Ronny Chieng - You're Not Important Enough For Facebook

  • The Daily Show's #RonnyChieng thinks you're stupid if you assume Facebook wants your data, a cheap airline should never be trusted, and that the Android vs iPhone debate is pointless.
    Ronny Chieng stand up from the Just For Laughs Festival in 2015.
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  • Gregory Carter
    Gregory Carter 4 hours ago

    This dude is killing.

  • Suhaib Ahmed
    Suhaib Ahmed 19 hours ago +1

    This guy's got a lot inside him

  • bangtwister
    bangtwister Day ago

    An Asian Bill Burr. Smart and funny

  • John Wheatley White

    The first part would be funny if it were remotely close to the truth!

  • Michael Savin
    Michael Savin Day ago

    "IT BENDS! !!!!!!!"

  • QueenTakesKing !
    QueenTakesKing ! 2 days ago

    Love this guy!

  • Samuel McGriff
    Samuel McGriff 2 days ago

    Anyone else get the bill burr vibe from this guy?

  • Egusi Mane
    Egusi Mane 3 days ago

    Asian Bill Burr

  • Li Suon
    Li Suon 3 days ago

    So angry

  • Andy Potanin
    Andy Potanin 4 days ago


  • StrašnaŽaba Production

    You can see that he is a Bill Burr fan just by his way of talking

  • Adib Foroutan
    Adib Foroutan 7 days ago

    He is totally copying bill burr

  • Papa Grounds
    Papa Grounds 8 days ago

    "What are you, Jason Bourne?" x'D

  • alexander Garcia
    alexander Garcia 8 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 the way he strated lol

  • Angsty Lady
    Angsty Lady 8 days ago

    I'm getting the feeling he's a fan of Bill Burr

  • Bryant Huynh
    Bryant Huynh 8 days ago


  • Umair Mohammed Umair


  • epicmetal only
    epicmetal only 10 days ago

    what are you Jason Bourne?

  • 367A
    367A 10 days ago

    Such an annoying accent

  • simplicitylost
    simplicitylost 11 days ago

    ::Puts nerd glasses on:: Um, 🤓 they want your data for the ads.

  • Sofia Teylan
    Sofia Teylan 11 days ago

    I mean, you can use androids as grenades in an emergency...

  • Ciprian Morar
    Ciprian Morar 12 days ago

    This guy is Bill Burr in the chinese version 😅

  • zz ll
    zz ll 15 days ago

    The facebook thing didn't age well

  • Totok Sulaiman
    Totok Sulaiman 15 days ago +1

    seems somebody pushed his angger bottom way for looooong loooong looong time a go

  • Smith Js
    Smith Js 20 days ago

    The funniest 6 minutes of my life lol

  • Bijaya Gurung
    Bijaya Gurung 26 days ago

    This has a 'grind my gears' vibe to it.

  • zeppelin led
    zeppelin led 27 days ago

    bill burr 2.0 :D :D

  • Maryanne
    Maryanne 28 days ago

    One of the best comedians of our time!

  • Hiyuke La Vie
    Hiyuke La Vie 29 days ago +9

    One of the few eastern comedians who doesn't have to resort to reverse racism or making fun of his own culture as viewed by westerners to earn cheap laughs

  • Looven z
    Looven z Month ago

    No one:
    UnboxTherapy: is he talking about me??

  • Man Nguyen
    Man Nguyen Month ago +34

    Imagine Ronnie being a saleman. Whatever he says, Ill buy. Just dont want to activate his angry mode

  • Jack Braatz
    Jack Braatz Month ago +1

    Love this guy he has rage I love it

  • noel hutchins
    noel hutchins Month ago

    I'm still thinking the impervious deal with Nokia is kinda cool, beat someone senseless with it (still works), hurl one through a window (it butt-dials), one side looks gnawed away from opening bottles, there's a nail in it (failed to kill it like a vampire), tried to prove the rice trick doesn't work by drowning it (never needed the rice): all I'm saying is there's room on the market for a wifi-capable solid-brick (with a screen).

  • Tom Gough
    Tom Gough Month ago


  • blaze king
    blaze king Month ago +1

    “the greatest war of our generation, iphone vs android! “ 😂🤪😂

  • Jason Yao
    Jason Yao Month ago

    Dude reminds me of bill burr

  • MrKaje72
    MrKaje72 Month ago +36

    He always ends his sets like he’s got somewhere better to be.

