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Jinjer Pisces -LIve (Reaction???)

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
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    SHINYxCHROME 6 days ago

    1:45 the look my "normal" friends have when I take the AUX

  • Rebecca Litchfield
    Rebecca Litchfield 10 days ago

    Ha!ha! Lol! Rollin here..your face is priceless

  • Joe Fish
    Joe Fish 11 days ago

    She is amazing. Lovely, great presence, lovely singing voice, and the demon voice is bad ass. You know how hard it is to do that?

  • ItsJustMe
    ItsJustMe 21 day ago +1

    was a great reaction tho bro :)

  • Whats Up
    Whats Up Month ago

    keep in mind theres a theatrical part to using and changing the voice to create an image for the story told/sung. in this case different personnality/behavior and so on .... basically its art nothing more simple than this.

  • Legalize Shemp
    Legalize Shemp Month ago

    Would it be possible for you to react to this? I think you will find it interesting.

  • Burlie Morris
    Burlie Morris Month ago

    Common among most first timers. ESPECIALLY African Americans that react to Jinjer for the first time. Honest a lot of us don't listen to metal or if we have it's ALWAYS men that do the growling. It's strange to hear a "man" voice come out of a lil pretty lady like her is all. But it's not the devil bruh. Just a lot of training and raw talent lol.

  • Sheila Carroll
    Sheila Carroll Month ago

    I couldn't even listen to the whole thing...😨 freaked me out! At one point it looked like someone pushed a button ...then she sang in that "dark growl" voice, so I'm wondering if it was a machine change and not her actual voice??? God bless you! 🌹

  • Kat Martin2016
    Kat Martin2016 2 months ago +1

    Don't think you always have to like everything. I respect that you say what you think! That's why I am subscribed. I also like the fact that you have morals and I like that you say good things at the end of your videos. I like this song because I have been around metal music my whole life. It isn't for everyone, and that's cool. Keep stayin real and God bless ;)

  • Legalize Shemp
    Legalize Shemp 2 months ago

    Great reaction! I always enjoy your stuff. I never have liked the growling, from my punk days back in the 80's, yet Tatiana Shmailyuk's range is remarkable and you can understand her growls. Her clean voice is beautiful. The only sad thing is that her talent makes a lot of people overlook just how good the rest of the band is. Those runs that guitar player Roman Ibramkhalilov goes thru are outstanding, accomplished by the rock solid bottom by bassest Eugene Abdivkhanov and the beast of a drummer Vladislav Ulasevich (I have always enjoyed guys who have a simple trap, but can make it sound like something from Dream Theatre). For me, the point that I surrendered and gave in to them was at about 4:40 on your vid, where she goes from growling to high register clear immediately back to a killer end. She uses a technique called False Chord to do the growling. The sound is generated below the vocal chords in the diaphragm area. Needless to say, if you tried that in your throat you'd blow out your voice in no time at all.

  • DPenn Superfan
    DPenn Superfan 2 months ago

    Love it or hate it. It's certainly an experience.

  • MrMeraby
    MrMeraby 2 months ago

    I can't help but shake my head at everyone reacting negatively to him saying it sounded evil. It shows people really do not know the origins of this music. The ENTIRE purpose of the full growl was to copy what Hollywood was portraying in horror movies for demons. Go back to the innovators and look at their entire shtick, which was over-the-top satanism (in the God/Devil binary idea, although few if any believed in it). So, yes, that type of growls very much began as something intended to sound evil. Of course, it has evolved to what it is today, but for someone who does not listen to such music, the only reference for that type of sound normally is the horror movies those first bands were trying to reproduce on stage as their act. (Of course, the very first use of false-chords in what later became known as growls was done by The Who in 1966 on the song Boris the Spider, but very few if any 80s growl singers claim him as their source-some might say The Crusher by the Novas in 1966, but the tone sounds too different to me as if he's using a different part of the throat).

