10 Controversial Episodes of Friends

  • Published on Feb 19, 2018
  • While many TV shows and movies have aged like a fine wine, the hit show Friends has aged more like that rancid milk that you left open in the back of your fridge for way too long without realizing it. If it were released today, there is a good chance that it would not last long on the air, due to the controversy it would have caused, and all the regular in-jokes that would not have been acceptable in today’s environment.
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    Coming up:
    10. Joey’s Tailor And The Strange Reason He’s So Messed Up
    9. Monica Is Haunted By Her Past As A Fat Girl
    8. Joey Manipulates Heat In His Apartment To Get Girls Naked
    7. Chandler’s Dad The Transvestite, A Different Controversy Depending On Your View
    6. Phoebe Flashes Her Boobs At The Guys To Win A Football Game
    5. Ross Goes Absolutely Nuts At The Idea Of A Male Nanny
    4. Gunther, The Sad Man Ou
    3. Phoebe’s Clearly Has Mental Issues, But It Is Played For Laughs
    2. An Alcoholic Is Dragged Down For Being “No Fun Anymore” When He Tries To Quit
    1 The Time One Of Them Broke Up At A Wedding Reception
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Comments • 475

  • Cliff Moore
    Cliff Moore Month ago

    I thought for sure he'd mention the two masturbation shows.
    1) After Monica and Rachel kiss for one minute to keep their apartment Joey and Chandler retire to their old bedrooms to …
    2) After Monica teaches Chandler about the 7 female erogenous zones, she and Rachel go to their separate bedrooms and Chandler goes to the bathroom to... (Side Note: This part is edited out in the Netflix reruns of the show but it is available on RU-clip)

  • Timothy Brown
    Timothy Brown 2 months ago

    Shame on you Simon. Whether you believe what you're saying or not doesn't matter, you're still saying it. This is what's wrong with the world today. Why reinforce it? Look at the like to dislike ratio, that says it all.

  • Micah AP
    Micah AP 2 months ago

    🙄 Absurd! Today's insanity, Political correctness teaching people to be self centered pansy snowflakes is far worse than anything in a friend's episode. This type of thinking is quite frankly destroying people and society.

  • Janae Catt
    Janae Catt 2 months ago

    People have become too sensitive to the point where expression is stifled

  • Daniel Marmolejo
    Daniel Marmolejo 3 months ago

    Actually, Chandler was the one who said Gunther will be his best man, not Ross

  • Natasha
    Natasha 3 months ago

    I 💖 friends. I no matter water you say it's a get show. 💖💖

  • john sovinchi
    john sovinchi 3 months ago

    Joey seems so high-spirited and full of life that I would have never guessed he was so messed up inside.

  • Terence Clark
    Terence Clark 3 months ago

    As for "would never get made today", take a look at Glee. That whole show, basically, would have been shelved if what this episode describes was accurate.

  • Terence Clark
    Terence Clark 3 months ago

    All of these things are worth raising as possible points of criticism. But a lot of them were commentaries on society of the era. The whole situation with Chandler's dad was airing the then entirely taboo idea of gender fluidity. Remember, this was an era where people publicly coming out as gay or lesbian was front page news and destroyed careers. We were decades from being about to talk openly about gender identity and expression in anything like a healthy manner. Openly discussing gender expression and showing a character struggling with attitudes many people of the era struggled with was, in my view, a necessary step in the process toward de-stigmatization. Doubly so because Chandler came to grips with some of those attitudes as the episodes progressed.
    And yeah, it WAS psychologically hard for kids to grow up in those environments then. Because there was (and still is) a damaging stigma against it all. Heck, in the 90's it was psychologically damaging to grow up in a family with divorced parents. None of this was the fault of the people in question. Chandler wasn't messed up because his dad dressed in drag. He was messed up because society stigmatized it and made it shameful.
    I'm not going to say the whole episode was perfect or that there wasn't a TON of room for improvement. But honestly I thought it did a decent job of dealing with a complicated topic that was incredibly sensitive in its time. Most shows of the era never dealt with the topic at all, more or less arrived at acceptance at the end.

  • Rui Terra
    Rui Terra 4 months ago

    I love "friends"... So I will not comment on the things this video mentioned. Because I know I am very biased.
    But if I was ever asked about something that I thought that was wrong with "friends" it would be the love of Chandler for smoking and how some times it was depicted as an amazing thing to do.
    But no mention of that in this video.

  • Thomas White
    Thomas White 4 months ago

    I've never been a fan of FRIENDS...but I agree...censorship is worse today then 20 years ago. That's the point of this list right? The left have become worse at this then the right ever were. Also...why is it crazy to think a cat is your dead mom...but not crazy for a man to think hes a woman? eh?

  • Drr Dank
    Drr Dank 4 months ago

    The sensitivity in this video

  • 70 Series Tires
    70 Series Tires 4 months ago

    Sorry, but any attempt at analysis of Friends gets an instant Thumbs Down.

  • Phoenix Wolf
    Phoenix Wolf 4 months ago

    I’m surprised you didn’t say Ross and Rachel relationship. It was so toxic!

