• The Dalton Highway has a reputation as dangerous and wild- which is likely why its on every motorcycle riders bucket list. Come along with me on a three day journey through the Arctic Circle while I contemplate mosquitoes, tent camping in the tundra, and wondering why I didn't bring along an extra jacket.
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    While the Dalton Highway motorcycle experience is something that many people spend weeks (or even months) prepping for it was more of a last minute decision for me. I'm not saying that to sound like a cool guy- more so, it gives you an idea of how unprepared I was going into it. Learn from my mistakes and have yourself a much better time on the 414 miles North.
    I made the ride up from Fairbanks, AK to Deadhorse and back over three days during August of 2018. I reserved the bike on a Monday night, picked it up Wednesday after, made it to Deadhorse and back by Friday evening at last light. Here are my takeaways:
    Bring Plenty of Gas for Your Motorcycle Ride up the Dalton
    As I was using a rental BMW GS I had to trust the rental company that the RotopaX I was taking along would be enough to get me between fuel stops on the Dalton. While running out of gas on the highway probably wouldn't result in your demise, it would certainly be inconvenient. I wish I had taken more fuel along- I would have had a much less anxiety filled final 45 minutes rolling into Deadhorse on with the fuel light on. Additionally, I could have spent a bit more time looking for my tent that fell off the back of my motorcycle without worrying about being stuck out in the tundra.
    A Tool Bag (and Knowing How to Use Them!) for Your Motorcycle Ride up the Dalton
    When I rented my bike I asked if the tool kit would have everything needed to survive the Dalton. I was given a handwave and told that there was everything needed to fix a flat including an electric air pump. Next question- "What about tightening up the chain if it gets loose?"
    I was assured that the chain would be fine. Twice.
    Guess who ended up destroying a sprocket on the last 100 miles of the trip because of a chain that kept slipping?
    It's cute when something breaks and you don't own it. It's a lot less cute when it might strand you on the side of the Dalton. Bring the tools and the knowledge with you to fix the basics. If you're renting, insist on them providing tools. For the tools they DO provide, make sure you check to make sure that they're functioning and that the last renter didn't use the air pump as a hammer.
    Cash for Your Motorcycle Ride up the Dalton
    I was able to use my card at Yukon Crossing, Coldfoot Camp, and Deadhorse amazingly. It wouldn't hurt to bring a big wad of cash just in case though. Especially if you end up needing help. Cash is king, right?
    Full Protective Riding Gear for Your Motorcycle Ride up the Dalton
    I have to be honest- I'm not a huge ATGATT guy. I almost always have a helmet, mostly have a jacket, and specialty gloves and boots if I'm doing a long ride. For the Dalton I would recommend you go all out- borrow gear if necessary. I haven't had a slide on two wheels since I was 17 but probably came the closest to having it happen to me again on the Dalton while driving on some thick loose gravel. Since the choice to ride the Dalton was a last minute audible I didn't have protective leg wear and that could have made for a very bad fall.
    Do yourself a favor and be as complete as possible for protective gear. You'll be more comfortable as well.
    Oh- and waterproof tall boots. My feet were soaked for two full days out of the three.
    Much Warmer Clothes Than you Think You'll Need for Your Motorcycle Ride up the Dalton
    You won't believe the temperature change between Fairbanks and Deadhorse. That should be obvious though. What I forgot about is the multitude of factors that can make a motorcycle ride in otherwise comfortable temps absolutely bone chilling. 1.) You're not moving your body. 2.) Windchill 3.) Exhaustion 4.) Sweaty/Damp clothing. Don't be a dope like I was- bring as much warm clothing as you could possibly imagine needing...and then a little more in case that stuff gets wet!
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  • Praque Forqsk
    Praque Forqsk Day ago

    FM dude you talk for America. Less talk more riding please!

  • Elvi Jenkins
    Elvi Jenkins Month ago


  • JimBobele
    JimBobele Month ago

    You made my day with this story ;-)
    I know these kind of rides. I learned it the hard way too. I believe most of motocylists do. But therefore you'll never forget this epic adventure!

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Month ago

      It was a cold one- I was being an idiot but hey, everything turned out alright. Still missing my tent :)

  • Brandon
    Brandon 3 months ago

    No Arctic Ocean? Kinda lame

  • Diane Catts
    Diane Catts 5 months ago


  • Roger Diotte
    Roger Diotte 6 months ago

    Also... @ 15:15 enter this song! The HIP...