  • ahzmort
    ahzmort 2 months ago

    "Sounds like a demon". When's the last time you heard a demon again? I mean a real one, not a Hollywood fake. When i was growing up people viewed Satan as a man in a red suit with horns, tail and a pitchfork. Clearly nothing correct in that description, just how 'sounding like a demon' is often a misunderstood idea.
    And, i'm assuming referencing the bible is ok, based off your closing remarks. So does it not say 'Satan comes as an angel of light'?
    Such vocals are nothing more than a vocal technique that can be taught and take many years to learn to do it right and well. There are even teachers that specialize in teaching such techniques. So nothing spiritual going on in reference to that.
    Granted all kids can vary, but often times a big difference is in the influences around them. I just got done watching a reaction video of an 8 year old girl for this exact same video and she loved it and wanted to see them in concert. And she was not accustomed to such styles, so it was new for her.
    That all said music is 100% subjective, so no criticisms on your lack of appreciation of it. No doubt there's music you love i'm not able to appreciate and that's ok too. Variety keeps it interesting for Everyone. I see so many people react positively that you have to assume people are just catering to their followers. Annoying. You hated what i love, but were honest and didn't fake it to keep or make followers. I find that respectable and as a result you've gained a new sub.

  • IAm TheBlurr
    IAm TheBlurr 2 months ago

    Sometimes we love that kind of sound because it is kind of demonic and dark, that's why it's beautiful. You can't be afraid of the dark if you aren't afraid of the terrors within it.

  • Iscariot90
    Iscariot90 2 months ago +3

    It's totally fair to not dig the harsh vocals. I remember a time where I wasn't super into them, myself, but the more I heard the more I came to understand and enjoy them. The only thing that bothers me is so many people attribute that harsh vocal sound to something evil and dark and that simply isn't a fair or accurate assessment. It's simply something different. It's a technique all its own and something that takes loads and loads of practice to master, just like singing. To be able to do both as well as Tatiana here does is nothing short of impressive.
    But all this "dark and demonic" talk is, like I said, just inaccurate and not fair. Something evil would be more likely conveyed through the meaning of the lyrics than the vocal styling. I would highly recommend looking into lyrics and song meanings for stuff like this in the future. Having the lyrics available as you listen and then doing a little research after the initial reaction, y'know? Who knows? The more you learn about it the more you may come to enjoy it. All in all, while I disagree with your opinion as it stands now, I also understand that you're still fresh on the metal thing, and that, of course, tastes will differ. Keep looking into it, though! Metal is a huge genre with so much going on, you may just find your new favorite type of music within its contents. Take care, have a good one!

  • Dark Eagle
    Dark Eagle 2 months ago

    If that is legit, it makes Sasha Fierce blush !

  • Ionacus toy reviews
    Ionacus toy reviews 2 months ago

    I have said it dozens of times, everyone who reacts to this song reacts the same all eye popping and shock. Good video man

  • michael mads
    michael mads 2 months ago

    é só pros melhores ! seu buceta !

  • Fred Batton
    Fred Batton 2 months ago

    Only thing i'm inclined to hate you for is the fact you are not wearing a headset. : )

  • ethan gospodareck
    ethan gospodareck 2 months ago

    Demonic sounding lolol oh yeah. but the sheer talent she has to have to do that so well..and most of the freaky manurism and looks are for breath and placenta of the vocal. Not what id listen to outside of reaction vids to gain more understanding of the technical side of it though.

  • ethan gospodareck
    ethan gospodareck 2 months ago

    I've been hoping you'd do this and all along if missed it! Lol. Not my style but as a musician and a student of it! In every sense. Vocals obviously but musicianship and talent is near perfect. And yes that's ALL her. I've seen other live videos and yeah....its all her.

  • frankohero
    frankohero 2 months ago

    As a "Rennaissance Man", as I understand it, you should be a bit more open-minded... cool reactions overall...
    You should really educate yourself a little about "false cords" (vocal cords) and what it takes to do, what Tatiana did in "Pisces".

    • frankohero
      frankohero 2 months ago

      +Modern Renaissance Man Thank you for replying.
      And I was hoping you would see it this way. You always show some ways of thinking I like :).
      Greetings from Germany.

    • Modern Renaissance Man
      Modern Renaissance Man  2 months ago

      I've already have. Just think how long ago I did this video. A lot of fans taught me about death growls,etc. They let me know how much work goes into perfecting this which I think is cool. Thx for the heads up anyway

  • Normando Moura
    Normando Moura 2 months ago

    Hey Modern Renaissance Man, at least read the lyrics. You'll understand why two voices. Nothing demoniac about this song or any song this band perform. There's nothing about possession at all. Don't get scared of unknown. When you get it you'll see it makes totally sense about her technique and her lyrics. She's a brave and fucking great singer. This song has 2 years and still people from all over the world is reacting to this. Don't be surprise they're not in music award events, some people just don't care about television, especially in Europe where are many venues to live performs. Seek more of their songs, go to their page, watch and learn and all your fears will be extinguished. Peace, man!