  • Nick Carlson
    Nick Carlson 5 months ago

    Spoiler alert: all of the Seinfeld regulars are jerks also.

  • Paul Foster
    Paul Foster 5 months ago

    What a stupid video! Normally love Top Tenz, but this one is dreadful! It's a comedy show ffs!

  • Sean Milligan
    Sean Milligan 5 months ago +1

    I love the stuff you do and watch all of your content. This was the first disliked one. This was way too pc.
    If this was the norm. No shows would ever air because someone would always have the sads on

  • qvaken
    qvaken 5 months ago

    I really like your channel, but I struggled to get on board with this one. Phoebe isn't mentally ill, she's the character who is on another planet. The whole cast of characters being unusual and exaggerated and doing things that you or I would never dream of doing is what makes a comedy show great.

  • irene harnack
    irene harnack 6 months ago

    As a legitimate “fat girl,” I’m not sure if I should be upset at the way the statements about weight as well as “Fat Girl” Monica.
    Also, Barry didn’t invite Rachel to the wedding, it was Mindy who wanted Rachel to be her maid of honor.
    I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention the episode where Ross gets upset that his son is walking around with a Barbie doll so he decides to try and get him to exchange the Barbie for a G.I. Joe doll instead.

  • Dern Vader
    Dern Vader 6 months ago

    Since 98% of Sexual Predators an Paraphilias are men... um, I'll take the female nanny every time thanks so much...

  • Jadon Bitner
    Jadon Bitner 6 months ago

    And wowwowowowowowowowoowwowowo you should know that even today there are episodes of sitcoms where male characters had some problems hiring male nannies, like on Modern Family

  • Karla IsABookworm
    Karla IsABookworm 6 months ago

    Phoebe doesn't have mental issues, she's eccentric! Many people believe in reincarnation, that's what Phoebe believed about the cat. No one was making fun of mental issues. No one knew what Monica and Richard were talking about! That's just stupid! And Rachel wasn't flaunting her body! It was an embarrassing accident! This list is just stupid!

  • kdyke28
    kdyke28 6 months ago

    Usually really like your videos but this one is getting the 👎🏻

  • kdyke28
    kdyke28 6 months ago

    Sexual predator lol dude the Brits are tightwads

  • Alan37129
    Alan37129 7 months ago

    Lol wrong about people not liking it if it were re released haha.

  • Pcourtney
    Pcourtney 7 months ago

    All of these are a TOTAL reach. Whoever wrote this obviously was out of ideas.

    • Joe Harris
      Joe Harris 7 months ago

      I agree, i came to comments to see if anyone else thought so, a couple may need some tweeks due to modern PC culture but definitely most are a bit of a reach. I mean look at 2 and a half men and how I met your mother, they used a lot of similar comedy types more recently and went over massively well.

  • JohnIbizu
    JohnIbizu 7 months ago

    Just glad I saw this thrash before watching one of your videos again.

  • Duuk M
    Duuk M 7 months ago

    The last one is not controversial it is how people behave not every break up is easy or appropriate that is how life i.

  • Duuk M
    Duuk M 7 months ago

    While Phoebe does seem have mental issues that are played of for laughs a lot the cat isn’t actually a mental issue I would say. While she does go weirdly about she simply believes in reincarnation like many people do, which is perfectly fine. Believing the cat is her mother is not the weird thing like you say. It does show her having some issues when she refuses to give up the cat to the owner for sure but only that is weird.
    What I find more controversial about this episode is that it mocks reincarnation a lot while it is a thing so many people believe in.

  • Pine Girl
    Pine Girl 7 months ago +1

    Dude it was the 90s cut the show some slack

  • Scott S
    Scott S 7 months ago

    Normally I like your videos and content. However you clearly don't have a clue what you are talking about. If you believe this to be true you are not paying attention and are not a fan of the show. Also if this offended you, you need to get a since of humor!

  • Blake Charman
    Blake Charman 7 months ago

    Friends < HIMYM < Scrubs

  • you don't know beans
    you don't know beans 7 months ago +2

    This video makes me happy I'm older. I grew up in a time when it was okay to laugh.

  • Phil Email
    Phil Email 7 months ago +2

    I disagree that they wouldnt air or that they would be that controversial, its always sunny in Philadelphia has had some much more controversial stuff and I still see them on the TV all the time.

  • Phil Email
    Phil Email 7 months ago

    You should do one for Seinfeld

  • Oradea Magazin
    Oradea Magazin 7 months ago

    F*ing snowflakes, they are ruining everything.

  • Perfect-Kid
    Perfect-Kid 8 months ago

    it seems that this is like only half the issue and not like the characters are not taken fully, such as Monica being competitive in everything, Joey being the typical guy which a lot of guys are still like this today and Pheobe being deeply spiritual is like saying that Buddhists have mental health issues because of reincarnation as well

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki 8 months ago

    Watching this was a huge, boring waste of time.....

  • Scott Mitchell
    Scott Mitchell 8 months ago

    I never watched that show.