  • Roger Diotte
    Roger Diotte 6 months ago

    Wow...Wow....Wow...Yes your wife is a gem for letting you traipse off like that! About those pesky bugs...where I live in Canada them pests buzz around your tailpipe in winter..we call em snowflies...

  • AgentJayZ
    AgentJayZ 6 months ago

    Double amazing that you made that journey in sneakers.

  • Derek Roper
    Derek Roper 7 months ago

    Dude, man serious props. I was freaking out watching this episode!

  • KlingonCaptain
    KlingonCaptain 7 months ago +3

    Didn't go all the way to the Arctic sea? I don't blame you.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  7 months ago +1

      Got to save something for next time!

  • Mithun Kartha
    Mithun Kartha 7 months ago

    A Honda jacket on a bmw...not done sir..

  • Susan Applegate
    Susan Applegate 8 months ago

    Oh, I love the Yukon River Camp. My sis (who live in North Pole) and I run up there every time I go to up visit from Wasilla. LOVED this video and sharing everywhere. Tim, you just ROCK! My dad, all my brothers, my husband, and both my sons have worked up there. I loved your right-on attitude about it. It's not luxury's wonderful compared to the road!

  • Ankit Dhasmana
    Ankit Dhasmana 8 months ago

    My first ride of 315 km to my hilly village was like that only, with 125cc engine, just thought about it in the afternoon and went at 3 am.. it was fun and learning experience

  • Deana Boswell
    Deana Boswell 10 months ago

    Tim your just adorable. Thanks for sharing your journey. I always enjoy watching you an Fin no matter where you guy's are you are usually having fun an your video's are charming an entertaining! !! God bless... Happy travels. ..

  • Monkey Pig
    Monkey Pig 11 months ago

    That is an incredible trip. Man vs nature vs muddy road. Glad you made it OK. Sure Fin was worry sick.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  11 months ago

      Thanks Monkey Pig! Thanks for going on the trip with me. Turned out to be less dangerous and more just kind of miserable- but that's part of the fun.

  • Elmer Carroll
    Elmer Carroll 11 months ago

    You are what is called a Cheechacko.

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams Year ago

    Great vid Tim glad you got to stretch your adventure legs and giddy up on a bike ,
    loved the beer swig at the end ! I was hoping you would share it Ha!

  • CPU UK
    CPU UK Year ago

    Fortune favors the brave, and the naïve it appears- well done ;-)

  • Tim Rodden
    Tim Rodden Year ago

    Riding a BMW with that nasty helmet and no waterproof boots. WTF were you thinking. Thanks for all the complaining. When I do that trip I will be thinking of you.

    • Tim Rodden
      Tim Rodden Year ago

      @TIM and FIN I'm pleasantly surprised to get your very appropriate response and that you are still alive. I thought you might have simply ended it all after your miserable experience. I will have to look at your other adventures :-)

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago +1


  • Mike Orr
    Mike Orr Year ago

    Damn Tim.. F'n epic dude... thanks for taking us along and I totally support the beer decision.

  • MrAdventure
    MrAdventure Year ago

    Great video!!! I stumbled across your channel was so entertained that my wife and I sat down and did a Tim and Fin marathon. Every video in one day! Some of the best videos on the internet!

  • Dar Tice
    Dar Tice Year ago

    It goes to show even the idiot can do this.

  • william kenny
    william kenny Year ago

    what was the longest run from one gas station to another in miles if you don't mind me asking

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      241 miles from coldfoot to deadhorse. I was on fumes by the time I got to my hotel. Super nervous on a rental bike because the gaslight was on for a good 30 minutes during the last leg of the ride. It's always more stressful on a different bike than your own because who knows how long you can ride once that light pops, right?

  • william kenny
    william kenny Year ago

    your just passing threw in the summer. to think people have lived up there without technology hunting seals for food and stuff. I hope to take a trip like that some day.

  • mld
    mld Year ago

    huh ? borrowed gear ? no gear ? your bike ??

  • mld
    mld Year ago

    bucket list ride for me !! i might be doing it next //i mean this coming september

  • Henry Mah
    Henry Mah Year ago

    crazy ass prep or seat of the pants?!?! Sometimes just doing it is more exciting. On my bucket list definitely.

  • osimnod
    osimnod Year ago +1

    Dude, congratulations on checking this off your bucket list but it's hard to feel sympathy for you when you are so ill prepared knowing weather conditions there. Proper clothes, sleeping bag, backup provisions, etc. and other emergency gear in case of the unexpected are part of planning a successful trip. Glad you made it without a major incident.