  • Xplozive
    Xplozive 2 months ago

    You got a like for reacting, and if i could you would get another like for being honest! :D keep it up man

  • Robert Kidd
    Robert Kidd 2 months ago

    Jinjer is the name of the Band the singers name is Tatiana Shmailyuk, She is really doing that and it takes years of practice, clear your throat feel that that is what she is moving to get that guttural sound

  • Zbelsurdos
    Zbelsurdos 2 months ago

    Modern Renaissance in deed, because "Classic" Renaissance was something about advanced people with lighted mind.
    In this case it is about a light minded human.
    I have seen people not even so young and stylistically far far away from metal, or something similar... they at least could appreciate what was to appreciate.
    In this case... I just wonder, what music does he listen... or does he listen to any music?
    ... Does he ever read anything?

  • Brian LaFrazia
    Brian LaFrazia 3 months ago

    Pas a “musician”, how can you not appreciate the talent that goes into this?

  • Danny Wiseass
    Danny Wiseass 3 months ago

    Watch a reaction video to see other reaction. Hate on them for that reaction because it wasn't yours. Liberals.

  • James Curfman
    James Curfman 3 months ago +1

    Ty, thanks for the reaction. I respect your opinion, and I hope you don't catch a lot of hate over not liking it. I personally like it. If you find the lyrics, you'll realize what it's about. Certainly not Demonic per se' but the dark parts of the song are about pain and misery, as opposed to the lighter side. Pisces as in the Zodiac sign, the Duality.

    • James Curfman
      James Curfman 3 months ago

      +Modern Renaissance Man Cool!

    • Modern Renaissance Man
      Modern Renaissance Man  3 months ago +1

      made a lot more sense when I went back and listened to it with the lyrics and when I learned about death growls, etc.

  • James Curfman
    James Curfman 3 months ago

    Aren't there Christian bands that have vocalists who do this kind of thing?

    • James Curfman
      James Curfman 3 months ago

      +Modern Renaissance Man There indeed are! I went looking for some, just because I was certain there would be at least one. My short list so far is ENOCH (they are out of New Zealand so they may be a little difficult to understand, even without the screaming and growling from their two lead vocalists), with at least one mv out called LONER. And there is also a Male-led band called War Of Ages, with a song called Collapse. you MIGHT actually enjoy that one. Both of these bands are found on a RU-clip channel called METAL-CROSS. They go back seven years with videos and not all of them are music. Check that place out if you would like. Have a great day, God Bless You! :)

    • Modern Renaissance Man
      Modern Renaissance Man  3 months ago +1

      No idea sir

  • Kenichi Otaku
    Kenichi Otaku 3 months ago

    Hail Satan! ^3^

  • Tony Kubetz
    Tony Kubetz 3 months ago

    6:10 - Actually, the reactions from kids that I've seen have enjoyed this song. Perhaps its because of the lack of bias that they have. Either way, stay frosty!

  • rzthis1
    rzthis1 3 months ago

    Modern Renaissance Man
    , I can appreciate the fact that this may not be your type of music. However this genre of music is no more satanic that gangsta rap or hip hop, so please lose that label. I will say that, other than "the label", I think that you closed your video without disrespecting the artist and did so in good taste.

  • Tom _
    Tom _ 3 months ago

    Guttural vocal techniques have been a part of human cultures probably since before recorded history. And not exclusive to men. Check out some current indigenous people's traditions in this regard.
    There's no natural law that says one sound or another in music is necessarily "bad." The song's lyrics center around themes that, again, go back as far in history as we know. Hence the touching upon Greek and Roman mythology.

  • phreak1118
    phreak1118 3 months ago

    You scared bro?

  • Harris Bongo-Ashley
    Harris Bongo-Ashley 3 months ago

    Love your videos, but you got this one wrong (just my opinion).