  • DestinyKiller
    DestinyKiller 8 months ago

    The wiki on the one with Rachel at Barry's wedding is so off the mark. She doesn't flaunt her body. She gets humiliated over and over and stays even after she learns that Barry Todd everyone she had an STD

  • McOscillator
    McOscillator 8 months ago +1

    Splenidid sad but true analysis. Shcoking just how such appalling memes were accepted in the 90's

  • ann Early
    ann Early 8 months ago

    It’s funny how the things that Barney does are laughed off. Somethings he does to woman are repulsive. He pretends his a doctor, he made a reference he sold a woman into sex trafficking, he stole a woman’s car and left her in the woods with no why to leave, he laid to woman pretend her husband was having affair with his wife. Try convince a blind woman he was Shawn Connery, had sex with amnesiac patient, try to get woman black out drunk. But make oh that’s lovable Barney but the woman he tricks are refer to as sluts, stupid and deserving because they believed the lies.

  • The Presence
    The Presence 9 months ago

    Love Friends. It'll always be fun to rewatch. But...Joey, much as he can be funny, is kind of a creep sometimes.
    The breakdown of the maid-of-honor episode makes no sense, though 🤨

  • sailormanariel
    sailormanariel 9 months ago

    Joey never had a peephole. It was a fabrication to hide Chandler and Monica's secret relationship. And I'm not embarrassed that I know that.

  • Wheels Lifts
    Wheels Lifts 9 months ago

    I've never watched the show, but if people would actually be mad over these things today, it's pretty sad. People need to grow some thicker skin

  • David Boyle
    David Boyle 10 months ago

    Oh come on. All that crap about Gunther. Have you not seen how Stuart is treated in The Big Bang Theory? This is the first time I have felt that ''Simon from TopTenz Net'' was lecturing me

  • Jennifer Decker
    Jennifer Decker 11 months ago

    Friends was very much of its time, but I always thought the bit about Joey's tailor was not handled well.

  • Owen Fitzgerald
    Owen Fitzgerald 11 months ago

    This in the Top Tenz video for Assholes that like to complain.

  • I Am Tammy-Sue
    I Am Tammy-Sue 11 months ago

    Y’all need to watch the episode with Rachel in the pink bridesmaid dress, your synopsis is completely wrong.

  • Aladin Fox
    Aladin Fox 11 months ago +4

    Can you hear laughter? Find a safe space quickly , this show will damage you and your children !!!

  • Blah Blahsen
    Blah Blahsen 11 months ago

    The top ten "top ten" videos that read WAAY more into things than anyone ever should. number 6, the one where everything about "friends" was over-analyzed to death and found offensive. number 5, how controversial choice of clothing colors proved Shrek is a rapist.

  • Thommy2n
    Thommy2n 11 months ago

    I personally never considered the story with Phoebe and the cat as mental illness. In the story she clearly had not yet dealt with issues with her departed family, and is projecting. But I have never heard of a mental illness where you think spirits inhabit animals. It's more just using her unique spirituality to cope (of course I'm not a mental health expert so if someone can prove me wrong, I'm all ears).

  • Thommy2n
    Thommy2n 11 months ago

    I don't know what sort of perfect weddings you've been too, but from my experience, the one at the number one slot is pretty par for the course. Everyone makes it about themselves, that's what makes it so funny.
    A few of these may have become non PC by todays standards (the transphobic jokes not limited to chandlers dad certainly stand out, and some of Joeys womanizing tactics are more rapey than others)
    But as someone who's an unabashed SJW, most of the "Controversies" that you seem to list, I haven't heard a peep about from even the most hyper vocal PC police.
    I like your channel, but it seems you just chose to name it "Controversial" for the clicks, and then had to scramble whatever random bits you could find to make it a full ten. I mean Gunther controversial? GUNTHER?! F***ING GUNTHER????!!!!! Every group has a Gunther! I know cause I am one, and I'm fine with it.

  • JM1993951
    JM1993951 11 months ago

    What about the dozens of episodes where Monica and Ross are uncomfortably physical?

  • Jennifer Lawrence
    Jennifer Lawrence 11 months ago

    Finally someone has the guts to say how bad that show was!

  • King Toad
    King Toad Year ago

    Simon I love your channels and all your videos but you take the submissive opinion over anything and it kinda sucks

  • Dani Boy
    Dani Boy Year ago

    Wow, a TopTenz video that I DIDN'T like! Have to agree with a lot of people in the comments. These kinds of Top Ten lists drive me nuts. Has no one heard of context? Friends came out in the 90s. What's next, Cheers for promoting alcoholism 'cause it took place in a bar? (T_T)

  • Drunken Master
    Drunken Master Year ago

    The SJW in this video is appalling. Def the worst video you have ever made.

  • Mel Teague
    Mel Teague Year ago +1

    Friends wasmade for my generation X not millennials today!

  • Rose Mary
    Rose Mary Year ago

    I did not like that show i know a lot of people liked it. There some of us who did not freedom to watch what you what that is why I did not watch it!!!