our of the question but I'm still going to ask...Is there anyway you can get in contact with me to give me advice on my 2008 Cadillac cts plzzzz. & Thx for sharing about holding the traction control button down to activate. & Your 3rd pet peeve about the doors well Me I can make it in and out by the time the door shuts lol people think it's a special extra that comes with my caddy. 😉✌

  • KL0Wn KiLLeR
    KL0Wn KiLLeR 3 months ago

    I have a 14 coupe... looks just like yours except mine's white. I quickly developed the habit of putting my foot on the lower door edge when opening it to give it an extra push wide open. I absolutely love mine though. I call it a "Werewolf in a Tuxedo". Powerful, fast but comfortable and luxurious. One thing many people don't mention though (although you did) is the ride system. The car handles like a dream at high speed. I have had mine to 165 and still felt in total control of it (although curves can get a bit scary at that speed in ANY vehicle).

    I love my V...