  • Bob McBride
    Bob McBride 3 months ago

    Holy expletive

  • Олександр Дьорка

    You not compitation (dislake)

  • Kenneth Harris
    Kenneth Harris 3 months ago

    You listened to it. Gave your opinion. No one should hate for that.

  • Kem Alimole
    Kem Alimole 3 months ago

    Right, because demons are real and we know what they sound like... 😒

  • richard dimeck
    richard dimeck 3 months ago

    Guttural vocals can understand the skill it takes to do that though. To be honest it's not for everyone. I just think it's a good showcase of talent...and the guitarists and drummer are so on point as well it's an unbelievable result

  • Lawrence Eason
    Lawrence Eason 3 months ago

    Tatiana...the 8th wonder of the world

  • molochfeeds
    molochfeeds 3 months ago

    Best reaction video to this song I've seen .

  • mike shaw
    mike shaw 3 months ago

    The whole point is the two sides of her, hence pieces. Just because she sings like that why would you assume demonic? Your brain has been conditioned to think like that. Yes I understand someone who is not used to it would be shocked and this is why people asked you to react to it, they wanted you to be freaked out rofl. I promise you that any music you would love I would react badly to it.

  • Grim
    Grim 4 months ago

    Personally I love the song and the singers talent blows me away but I gave you a thumbs up on this for honesty rather than pandering for upvotes and subscribers with a faked positive reaction.

  • Famous
    Famous 4 months ago

    People request this for the reaction. Why people would get upset when you react differently than what they expect is beyond me. Its almost as if they want to see only one type of reaction. On the other hand, I would have thought you would have appreciated the skill it takes, especially for a woman, to change vocals from the mid to higher melodic to the lower deep growls. Maybe its just me.

  • Alexandria Diaz
    Alexandria Diaz 4 months ago

    she's an amazing vocalist. one of the best.

  • Random Person
    Random Person 4 months ago +1

    I am absolutely in love with her voice

  • Stealthor
    Stealthor 5 months ago

    "stuff that i know that goes on spiritually".. go on..

  • Crystal G
    Crystal G 5 months ago

    That technique is called, and even many of my hardcore metal friends didn't know this until I told them, is called "gutturals" or "death growls." Personally I prefer more of a "glam metal" scream. I don't do this type of "singing." Especially with Christian bands. If you're singing about Jesus, but it sounds like you're possessed, I'll pass. To each their own though.

  • Eric Goff
    Eric Goff 5 months ago

    Heres your eyeballs back bro O_O

  • Jason blodgett
    Jason blodgett 5 months ago +1

    That blew your mind hahaha

  • mrsleep0000
    mrsleep0000 5 months ago

    5:36 songs that rock your world

  • Tammy Huet
    Tammy Huet 5 months ago

    My son was the bandwagon driver for them just last month. They treated him like family. I love them for that. But their music is not my favorite.

  • BigBrutal BassBeer
    BigBrutal BassBeer 5 months ago

    Come on, dude. Nothing to fear from this 5’2”ish girl! The lyrics are quite emotional and pretty personal. Don’t give up.

  • Christian Weldon
    Christian Weldon 5 months ago

    Like the honesty that’s why its called a reaction.. no need for any hate

  • Jordan Boehmer
    Jordan Boehmer 5 months ago +1

    You are so oblivious

  • C Thomas
    C Thomas 6 months ago +1

    I swear I could see the very moment your religious brainwashing kicked in and you instantly wanted to reject it all as "Satanism". Honestly, I get it, if you've grown up being sold a Hollywood horror film fantasy as "real", it's gonna be hard to just accept sound and vision for what it is in the creation of art, without your indoctrination telling you it's something else.

  • rflair
    rflair 6 months ago

    Love Jinjer, Loved your reaction.

  • RaggityMann
    RaggityMann 6 months ago

    Maybe if you read the lyrics, you might not hate the song

  • Ano Nymous
    Ano Nymous 6 months ago

    Hey Jon Jones please start fighting again.... We miss you in the octagon.

  • Chris Parman
    Chris Parman 6 months ago

    Metal w/the growling is not for everyone. To be honest before Jinjer i couldn't stand it because they do the growling for the entire song but broken up like that I really liked it.