  • Remido Smilovic
    Remido Smilovic Year ago +1

    I made on Harley from n y c to Prado bay so please don’t cry n complain I was 55 years old get some balls

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago +3

      Your mother must be very proud of her big boy!

  • Barış Altınışık


  • Dirt Road Sailing

    I'm totally unprepared hahahahaha. What an idiot.

  • Big Rig Rich
    Big Rig Rich Year ago

    Hilarious young man.
    I’m glad you survived.
    I’m going to ride from west Texas to Deadhorse in 2020.
    My last big ride was to Mazatlan Mexico, up along the Sea of Cortez and back across the Sierra Madri Mountains in 2016.
    It takes some time for me to save and plan these trips.
    I like your throw it to the wind and go attitude
    I just can’t or at least won’t do that.
    To me, The planning is as much fun as actually doing the trip.
    Plus I like to take off for 3 plus weeks at one shot and make the trip comfortable. With kids in college and working 60 hours weeks, it’s hard to just up and go.
    Enjoy it while you can.
    I’m not in to roughing it all the time so hotels are a must most of the time.
    I don’t get in a hurry because I enjoy checking all the scenery out.
    At my age these trips make a whole new meaning to the slogan “Once in a Lifetime”. LOL.
    You’re a hoot to watch.
    I’m sure a lot of folks are going to be all over your tail for not being more prepared.
    But you made it in one piece and drove the point home to others, That you did not do this adventure the way it should be done.

  • Erwin Ballings
    Erwin Ballings Year ago

    Great vid, you have a lot of nerves, thanks for posting. Grtz from Belgium

  • John Humphries
    John Humphries Year ago

    Wow, what a great adventure. I’ve always dreamed of a ride up To Alaska I’ve been thru every state in the US on my Harley Ultra Limited. After watching your video and the road conditions I believe I’ll rethink riding the Harley. Maybe ride the Harley to a point, then rent a sport touring bike as you did? Anyway, What A Trip!!!!

  • Colin MacKenzie
    Colin MacKenzie Year ago

    Are you stoned most of the time? You seem to enjoy yourself no matter what's going on!

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      I really enjoy when travel get difficult. Not really sure why that is....

  • Gatsby Biker
    Gatsby Biker Year ago

    I admire you for the Adventure but you are an idiot. Your lack of preparation will eventually require some body to put their are on the line to pull yours out of the fire.

  • Gatsby Biker
    Gatsby Biker Year ago +1

    It's not a GS, it's an F800

  • Larry J
    Larry J Year ago

    Thanks for taking us along Tim, and really big thanks for interrupting the ride experience to make videos. We really enjoy and learn from your experience, I'm a senior now, but hope to do this ride with my brother before it's too late.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago +1

      Hey Larry! Thanks for saying "hi"- hope you and your brother have a good ride when you guys eventually get up there. Be smarter than me and bring warmer clothes!

  • D Wigand
    D Wigand Year ago

    I worked on the Alaska oil pipeline for 10yrs and your right sleeping in the cold sucks but the mosquitoes suck more...they will tear your butt up.
    Well I guess I should have watched the video before commenting....apparently you did encounter those damn mosquitoes

  • thomas foresman
    thomas foresman Year ago

    Dude, Let me know the next time you roll, I'll roll with you!!! Seriously!! Let me know.

  • Gaetan Giroux
    Gaetan Giroux Year ago +3

    You complain alot....

  • The Wandering Pinto

    Great video! We drove the Dalton last year. Not on a bike, truck, or SUV. But my 78 Pinto! Check out my videos. I too brought a drone, but did not use it once. Like you said I wanted to live in moment, not keep worring about taking video and Pictures. Not to say we did not take a lot, I just wanted to soak it all in. Yes I Do plan to return.

    • The Wandering Pinto
      The Wandering Pinto Year ago

      @TIM and FIN, thank you! That's the way it came from the factory. I bought it new .

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      Your Pinto is unbelievably sweet. Ridiculously awesome paint job- I want stripes like that when we eventually buy a 4 Runner.

  • TeDiouS Pictures
    TeDiouS Pictures Year ago

    That was a good one! Well done Tim. Epic adventure and beer drinking finale ! 😁👍

  • Charlie Foxtrot
    Charlie Foxtrot Year ago +1

    So, I’m a first time watcher. First, congrats on the trip, but do you complain this much normally? Yes, Arctic Circle and north is cold, not being prepared sucks, no video riding Atigan Pass a mistake. Good luck in your travels.