  • grumpycheerleader
    grumpycheerleader Month ago +4

    “Look at my Android, just getting stronger with the hate” 🤣

  • the Necromancer1987

    01:07 that looks like something bill burr would say

  • ilham gusmar
    ilham gusmar Month ago

    That last iPhone joke caught my breath lmao

  • Tom Livanos
    Tom Livanos Month ago

    I think that privacy has become a legitimate issue (if it wasn't always). Where was I on the 19th of April, 2015? I have no idea but if I carried my phone around on that day then others would. I cannot be more specific - I honestly would not know where to begin on who those others were. It is not paranoia but technological fact. "If you did nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about." Well who decides what is wrong? Ethics is something that we humans have questioned since we began to think..... I agree with Ronny Chieng on everything else that he..ummm.. shouts about

  • Jason Reviews TECH
    Jason Reviews TECH Month ago

    bat Sh!T that's how it's funny

  • TU nguyen
    TU nguyen Month ago

    because it drive us crazy u spent ur rent in a shit without headphone jack

  • Darkbyte2005
    Darkbyte2005 Month ago

    Ronny you are so good at bringing out the 2020 world life technology problems, so you got apple os oh my goodness...

  • King Don Julion
    King Don Julion Month ago


  • Studio Jason
    Studio Jason Month ago

    This guy speaks truth

  • jbpos25
    jbpos25 Month ago

    My experiences have been nothing but positive on Air Asia lol

  • Mrfuel Chamo
    Mrfuel Chamo Month ago

    1.1k taxi driver

  • Leung Joyce
    Leung Joyce Month ago

    The anger that he delivers is the hidden and underlying anger that many people have underneath hahah (esp Asians under those stern poker faces)

  • The Ugly Deko
    The Ugly Deko Month ago

    Why is he so angry

  • sengie enter a name that's it


  • James Kurker
    James Kurker Month ago +1

    Holup. Was his accent fake the whole time? That's hilarious.

    • Studio Jason
      Studio Jason Month ago +1

      Also, I like the word Holup haha

    • Studio Jason
      Studio Jason Month ago +1

      He’s been in America a long time now lol he actually did an interview about acting and using his accent in Crazy Rich Asians and he said he was happy to find a role that fits him perfectly, down to his accent.

    • James Kurker
      James Kurker Month ago +1

      @Studio Jason It sounds like his accent goes away at the very end.

    • Studio Jason
      Studio Jason Month ago

      James Kurker nope, real accent.

  • raj shah
    raj shah Month ago

    Asian Bill Burr right there.

  • MatthewButUnderTheCharachterLimitWhichDoesNotExist

    I tried to sneeze but it never happened

  • Kiwos Rewis
    Kiwos Rewis Month ago +2

    when did saw him doing his joke without anger in it? ooo.... never.. the man that full of anger.

  • Fuzed Cable
    Fuzed Cable Month ago

    U mean twitter

  • Jeeven Ravi
    Jeeven Ravi Month ago

    He reminds me of Bill Burr

  • Keith Lau
    Keith Lau Month ago

    This dude kicks major ass!!! Always refreshing to see an Angry Asian male going off the rails!!!

  • RedBearNAaron
    RedBearNAaron Month ago +1

    3:30 - misinforming folks, cuz AirAsia is dope, in Asia. Garuda IS better, but not as international. Qatar Airways is the best now Emirates snobs SQUARE UP--cuz I mean that! hahahaaaaaaaa

  • Brandon Yen
    Brandon Yen Month ago

    I love off my but..

  • Tarun Sharma
    Tarun Sharma Month ago

    Like this guy

  • Mohammed Amine RAFIK

    An asian bill burr

  • Jason Purba
    Jason Purba Month ago

    Danggggg, Air Asia... Ahahaha

  • Karold Avenia Garcia
    Karold Avenia Garcia Month ago +1

    Why is he so angry HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  • Why Oh Why
    Why Oh Why Month ago

    i am subscribing in hopes that there will be more of this guy in this channel someday 😍😂

  • DR!P
    DR!P Month ago

    he and bill burr would get along very well

  • Andrea
    Andrea Month ago

    somehow i find this a fine line between comedy and an actual angry asian raging

  • Safer
    Safer Month ago

    What are frills lol

  • Smith Js
    Smith Js Month ago

    He is sooo good! 😂😂😂😂

  • sultanabran1
    sultanabran1 Month ago

    hahaha facebook users.

  • Shah Reeza Jabbar
    Shah Reeza Jabbar Month ago +3

    It's nice to see asian comedy, i'm asian i know what he is talking about. He is just hilarous, just like any other comedians out there .

  • Jonathan Phan
    Jonathan Phan Month ago

    Am I the only one who think he is not funny at all?

  • Steve Lauria
    Steve Lauria Month ago

    This had me laughing my ass off

  • Jade S.
    Jade S. Month ago +22

    It's like this guy said " I'm fine" way too often and he's letting all of his unspoken anger out on stage😂

  • yuan wang
    yuan wang Month ago

    is he imitating bill burr ?😄😄😄

  • savannah estrada
    savannah estrada Month ago

    Hes freken hilarious 😂😂

  • ZepplinOnFire
    ZepplinOnFire Month ago

    too funny!!!!!

  • Christian Slater
    Christian Slater Month ago

    Joe Rogan & Tom Papa led me here.

  • Tough Harley
    Tough Harley Month ago

    Basically your ranting, not your best work

  • Misha
    Misha Month ago +4

    It's like Bill Burr and Lewis Black had an Asian child.