  • Aj Bryant
    Aj Bryant 6 months ago

    Check out Ice Nine Kills watch their Music Video "Communion Of The Cursed"
    And bro i had the same reaction she released the beast out of me
    i love this song Now im gonna be hearing more from JINJER

  • mos 8541
    mos 8541 6 months ago

    saw them LIVE Tempe AZ , both she AND THE BAND do All that and MORE, Extremely TIGHT LIVE, Amazing Voice!

  • pisces love
    pisces love 6 months ago +1

    😂😂😂😂😂 omg lol lmao your reaction to when she sounded completely different (we'll call it different) was priceless haha. I love your channel so far from what I've seen

  • Shirley
    Shirley 7 months ago

    How about Tom Jones “I’ve been loving you too long”

  • Tom Stone
    Tom Stone 7 months ago

    God I love that last 2mins.

  • Danceofmasks
    Danceofmasks 7 months ago

    Yo, it's all good.
    Tatiana is amazing, but you don't gotta like everything.

  • Yherok Scars
    Yherok Scars 7 months ago

    Why are you making reactions from these bands if you're so pussy? hahahaha It's not serious, it's just that you do not even know how to digest metal, take easy man.

  • Daclaem Toth
    Daclaem Toth 7 months ago +1

    i laughed my ass out watching how you were lost listening to this stuff .Genuine reaction bro !

  • Doom metal tortoise
    Doom metal tortoise 7 months ago +2

    My nephew head bangs the that song lol 😂. Extreme vocals are an aquired taste dude if you listen to a lot of metal it becomes irresistible.

    • Modern Renaissance Man
      Modern Renaissance Man  7 months ago +2

      Yeah. They could started me off in the kiddy pool, but no they just dumped me in the ocean. 😂😂😂😂

  • NeoAnt
    NeoAnt 7 months ago +2

    Christian ignorance and intolerance, as per usual. Disgusting!

  • Vince Spartacus
    Vince Spartacus 7 months ago +1

    Anthology..... no comment !!!
    Thx to sharing your impressions with us dude...
    Frenchy's salute u...

  • Devin Davis
    Devin Davis 7 months ago +1

    Hahahaha awesome reaction!!

  • Fatherdirt
    Fatherdirt 7 months ago +1

    The diversity in her voice is epic...It's the New Dawn Of Metal...

  • jim hanson
    jim hanson 7 months ago +1

    I love this band .I understand.

  • Bri Guy
    Bri Guy 7 months ago +4

    How dare you dislike my future Ukrainian wife! Hahaha!

    • Modern Renaissance Man
      Modern Renaissance Man  7 months ago +1

      Well you better make sure you don't make her made or she'll start screaming " Steel Armor Blaze"|😱😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • CommonCents
    CommonCents 7 months ago

    You should read the lyrics of the song. It's about understanding the two sides of yourself. Inside and outside.

  • Bradley Ard
    Bradley Ard 7 months ago +1

    The look on your face at the end..... LMMFAO! Priceless! This is one that grew on me quickly, just because the fact that she has that range is absolutely mind-blowing.

  • Breanna Bentley
    Breanna Bentley 7 months ago

    OMG.. Not my cup of tea but I had the same reaction as you lol

  • coldDeadHands
    coldDeadHands 8 months ago +1

    Respect for being honest and being willing to piss off subscribers. Metal isn't for everyone and that's okay.

  • Matt254 Neatherlin
    Matt254 Neatherlin 8 months ago

    I used to love this type of metal. Idk I just grew out of it. I like growls and screams to be in the background, entering into the chorus. Thats how Lincoln Park, Five Finger Death Punch and Disturbed got radio play. They don't want to play a whole bunch of people screaming about Satan over the radio. Lol

  • John Campbell
    John Campbell 8 months ago

    It sounded like you were thinking there was a spiritual/religious connotation to her growling vocals. It's just another style of singing. Nothing more to be read into it.

  • Txtitan81
    Txtitan81 8 months ago +1

    Lol you went from straight vibin to straight mad bruh

  • Rasec Ecra
    Rasec Ecra 8 months ago +1

    Metal is not for anyone. If not everyone would be a metalhead

    • Modern Renaissance Man
      Modern Renaissance Man  8 months ago

      I like it a lot I was just thrown off by the "death growls" I just learned about them and how long it takes to perfect them. I liked the song overall but this was a true reaction. If you read some of the earlier comments. You'll see that people told the person the suggested this song that they should have eased me into heavy metal but not with this song. They threw me in the water and said swim. LOL

  • B Well
    B Well 8 months ago +1

    the growling vocals have to grow on you. I can enjoy them when they're mixed with clean vocals.