  • J W
    J W Year ago

    Good for you. You were able to finish it with virtually no gear. If that weather had changed for the worse on you....could have been bad. The wife was spot on giving you the hand warmers. At least you had a heat source. Not a lot of fun when you actually get chilled riding a bike...can take hours to warm back up. I think people think way to much about doing something like this and never do it. You did it! That is the accomplishment. Congrats again.

  • Todd Brunermer
    Todd Brunermer Year ago

    Congrats on the successful trip! My GS longs to do the Dalton Highway. Hoping to do it when we go to Alaska with the TT in the future.

  • e jacs
    e jacs Year ago

    219 dollars for that POS room looks like it was a meals?Gawd Alaska is a crook,definitely if you've got a business licence it's a license to steal.

  • jon baker
    jon baker Year ago

    Good job

  • thegrey04
    thegrey04 Year ago

    Really fantastic! This felt more like watching a movie or a documentary. Outstanding.....

  • Jeffrey Vasquez
    Jeffrey Vasquez Year ago

    Thanks for the beer. What an adventure you’ll never forget....another one. Lol. Burrr burrrr., And bummer on the loss...and big ass mosquitos never know they tolerate cold like that. Glad you made it safely..

  • Tee Bee
    Tee Bee Year ago

    Fantastic video! I dreamed of riding the Dalton for years before actually accomplishing it in 2014. I rode round trip from Texas on my VStrom for 38 days with the Haul Road being the pinnacle of the journey. A fellow rider I met along the way accompanied me on the leg from Fairbanks to Deadhorse. We made it north in 1 long, tough, but beautiful day. The southbound trip was much more difficult as it rained for 2 solid days, making the road surface a slimy mess. It was one of the most beautiful and remote places a person could visit. At the end, my summary was just like yours. I was so glad I had done it but haven't felt the desire to push my luck and ride that crazy road again. I have learned to "Never say never.", though. My Dalton journey is on my channel but the video quality doesn't compare with yours. Thanks for sharing!

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      You nailed it "never say never". After watching through my footage I'd do it again in a heartbeat- although in warmer clothing. Congrats on making that ride in one long day. 414 miles in a single day doesn't sound TOO crazy until you know how crap the roads are and actually look at it on a map. Then it seems absolutely insane.

  • Always An Adventure With Kids

    I found it interesting how you talked about the balance between enjoying an experience vs. filming the experience. I think that is a battle many people face whether you are a professional filmmaker/photographer or a tourist. I feel capturing the moments is part of the experience. As long as you are enjoying the "capture" part and making sure to pause to take it in, then I don't think it is a problem. When you don't enjoy capturing the moment or feel guilty about it, then probably at that point make some changes.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      In the case of the Dalton, it became less and less about even enjoying the moment- I was just freezing and exhausted! Then it was very much about discipline and "doing work" . Since I'm great behind the camera the only way I can make up for it is to shoot A LOT of footage. I finished the Dalton trip with about 120 GB just for this short final video.

  • Graham Whitehead
    Graham Whitehead Year ago +2

    The next time you ride the Dalton (lol), camp at Marion Creek campground North of Coldfoot. No trucks stop there, so you’ll get a better nights sleep.
    I rode around Alaska for six weeks on a rented KLR650 eight years ago. What a place !! It was summer and I remember how cold it was on that last stretch into Deadfoot. I’m an Aussie, so I don’t do cold well !
    I couldn’t bring myself to pay those prices for accommodation in Deadhorse (I’m also a cheapskate ), so after a hot meal and a look around town, I returned to Marion Creek. The ride back to Marion Creek is one of my favourite memories of my Alaska trip. The sun was skimming the horizon for the entire duration of the ride. The Brooks Range was bathed in golden light. It was basically a sunset that lasted for hours as the sun travelled almost horizontally along the horizon.I saw bears and Arctic Fox. What a ride !
    The one thing you forgot to do, is pop into the general store at Deadhorse and buy one of their famous bumper stickers. Mine is on my bike here in Oz as a permanent reminder of beautiful Alaska.
    Carry on guys. Loving your work !

  • Brian Hirsch
    Brian Hirsch Year ago

    Welcome to my area. I was just up on the Dalton two days ago. It is a straight up packed snow (ice road) now. It is much nicer in the winter because you don't have pot holes. The Dalton is unforgiving. I'm glad you made it.

