Swimming lessons for babies

  • Published on Jul 31, 2016
  • A new program aims to arm toddlers and infants with the ability to survive in water. Marlie Hall has more.

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  • Gauri Apte
    Gauri Apte 8 days ago

    Babies are quick learners. And dey can learn swimming real fast.

  • Mahesh Panigrahi
    Mahesh Panigrahi 29 days ago

    So nice

  • Roller Girl
    Roller Girl Month ago +1

    That brat isn’t “swimming”

  • charlie barnett
    charlie barnett Month ago +5

    I’d like to see more minorities learn how to swim. I think it’s more than just for the fun of it, but create valuable skills later on in life.

  • Esther Nganga
    Esther Nganga Month ago +2


  • Nol's Jawline
    Nol's Jawline Month ago +31

    I'm 15 and I still can't swim

    • Sherry
      Sherry 20 days ago

      Rishi Rusia my video was 15 hours ago lmao so many 15

    • Mr.MagicGiant Plays
      Mr.MagicGiant Plays 20 days ago

      +Sherry I'm 9 and I taught myself how to swim and I'm going better

    • Rishi Rusia
      Rishi Rusia 20 days ago +1

      You have 15 likes and you wrote this about 15 days ago and I am reading this comment at 15:15 while eating a 15rs lays Maxx with about 15 chips in it that to on (15×2)April when 15 days are left for my holidays.
      The funny part is,you are 15.

    • Sherry
      Sherry 22 days ago

      Nol's Jawline I’m 8 and u cant swim cause u didn’t learn

    • Mimi The meme
      Mimi The meme Month ago +1

      Nol's Jawline wow

  • Erick Ramos
    Erick Ramos Month ago +3

    But no one sees the kid at the end that wanted some milk, like “nah I don’t want your hand”

  • Potato Artist :P
    Potato Artist :P Month ago +12

    When you realize that a baby swims better than you

  • The Sketch
    The Sketch Month ago +13

    That’s how I learned. Then I forgot, had to relearn way later. Strange huh

  • Srinidhi K
    Srinidhi K Month ago +17

    Seeing a 9 month old swim this 19 year old is astonished as she doesn't know to do what it does!

  • Vilma Ramos
    Vilma Ramos Month ago +6

    wow cool my name is angel