  • Silvercrow's Tarot Readings Silvercrow

    I've never heard this and don't care to again. LOL

  • T Bone
    T Bone 8 months ago +2

    I'm into metal and still don't like woman doing death vocals. Kinda like lipstick on a pig. I would have preferred her beautiful voice for the entire song.

  • shaitanlavey
    shaitanlavey 8 months ago +11

    Personally, I love Tatiana's vocals. That said, we watch reaction videos to get someone's honest opinion. Don't ever think you're going to please everyone all the time. Just be real and folks will continue to watch your channel.

  • Guy Kittredge
    Guy Kittredge 8 months ago +2

    Lol,his attitude changed from grooving to horror real quick

  • GSyn eminiDrome
    GSyn eminiDrome 8 months ago

    I suggest watching Vin and Sori's reaction to this song...they have a very interesting discussion on what they believe the lyrics are about.

  • GSyn eminiDrome
    GSyn eminiDrome 8 months ago

    This song is a beautiful journey of emotions .

    • GSyn eminiDrome
      GSyn eminiDrome 8 months ago

      But, in fairness. Her vocal power is not for everyone lol

  • Luemm3l
    Luemm3l 8 months ago

    wanna have someone spitting bars at near lightspeed ? Archspire - Calamus will animate (karaoke video) hehehehe

  • daweedian84
    daweedian84 8 months ago +1

    Look, I understand you might think it sounds demonic, but what do demons sound actually? That fear of this kind of music comes from movies and literature portraying those screams as demonic or evil, while in reality and nature they are just normal part of being human. People scream if they are hurt, if they are agitated, if they want to emphasize something. And metal music is all about emphasizing stuff. About expressing our inner selves through it. About trying to show what bothers us and what might be wrong with society. And it is an amazing pressure release valve to keep ourselves sane after all the hardships of today's world. Some people have sports, writing, physical work to release pressure, others have music and among that music there's metal. Lyrics are usually deep and personal. Also, one really important thing about this band is that they touch a lot of issues with society but on the other hand they are all big fans of science and fiction so lyrics could sometimes be hard to be understood. I love your genuine reaction to this song, but trust me, there's nothing "demonic" about it, quite contrary, it is incredibly human.

    • Modern Renaissance Man
      Modern Renaissance Man  8 months ago

      Thx for that. Yes I said it sounds demonic. I'm not going to go into too much details but trust me when I say a demonic spirit sounds like that in a person that is being delivered. I've experienced it first hand. My surprised looks was do to the fact that 1. I wasn't expecting that, 2. I never heard a woman do that except for being delivered from spirits. I know it might sound crazy but it's the truth. In no way am I fearful of anything. I don't mean that in a condenscending way. It's just that I've experienced so much on the streets that fear is one of the last things that bothers me. I've prayed with people who got delivered from spiritual oppression so I hope this didn't come off as me sounding annoyed, mad,defensive, etc. I just wanted you to know what was going through my head when I heard this.

  • Han Parker
    Han Parker 8 months ago +5

    That first reaction to Tatiana’s growl,,, priceless, why I watch reactions😂🤣

  • Bill Goodwin
    Bill Goodwin 8 months ago

  • Dane Callahan
    Dane Callahan 8 months ago

    As a fellow man of god I would like to make a request for you to check out any song from the portraits album of the band for today. Or check out the band becoming the archetypes rendition of how great thou are or dichotomy

  • Burnflesh82
    Burnflesh82 8 months ago +1

    To claim metal has anything to do with spiritual garbage is ignorance.

  • madDdog 67
    madDdog 67 8 months ago +1

    It's all good took me a while to get into the whole growling thing (but then I'm an "old dog" lol). This is an awesome band, though, and this girl is something special.

  • Tracey GW
    Tracey GW 8 months ago +5

    Hey! As a Jinjer fan this video was in my recommended feed. And I’m so glad it was! Right now RU-clip is filled with fake crying and fake apologies. So your honesty is refreshing and now I’m a new subscriber! Keep up the honest reviews and reactions. 👍