    • Brian Hirsch
      Brian Hirsch Year ago

      @TIM and FIN They don't de-ice the road. They embrace the ice. I road salt is not used anywhere in Alaska. We just use snow tires. I'd drive and not ride it in the winter.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      Thanks Brian! It would be cool to try it in the winter. I imagine the de-icing sludge they use is all over the place though? That would be a messy ride!

  • Kenneth Peters
    Kenneth Peters Year ago

    You can say you done did it. You Can Enjoy your own life at the moment. I have Been there in a different situation and Loved it . Allie and Peppuurrr. He got got back to what he trully loves. Maybe Let's find out

  • Chuck Hall
    Chuck Hall Year ago

    Why are there so few places to obtain gasoline - very odd? Although you told us why - it would have been nice to see more of the beautiful scenery. Also, it would have been interesting to see Finney take the trip with you - on her own motorcycle. Thanks for another great Tim and Fin video.

  • Billy Cavaness
    Billy Cavaness Year ago

    Just found your channel. Trying to catch up we've been binge-watching. Love the videos can't wait to see the next

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      Glad you're here now! Thanks for the kind words- makes all the editing way easier to do.

  • Captain K-man
    Captain K-man Year ago

    Great video. Awesome adventure Tim. This must be why I didn't see Tim around when Winslow, Timmy and I met Fin & Pepper at the campground in Fairbanks. My little boys enjoyed playing with your little girl.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      That's right! Pepper and I were just enjoying our river walks with you while Tim was off being crazy!

  • Steve Thompson
    Steve Thompson Year ago

    Hi Tim.
    I loved getting to finally watch this. It was fun to share it with my wife. Were were able to see your adventure while at the same time I could point out what happened to me at various places along your route.
    I have some GoPro footage of us arriving in Prudhoe Bay. We didn't have the mosquitoes but we had ice and snow and maybe 1/4 mile visibility. I'd do it again tomorrow! haha

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      You're killing me- Between a week and a half trip to Whistler and two different groups of friends booked for mexico Feb is booked. Can't wait to get your full review though. I'll be following along on Instagram of course.

    • Steve Thompson
      Steve Thompson Year ago

      @TIM and FIN
      That's great. I'm glad I could help.
      We are still doing the Cambodia motorcycle trip in February. Want me to see if there is still a spot available for you? :)

  • Team Terry RVing
    Team Terry RVing Year ago

    What an amazing trip! Good thing the bike rental company informed you about the gas! Lol about the road! Good old Jimmy Bean ! Thanks again for sharing your video

  • Travels with Yoly
    Travels with Yoly Year ago +3

    Few have spent so much to be so uncomfortable :-) I rode motorcycles for 26 years (daily) and since I was very young at the time, did even dumber things. Been caught in snow storms where we had to simply stuff newspapers down our legs and around our chests to create what little protection from the cold that we could. I also know the sense of satisfaction that comes with conquering a difficult situation and doing something I'd never do again. Congrats on your fortitude and especially for taking the time in these conditions to document the trip for us.

    • Travels with Yoly
      Travels with Yoly Year ago

      @TIM and FIN That's why we have a truck camper now :-)

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      It felt really stupid to spend that much but there wasn't really another solution if I ever wanted to do it. There was a $500 surcharge (part of the $1,000) for riding the bike to Deadhorse because the bikes take such a beating. Now that its a few months later I totally would do the ride again but just prepare better. Nothing more fun than riding a motorcycle and being freezing! I've never been to the point where I had to stuff newspapers though!

  • Dinoxt12
    Dinoxt12 Year ago +3

    This guy looks just like the guy in the avatar movie..maybe.

  • Jake Hoskins
    Jake Hoskins Year ago

    Very good video. Thinking I'll pass on that trip.

  • Pocket Trailblazer
    Pocket Trailblazer Year ago +1

    Oh my god - this is amazing!! I actually forgot where I was for a second and got lost in this adventure with you!! Great job Tim, you guys should do more epic adventures like this!! - next level travel adventures 😍👍

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago +2

      THANKS CHARLIE! I completely agree as long as by "epic" you mean "motorcycle".

  • oeboeloe05
    oeboeloe05 Year ago

    Great ride Tim, and thanks for taking out the camera so many times while at it, i know the struggle ;-) . Enjoyed every second of the vlog! Cheers

  • Allen Jones
    Allen Jones Year ago


  • steveo1kinevo
    steveo1kinevo Year ago +2

    Awesome Vid! I have done a few backcountry trips on my BMW F800GS in the lower 48 and it really does test your limits but like you said its something you will never forget. Enjoyed the video!

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      Thanks Steve! An adventure bike is now at the top of my shopping list when we move back to the U.S. Now it just comes down to what size engine...

  • April and Tim Travel

    What an amazing achievement! Thank you for taking us along with you 😊 Cheers! 🍺

  • Rebekah Wells
    Rebekah Wells Year ago

    You are so crazy funny! Check off the bucket list!

  • Grindy Grindstaff

    Way to go Tim. Certain rides we only want to do once and we remember them for life. Thanks Fin for letting him go.

  • Boun_Viaggio_USA
    Boun_Viaggio_USA Year ago

    I hear that ride can be pretty epic.

  • Noconz0727 MC
    Noconz0727 MC Year ago

    Nicely done

  • Curt Rayner
    Curt Rayner Year ago

    Good job on this video! and good job on getting the Dalton off your list!:)

  • carmas54
    carmas54 Year ago

    Good for you!

    • carmas54
      carmas54 Year ago

      My first thought was you’re absolutely crazy packing or not packing what you did... but by the end of the video... I was glad you finished ... so again food for you

  • As the Magpie Flies

    YES! Riding a motorcycle and trying to capture the experience is a constant battle of 'Do I stop and record this?', 'Man I don't want to take my gear off, or dig into my bags for the drone.' 'I'll regret not getting this- yup regretted not getting that.' lol XD I still am trying to learn the balance, and remind myself that the thing I don't stop to take photos of is the thing I will want to remember.
    Man!! I can't even imagine what I would do if I lost my tent and sleeping bag off the back!! Way to roll with the punches, and keep moving forward!
    When I was still touring on my Honda Shadow I did do a couple trips where I just strapped my sleeping bag on the back -not in a duffel bag or anything. After having to drive extra miles and pay for really expensive hotel rooms because I met some unexpected rain storms that soaked it, I quickly got myself a dry duffel.
    Good gear -luggage and the gear you put on your body- makes SUCH a big difference in comfort on the bike. BUT ya know, I rode for a good two years with some pretty crap gear XD It's definitely doable! A little suffering builds character!
    Way to go Tim! You did the thing!!
    One day I will do the thing!
    Also way to go Fin for being so awesome and supportive!! -and being the smart one sending along the hot hands! :)

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago +1

      Hey Amanda! Nothing more fun than throwing a drone up when you're already freezing and the mosquitoes are having an all you can eat buffet. Then its time to actually concentrate and try to shoot something worthwhile....
      I felt like a complete idiot losing my tent and sleeping bag off the back. That's something clowns do. I don't know how many times I've tied things down on the back of the bike and I lose it on the Dalton?! I was leaning against the pile for the ride during the morning. I noticed a lack of "backrest" right as I was coming over the peak of the summit, looked behind me and a massive semi was right on my ass. To this day- no idea what happened to my gear. Wasn't like it rolled under a tree or something! I'm completely on board with your good gear sentiment- I hated tents until I had my REI tent. I've slept in thunderstorms and stayed super dry in that thing. I'm still too heartbroken months later to buy a new one....someday I'm sure I'll be ready again :)
      The thing I left out of the episode- I didn't bring tools to tighten the chain. The rental place said "NO WAY you'll need to do that". Guess who destroyed the sprocket on the way back because the chain was so loose? I did ask for them twice.
      When you DO "do the thing" I'm sure you'll have a much better time. I'd imagine you're gonna take the Tiger over the Moped. In retrospect, I could have probably made it on our Zuma 125 but it would have taken WAY longer and I would have def gone slideways a few times.

  • benused1
    benused1 Year ago

    Good job, excellent drone footage, hurry back for the Baja 1000

  • Kaych
    Kaych Year ago

    Great video Tim. I loved the end!

  • Harley Bagger
    Harley Bagger Year ago

    Rode for 40 years on many trips across the US but never in those conditions. My hat's off to you.

    • Harley Bagger
      Harley Bagger Year ago

      @TIM and FIN I can relate to the loose gravel roads. Cleaning the Electra Glide was a challenge but my tolerance for dirt grew immensely. I really do admire you for making that run. As you said, been there done that, but a memory that will last forever.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      Most of the roads were totally fine. In fact, I saw some Roadkings all the way up in Coldfoot. I can't imagine having to clean a roadbike after that though! The hour and a half up to Deadhorse was miserable though- they were working on the road and there were four inches of loose large sized gravel on top of the road. Really lucked out that I didn't spill.

  • Walt Wynn - San Diego North County

    Then Came Bronson...